Saul Audio Blog forWednesday December 17th

Humanity’s progress towards awakening has been phenomenal over the last two or three years, although, if you are regularly ensnared by the mainstream media and its messages of mayhem and disaster, you might find it hard to believe that this is so.  But remember that is all part of the illusion which you are working tirelessly to dissolve through the power of your loving thoughts, words, and deeds.  Love conquers all in Its path, gently and irresistibly, and that is what you are all doing as you engage firmly and constantly with the Love field that surrounds you, effectively dissolving all that is not in alignment with it.

You all chose an earthly incarnation as humans in this particular lifetime because you so dearly wanted to assist as powerfully as you possibly could in humanity’s awakening process.  But of course when you enter into the illusion by incarnating as humans you also enter a state of amnesia.  Deep within you you know that you have an essential purpose in the grand divine scheme, and many of you seek help in finding that purpose by engaging with the illusion – taking seminars of various sorts, following wise gurus, or taking up a recommended practice that you hope will offer you the definitive answers to all your worries and anxieties.

However, the only way to find your purpose is by engaging fully with Love.  If you will do only this all your worries will fall away.  You will still have to cope with living in the illusion, and it will continue to present you with problems, but, instead of worrying about them and becoming anxious and stressed out, you will be able to deal with them intuitively guided by the Love that flows abundantly from the central core of your being, and lovingly assisted by those in the spiritual realms on whom you call.

There is a well known saying “a problem cannot be resolved at the same level of thinking that created it,” and attempting to solve the insoluble within the illusion – war, disease, poverty, etc. – does not work because all attempts, however well intended, remain at the level of the illusion.

Love is all that exists in Reality which is far beyond the illusion.  It reaches down to you, or, if you prefer, it reaches into the nightmare where you appear to be imprisoned, to embrace and awaken you.  Enormous numbers of you are aware of this at a deep level, which is why you are seeking a better way of life that honors all of humanity, but because of the strength of conviction required to see the unreality of the illusion it is extremely difficult for you to truly believe that Love will resolve all of humanity’s issues.  However, deep within yourselves you do know that Love is the answer.

Each day, or even each hour if you can, during your quiet time alone in your holy inner sanctuaries, make a point of intending to be aware of the divine field of Love in which you are so tenderly and lovingly held.  When you make that intent, without wondering whether it is true and without trying to make a logical assessment of its effectiveness for you – am I really feeling the Love? – know that the field responds instantly to you because that is its purpose.

Nevertheless, your egos are very well trained to deride or rubbish any loving sensations you experience and any awareness you notice that would assure you that you are indeed warmly held in the divine embrace.  They will attempt to convince you that you are just imagining those sensations, or that you are delusional and desperately in need of psychiatric help.  When your logical mind tells you that you are imagining these sensations and your intuition tells you that they are valid, go with your intuition which is always divinely guided.  It speaks very quietly, while your logical egoic mind does everything in its power to distract you so that you do not hear that quiet and loving inner voice which will never lead you astray.

The ego’s voice can always be identified because it fills your mind, your conscious awareness, with a constant stream of worrying and anxious “what if” thoughts, whereas your intuition is always calm, gentle, and comforting.  The trouble for you is that the ego’s voice is LOUD, and when you are worried or anxious it is very hard for you to relax and listen to your quiet inner voice of wisdom.

Most of you have had the experience of reacting spontaneously, with intense anger at times, when someone has pushed your buttons.  Then, maybe much later, you have regretted it and remembered also having at the same moment had a sense that the reaction you were about to engage in, that seemed to be controlling you in the moment, was at best unwise, and at worst a terrible mistake.  As the old saying has it “react in haste, repent at leisure.”

One of the major lessons that all humans are on Earth to learn is restraint.  But you are programmed from very early in life that there are dangers that you need to react to very quickly if you want to avoid pain and suffering.  And, for human infants, that programming is initially very useful.  Then as you grow into your power, becoming bigger and stronger than those younger or smaller than yourselves, it can be very enticing to use your power to boost your inadequate sense of self worth – inadequate compared to those bigger than you, or compared to adult authority figures – by frightening, intimidating or hurting others.  Doing so gives you “a rush,” a sense of invincibility that is very satisfying, and the danger is that it will become addictive.

If your upbringing has been abusive you may never have seen or experienced wise adult behavior, and so you may have learned to rely on yourself and never to trust anyone in order to ensure your survival.  Now, however, having chosen a spiritual path of growth, as you all have, you need to move away from your belief in force and compulsion as the means for your survival.  If you are still inhabiting an environment where peaceful co-existence is not an option then you probably need to move away.

If everyone on Earth who is in an environment of violence, hate, and oppression, refused to engage but instead moved away, then the violence would wind down quite rapidly as those willing to fight or looking for a fight would find themselves seriously short of opponents.  But this environment is illusory, and at the level of the illusion these problems cannot be resolved, because those involved do not want to remove themselves because they know that they are in the right and they have an intense need to prove it to themselves and to others.  And many who would move away are, for numerous reasons, unable to do so.

And this brings us to back to the task in hand, the task that you as Light workers and Light bearers have undertaken so courageously and lovingly.  That task is to be Love, which is what in truth you are, and to demonstrate that constantly in your daily lives.  You know that is why you are on Earth, you know you incarnated to fulfill this divine task, and you know that you have unprecedented help from all of us in the spiritual realms.

You cannot fail because you are divinely supported in every moment, so do not fall for the line of reasoning that suggests that for civilized humanity to survive – it is interesting to see who makes the judgment about who is civilized – bigger and better military and intelligence agencies need to be funded and supported.  And of course you will not fall for that line of reasoning because it has been proved beyond all doubt that it is utterly false.

Be Love, share that Love, and watch with joy as those around you do likewise.  Tremendous changes are in progress, and they are leading you irresistibly forwards to your inevitable awakening.

With so very much love, Saul.

  Saul Audio Blog for Sunday December 14th

As Christmas approaches and you prepare to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Jesus remind yourselves frequently that his only message is: LOVE.  Nothing else, just Love, which of course is everything!

During this season, when many of you get very stressed out, it is most important to remember this message.  Just this one word: LOVE.  Maybe you could print it up in a 48pt font in your favorite color on a large piece of card and pin it up where you will be unable to avoid seeing it many times throughout your day.  The importance of being loving and releasing any fears and anxieties to which you may be clinging cannot be overemphasized.  And remember, you have boundless help from all of us in the spiritual realms who are forever cheering you onwards towards your moment of awakening.

It is close at hand, so restate your intent to awaken regularly throughout your day because it is extremely effective, and when you do you open yourselves more fully to the field of divine Love that always surrounds you, allowing it to flood into your hearts.  And yes, when it does, it will most definitely bring tears of joy to your eyes.  A perfect Christmas gift from One who loves you all so dearly.

You just cannot conceive of how dearly and lovingly we watch over you as you struggle with the seemingly endless round of daily chores that so demandingly fill your earthly lives.  You do not give up.  Amazing!  Your spiritual intentions require incredible devotion on your part so that the distractions and interruptions that the illusion lays in your way to entice you away from your path fail to do so.  Your performance, as you work through your lessons to release all within you that is not in alignment with Love, is a joy to behold.

Many of you believe or think that you are not doing very well, that you could do better, or that you do not deserve God’s Love.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Never accept any doubts about your worth that come into your mind, your worth is infinite in the sight of God, always.  All doubts about your worth, your value, your pricelessness in the eyes of God are of the illusion and should be dismissed, discarded with the trash, released with any other unloving thoughts that may arise, thus allowing His Love to fill every space in your hearts.  It is your right and your eternal destiny to feel eternally loved, all that you need do is dismiss any doubts you may have on the subject and allow God’s Love to suffuse you.  It will!

The field of infinite Love in which you have your eternal existence is VAST!  The opportunities it provides for you to explore and develop your creative abilities in untold delectation are boundless.  When you awaken from the nightmare in which the illusion has apparently enfolded you, where you can presently discern no easily identifiable exit, unaccustomed joy will sweep over you as you begin to understand how amazing are the prospects spread out before you.  You have faint memories of Reality, and they have helped you keep on keeping on towards your inevitable awakening, but memories, as you are well aware, are no substitute for Reality.

Reality is your Home, and you have been feeling lost and alone ever since you chose to leave It by pretending to separate from your Source.  As you have been told many times, you have never left Home, to do so is utterly impossible, but your imagination is mightily powerful and you succeeded in convincing yourselves that you had separated from It, and that conviction is the cause of all your woes.  It led you to believe that you were living in a very threatening and dangerous environment, and what you believe in presents itself to you because your beliefs are very powerful.  As an analogy, it is rather like taking drugs to enter into an altered state of consciousness, and what you experience within the illusion is very definitely a greatly altered state from that of Reality.

While within the illusion moving into an altered state can provide temporary relief, pleasure, or escape from the illusion, and sometimes horror, the altered state that is the illusion can never provide what you are truly seeking, namely a return to Reality.  That state is only available when you release yourselves from the illusion, and release from the illusion is obtained solely by embracing Love wholeheartedly and allowing It to dissolve all within you that is not in perfect and harmonious alignment with It.

The process that you are presently undergoing is precisely that.  You are, with enormous help from all with whom you commune in the spiritual realms, gently disentangling yourselves from the ties and commitments that the illusion seems to impose upon you.  The illusion does not hold you, you cling to it, fearful that without it you will cease to exist.  That is precisely what human fear of death is all about – absolute terror that when you die your existence is terminated, permanently.  Hence the extreme efforts to which so many go to avoid or delay their deaths.

When you open yourselves wholeheartedly to Love, as you are all learning to do, and allow It to suffuse you, that intense fear declines as the Love suffusion expands, expanding your hearts as It does so.  Most of you have met and connected with people who offer their love to all regardless of theirrace, color, creed, or social position, and who are always at peace with themselves and all others, people you would perhaps describe as “big-hearted.”  Those are just souls who are a little further along the path that you are all following.  The Love they share so freely and easily flows abundantly through them continuously, and everyone notices It because all feel warmed by It.  Love is never lost by sharing, It just expands to abundantly fill any space that is opened to It.  That is what allowing is all about.

So, to re-emphasize most firmly, your path to awakening is the path of Love.  It surrounds you constantly awaiting your acceptance of It.  To accept It is to accept everyone with whom you interact in any way at all.  That is sometimes difficult for you, especially if you have recently experienced betrayal, as many have.  Recognize that this attitude – acceptance of all others – is an essential part of your awakening process, and ask us for help to release your fear of it.

Acceptance does not mean that you give your power away to another by accepting abuse, abuse in any form.  It means seeing or being aware of the damage and pain that others, like yourselves, are experiencing, intending to forgive their abuses and betrayals, and then sending them love without putting yourselves in thrall to them or placing yourselves in a position that allows them to abuse you.  You are free, that is how you were created, and there is never any need or requirement for you to submit to another in any way at all, or for that matter attempt to make another submit to you.

Honor one another as your Father in Heaven honors all of you, and by doing so, then awaken.

With so very much love, Saul.

  Saul Audio Blog for Sunday December 7th

Me:   Good evening dear Saul.  Thanks for your last message.  I have just finished reading Elie Wiesel’s book “And the Sea is Never Full,” the second of his autobiographical ones, it has left me feeling rather drained and tired.  Can you give me a hug, a loving energy replacement boost so that we can commune?  That is if you are presently free to commune.  Thank you.

Saul:  Good evening John, of course we can commune.  I’m always available, in fact all of us in the spiritual realms, the non-human realms are ALWAYS available to answer your calls, the calls of any human who chooses to address us, any time and in any language.  We are here for you all, always, just call.

Me:  Dear Saul, Thank You.  You and Jesus keep telling me this, and still I doubt, and I keep needing reconfirmation.  So again, Thank You.

Saul:   John you are most welcome.  Relax a moment then we can start.

Humanity is getting the message:  Whatever the question Love is the only answer.

Many are gathering together all over the world to put this message into action on an enormous scale by intending to be loving in every moment.  And that intent has become extremely powerful and will continue to grow because it is the collective will of humanity.  Nothing can resist it, because once Love is recognized, as It has been, Its loving embrace is utterly irresistible.

Of course the mainstream news channels are not reporting on it because for them news is that which is disastrous or catastrophic, and they prefer to gloaton the scandalous revelations about public figures than to report the news that would inspire and uplift you.  Instead they choose anything that they think will strengthen your beliefs that the world is a very dangerous place in which government controlled military and security forces of all kinds must be maintained and expanded for your safety, even though history has proved time and time again that military solutions always lead to further suffering andnever to the solutions that humanity seeks.  So, finally, humanity is turning to the only solution, the One that has always been available, and that is cause for rejoicing.

Jesus taught Love by demonstrating It constantly.  Others have done so since then, and finally It is catching on!  That is cause for celebration, so celebrate instead of buying into the doom and gloom that those who have controlled humanity for so long wish you to focus your full attention on in order that that you remain in fear, thus allowing them to continue their stranglehold on power and influence.  Humanity has seen through the scam that politicians would have you believe is the truth:  “You need us to to work for you by providing a government that truly looks out for you and protects your best interests.”  The end of their enormously egoic and grandiose parade is approaching rapidly despite their best efforts to prevent it.

They have always been out of touch with the people – those who elected them and who have supported them, or on whom thy have forcibly imposed themselves – because their interests and agendas have always lain elsewhere, namely in their unending quest for personal, unfettered, and lifelong power.  That truth, which they have alwaysdenied, can no longer be adequately disguised.  Their reputations lie around them in ruins, and yet they continue to proclaim their probity.

Continue to hold your Light on high, it is extremely effective, as the human collective continues to expand its dance with Love.  Love is a dance because It is the energy of creation, constantly in motion to the harmonious “Music of the Spheres.”  Some of you already hear that music in your meditations or as composers, more are hearing it every day and being greatly uplifted and inspired by these heavenly sounds.  So sing along and further intensify this heavenly energy as you make yourselves consciously aware of it.

Heaven is your eternal Home, and within It music and dance help to characterize Its divine wonders in myriad displays of fantastic virtuosity.  On Earth, within the illusion, music comforts and inspires you, lifts you up when you feel down, and enables you to experience an emotional state that helps you release the stresses and strains of daily life.  In Heaven it is . . . well, heavenly, joyful beyond the bounds of anything you have ever heard, it brings you to rapturous ecstasy as you take your part in expressing it for the delight of all.  The joys of Heaven are awaiting your inevitable awakening with enthusiastic anticipation as that moment draws ever closer.

The Light of heavenly dawn is brightening the sky which for so long has been dark and sombre, clouded and overcast under the deep gloom of humanity’s intense suffering.  The illusion is an environment of separation, of abandonment, of terror, that you built unthinkingly and hence unwisely, to provide a place in which to play games that have been driving you insane.  Now you have chosen to arise from that state of insanity, to awaken from the nightmare whose terrors lately seem to have intensified for many.  That intensity is caused by their moving fiercely into your awareness giving you no option but to acknowledge them.

Acknowledgement of them is all that is necessary, then let them pass.  To engage with them is a distraction which delays your awakening unnecessarily, it is to submerge yourselves once more into the depths of the illusion which your loving intentions are dissolving.  It is like a conflict of interests, but such conflicts need not occur, and will not occur if you will just open your hearts to the field of divine Love that surrounds you, awaiting your acceptance of It.

You will accept It because It is the Reality that dissolves all that is not in alignment with It, and, of course, there is nothing that is not in alignment with It, because Reality is All that exists.  You can choose to remain attached to the nightmare indefinitely, but not eternally because it is temporary, it is decaying, and it will be dissolved.  Yes, it is familiar, painfully familiar, but it offers you nothing of value, so let it go and awaken into the joy that God has prepared for your eternal happiness.

To delay the gratification that your return to Reality provides makes absolutely no sense whatever.  So release your hold on the illusion, on the unloving nightmare that seems to have ensnared you in its myriad tentacles, and it will fall away as you rise up free and victorious.

With so very much love, Saul.

  Saul Audio Blog for Sunday November 23rd

As all the channels are telling you, the “event” is incredibly close.  Keep holding your Light on high and intend in each moment to be only loving.  You can do it because you are doing it!  And that is why the event is almost upon you.  You, all of you, even those who appear to you as dark, are simply and powerfully bringing it on.  So congratulations are in order, and we are showering them down on you incessantly.  Just be willing to receive them because you truly have earned them.

Do not embrace the gloom and doom that so much of the mainstream media dishes out because that just drains your energy.  Focus on the vast quantity of loving occurrences that are happening daily all across the planet, the stuff the mainstream ignores because it is so boring, YAWN.  They want explosions, and crashes, kidnappings, and other disasters, the more the better, and when you focus your attention there you help to bring them about!

You also add energy to maintain the illusion, and you really do not want to do that, you are in physical form at present to dissolve it, not to support it.  Its time is past and you are on Earth to bring the insane game playing to a terminal conclusion because that is the collective will.  It has always been God’s Will, but He does not control, manipulate, or interfere, He allows.  And now that allowing is paying off, you have all decided to return to Oneness and the infinite joy that state provides.

All bad news is an essential part of the illusion, it is its life blood, and when you pay undue attention to it you are giving it a transfusion.  Over the last few decades, because of the increasing numbers of you who have turned to the Light, to your spiritual paths, and made a point of trying to be loving rather than judging, you have succeeded in bringing about enormous changes all across the world.  The older ones among you only need look back to their childhood to see clearly that tremendous changes for the good of humanity have been happening with increasing frequency since that time in their lives.  It is wonderful!  Be conscious of the wonders that are occurring on your planet because that raises your energy signature to a higher frequency allowing Love to flow you through you more freely, and therefore more abundantly, which is your spiritual task.

You were created with only one purpose, namely to live in constant joy in the company of your Father.  And you did that.  Then you had an idea . . . What if I separated from Him and went off on my own, that would surely give me enormous freedom.  And by imagining it you brought that insane dream of separation in your mind to life and split yourself off into myriad pieces.  And then you fell into a state of horrifying confusion, panicked, and started to play your games of winning and losing – against Yourself! – because of the intense guilt and fear that that unreal state engendered.  It was so terrifying that you decided to enter into a state of deep sleep where you could totally deny your true nature.  And so the unreal state of separation from God became increasingly real to you, and as it did so your fear intensified.

The way out of the fear and terror that nightmares cause is to awaken.  And that, dear ones, is what you are in the process of doing.  There are seductions and enticements that are attempting to draw you back into this nightmare, but the Light within each one of you is now burning far too brightly to be hidden any longer, it is waking you up.  And to awaken is what you have been yearning to do since the separation first occurred.  The intensity of that yearning has finally reached such a vividness, in fact such a fever pitch, that it can no longer be ignored or denied.  You will wake up.

Here in the spiritual realms we have been nudging you, prodding you, and poking you for a very long time, but the depth of your sleep kept you unaware, anesthetized.  Finally the anesthetic, the sleeping draught is wearing off, the sleeper stirs, and awakening will shortly occur.  The sight of you stirring gladdens our hearts, because we have not enjoyed watching you suffer the terrors of your nightmare.

So, as we keep on reminding you, hold your Light on high by being loving in every moment.  When you really focus on that intent it is very effective in helping you to change yourselves from egoic judgmental beings into spiritual beings finding your way Home.  Of course you are all spiritual beings, and nothing can change that, but many have been living egoically for so long that they have utterly forgotten what it means to be spiritual.  It means to be Love in action which is the only action that there is; any other actions are unreal.

As you remember to be loving, and demonstrate Love in action, your energy field changes to reflect and extend that Love to all with whom you connect in any way at all, and so by changing yourselves you are changing the world and dissolving all that is not in alignment with Love.  When you have completed this task that you undertook willingly and enthusiastically eons ago the illusion will be gone . . . Poof!  And you will then find yourselves very much awake, unimaginably awake and alert and filled with the joy that is your natural state, the state in which you were created and from which you have never departed.

With that fabulous prospect to entice you towards wakefulness why would you remain asleep a moment longer?  Children always wake very early on Christmas day, their birthdays, or on other days of celebration because they know that it is to be a most wonderful day, and they cannot wait for it to start.  So, as Jesus said to you seemingly so long ago, although in truth it was only a moment ago, “Unless you become like little children, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.”  So do it!  Become like little children, let go of the corruption of the “Ego Games” that have contaminated you and filled you with fear and guilt.  You only have to choose to let go and all that corruption, all that distraction, all that unreal emotional baggage will slip away and you will be left with only your “carry-ons.”  And, because you are moving to a place where all your needs are perfectly understood and provided for, you will shortly be able to release your hold on that irritating carry-on as well, which seems suddenly to have grown far to heavy to carry.  Let it go and awaken!

With so very much love, Saul.

Saul Audio Blog for Tuesday November 18th

The Oneness of ALL that exists is the Truth that all must come to an awareness of, and that truth (small “t” because at the moment it tends to be a scientific kind of awareness, a logical awareness uncovered by intellectual effort, and not yet a knowing that comes from your hearts, although that knowing is always available to you because it resides eternally within you.) is beginning to flow into the collective awareness.  It is as though a glacier had started to melt, and as it does so its contents spread out everywhere, soaking all in its path.  And, of course, you are all in its path.  Awareness is flowing and growing all across the world, it cannot remain unknown any longer, it can only be denied.

Nearly all of you, due to the suffering and betrayal that you have experienced over the eons, suffering and betrayal that has been far too painful to acknowledge and remember, have issues to address that you have been in denial about for a very long time.  And for many of you those issues are making their presence very intensely felt right now.  You burst into tears suddenly, and often for no reason that you can identify.  Let the tears flow!  It is a necessary and very effective form of release.

Do not expend time and energy, intellectual energy, attempting to uncover the situations or issues that may be the cause, because mostly they are from previous lives, and all that you need to do is let the emotions flow while you watch them, accept them, and then offer love and compassion to yourselves.  Nothing else is necessary.  Seeking and identifying causes is a distraction that can seriously mislead you, and might lead you into judgment and resentment, which are at best very unhelpful, and at worst may even be damaging for you.  As we keep telling you the answer to every issue or problem is Love; and Love includes compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance.

What apparently happened to cause you pain and suffering did not really happen.  You are seemingly ensnared in a reality of betrayal and distrust, an unreal system of beliefs, and in the concomitant suffering that result from those beliefs.  Dwelling on the injustices that you have experienced, or that loved ones or other innocents have undergone only provides energy to maintain the illusion.  Your aim is to dissolve it and Love is doing that through you when you choose to be loving.

Remember, there is only NOW!  Past and future are figments of the illusion that seem very real because you are very powerful beings and you built a very convincing illusion.  Now is the time, the moment to allow it to dissolve.  To be momentarily humorous, try “Loving it to death!”   Love will dissolve it and bring you all to awakening, your human destiny.

YES, we keep on focusing on LOVE!  And you know why.  It is all that exists.  You are all caught up in It, embraced by It, enfolded within It – It is unavoidable, although It can be denied or ignored.  Now is the perfect moment to re-engage with It so that you can find your way lovingly Home.  You can delay as long as you choose, and to be unloving is to choose to delay.

In the illusion, where punishment is often an unacknowledged or hidden threat, delaying tactics seem to make sense.  In Reality to delay makes no sense at all.  There there is only joy, joy in every moment, unending joy.  And to experience that state is your inevitable destiny.

You are all, everyone who has ever experienced human existence or whoever will, the infinitely loved children of God, and nothing that you have done or can conceive of doing will alter that.  God’s Love for you is eternal and unchanging.  There is nothing that you can do to change that – either to persuade Him to love you more or to convince Him to love you less – you are all His perfect children, infinitely lovable and infinitely loved, always!

Knowing this, as at the depths of your being you do, why continue to delay your inevitable awakening?  I would suggest to you that it is because, like the children of humans in the illusion who have committed some transgression from the parental rules, you are afraid to wake up in the morning and “face the music” – parental anger or shaming.  You hope by delaying that whatever it is you have done that is inexcusable will have been forgotten, or better still will not have been noticed, and so you will be able to slink away with your pride intact.  However, the sense of guilt remains and continues to haunt you, often well into adulthood, and even into old age.

You seriously need to remind yourselves that God, your ever-loving Father is, Himself, Love.  Love is eternally unconditional, eternally accepting.  It never judges, It never condemns, It never shames, and It never punishes – It loves and loves and loves, and you are the objects of Its Love!

Let go of any sense of guilt or shame to which you may be holding on as you try to be a better person.  You are being a better person just by being aware of and investing in the desire and intent to be loving, always.  What has happened is past, over.  If there is some way of rectifying a past error that you believe you committed, and the thought of it still upsets you, then by all means make amends.  But often it is not possible.  Forgive yourself in the knowledge that you learnt a very important lesson, and that you will be far less likely to commit that or a similar transgression again.

Your life purpose within the illusion is to awaken.  That is all.  To do that you have to forgive and accept yourselves, and you do that by acknowledging what you know is true, namely that there is nothing that you have done or can do that will ever change your relationship with God.  That your sense of shame and worthlessness is part of the illusion.  Yes, you have been playing some rather unpleasant games – manipulation of others, abuse, murder, betrayal, genocide – but those games are unreal.

Stop playing them and be loving at all times and in every situation.  Then Love will fill your hearts, because by ceasing to play those games you have invited It in, and as It enters you will realize that you are most firmly established on your path to awakening into your fully conscious state at One with God.

With so very much love, Saul.

[BTW, the audio upload issue appears to be sorted, SO, if you LOVE my dulcet tones I have uploaded the audio on the last Jesus and Saul messages which were without them :)]

Saul Audio Blog for Tuesday November 18th

(Good News! Audio now uploaded.)

Hello, this is John with Saul’s message for Saturday November 15th 2014. Today he is talking about Love and forgiveness. And, to delight you all “SMILE PLEASE!” I am posting my entire conversation with him to give you a feel for how the channelings often flow, or don’t flow! As you can see I take breaks, sometimes quite long ones. Other times the whole message flows in one session of a little less than 2 hours. Today’s one took rather longer.

Saul Blog # 453 for Saturday November 15th 2014.   Channeled from 14.35 on Tuesday November 11th thru’ 08.19 on Saturday November 15th 2014.

Me:   Good afternoon dear Saul. Thanks for your last message. I feel unmotivated, lethargic, so please help me relax and listen for your voice, your words, and then start typing.

Saul:   Good afternoon John. It’s good to hear from you, it always is. Yes relax, take a break for a moment and intend for your down mood to shift and it will. (14.40 break until Friday 13.45)

Me:   Well that was a LONG moment waiting for my down mood to shift. I apologise most profusely. I AM having trouble relaxing into listening mode these days. I guess it’s because you and J have been, as always, offering such uplifting and inspiring messages and yet NOTHING seems to be happening here on Earth that we can identify as part of humanity’s awakening, as wars, conflict, and suffering appears to be almost endemic across the world. And then of course there are all those who are really struggling financially, having possibly committed all to this spiritual venture expecting funds to arrive momentarily which have not materialized. My doubts, and those of many, many others then intensify, and we ask ourselves “are we being incredibly naïve and gullible? This is a dangerous and threatening world in which so many are suffering ENORMOUSLY and it appears that they can do nothing to protect themselves or their loved ones, or even to alleviate that suffering. It’s depressing, and uplifting spiritual messages, while nice and uplifting, do not help those down here who are in pain. They NEED physical relief, resources, financial backing, not words and blessings.”

So, I’ve ranted a bit, help me relax and then give me a message to post, and I might post my little rant along with it!

Saul:   Good afternoon John. Yes, I understand where you are coming from. We do see the suffering that so many are undergoing, suffering that seems very real and intense, and we are assisting you in coping with it all as you wait for the event. And that event IS coming, in fact it has already happened, humanity is just not yet totally ready to open to it, and in doing so dissolve the illusion.

There is only NOW. You know that intellectually, with your brains/minds, but you have to accept it without reservation into your hearts where the eternal flame of divine Love burns constantly beneath/behind the veil/screen/curtain/closed door that you built to experience separation from your Source. The Source in which you have your eternal existence.
That Source contains everything. There is nothing beyond it or outside it because there is nowhere else. Your experience of a threatening and dangerous world/universe, as all the channels, ascended masters, mystics, all in the spiritual realms keep telling you and confirming for you, is an illusion that you made and maintain. When you release your hold on it, your desire to maintain it, it will be gone . . . POOF! Just like that. And we know that is very difficult for you to get a handle on, to accept. But you will. That is what your path to awakening is all about, and you cannot fail to awaken! WHY? Because it is God’s Will, and yours that you do. (14.12 break until 22.16)

To awaken is your destiny, you have no other. Within the illusion it seems that you have myriad choices leading to a multitudinous assortment of possible destinies, and you do make many choices but you choose them mostly to distract yourselves from the one choice you need to make, and that choice is to awaken. It is your sense of guilt, of your unacceptability to God that holds you back. The choice to experience separation brought with it an incredible sense of guilt because you had chosen to separate from your Source, the infinitely loving Father Who not only wanted you to be eternally happy, but also knew exactly what was required for you to achieve that state, and Who provided it for you.

Sometimes human parents play at being god as they try to push their children along unsuitable paths supposedly “for their own good.” (22.30 break until Saturday 07.35) Normally they are either attempting to alleviate their own sense of inadequacy by making their children succeed, or they are attempting to prevent their children from making or repeating their own, as they see it, disastrous mistakes. This brings terrible repercussions because it only confirms for their children that they are indeed inadequate.

God, the Father of you all, does not do that. He gave you everything, and the freedom to choose how to use His gifts. He is infinitely wise and loving and so He knows that you will make the right choices, eventually. He allows you that freedom because Love never makes demands, It accepts and allows. When you acknowledge His Love for you and allow It into your hearts, all your fears and worries will dissolve because It brings with It the knowing that you are His most precious and dearly beloved child who can do no wrong.

All that seems wrong, often terribly wrong, unforgivable, is of the illusion, totally unreal, a terrifying nightmare from which you are going to awaken. You are Love, there is nothing else, and it is impossible for you to deceive yourselves of that divine and holy Truth indefinitely. And if you are Love, which you are, eternally, then you cannot ever have done anything unloving. That is why forgiveness by you of your brothers and sisters is so important, because to withhold forgiveness is to withhold Love. But you cannot withhold It because you are Love, and nothing else. To forgive is simply to recognize and acknowledge this, and that is what dissolves the illusion.

Love neither sees nor recognizes the illusion because it does not exist. Love sees and recognizes only what is Real. Not to forgive is to hold on to resentment and judgment which enormously restricts and limits your ability to see, to be aware, to know Love. Whatever you hold on to that is not of Love erects a shield, a blind, an obstacle that hides Love from you, and when you have shielded yourselves from Love, terror strikes and all that you can see is the unreal – human conflict, betrayal, suffering, pain, and absolute hopelessness.

But take heart, dear ones, because all that horror is unreal and will fade from view when you open your hearts again to your Father’s ever-present Love. Love conquers all, gently, tenderly, and irresistibly, It is just waiting with infinite patience for you to allow yourselves to know It once more.

With so very much love, Saul.  (08.19 message completed)

Saul Audio Blog for Thursday November 6th

As you well know, God is Love, there is nothing else, and so you are all Love and God, you are One.  God is . . . no beginning, no end, whereas He created all of you as perfect beings, because all that He creates is by its very nature perfect, and He gave you everything that He had, All That Exists, Love.  By doing so He demonstrated infinite and eternal Love in action, and that is an eternally ongoing state or condition that never changes.  You all existed before what your scientists, astronomers, and astrophysicists presently describe as the “Big Bang,” the moment in which they believe the Universe came into being; other theories of its initial appearance are also being considered.  The truth remains that before the Big Bang, before the apparent separation from your Source, You are.

What you experience as a physical environment is an illusion that you collectively constructed to experience separation from the divine Source that created you in a momentary and insane attempt to prove that you had no need of that Source.  But you only succeeded in proving that you do.  Without It there would be nothing, which is impossible, but you were able to pretend that you were alone, unencumbered by the loving Source that created you, and maintains you eternally alive and well.  Now, in that brief moment, unaware of Him, seemingly unable to see Him or know Him, you experienced fear and the sense that life was short, followed unavoidably by personal termination in death, nothingness, extinction.  And that truly is a terrifying thought that you do your absolute best to block or deny.

However, over the eons, some have become aware that the world of form, that seems so real to you, is in fact utterly illusory, and that awareness has, of late, been spreading like wildfire.  Within yourselves, where the radiant Light of God’s Love burns eternally, you absolutely know that you are divine beings, one with Source, but the seductions and enticements of the illusion you have built continue to attract you to focus almost all of your attention there.  You are confused and conflicted . . . BUT the attractions of the illusion are fading very rapidly because it is becoming more and more apparent that the system that rules it just does not and cannot work; peace, joy, and happiness are not available within it.  Yes, momentary happiness is possible, but you are no longer satisfied with that or with the dawning realization that things are never going to get any better.

As long as Love is shut out, and political expediency and betrayal rule, there are NO solutions to humanity’s ongoing problems.  That realization is what is bringing you rapidly towards your awakening.  The power of Love has been finally recognized by large numbers of humans, humans who have for eons lived in fear.  Yes, to be loving in every situation seems utterly insane, that is in terms of life in the illusion which seems to be fraught with danger in every moment.  But many have now started to disregard that fear, to let go of that belief, and are being loving and vulnerable anyhow, and, as a direct result, finding that truly there is nothing to fear.  That is the first step on your path to instant awakening, and having taken it, you will never turn back.

And of course the examples of those forerunners is observed and brings a sense of amazement and wonder to others who could be called the onlookers.  If you are not yet behaving lovingly at all times, then you are onlookers, but onlookers who are about to participate, because it is impossible to remain long as non participators when you observe the joy those forerunners are having.  Your awakening is assured because you are already taking a very active part in it.  It is your collective will and it is irreversible.

God is Life, Consciousness, Awareness, Wisdom, Love, and so is every part of His creation, because He is – He is All That Is.  There is nothing beyond or outside of Him, therefore you are He, you have just temporarily lost your awareness of this divine Truth . . . temporarily is also unreal!  There is never a moment when you are not One with Him and with all of creation, with all sentient life.  All that is missing is your awareness, only nothing is missing, you are just refusing to be aware, which, again, is impossible.

The human life experience is indeed a strange and unsettling paradox.  You each chose to undergo it, to be participants in a collective state of unreality, of non-existence that you made seem extremely real, a place in time and space – both also unreal – where your very existence is constantly under threat of extermination from floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, wars, and diseases, to name just a few of your fears.  In fact life, as you experience it, presents you with an endless succession of terrifying possibilities which you then expend vast quantities of energy and resources trying to prevent from happening.  And because you cannot agree among yourselves about the most sensible course of action, and because of the apparent seriousness of the situations that you are faced with, you act unilaterally making your situation worse, and yourselves more fearful.

Fortunately you have had enough of this insanity, of this insane nightmare, and have collectively chosen to wake up.  It has taken you eons to reach the realization that your environment is unreal, a figment of your powerful and collective imagination that you can dispel whenever you make the collective decision to do so.  Here in the spiritual realms, where we are constantly watching over you and offering you guidance and assistance, we are absolutely thrilled that you have finally taken this momentous collective decision.

There remain a few who would do all in their power to maintain and continue controlling the illusion, and because free will cannot be violated they will, for as long as they choose, find themselves continuing to maintain an illusion, apparently the same illusion, and continuing to play their sad little games.

However their choice will not in any way at all interfere with humanity’s collective choice, its free will choice to awaken.  It might seem like the arrival of the biblical prophecy of the last judgment and the separation of the sheep from the goats.  But that was only a metaphor to assure those who were loving that they would never be abandoned.  In truth God would never abandon anyone.  He created all perfect, and He loves all infinitely and eternally, so He will just allow those who choose to continue playing their games until they, like the rest of the collective, have had enough.  Then they too will awaken into the wonder that is Reality, Heaven, God, your Source, and enjoy the ecstasy of their natural eternal state like everyone else.

So, while you remain within the illusion for a little longer, as you move into full wakefulness, release all judgment of others and engage fully with Love, intending to share It and send It and its many loving aspects to all who are in any way distressed, because that is God’s Will, and therefore yours too.

With so very much love, Saul.


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