Many of you are undergoing great stress and bodily and emotional discomforts at present as the energy levels of the Tsunami of Love intensify.  This is to be expected, so do not be alarmed, just relax into the now moment and allow these energies to flow through you and on out to all of humanity and to Gaia herself.  This is what you came to do, you have just forgotten how demanding it would be on your physical vehicles, so make sure to ask regularly for help from your friends, guides, mentors and angels in the spiritual realms.  When you do you will feel better, more easily able to accept the discomfort, and assured of its necessity as your frequencies rise to prepare you and humanity for your awakening.

We are inundating you with spiritual help and assistance but the many alarming events happening across the world are distracting you and drawing you down into the illusion where you tend to enter into the pain and suffering that you see there.  See the pain and suffering, send Love and compassion to those involved, but stay removed from it – “be in the world but not of it.”  Doing this will make it far easier for you to connect with your intuition, your higher Self, and those in the spiritual realms who are always standing by to answer your calls . . . I promise you that there will be no muzak while you wait for the next available associate!

We want to help you, we are here to help you, and we always respond to your individual calls, unfortunately it can be very difficult for some of you to sense or hear our presence above the distracting din that the illusion, your collective ego uses constantly to draw you into conflict.  It does take much practice and personal discipline to learn to access that quiet inner sanctuary easily and quickly, but I assure you that you will find it very well worth the effort.  Even the great mystics and ascended masters have trouble accessing that inner sanctuary when they are embodied, because the lower frequency level at which the illusion holds you is open to massive interference and “white noise.”

Reassess all your daily shoulds and to do lists frequently, realistically eliminate those that no longer serve you, and enjoy the reduced sense of stress and the resultant feeling of peace that flows in when you allow yourselves to be free.  So much of what you feel you need or ought to do is old karmic garbage with which you have become stained over the eons and which has no validity today.  Let it go, its lessons have been learned.  Use bleach if necessary – longer periods in meditation!

You were created free and you remain free, eternally free, but within the illusion this does not seem to be the case.  In fact modern medical science is attempting to prove that everything you do is caused by the flow of different chemicals through your nervous system.  Obviously drugs do affect behavior, your human nervous systems are miniature drug manufacturing facilities, and your personal attitudes direct them in every moment.  You can always change your attitudes no matter how drugged you are (except if you happen to be flat on your back unconscious) and that is what we have been asking you to do – have only loving attitudes, and release all attitudes that are not in alignment with Love.  That is free will.

Many, however, find it more comfortable to hold on to old unloving attitudes because they feel unsafe without them.  And in lives past you have all experienced severe pain, suffering, and betrayal.  It is the memories of that kind, stored in your DNA that need bleaching out.  But of course you will be using a far better solvent than bleach – Love!  Love always works, bleach is far less reliable – see the manufacturers instructions and disclaimers!

If you have friends or loved ones who appear stuck in old outworn attitudes and beliefs do not try to persuade them to change, this is very threatening for them.  Just be loving and accepting of them, be compassionate but do not engage in attempts to discuss these attitudes, just listen if they need to talk.  Talking frequently helps them to see more clearly, especially if they do not feel a need to defend their positions.

Everyone will awaken but no one will be forced to do so.  Those who choose not to at this time will be continually offered new opportunities to do so, and when they are ready they will avail of them.  There is only One so no one can be left out, discarded, or abandoned.  The game of separation and abandonment, the illusion, will last as long as there are people who wish to play, but it can no longer restrict or contain those who would awaken, the very vast majority of humans.

Your task, you Light bearers and wayshowers, is to demonstrate Love in action.  You all know, deep within yourselves, whether you have admitted it to yourselves or not, that you are Love, that there is nothing else.  You are the ones who chose and volunteered to be on Earth at this point in her evolution to assist in her awakening by being loving in every situation, in every moment, and with everyone with whom you interacted.

Your memories of this choice are weak, difficult to access, and yet, when you sit quietly thinking about your human situation, it always occurs to you that the only way forward is through Love.  Often then your reasoning mind comes in to tell you that “if everyone behaved like that all would be well, but that they don’t and they won’t, so be sensible and protect yourselves, don’t let your guard down or you will be hurt.”  If you catch yourselves being defensive or even going on the attack, stop, regroup, forgive yourselves, and start over, lovingly; to do so is very disarming for your opponent.

Your task is to trust that intuitive sense that the only way forward is through Love.  Deep within, as we keep telling you, you do know it is true, embrace it, then Love everyone into awakening and bring your most wondrous task to fruition and completion.

With so very much love, Saul.

The fun has started!  Your awakening is, for all of you, unbelievably imminent!  Yes, you may well be thinking “Here we go again, setting ourselves up for another enormous disappointment!”  However, this is most definitely not the case.  Please prepare for the most amazing event ever to occur in humanity’s long and frequently most unhappy history.  You are at the tipping point, your awakening is inescapable, divinely assured, and consequently there is absolutely no possibility of your slipping backwards into the mire that is the illusion.

I am sure that this statement is, at the least, rather unsettling for many of you because there have been so many apparent delays and disappointments over the years, as you have continued to determinedly and lovingly hold your Light on high as wayshowers intending to lead humanity forward to its spiritual destiny, to awaken into its natural and blissful state – Love, Oneness with one another and with your heavenly Father, your Source, God.

After so many “false starts” it would be amazing if enormous numbers of Red Flags did not arise in your minds as you read or listen to these words.  Be ready to drop them because your awakening into eternal joy will erase all the fears that caused you to raise them.  There is no need for them because you are coming Home to Reality – Oneness with God.

Since the moment of your apparent, and I stress the word “apparent,” separation from God you have been on the path Home to Him – just like the prodigal son in Jesus’ story or parable in The New Testament.  And, just like the prodigal son in that parable, you have all, from time to time and from human incarnation to human incarnation experienced the uplifting ups and the catastrophic downs of this illusory journey.  But, as in that story, when you finally arrive Home, dishevelled, depressed, and fearful, your Father is already running to meet and greet you with His loving arms WIDE OPEN!  He KNOWS that you are coming, and He calls immediately for a great celebration to welcome you Home.

He has missed you, and your imminent return brings Him immeasurable joy.  And, of course, your joy on awakening will overwhelm you initially, until you remember where you are, and recognize that you have returned Home to where you belong, at One with Him, and realize that the ecstasy, the infinite joy, and the complete freedom from fear and anxiety that now enfold you are what you left behind when you engaged in the illusory experience of separation.

Until you experienced that illusory state you did not know, and could not possibly have imagined fear, suffering, and anxiety.  And on your return Home – your awakening into your natural state as a divine and fully conscious child of God – all that has caused you pain and suffering will be gone as though it had never existed, and, as you will clearly understand when you awaken, it never did!

Humanity’s return to its natural fully awakened and fully conscious state has never been in doubt, except in your severely limited illusory minds where doubt and anxiety is endless.  You are all divine beings created by God to enjoy eternal life.  No deaths and rebirths as humans were planned for you, just an eternal life of ecstatic happiness eternally connected to your Father Who’s joy was increased by the joy that each of you experienced.

But you developed the “teenage syndrome”, the intense desire to demonstrate to your heavenly Father your independence from Him and your ability to live happily and freely without his guidance, interference, or oversight, and so you chose to build and enter into the illusion.  It was like drawing a very detailed picture that tells a story, and then imagining yourself within it, altering the plot as your interests and desires changed.  Finally you became so absorbed in this unreal world that you could no longer see that it was unreal and illusory, and you forgot that you could adjust the story line.  You forgot that the Reality in which you had been created as children of God, and in which you were sublimely happy, was your true and eternal Home and heritage.  In fact to make the illusion seem even more real you erased all your memories of your heavenly Home.

You were lost!  And so you began a spiritual quest to find the supreme intelligence whom you were convinced had created this world of pain and suffering in which you were trapped.  It now seemed that you were helpless and weak beings whom the imaginary and vengeful god that you had invented could destroy at any moment.  You believed that you were unwilling victims in an insane and frightening world in which this vindictive and powerful being had confined you in order to control you and have you pay him obeisance, and then take delight in watching you suffering the punishments that he imposed on you.  Or, you believed that this physical world was all that existed, that god was an illusion, and that this life was your one and only chance to experience life.

Holding either of these beliefs left you with two choices:

1) Recognize that as a human of limited abilities and intelligence you needed to find God, a loving father, a superior and infinite intelligence who had obviously created the world, and beseech it to save you from the pain and suffering that you were undergoing – which is a result of your unwise choice to build and enter into the illusion and then forget that you had done so.  But of course you were unaware that you were the cause of your pain and suffering because you believed that God had imposed them on you to punish you for your sins.  You then spent your time beseeching this infinite intelligence to have mercy on you, to save you from the horrors that you believed He had created to punish you for your sins, sins that you had invented and judged as unacceptable to Him.

2) Enjoy the illusion and experience every possibility that it offered you to have fun, to develop your egos and your independence, irrespective of the results that that unthinking and self-centered behavior might have on others.  Within the illusion, each individual found himself to be the absolute center of his own personal universe, able to claim that god, if he believed in a god, was on his side and that anyone else with whom he engaged was there purely to be used and abused as necessary to advance his personal ambitions and agendas, because this would place him in good standing with the god he had invented to support him.  And any pain or suffering that you experienced was as a direct result of others, your enemies, whom your god wanted you to destroy!

Neither of these choices makes any sense at all because God is Love, unconditionally accepting of all of His children, and He is constantly calling to them to awaken into Reality where their eternal joy is assured and guaranteed.

God is Love.  You were all created in Love, from Love, and by Him for eternal joy.  Anything that is not in alignment with Love is unreal, non-existent, and all that you have to do, need to do, is to let go of and completely release any aspects of yourselves that are not in alignment with Love – judgment, conflict, non-acceptance, attack or defence, dismissal, disrespect, intolerance – and open yourselves to accept and receive the abundant flow of Love that surrounds you in every moment, allowing It to completely suffuse you.  When you do that the Love that fills each one of you expands through you and embraces everyone else in the infinite field of Love where there is only the One.

Truly, you are blessed and honored, because here in the spiritual realms we see very clearly the trials you have very courageously chosen to undergo, and the difficult lessons that you have chosen to learn and which are absolutely essential steps on your path to awakening.  And now the time for learning, for appreciating and dealing with the difficulties that your chosen paths have been constantly presenting you is drawing to a well-deserved moment of closure.

You, the Light bearers and wayshowers have completed all the lessons that humanity chose and needed to learn, and you have passed your “exams” with flying colors.  Continue your daily meditation, prayer, and contemplation practices as, through your heartfelt and God driven intent, you bring humanity to the point of awakening.  Your reward is your release from the limitations and suffering with which the illusion presents all who enter into it, and that release is close.  As you spend time daily intending that humanity awaken, the power of that uncompromising intent ensures that it is achieved.  Your demanding task is complete, so sit back, relax into your quiet inner sanctuaries, and enjoy the awakening as it happens, moment by moment.

With so very much love, Saul.

All are One.  You have all heard this many, many times already, but as humans, as apparently separate unconnected individuals, it is very difficult for you to really comprehend this absolute Truth.  In the illusion separation seems intensely real, especially if you become suddenly and unexpectedly parted from a loved one.  Individuality is an intensely felt sensation when you dwell on it, and apart from moments when you are physically embracing someone you dearly love, you are very, very glad to be an individual, totally separate from those seemingly weird strangers among whom you wander as you go about your daily chores.  Most of you would most definitely not want to actually be one with anybody else, even your most dearly beloved, because you value your own personal experiences so highly and fear that they would be gone if you lost your individuality.  Plus of course, you would not wish to undergo any of the unpleasantness, pain or suffering that the other experienced.

But in Oneness there is only joy!  Suffering and pain are of the illusion, and when it dissolves they will be gone, permanently.  And deep within yourselves you all know this which is why, when you fall in love, you do want to merge with your beloved, even if only temporarily.  You have faint memories of Oneness, of the joy and ecstasy of that state, and it is for that that you are looking when you are seeking out another to love and be loved by, or when you choose a celibate spiritual path seeking God directly, or even when you elect to follow a combination of the two.

You were not created to be alone, you were created One with your Source, God, and that is indeed an idyllic state in which to exist; and it is your natural state, the state that you so desperately seek but can never find as a human because the illusion blinds you to Reality, hides It from you.  Humanity as a whole has finally realized this collectively, although by and large it has not seeped into the individual conscious awareness of most of you.  And consequently many of you continue to seek and find alternatives which never bring lasting satisfaction or contentment, but often bring much pain and suffering.

You are now in the process of becoming aware of this wondrous truth, that you are indeed all One, and as this awareness grows so does the strength and intensity of the divine flame of Love burning eternally and inextinguishably within each one of you.  From time to time you sense It and feel wonderful, but then the distractions of daily life in the illusion drag you back down, and you begin to doubt the accuracy of your senses, and dismiss them as fantasies, unreal dreams, when it is the illusion, the daily chores of existence as a human that are unreal.

When you feel uplifted, empowered, joyful for no apparent reason, then embrace that feeling, welcome it and allow your hearts to open even wider so that even more of it can pour in, because that is the Tsunami of Love about which so many are talking.  When you focus on pain, suffering, sadness, and other similar feelings you effectively block the entrance to your hearts, shutting out Love.  Instead, when you experience those kinds of feelings just accept them and then invite Love in to dissolve them.  Love has infinite power and will dissolve anything that is not in alignment with It, and when It does all It is doing is blowing away the mist, the fog of which the illusion is constructed.  The illusion truly is just smoke and mirrors.  All you have to do is to allow Love in to blow it away.

The thought of Love frequently frightens many of you because, within the illusion, it has come to mean self-negating sacrifice of self on behalf of someone else and is often confused with altruism which means to care for others or another but not to the exclusion of self.  Children are brought up to pay respect to their parents, their elders and “betters.”  When they resist or complain it is common to lay a guilt trip upon them, or worse.

In their early formative years as human beings children need to behave self-centeredly so that they can learn independence, a required competence for survival in the illusion.  As they mature and grow through their early teens, the loving, generous, and compassionate behaviors that their parents have, it is to be hoped, demonstrated most of the time while they were growing up will have been learnt quite effortlessly, and then the children will follow that example.

However, what often happens is that stressed out parents will have demonstrated manipulation, guilt, and conflict, and those lessons will have been well learned and then put into practice, whereupon parents exclaim “why on earth are the children behaving so badly, they’re impossible, and after all that we have done for them.  How could they be so ungrateful!”

Do not forget that you are all mirrors to one another, in any situation or interaction – loving or hateful – you are meeting yourselves.  That is hard for most of you to accept.  Forgive yourselves, forgive others, and allow Love to take Its rightful place in your hearts where It will dissolve all that is unloving and shine forth brilliantly offering Itself, as you truly desire, to all with whom you interact in any way at all, no matter how briefly.

Once again it is important for me to stress to you the vital importance of taking time out daily, alone, and safe from interruption, so that you can access your intuition which is always calling to you gently, offering guidance and comfort.  It is the Voice of your true Self, the Holy Spirit, or your favorite saint or angel, in fact anyone in the spiritual realms with whom you commune regularly.

You may even have no conscious idea of someone in the spiritual realms answering your calls for assistance – you may not even be aware that you make such calls – or calling to you or responding to you, nevertheless, when you receive an inspired insight, or when something important comes to mind that you had forgotten and could not afford to forget, that is guidance from your friends and loved ones in the spiritual realms.  Remember to thank them!

But you can only access that intuition, that loving guidance when you temporarily quiet your chattering minds.  Hence the need to take time out at least once every single day.  And when you do you receive unlimited encouragement and assistance, all that you have to do is accept it, and enjoy the sense of peace that it brings you.

With so very much love, Saul.

In the spiritual realms we can clearly hear you calling for your awakening to happen, now!  And, like you, we also look forward most enthusiastically to its imminent and inevitable arrival.  No doubt to many of you it seems to be forever coming but never arriving, but its apparent non-arrival is just part of the illusory environment in which you are experiencing your human existence.  Yet to know that is not much comfort when it seems that you have to keep on experiencing all the problems and suffering in which the illusion immerses you.

Today I will attempt to raise your spirits as you continue to hold your Light on high, and as you continue to hold the extremely powerful intent for humanity to awaken from its seemingly endless and frequently very painful dream.  Your awakening is assured, in fact it has already happened, you just continue to remain unaware because you have become so attached to the bodily life as humans that you experience in the illusion.

This human life seems very real, and many of you have a deep underlying fear that without your human bodies you will cease to exist.  And fear of death is endemic on the planet because it seems so final, so terminal.  Very few have an adequate awareness of the reality of the spiritual realms that would convince them reassuringly that life is eternal, and that human death is just the laying down of a vehicle that has served you well, but that is no longer needed.

In fact, through the eons, most humans have become extremely attached to the apparent reality of their bodies and are effectively in denial of the whole of Reality that awaits your joyful rediscovery of It when you awaken.

Yes, many claim to be of a particular religious persuasion, to believe in God, to embrace spiritual beliefs, and to believe in life after death, but mostly they do not live as though those beliefs were of any great importance or significance.  Generally this is because the illusion that you collectively built and maintain seems far more real and relevant to them than the prospect of eternal life in what appears to be an unforeseeable and hopefully very distant future.  The illusion remains alluring and enticing for the majority of humans as they keep hoping to establish a better life for themselves within it, and the thought of death is not appealing.

You, the wayshowers and Light bearers, are on Earth to help bring remembrance of the truth and knowledge of your spiritual origins, and therefore of your eternal spiritual destiny, to all with whom you interact during this earthly lifetime.  All humans know, at the center of their being, their heart, their soul, that they are inseparable aspects of God experiencing a very temporary and illusory embodied life in order to partake in and share lessons that they have, with much wisdom and spiritual guidance, collectively chosen to undergo.  However, the result of accepting that challenge, and it is indeed a challenge, is that they are on Earth with only minimal access to memories of their true nature.

To live as humans with full knowledge of your true nature as divine beings, inseparable from your Source, would be impossible because the nature of humanity is separation and your divine nature is Oneness.  Oneness is all that exists, separation is an illusion, and therefore to be human is to be enfolded in an illusory or non existent state.  While living as humans, and experiencing the state of separation that that entails, it is extremely difficult for you to grasp and understand the fact that human life is illusory.  It is far too threatening a concept for your limited minds to attempt to understand and make sense of.  Consequently you are forever seeking more satisfaction in your earthly lives, but never finding it.  There can be no satisfaction in your earthly lives except to discover that they are unreal and that you are divine and eternal beings temporarily lost in the fog that is the illusion which is shortly to disperse.  And you cannot fail to make that rewarding discovery.

By going within and persisting in your search for inner peace you can and will dispel the illusion, but it is vital that while doing so you do not allow yourselves to be constantly distracted by worldly worries.  So often people attempt to meditate or go within and find peace, but because the distractions of their daily human lives keep intruding on that inner space with demands that appear to require instant attention they find themselves unable to persist.  The demands of your human lives can be very intense, personal, and divisive, so it seems that not only are you the only one who can deal with them but also that you must deal with them, preferably right now.

However, if you look back over your lives you can clearly see many things that had enormous importance at the time were in fact of no real consequence.  Hindsight is very revealing in that it demonstrates time and time again that your priorities were frequently misplaced.  Remind yourselves of this when the “shoulds” on your to-do lists become overwhelming, and make a point of deleting the majority of them.

Your true priorities are to honor yourselves by giving yourselves quiet time daily to be at peace, then during that time to open yourselves to receive and feel the Love that envelops you in every moment, and then to share that Love with everyone with whom you interact.  Doing that is the most inspiring and uplifting thing that you can do for yourselves, and you will be rewarded by the improvements that occur in all your relationships, including your relationship with yourselves.

When you take that time out daily and go within, the first thing “to do!” is to restate your intention to feel the Love that envelops you, then remind yourselves that you are worthy of that Love, and that to experience It is your right and God’s Will for you.  Then clear your mind as best you can of extraneous thoughts and worries and expect to feel God’s Love for you.  Even the smallest increase in sensitivity to inner peace that you experience is God’s Love embracing you, so open to It and allow It to intensify.  This is your moment to relax into your true nature at one with Him.  The moment will not last, but you will never forget it, and so you will know that God’s Love is there for you, always.  This gives you the strength, the determination, and the enthusiasm to continue bearing your Light on high as you move ever closer to the moment of humanity’s inevitable awakening.

With so very much love, Saul.

As many channels have been telling you, you are being inundated with Love.  Open your hearts, your souls, and allow It to flow through you and out to all your brothers and sisters undergoing the human experience at this point in your spiritual evolution.  You chose to be here at this time to be willing and abundant conduits through which our Father’s Love could flow smoothly and abundantly to assist in humanity’s awakening process.  You have been doing a grand job, but some of you have lately become a little less enthusiastic in your Light bearing duties because the darkness of the illusion has been drawing you into its web of distrust and disbelief about the truth and reality of Heaven and the spiritual realms.

Of course, at the center of your beingness, you know God, and you know that all is divinely taken care of.  However, within the illusion there are myriad alarming distractions that are depressing you and encouraging you to dim your Light.  Don’t!  You are enormously supported at this most important moment by the constant waves of Love sweeping through your unreal environment to dissolve it, but you too need to support It and allow the Love to enter your hearts and then flow on from you to wherever It is needed, and It is needed everywhere!

When you go within daily to that quiet inner space where you can access your inner guidance, the teachings of the Holy Spirit and of your own personal guides who are always watching out for you, do make a special effort not to be distracted by your daily “to do lists” which can seem overwhelmingly important.  They are not.  If you have to leave something out the sky will not fall.  You know this because oftentimes in the past you have had to leave things out that were on those lists because you ran out of time, and it did not fall then.  Recognize that most of you, either through guilt or through a misplaced sense of responsibility to others, overload yourselves with duties and then judge yourselves as less than totally adequate when you find it impossible to complete them all in the time that you have allowed yourselves.

To do what you incarnated to do this time around you need to be able to access that quiet place of inner peace daily and rest there gently, even if only for a few minutes.  But far too often you allow illusory distractions, pressures, and deadlines to disturb that peace, and so stress builds within you until you find that you do not have the time to spare for your daily quiet time alone and at peace.  You neglect your essential personal needs in favor of attempting to complete tasks that are truly of very little consequence.  You are aware of this, because within the illusion you are constantly missing deadlines that you have set yourselves, or that others have set for you – it happens all the time – and no ghastly disaster occurs.

It is absolutely essential that you allow yourselves that quiet time daily no matter what is going on in your lives.  Nothing is more important than those few quiet moments you spend at peace in that inner space of stillness and Love.  The longer you can spend there the better, but we do understand that it can be very difficult for you to do so when you have family and work responsibilities to take care of.  Nevertheless, keep reminding yourselves that responsibility for your own well-being comes before all other responsibilities.  If you do not keep yourselves in good shape you just cannot adequately take care of all your other responsibilities.  You know this, and you all have friends or acquaintances who have burnt themselves out due to not allowing themselves personal time to be quiet and at peace.

If you feel too driven to make space available in your day just for you, acknowledge it, and then talk to someone you can trust about it so that you get support at the illusory human level where you are presently operating.  The illusion seems very real indeed to you, and therefore you have to honor the rules that you have chosen to abide by, and one of those rules is to seek help when you are feeling or being overwhelmed.  If you do not errors and problems will arise that further increase your levels of stress.  The “I’m tough, I can handle it” attitude that has been so encouraged and held up as an ideal to be striven for is in fact very damaging and weakening for you.  There is always someone out there to whom you can talk and from whom you will receive support.

Many of you have acted as guides and mentors for others and have learnt that very often all that is required is that you allow the person to talk while you listen silently and intently while maintaining eye contact.  Frequently it is enough for someone to know that they have been heard.  When you listen attentively to another they can feel it, it allows them to relax, their stress levels fall, and then their own inner guidance, their intuition, their higher selves or spiritual guides can get through to them.

You have seen this many times and have yourselves assisted others in this manner.  So why on Earth can you not acknowledge and honor that need in yourselves?  Every one of you are divine and irreplaceable aspects of God, our Source, the Supreme Intelligence, and as such you are beings of infinite worth and value.  Presently you are experiencing the intense sensations that the illusion provides while restricted by the severe limitations that a human body imposes on you.  It is incredibly stressful, and you are very easily distracted from your spiritual path as you get caught up in the suffering and drama of this unreal environment, which almost constantly offers you the message that you are not good enough, that you are not working hard enough.  Well enough already!

The way forward is to remind yourselves of who you truly are by reading and re-reading the holy works that spell this out for you.  You can accept it intellectually, so do so, and then go within, when you make that essential purely personal time available, and remind yourselves of this divine truth.  When you do that while in your quiet space intend once more to make it real for you, and you will, thus regaining and rejuvenating your spiritual strength that you need to complete your journey home.

Remind yourselves frequently that you are being lovingly watched over and supported in every moment, and relax into the sense, the feeling that that knowledge brings into your awareness.

With so very much love, Saul.

Another friend visited to make sure that the provider of sunflower seeds was OK and likely to continue providing!P1020603

I was sitting quietly in the sun on Sunday last, June 1st, eyes closed, when I heard a gentle rustling. I allowed myself to be distracted and opened my eyes to discover that I had a couple of “close” friends visiting me. Enjoy the pictures,

Love and hugs to all,

John.P1020588 P1020579 P1020570 P1020568 P1020566


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