Saul Audio Blog for Tuesday august 19th

Humanity’s awakening has been divinely promised and is at hand.  Nothing can prevent it because not only is it God’s Will, which is always achieved, but it is now also humanity’s collective will, and because you were given free will your will is always honored.  Until quite recently individual wills, divided and confused as they were, had made humanity’s collective will very difficult to discern.  It was collectively unstable, changeable, confused, conflicted, and chaotic, but now it is coming beautifully into alignment and is determinedly seeking world peace, person by person.  Although, if you pay too much attention to the gloom and doom on the news media, you might well believe that nothing much has altered, and that humanity’s endless dance with conflict and betrayal continues unabated.

However, over the last several decades, with the vast increase in educational opportunities for large sections of humanity, much scientific study and research has been focused on meditation and on the effects it has on those who practice it.  That research shows that it is hugely beneficial to those who engage with it, and that when large numbers meditate as a group the effects are felt all around the world, and fear and anxiety decrease exponentially.  Consequently those who are spiritually gifted and guided among you have been spreading the word about its benefits and willingly teaching a variety of methods that assist people to access their deep inner space where peace is always to be found.

This why all those from the spiritual realms, who speak to you through your human channels, keep stressing to you the importance of daily meditation.  There has been an enormous increase over the last ten or fifteen years in the numbers of people across the world engaging daily in meditation.  The effects of that turn inwards, towards spirit (meditation always leads to spirit, even if the meditator does not acknowledge it, and the peace found there is spiritual) are clearly visible in the worldwide growth in movements for peaceful change.  Awareness has grown that life as it has been lived for eons on Earth, conflict after conflict with intensely self-centered agendas set by those who plan and commit to them, has to cease or you will destroy yourselves and cause horrendous damage to the planet.

So we continue to remind you to meditate.  Your meditation, as you have been told, has an enormous effect on the human collective causing an agitation in consciousness that leads even more to meditate.  The vast numbers meditating regularly are bringing about the changes that you have been hoping and praying for for a very long time.  Allow yourselves to believe the good news that your intuition brings to you when you allow and encourage your egoic minds to take a break from flooding you with disturbing distractions.

When you contact your intuition, your higher Self, your favorite ascended Master, Archangel, the Holy Mother, or the Holy Spirit what you “hear,” “sense,” “feel,” or even “see” is always wisdom of the highest order, wisdom that you can trust and depend upon.  Within the spiritual realms all are aware of and engaged with their Oneness in a cooperative and harmonious outpouring of Love to heal you all, but can and do still respond to you individually as the One you choose to address or call on.  The advice that you receive is always wise and loving, it never judges, blames, or condemns, and that is how you can be sure that it is truthful guidance that will assist you in the moment as you ask.

Keep on asking because you do need our support, and by asking for it you open yourselves to receive it.  As we keep telling you: All are One.  Therefore what you do as One, by asking for and accepting assistance from us, is to follow your chosen spiritual path, and that changes the world.  There are always, in every moment, many of you calling on us, and those calls are all constantly amalgamating into a most powerful request for assistance to which we are constantly and lovingly responding.  However, when you allow yourselves to be overwhelmed by the fears and worries of the illusion you drift off your path, your spiritual energy field then weakens and you become far less effective in the work that you incarnated to do, because you are effectively buying back into the illusion of separation.

This is not a judgment, it is just an observation, we do fully understand how difficult it is for you to maintain your focus in a world where conflict, competition, and disingenuous agendas appear to be the normal and necessary modes of behavior in order to survive.  You do get dragged down, your spiritual energy field does weaken, and it seems that you are alone and abandoned in a very unsafe and threatening environment.  And when you ask us for help it maybe seems to you that you have not been heard or that we have not responded to your call.

The energy field of the illusion, the busy workaday world in which you have to operate, is very loud!  Consequently, unless you make a very determined effort to go within, to your quiet and holy inner sanctuary, it is extremely difficult for you hear us, sense us, or intuit our presence and guidance.  In fact it may well appear that the raucous noise of the world’s energy field has recently become even louder and more insistent that you attend to it, making it more difficult for you to access that place of inner peace and calm.

The old order is failing, collapsing, disintegrating, and in its final moments it is desperately clinging to its last vestiges of power and influence, so it does appear to be louder, noisier, and more overwhelming in its assault on your senses.  Remind yourselves frequently that it is in its last moments, that its grip on the engines of power is slipping, and that the noise that it is making is the sound of grinding and splintering gears that are broken and seizing as the fear and worries of humanity, that were its lubricating agent, are withdrawn.

Love is smoothing and calming the hearts of humanity all across the world as it flows relentlessly but gently into every nook and cranny, into every dark corner that would resist its warm and healing embrace, and even in the darkest of places Its powers of persuasion are proving irresistible.  Love’s endless willingness to hold all, without exception or conditions, to Its soft and tender bosom in a refreshing and reassuring hug that confirms unconditional acceptance of even those who feel the least worthy of entering into Its presence is bringing you all Home to Reality.  It is waking you up into the glorious brilliance of God’s utterly entrancing and unending day.

With so very much love, Saul.

Saul Audio Blog for SundayAugust 10th

Things are heating up as you might say!  There are multitudes of groups all across the planet meditating daily for peace, and to great effect.  Peace will prevail because it is God’s Will as well as that of the vast majority of humans.  Those who would intensify ongoing conflicts or instigate new ones will most definitely fail in their objectives.  Earth is now a planet of peace, and the conflicts that are still occurring will be wound down and terminated, there is no longer any meaningful support available to assist those who wish to maintain or extend them.  And this is cause for celebration!

Celebrations raise the energy fields of those who participate in them, opening them to feel and then engage with the Tsunami of Love.  Truly life is to be celebrated, especially now because what has been in opposition to life is weakening and disintegrating.  Humanity wants to live in peace and harmony, and humans everywhere are starting to cooperate very effectively to renew and revitalize the planet where she has been so thoughtlessly raped and pillaged.  The New Golden Age is now most firmly established on strong and unbreakable foundations, foundations of Love.

The age old diseases of fear, anger, hate, and resentment are rapidly being eradicated as the older ones among you, infected with these diseases, gain some wisdom and recognize the futility of holding on to old and worn out grudges, while the younger ones among you, who incarnated understanding this, compassionately encourage their elders to release their unhealthy focus on memories of pain and suffering that serve no purpose other than to cause further suffering.   Pain happens in the now moment, whereas suffering is caused by clinging to memories of ancient pains.  Let go of those sad memories that distract you from living, they are but a death wish, and, as a direct result, end your suffering.

That perhaps sounds too easy, and yet it is undeniably true.  Almost daily stories surface about people who have been hurt and abused who forgive those who have hurt them because they have understood the immense healing power of forgiveness.  And by forgiving they not only heal themselves, but also those whom they have forgiven.  Forgiveness is a tool of incredible power, embrace it, use it, and discover and enjoy for yourselves the wonderful sense of peace it brings.

Forgiveness is the path to awakening.  It is not helpful to see some crimes as unforgivable because to do so closes your hearts to field of Love that envelops you eternally, limiting your abilities to be carefree.  While you close your hearts to Love you will not find any happiness because happiness is carefree, joyful, limitless, and inspiring.  When you are happy you can do much more because you have boundless energy and enthusiasm for life, and that happiness, which is firmly established within you, uplifts and encourages those with whom you interact.  You have all experienced the joy of watching small children bubbling over with happiness and have then been delightedly unable to suppress your own resultant good spirits.  Learn from them then, embrace the moment, and have fun.

You were created in Love for eternal joy.  Having fun brings you joy, so focus your attention on engaging with it and bring yourselves more fully to life.  Living as humans your lives are experienced as severely limiting due to the restrictions your cultures, race, sex, and religions impose on you from the moment of birth.  However, all of you presently on Earth incarnated with the intent to blow away or dissolve those unnatural limitations that have, over the eons, brought you so much unnecessary pain and suffering.  Deep within yourselves you know this, and that is why so many of you feel so uncomfortable as humans.  You incarnated to blow away the limitations and yet you seem to have been captured and enslaved by them.

Fortunately you have memories of happier times, memories that demonstrate to you the insanity of many of the restrictions that you have accepted and lived with during this lifetime.  You are becoming aware, you have been becoming aware for several generations now, of your God-given and inalienable right to the freedom to be yourselves and to live lives that make you happy.  As more and more of you move towards freedom and learn to accept that others too have the right to be free, so the restrictions and limitations that have enslaved you for so long lose their power over you.

As you retake your freedom those who would control, oppress, and suppress you lose their power over you, and it absolutely terrifies them.  They are totally ego-driven, have no sense of humanity’s eternal spiritual heritage, and know only fear and the thrust for power and control that it induces.  When they lose control they collapse as their grandiosity is revealed for what it is, a weak and fearful mask behind which they have been hiding, pretending to be wise, honest, and intent on looking out for the interests of those who elected them.  In fact, as is now readily apparent, they have for the most part been utterly self-serving in their never-ending quest to remain in positions of power and authority, purposefully above the laws they happily impose on those who elected them.

This is regularly demonstrated in small ways all across the world whenever politicians are running for re-election and they do everything in their power, use every weapon in their tiny arsenals, to convince the voters that it is in their own best interests to re-elect them, freely misrepresenting or distorting their views and beliefs in an attempt to appeal to those to whom they think they are speaking.  With your modern communications systems providing instant publicity it is now practically impossible for them to continue deceiving you in this way.  The system on which they relied for cover, the “bought” mainstream media, is also collapsing because it is being happily bypassed by independent reporters and journalists whose one aim is to report the facts, and not the fictions that the authorities would have them publish.

As the old order continues to disintegrate, and their hideous secrets are revealed for all to see, understand that what is happening now has been planned for eons.  Earth is a free will planet, and all who are incarnate here chose to be here.  No one has ever arrived here other than by their own free will choice.  Over the eons you have been learning about freedom and its abuse in a state of severely limited consciousness.  The vast majority, the collective consciousness of humanity, now understands that free will is a responsibility that has to be exercised with great care and discretion to ensure that no one is disadvantaged to benefit another in any way at all, thus ensuring lives of generous cooperation, peace, and harmony for all.

This lesson has been very well learned and as a result the old order, the order of control, oppression, and enslavement is collapsing irrevocably.  Help to accelerate this inevitable collapse by intending during your daily meditations to share the Love within each one of you by extending It throughout all creation to all sentient beings.  When you do this the power of Love reverberates and reverberates joyously and unceasingly bringing wakefulness to all who have chosen to awaken.  That is what you incarnated to do, and you are now bringing that task to its moment of completion.

With so very much love, Saul.

Thanks to Anny for this heads up! And to Goldenageofgaia from where I copied and pasted these details. Definitely one to be a part of. John.


Deepak Chopra Peace Meditation August 8, 2014

Spiritual health advocate and author Deepak Chopra is attempting to set the Guinness World Record for the largest meditation during the Seduction of Spirit retreat in Toronto. Thanks to Julie.

Chopra has long touted the many personal benefits of meditation. Now, he’s hoping to set a Guinness World Record for the largest collective meditation.

Chopra will be leading the record-breaking attempt from Toronto, where he is attending his biannual seven-day meditation gathering.

On Friday, Aug. 8 at noon, Chopra wants to bring together retreat participants with thousands more participants online for a collective meditation. Participants can log in online to watch alive stream of the guided meditation which will feature a performance by Indie Arie.

In order to break the world record, at least 15,000 people need to participate, but organizers say that shouldn’t be a problem: 40,000 have already registered to take part online.

The event is being called the Global Meditation for Peace, and Chopra says the idea is to harness the power of a collective focus on the same goal.

“What we hope is to create that critical mass of peace consciousness,” he told CTV’s Canada AM Tuesday.

With so many conflicts dominating headlines recently, Chopra says the aim of the meditation is to promote peace in the same way that Mahatma Gandhi encouraged others to “be the change that you wish to see” in the world.

“So if you want love in the world, you have to be loving. If you want peace in the world, you have to be peaceful,” he said.

Chopra, a former physician, says he believes in the health and wellbeing benefits of meditating alone, but that gathering together to meditate is even more powerful.

“There is scientific data that if a group of people meditate — even a group of two together — the effects are magnified. And you can see that on brainwaves on EEG. So yes, it can be private but it can also be collective,” he said.

The Chopra Center for Wellbeing, which Chopra co-founded in 1996 in California, says it selected Toronto to host the Global Meditation “based on the strong connection Torontonians have to both meditation and yoga.”

Sign up for the meditation here:  http://globalmeditation.chopra.com

If the following resonates with you, then go for it!


Shared message from Pat Mcabe:

Dear Special Lightworkers,
On July 30, through www.stage2omega.com, Dave Schmidt presented a thought provoking talk on his blog/talk radio.  After carefully considering his well-thought-out ideas, I wondered how I could help all of us find the way to cure this problem.  I thought about trying to create a world meditation for the 15th of August, the day of our Blessed Mother’s Assumption into heaven.
Allowing a day or two for answers to come, while meditating last week on the I AM Presence and the Violet Flame I was “impressed” to use the most powerful tool we light workers possess.  The Violet Flame, of course.
I am the webmaster for Russ Michael’s Blog/web site, www.healingpyramidenergy.com so I checked with him, and he was thrilled – he is also a Violet Flame follower.  I then asked St. Germain to guide my creation and thus we created a page called Manifest with the violet flame on the HPE web site.
With each of your help we could actually have that “world meditation” one person at a time until a new consciousness is created as in the 100th monkey.  I have plenty of sites and email addresses to call on but if you like and approve of our new page, would you be precious enough to send a brief note to all your members and other spiritual webs you know of about this enormously important action that needs to be taken asap.
Thank you and just follow the healing pyramid energy link and the first blog page will lay the ground work for you then just follow the link as directed.
I love you all for helping, blessing and much light,
Pat Mcabe.

Saul Audio Blog for Tuesday August 5th

Your awakening is assured.  I am just reassuring you because so many of you have doubts, sometimes intense doubts, and those doubts need to be assuaged so that they do not drag you down into the gloom and uncertainty of the illusion.  You are all in the process of rising up out of it so that you can look on it and those engaged there, seemingly very firmly anchored in it, with loving compassion and without being drawn into the pain and suffering that so many are undergoing.

Your task is to spread Light, Love, and healing to all with whom you interact, and in order to do that you yourselves need to feel the Light and the Love within yourselves.  You can only share what you have, and first you have to know that you have it, then, without thinking about it, you just easily and generously share . . . Yourselves!  You are divine beings of Love.  Keep reminding yourselves of this unassailable truth, and then as you go through the day you will feel good about yourselves.  When you feel good about yourselves you demonstrate Love in action and you share and spread that Love just by being yourselves, and all those with whom you meet and converse will be uplifted by your presence and will feel good about themselves too.

When people feel good about themselves they automatically open their hearts to allow the Tsunami of Love to enfold them in its divine embrace, and to open the hearts of humanity is the purpose of the Tsunami of Love which is flowing through each one of you 24/7.  If you are weighed down with worries and doubts the flow is weakened, so make a point of letting go of anything that drains you emotionally or energetically, and ask us for help to do so.  We need you to hold your conduits fully open because the flow of Love has become torrential at this critical stage in your awakening process, and it needs your conduits or channels to be fully open and unrestricted so that It can flow freely everywhere, and to everyone on the planet.  You are incarnate at this moment in humanity’s awakening process to assist in this mighty and wonderful task, bringing the Light of God’s Love to all on Earth.

Let go of any doubts you may have about your abilities or competence to do this divine work.  You were all invited to take part in humanity’s awakening process because of your abilities and competence, and you all responded with a most enthusiastic “YES!”  You are not here by chance, no one is, nor, if you are suffering as many of you undoubtedly are, as punishment.  You are here because you are divine beings who most willingly chose to assist in this amazing event, knowing that it would at times be difficult and painful.  You also knew, and deep within yourselves you still know this, that failure is not even a remote possibility because what you are engaged in is working with the divine Will which is always perfectly achieved.

There are enormous numbers of Light bearers, workers, and way-showers on Earth at this time.  Make the intent to meet up with one another, either physically or via the Internet, and be open to making new contacts.  The Love that you are all holding and sharing is constantly drawn to Itself in others, so you will be divinely guided to meet others who are on a spiritual path that is assisting in the awakening process if you will allow yourselves to be open to it.  To make new contacts with people on the path to awakening strengthens your own faith and intent, and adds to the divine momentum taking you all forward toward awakening.

We are very aware of your ongoing doubts and anxieties, especially as the news of war and conflicts along with earthquakes and floods seems to indicate that all is not as it should be.  It seems that peace is getting short shrift all over the world, and that there is not an end in sight to the hate and anger that is driving many toward further conflict.  But, as you have been told by a number of reliable channels, this is all due to the enormous quantities of buried or denied issues that the Tsunami of Love is demanding that humanity addresses as the moment for awakening draws ever closer.

These issues are old but still strong angers and resentments that people who have been abused and betrayed by those they trusted implicitly – nearly everyone on Earth at some time in their lives – find themselves unable to face because they were so terribly painful when they occurred.  There is often also a sense of guilt because these sufferings occurred when they were small children and small children are often made to feel guilty for things that others have done.

If you find yourselves feeling stressed out, exhausted, and perhaps bursting into tears for no apparent reason, it could be your own stuff demanding your attention (although normally there will be indications, memory flashes to alert you to the fact that it is your stuff), or it may be that you are, having agreed to do so, helping others on the planet, people you do not know and have never met, to release their pain and suffering because they are so energetically drained they are unable to do so on their own.  It is a spiritual task of enormous significance that you have undertaken because you have much experience in releasing those kinds of suffering through your own well developed powers of forgiveness.  And know that if this is the case then you are truly greatly blessed, and will be welcomed Home with most glorious accolades for the untiring efforts with which you have helped humanity to awaken.

If you are experiencing these kinds of symptoms then be very kind to yourselves because they indicate that you are yourselves undergoing a huge strain that drains your energy.  If you feel yourselves unable to remain awake, then take a break and go somewhere for a sleep where you will be undisturbed.  If you are at work, and no facilities are available, perhaps you could use your car, or a nearby church as a place of quiet refuge.  Otherwise you could, and probably should (I, John have confused people here, this statement “I hate using shoulds!” was my mischievous interjection. Saul did NOT say it! Sorry for confusing you all), claim illness and go home.  It makes total sense because your ability to do your work is severely limited when you are in this kind of weakened state.

Know that you are all dearly loved and dearly honored for the immense tasks that each of you have undertaken to assist in this awakening process.  What you are doing is no mean feat, it is very demanding on every aspect of yourselves, so treat yourselves kindly at all times, especially if you think you have offended someone or made a serious error, and therefore do not hesitate to forgive yourselves – God always does, instantly!  You are under tremendous stress, acknowledge it and allow for it in your daily lives.

With so very much love, Saul.


[For those who wish to download the mp3 version of the audio, please click on the link just below embedded player.]

The Band Played Waltzing Matilda.

Despite all the uplifting and inspiring channeled messages we are presently receiving from our dear friends in the spiritual realms one can’t help occasionally getting dragged down into the illusion, wondering if anything has really changed over the eons, I know I do. As we view or listen to the mainstream news the conflicts in relationships, families, and between and within nations continue seemingly as they always have done, with no visible end in view.

We TRULY NEED to hold LOVE in our hearts constantly and intend to extend and share it so that the vast majority of humanity’s conscious awareness, our collective awareness, rises to the levels that our New Age demands of us if we are to live in the divinely promised state of peace, joy, and harmony. In doing so we absolutely have to include EVERYONE, no exceptions for harsh, ignorant, and arrogant dictators, whether they be family members or a nation’s potentates! We have to send Love to absolutely everyone, and release our judgment of all of those whom we believe should know better and behave better. I KNOW we can do it! In fact we are doing it.

Why am I sending you this message? Well, I was just playing one of my CDs of “The Dubliners,” I’m a great fan of theirs, and the following song blasted out of my sound system “The Band Played Waltzing Matilda” which refers to the catastrophic World War 1 battle known as the Battle of Gallipoli in which so many Australian and New Zealand men were killed and injured. . . pointlessly, as in all wars right up to the present day. It reawakened my awareness (TOTALLY ILLUSORY!) of the seeming impossibility of the general population of the world rising to the level of spiritual awareness that we need to to attain to achieve a lasting state of peaceful, loving, and harmonious cooperation here on Earth. And right now in many places we are remembering and commemorating the start of World War 1 100 years ago, as chaos appears to be erupting again worldwide.

We have been told time and time again that WE are the ones who are bringing in the New Age, and often it appears to be an impossible task, a DREAM! But, we do know, each one of us . . . we truly cannot honestly deny it! . . .  deep in our hearts that this is not so. The New Age is here, it is happening, and only BECAUSE we are continuing to hold our Light, God’s Light, the Light of Love, on high as we treat all others with dignity, respect, forgiveness and love. It is the field of Love that we, in our Oneness, are holding on high and in which all that exists is warmly and eternally embraced, a field in which no one can ever be lost, abandoned, or discarded.

All that we have to do is open ourselves to It by releasing all sense of personal unworthiness, sinfulness, or any other personal sense of inadequacy, along with any resentment, judgment or condemnation of others because we are ALL and always will be divine beings beloved of God, One in Him and in each other. However unpleasant the thought may be . . . we are all mirrors to one another. What I love in another is a direct reflection of myself, and so is what I resent or despise in another. And consequently there is no way for us to exclude others, who we may have the arrogance to judge as unworthy on His behalf, without doing it to ourselves.

As Jesus and Saul keep telling us LOVE is the ONLY way forward, and this song (link below) brought it very clearly home to me once more, by demonstrating once more the futility of war, of conflict, because NO ONE wins, we ALL lose.

Love and hugs to all,

Here in the spiritual realms – the numerous levels or areas beyond your illusory 3D environment – we are very busy preparing for your awakening and adding the finishing touches to the great celebration that has been prepared to welcome you Home.  And yes of course celebrations have often been talked about in reference to humanity’s awakening, so your interest now is undoubtedly in the actualization of those celebrations, in fact: WHEN!?  We try to suggest time lines bearing in mind that time is of the illusion, but time is what you experience and the seemingly endless waiting is very stressful, tiring, and disappointing for you.

The awakening will happen soon, and in reality it has already happened, because you never went to sleep for more than the briefest instant, but it still seems to you, caught up in the apparent reality of the illusion, that you have been kept interminably waiting for this wondrous event.  And we work hard to help you keep your spirits up while you wait by encouraging you to focus on its inevitability and its imminence.  Deep within you, and for the most part barely accessible to you, you do know that awakening is imminent and inevitable but, as you struggle with daily life and the hope and intense desire to awaken, that waiting can be exhausting, debilitating, and extremely frustrating.  That is why it is so extremely important to visit your inner and sacred sanctuary daily, and remain there until you feel a sense of relief, a strengthening of your faith, the warmth of our love for you, and even a sense of amusement as you consider that when you have awakened, and the illusion is gone, you will be absolutely overflowing with delight and merriment.

To remain focused on the inevitability of humanity’s awakening is essential, do not be distracted by the depressing bad news events on which the media and indeed the general populace place almost their entire attention.  As you go within, feel the Love, feel the intense inner knowing that the divine plan is unfolding just as divinely intended, and remind yourselves that the Will of God, the Will of the One, your will is always achieved.

We know how difficult it is for you to detach from the unreality of the illusion because your physical bodies are anchored there, and you are apparently anchored and constrained within them, experiencing all the physical sensations on which they depend for feedback so that they can remain strong and healthy . It is indeed confusing and unsettling for you, and even more so when you suffer illness or injury and the further restrictions those conditions impose on you.  For you it is an enormous paradox, an incomprehensible state of affairs, over which it seems that you have almost no control, especially as part of the experience of being embodied is to learn to control the body and have it behave as you desire.  We do understand, and we are deluging you with spiritual assistance in every moment.  To which you no doubt feel like replying: “Well how about some physical assistance that we can feel and enjoy?”

And you of course then answer that question immediately by reminding yourselves that you do feel assisted when you go quietly within and allow the distractions that plague you to fade away for a moment or two.  We are constantly with you, supporting and encouraging you, and we will never leave you on your own, even for an instant, because it is our lovingly assigned duty and a great honor to be with you while you work so diligently to bring humanity back to wakefulness.

You have all adopted the intent to awaken, you did it before you incarnated to experience this lifetime, and although you often forget your spiritual purpose as you go about the daily business of just being human, the intent remains firmly established within you.  It is an intent that will not be overridden.  The fact that you forget you made it, feel that you are not competent for the task you have undertaken, and doubt your ability to actualize it cannot in any way interfere with the divinely guaranteed outcome.  All will awaken!

Think of all those you know and love in this lifetime, remind yourselves how dear they are to you, bask in the feelings of warmth those thoughts of them bring to you.  When you do this the flow of divine Love through you, as a channel or conduit to humanity and to Gaia, strengthens and intensifies.  This was the vision that you embraced prior to incarnating, You, an unobstructed gateway into the illusion, through whom Love flows continuously, like a vast snow melt, as frozen hearts soften, dissolve, mix, and integrate into that wondrous all pervasive Tsunami of Love, the One, of which you are all essential aspects.

You are bringing humanity to wakefulness.  It is apparent everywhere when you open your eyes to see, instead of allowing yourselves be numbed into a state of severe depression and hopelessness by the outpourings of doom and gloom with which the mainstream media attempt to force feed you daily.  Prove it to yourselves by going on-line and just searching out some good news to counteract the depressive effects of the media’s never ending flow of misery that they would have you believe is the overall state of affairs planet-wide.

Yes, there is misery in many places, all of which can be remedied, and to be aware that this is so and to send Love to those who are suffering is a major part of your work on Earth.  BUT the good, the inspiring, and the uplifting happenings far outweigh, by an order of magnitude, what those who pull the strings on the world stage and in the mainstream media wish to direct and focus your attention on in order to keep you in fear.  Fear freezes, it misdirects, and it confuses.  Just look at some of the political discussions and arguments that are reported by the media.  They frequently do not address the real issues, just the symptoms, which are then dealt with at length and with little if any wisdom.

Love is your nature, humanity’s nature, and It will always be your nature.  Its apparent lack in the illusion is only apparent.  You see It flowing freely in areas where natural disasters occur, even if only fleetingly in the immediate aftermath.  Then fear is allowed back in as shortage of the necessities of life encourages people to fight for them.  But truly there are no real shortages, Gaia provides amply and abundantly for all on the planet. Shortages are constructed to enable the “authorities” to regain control.

You have all seen this happen.  And yet there are millions of kind and generous souls spending their lives far from home and loved ones to relieve these unreal shortages and support those in need.  They experience severe frustrations with the inadequacies of the systems, meant to assist them, that prevent them from doing their jobs properly.  The will to good is there, as is the Love to support it and ensure that it is achieved.  You see this happening after floods, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions as neighbor helps neighbor and even the military cooperate.  Then very quickly the “authorities” take control and the freely flowing kindness, compassion, and cooperation cease as agencies argue with one another over who is in charge.

When Love flows no one is in charge, there is no need because all can see what needs to be done and each does what is required and what her competence enables her to do, and a synergistic and cooperative flow ensues in which all are most effectively engaged.  Love is always the answer, whatever the situation, the problem, or the issue that needs to be attended to.  So continue to be loving, to extend love to all with whom you relate or with whom you interact, AND to those who appear to be causing the problems and the suffering that plagues the world, and by doing so awaken humanity.  That is why you incarnated, and I assure you that you are totally capable of achieving what you set out to do.

With so very much love, Saul.


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