Saul Audio Blog for Wednesday April 27th
The sense of humanity’s Oneness is arising in millions of people all across the planet, and as it does so it is then being sensed by millions more. The collective intent to awaken is stirring humanity and there is no going back! Your awakening is inevitable and imminent. News of worldwide suffering and deprivation, regardless of the cause or reason for these unhappy situations, is inspiring compassion on a scale never before seen on Earth. The Tsunami of Love continues to grow and intensify because so many are intending to be loving in every moment of their lives. The power of your intent is amazing, and soon you will become aware of that power in each of your individual lives as you continue to open your hearts to the divine field of Love that embraces you constantly.

The Light that you Light bearers, Light holders, and Light workers are displaying by your living examples of Love in action through your compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, and lack of judgment grows brighter daily. Yes, most of you fail at times, falling back into fear and egoic behaviors, but your intent to be loving remains and is quickly reestablished as you see what has occurred and forgive yourselves. Self-forgiveness is essential because it clears the negative emotional energies that judgment and self-judgment arouses.

As those in the spiritual realms keep reminding you – Love is all-encompassing, there is no judgment, only unconditional acceptance. The human condition is demanding, God is not! You are all on paths of learning that you planned before you incarnated, and so you are bound to make errors, that is how you learn. The important point here is to admit your errors, where possible correct them and make amends to anyone you know you have intentionally offended, and then move on. Often it seems that people are choosing to hurt and offend one another, when in fact they are frequently unaware that their behavior is offensive. Political correctness is a fear based concept that is often used to hurt or damage someone else when a person refuses to acknowledge their own issues of lack of self-worth, a very intense and painful state.

To be offended is a choice a person has to make. You are all the perfect children of God, so if you feel that someone has offended you you are choosing to see yourself as less than perfect and accepting that other’s judgment of you. Why would you do that? Only you know your motives and intentions, and another’s opinion of you is just that, an opinion, an opinion based on misinformation and a lack of knowledge. Do not take offense, instead recognize that the one who is attempting to offend you is in fact crying out for love and acceptance. Respond gently, without anger, and allow the negative energy of the moment to dissipate.

Because of the intense pain so many experienced in their formative years as humans, it became necessary for them to very quickly deny or bury that pain in order to survive. But “stuff” buried or denied festers and grows like a physical infection, and if not allowed to resurface, be reacknowleged, and then offered comfort will lead to more serious physical or psychological damage.

Everyone has“stuff” buried or denied that is arising, often seemingly uninvited, at this point in humanity’s awakening process to be acknowledged and released. So acknowledge what is asking to arise, make space for it to do so, and let it flow through you, like grief. It cannot be rushed, but attempting to understand or recall its origins stops the flow and traps you in a seemingly endless loop of re-experiencing it.

The pain that arises can be very intense, rather like the pain of a very bad burn, and may cause you to howl, scream, and even writhe in agony. Allowing that flow of emotions is the process of release. So allow. Stopping the flow because it is painful or embarrassing will not work.

It is as though you had within you a container filled with ancient pain and suffering – and that container is your heart! You have to allow it all to drain out through your experiencing of it, and when it has you will indeed feel drained and exhausted. But now there is room for Love to fill and heal that empty space within you. Until it is released, allowed to flow through, you have effectively built and are maintaining a defense system that retains the pain and locks out Love.

When you choose to enter the process of releasing all this gunk – and even if it seems to be arising unbidden, it means that at a deeper level you have chosen to allow this release to occur – it can be extremely helpful to have with you a loving and intimate friend whom you trust implicitly, to hold you close and offer the comfort you did not receive when the pain originally occurred. It will also be cathartic for the friend because this kind of release will also be healing for her and for humanity. Remember, you are never alone, there is no separation, and to share the release you are undergoing is a loving exchange that heals you both, along with humanity.

As you well know, you are on Earth at this time to assist in humanity’s awakening process, and releasing the buried pain and suffering – humanity’s vast lake of trauma – is an essential part of the process. All over the world locked hearts filled with pain are crying out for Love but are unable to accept It. There are few among you who do not know someone who is so closed down in fear, guilt, anger, and pain that they will allow no one to approach them, no one to comfort them, and who present an impenetrable barrier to the world around them.

This barrier is what you are all helping to dissolve as you make your daily intent to be loving in every situation. Only you can do it. The Love that each one of you has burning within you, and that you have chosen to share so generously, is powerful way beyond your ability to conceive of. If you connect with someone who appears offensive, angry, or unapproachable, intend immediately to send them Love and know that healing has started for them in that moment.

You are indeed divine beings of unassailable Love and Compassion who have willingly chosen an Earth life at this time to assist in the awakening process, and that amazingly altruistic choice you made, knowing how difficult and painful your path would be, is most highly honored here in the spiritual realms, as you will discover when you return Home to hero’s welcomes.

With so very much love, Saul.

Saul Audio Blog for Saturday April 23rd

We are all one, if we were not we would not feel this intense sense of longing for relationship, to be connected, to be loved, to be seen, to be recognized, because to be truly separated would mean that there was no need and no longing or desire for connectedness. Oneness is our eternal nature from which we can never be separated. The sense of separation that almost everyone on Earth experiences is due to a sense of loss brought on by the lingering faint memory that all have of connectedness to Source.

You are One with Source, but in the game of separation that humanity is playing it seems that Source is an external Entity utterly removed from humanity, perhaps even unaware of humanity. And that is extremely painful for one who feels lost and whose only wish is to be eternally loved – and every human is that lost one, adrift in an ocean of Love and seemingly unable to access It.

Access is always available, but it requires you to release your hold on the illusory aspects of the illusion, namely, to name just a few: judgment, blame, guilt, envy, resentment, hatred, and any desires for restitution from those who have wronged you, or for their punishment.

Love is Love. Within It there is no space for anything that is not in complete alignment with It, because in Itself it is already utterly complete. All sentient life is complete because it is Love, and there are no exceptions to this. All the negative judgmental and condemnatory aspects of the illusion, and the other aspects that are in concurrence with them, are unreal and cannot enter into Reality, the only state of existence. What is unreal remains forever unreal, unseen and unacknowledged by Love because it is absent, not present, not anywhere.

For eons holy ones, mystics, guides, and prophets have come among you to inform you of this, and for eons they have been ignored or misunderstood. Finally, however, awareness that conflict, hostility, hatred, and a desire or intent to punish wrongdoers or enemies is self-defeating and does not work is being acknowledged by large numbers of humans in all parts of the world. As a result, at the grassroots level, choices are being made to come together in friendship with those of different beliefs, cultures, nationalities, and lifestyles, to discuss and identify the many areas in which they have the same needs and desires, and to understand the differences between them that lead to conflict in order to resolve them for the benefit of all.

What is occurring all across your beautiful planet at this moment in your spiritual evolution is truly amazing. Suddenly, over a few decades, people, who lived in constant fear of those who were in any way different from themselves, are coming together respectfully to honor one another in peaceful dialogue and to learn to understand each other’s customs and lifestyles so that humanity may be healed. Love heals, and all across the world people are coming together with the intent to love and heal each other. The collective intent has been made to accept and honor one another without exception, and so it will be achieved. Yes, of course there will be backslidings, and errors will be made, but the collective intent to heal one another has been made, and so worldwide healing of enmities and disagreements will be achieved.

And what is your task as a Light bearer, Light holder, or Light worker? Well, you do know, because you have been told and reminded so often, and it is to be loving in every moment and in every situation, knowing, as you do, that all are One, and that when you honor and respect this truth the Light of God’s Love shines brilliantly upon you dissolving all obstacles and misunderstandings, allowing peace to prevail.

However, to the vast majority of humanity, the illusion appears to be very real, and there is definitely great suffering being experienced all over the planet. It also seems that to be vulnerable and loving leaves one open to abuse and betrayal, and it can be clearly seen that abuse and betrayal have been endemic on Earth for eons. What has now entered humanity’s awareness is the realization that attempting to heal the people and the planet without changing the whole system of hierarchical governance which benefits only those at the centers of power cannot succeed. Continuing to use militaristic methods of problem solving that blatantly do not work to establish peace on Earth is clearly insane.

Those methods were devised to maintain the power in the hands of an oligarchy of major world powers that in turn supported sycophantic autocrats placed in strategic locations to control and enslave their respective populations. The latter would from time to time be overthrown by local revolutions giving the impression that people power could be effective, while at the same time ensuring that the oligarchy continued to hold the reins of power.

As education became available to greater and greater numbers of people, first through the invention of the printing press which led to large numbers of formerly illiterate peoples learning to read and exchange ideas, followed much more recently by instant worldwide communication becoming available to all, awareness of the hypocrisy in the rhetoric used by those in high places as they have struggled to maintain their positions of influence and power is now widespread.

There are now movements and organizations established all over the world that are working most effectively to build new smaller systems that will suit the needs of their own local communities and fill the void as the old system crumbles, as it is now doing, and then collapses. They are based on respecting and honoring the people they will be serving – in the true sense of that word – as they operate locally with proper understanding of local needs. The time of vast governments and international business conglomerates is coming to an end because it is clearly seen that they have been extremely damaging for humanity and the planet – enslavers and destroyers instead of guardians and mentors, humanity’s true rôle.

Change is in the air, and there are very few who are not to some extent aware that this is so. As enlightened groups of loving people all over the world continue to set up caring communities to assist in creating a New World where Love is the energy that flows creatively and harmoniously, all will find that they have an essential part to play and for which they will be truly honored. No one will be abandoned, left by the wayside struggling to adapt, because the sense of community that is growing worldwide will lovingly embrace all who are in need, ensuring that all are seen, acknowledged, and encouraged to take their place in the community of which they are members.

The Tsunami of Love is all-encompassing, all-embracing, and now fully established worldwide. When you make your daily or more frequent journey within, to your holy inner sanctuary, open your hearts W I D E so that the full intensity of Its Presence suffuses you with the warmth and certainty of your complete acceptance as a beloved child of God in an unchanging and eternal relationship with your loving Father.

With so very much love, Saul.

Saul Audio Blog for Saturday April 16th
Enjoy what arises and be in peace and joy, it’s your natural and therefore NORMAL state. Abnormal, non peaceful states, are of the ego, just let them go, because, like the ego, they are unreal! Instead, tune in to the field of divine Love that surrounds and envelops you in every moment. That is God’s Will for you, and your own, despite the negative thoughts and moods the ego encourages and presents you with. LET THEM GO. Happy contentedness is your wish, your desire, your intent. Watch the negative thoughts, feelings, and moods, recognize that they are not you, that you need not engage with them and then they will fall away. Your attentive energy maintains them, if you withdraw it they collapse.

It is unnatural to focus on thoughts or moods that do not bring you joy and peace, but when you reside in a body, with an ego for company, even though they are unreal they seem real, especially as you are frequently reminded by the mainstream media of the enormous amount of suffering all over the world, and so you are easily drawn into engagement with them.

However, you can just be aware of these less than happy states, as opposed to thinking that they are you, and when they arise you can make the choice to let them go by changing your focus, by attending to something else, for instance a more happy unreal state! When you do this, you then find the strength of will to let them both fall away, allowing you to move toward Reality, toward the realization that you are Reality, and toward the comfort of accepting the divine Truth that you are essentially One with Source.

As you have been told so often by many in the spiritual realms, and in books by human spiritual writers, there is only God, Source, Love, Reality, the Supreme Intelligence, divine Wisdom – choose the term that you feel most comfortable with – remembering that words are far too limiting to describe or define the undefinable, the unutterable. Words are tools to help you get a handle on, a slight understanding of what words cannot tell you.

To know God (one word to cover all the others!) is to know Yourself! How do you do that? By withdrawing to your holy inner space, quieting your mind, staying fully alert, fully awake, and then opening yourself to whatever arises. If it feels loving, peaceful, welcoming, then it is the Presence of God. If it is fear-inducing, uncomfortable, threatening, or cynical it is your ego attempting to distract you. Your ego depends on you for its existence, and it knows that if you open your heart to God its power over you will be gone.

Your ego constantly seeks your attention – when you allow it to. A meditation practice is a method to silence the ego, so that you can hear that quiet inner voice that lovingly offers you untold wisdom in every moment. It is your own wisdom, divine wisdom, because you are One with Source, awareness of which is blanked out by the noisy vociferousness of your ego. Engaging in a meditative practice – it matters not which one, just choose one that you feel comfortable with – enables you to disregard the ego’s calls for your attention, even though you will still be aware of them. The ego, like your body, is part of the illusion, and within the illusion it is useful. However, for most of you growing up, it became your sense of self, and you allowed it to control you through your moods and emotions with which you also identified.

You are not your ego or your moods or your emotions. Those are all aspects of the embodied human condition that are useful, as they can assist you to relate to other humans, until you realize, as you will, that there is only Love. There is no separation. Separation is an unreal state, a game in which bodies and egos identify themselves as separate from their Source, a game in which they get lost until the game becomes utterly unsatisfying, and their true Self makes itself heard by posing the question “What is my life for, what is it all about, is this all there is?”

This question arising can be very unsettling, and it is meant to be. You are all on Earth, incarnate as humans, to follow the spiritual path you set up in advance of your human birth. Growing from infancy to adulthood as a human requires, for your safety and survival, that you conform to the laws of the society into which you are born. But doing so means that you have to close off the faint memory of who you truly are, as you engage with your ego, the false self that identifies with emotions, moods, and feelings of inadequacy or worthlessness.

Presently many children are being born with far stronger memories of their true nature, and are aware of being accompanied by spiritual guides, mentors, and friends. This is as a result of their pre-life planning for their human experience. These memories that they can access are to assist them to awaken, and in so doing to assist them to assist many, many others to awaken. Humanity’s path to awakening, to remembering its true nature, is drawing to a close. It has been ongoing for long eons, in which much intense suffering has been endured because the game of separation has seemed so real.

All on Earth now as humans are very positively involved in the collective process of awakening humanity. Games are fun when they are played for fun. However, when they become extremely serious, as the human game has become, much suffering occurs as people use every means available to win, and in the process, absolutely destroy the other players. What started as a game has become a terrifying nightmare, and the mainstream media, with its severely biased reportage, intensifies the fear that so many are feeling. If you believe that media it seems that there is no way out of the many disastrous situations that humanity has brought upon itself by its insane behaviors all across the world.

But, humanity is waking, and there is evidence everywhere that this is so. Over the eons of humanity’s earthly existence, until very recently, there is very little evidence of an awakening. Your history is filled with the stories of war, of winning, of destroying or being destroyed, and of the intense satisfaction that destroying an enemy provides – including as recently as World War 2!

Since then, to a large extent as a result of the growing awareness of the suffering that man causes man, humanity made the collective decision to awaken from this insane nightmare, to cease playing this violent and abusive game, and to seek a better way to live together in peace, cooperation, and harmony on the planet for whose welfare you are collectively responsible.

That collective decision is showing up in many, many places as people choose either to change the system if there are aspects that of it that can help you move forward, or replace it with one that honors everyone, regardless of their place in the hierarchy. As that happens it will become increasingly apparent that there is no hierarchy! A hierarchy is a false and unloving attempt to discriminate between one another – to claim some are right, and some are wrong, some are acceptable and some are not, some have rights and others do not – and but a little honest thinking makes it abundantly clear that to discriminate against, to judge against is not only insane, but it is to attempt to make God wrong! God, Who loves you all without exception because you are all without exception One with Him, and therefore with each other.

In your hearts you know that separation is unreal, because within your hearts each one of you desires only to be loved unconditionally, and you also know, deep within yourselves, that God indeed does love you all as One. You may experience doubts from time to time, from lifetime to lifetime, solely because being human, being part of the game, the illusory game of separation, you find yourselves unequal to others who appear to be more blessed, more loved, more valuable than you are.

So, let me remind you yet again that you are, each and everyone of you without any exceptions, the beloved child of God who can do no wrong and who is perfect in every way. How could it be otherwise when it was God Who created you, and everything that He creates is absolutely perfect. Relax, remind yourselves frequently that you are the beloved children of God, of LOVE, and that your only task, work, or duty is to help each other lovingly to awaken.

With so very much love, Saul.

Saul Audio Blog for Sunday April 10th
Humanity is waiting impatiently to awaken! Yes, the vast majority remain unaware of this imminent and long awaited event of enormous significance in the overall scheme of things. However, at a deeper level, where you can never forget that all are One, everyone knows that your awakening is imminent, hence the impatience. Quite a paradox!

Those of you who have been holding your Light on high – Light workers and Light bearers – and those of you who have sensed that change is in the air have been working full time to bring it on. As you have been told, the tipping point has passed, the balance has shifted, and truly, humanity’s awakening is imminent. On the level of the illusion, where most of you live your daily lives working to pay the bills and support your families, the signs are not encouraging, as the mainstream media focuses incessantly on the conflicts – military, political, economic, and social – that seem to be infecting and agitating every part of the world. As you have so often been told by so many “wise old men,” “nothing is as it seems.” And that is the truth! But only where the illusion is concerned.

How could what you see bear any relation to Reality? Reality is Love, is God, is the Source in which and from which All arises! In Reality all is known, there are no mysteries, Love, God, the Supreme Intelligence embraces all unconditionally, without judgment of any kind, because all are created by God and are therefore in every way perfect. In the illusion so much is hidden under the dark veil that appears to separate you from God, that it is impossible for the truth to be seen, because the whole purpose of the illusion is to separate, to conceal, to dissemble!

Throughout your earthly lives you are – every single human – constantly receiving wake-up calls, wake-up calls that you have, until now, chosen to ignore, to deny, or not to hear! Within the illusion, the nightmare or dream that you experience as reality, it is very inconvenient to hear the truth, and so you block it out. You have chosen to have rules of the game that enforce your sense of separation – bodies that are without a doubt separate, and that experience their own individual pain and suffering alone and lost – and which seem to demand your silence! Don’t rock the boat, don’t make waves, don’t ask, don’t tell . . . as in the Hans Christian Andersen story “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

Now that willingness to support the system is crumbling because humanity is no longer willing to suffer in silence as a few individuals attempt to keep you enslaved. All the skeletons in humanity’s collective cupboard of shame and dishonesty are tumbling out and can no longer be concealed. Everyone has, at some time in their lives, been dishonest and has then attempted to hide their shame. Shame is an aspect of judgment, it is a method of controlling people because there is no one who has not, in their own eyes, done something shameful. Shame enables and encourages blackmail, and the more powerful or influential the person who has something shameful to hide the more effectively can they be blackmailed.

Complete honesty forestalls blackmail. But fear forestalls complete honesty. It seems to be a Catch 22 situation. It is not! Complete honesty disarms any assailant. Dishonesty, corruption, and undisclosed self-interests are weapons that can be used against you, and often are at the most damaging moment. Within the illusion it seems that you can trust no-one! But the game of separation that is the illusion is unreal.

In Reality nothing is hidden, there are no skeletons in any cupboards because there are no cupboards. This is a terrifying thought to many who are caught up in the illusion and in the game it seems that they have to play, because to play successfully you have to dissemble, to lie, and to cheat. That is not your nature, and it feels extremely uncomfortable when you engage in those games. Nevertheless, everyone else seems to be playing by those rules, and so it seems that you have no choice. If you want to succeed, if you want to gain the rewards that the system offers, you have to cheat, surreptitiously.

Now many are finally realizing that the rewards that the system offers are poisonous! If you cannot be true to yourselves any rewards that you receive change almost instantly to ash in your mouths. You have betrayed yourselves to obtain them. For a while you can fool yourselves by seeking and winning further rewards, as those with whom you are supposedly cooperating, but who you are in fact cheating, do not attain similar rewards. You have won, they have lost – what a clever and magnificent being you must be!

Eventually you realize you have no friends, only enemies, and your separation is complete! It may appear that you have friends because you associate regularly with others who are equally driven to succeed, and who seem to support you, but when you fail or can no longer provide the access to the power and influence that they crave, they dump you and move on.

The illusion is a place where trust is regularly betrayed without a moment’s thought when the one betraying imagines that he will in any way benefit as a result. The illusion is an insane and utterly unreal environment that brings enormous suffering to billions, as the leaders, plotters, and schemers, who are utterly devoted to their own egoic aggrandizement, walk roughshod over anyone who opposes them.

You can see evidence of this all around you at every level of the hierarchies in which you move. Back-stabbing is endemic. The good news is that people are waking up to the insanity that seems to rule their lives, and they are now choosing to cease playing these painful and dishonorable games. The old order is collapsing under the weight of its own depravity. When corruption has been flowing freely for long enough, as it now has, putrefaction ensues, the odor becomes unbearable, and people move away.

It is quickly realized that the odor is in fact quite localized, and that as the decay terminates – ash to ash, dust to dust – and the odor fades away, new beginnings arise bringing in a new and far more open way that thrives on the harmony of cooperation.

Humanity’s awakening is a collective moving away from the endemic corruption of earlier times and into a New Age of loving acceptance, in which people of different race, color, creed, and political and economic philosophies come together to understand one another’s needs and then integrate their efforts to satisfy all of them, so that no one is disenfranchised or side-lined.

As this New Age grows and matures, Love will guide all the peoples of the world in harmonious cooperation, like a vast choir and orchestra performing a heavenly composition in which everyone has an essential and irreplaceable part to play. Prepare yourselves to hear music like you have never heard before – your joy and amazement will overwhelm you.

With so very much love, Saul.

This Buddha at the Gas Pump really is a MUST WATCH NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Suzanne Giesemann, interview #341 on April 4th 2016

341. Suzanne Giesemann

Suzanne is a retired U.S. Navy Commander. She served as a commanding officer, as special assistant to the Chief of Naval Operations, and as Aide to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on 9/11. In addition to earning the Defense Distinguished Service Medal, she has a Master’s Degree in National Security Affairs and taught political science at the U.S. Naval Academy.

Suzanne Giesemann is the author of 11 books, an inspirational speaker, metaphysical teacher, and evidence-based medium. She is a messenger of hope who captivates audiences as she brings love, healing, and comfort through her work.

Enjoy this fabulous interview,

Saul Audio Blog for Tuesday April 5th
The breakthrough leading to humanity’s awakening has occurred! The tipping point has been reached and the balance has now moved irreversibly in favor of your awakening. You have been waiting eons for this moment, the moment when the collective realizes that dissension, confrontation, and conflict will never resolve the issues that appear to divide you. You are all one, with differences in race, culture, creed, and skin color that are reason for celebration, not judgment. All sentient life forms, including humanity, are divine beings, children of God, created perfect, created in Love, and whom God honors as He honors Himself.

The animosity that has grown up over the eons between the various human races and creeds must end. It is insane to oppose and fight with your divine brothers and sisters. You only do this because you cannot see that you are all one. The illusion has spread a veil or a cloak of concealment between Reality, where you know you are One, and your seemingly separated human selves, where it appears that you are not. That veil or cloak is now dissolving as the Tsunami of Love bathes all those in conflict in Its irresistibly soothing balm.

Awareness of the futility of maintaining animosities between groups who are different in any way is growing exponentially, partially as a result of the vastly improved methods of communications that modern technology has made available to you all wherever you may be situated on the planet. You are seeing that differences of race, creed, color, or culture, in fact differences of any kind that you perceive are no reason for defining others as enemies as you mix and mingle with one another worldwide and discover that your desires and needs are almost identical. The Tsunami is bringing into your awareness the knowing that Love’s purpose is to unite you, and demonstrating, as races and creeds intermix and intermarry, that it truly works. By cooperating harmoniously together all of humanity’s needs, anywhere in the world, can easily be quickly and abundantly fulfilled.

Love is your nature, Love is infinitely abundant, and It is never in short supply. When you are not experiencing Love – peace, contentment, self-acceptance, and acceptance of what arises – it is because you have chosen to block or deny It. God is Love, in which all of creation is lovingly enfolded, but you are free, because Love never binds or demands, to close down your awareness of It. Why would you do this you may ask yourselves? Well, the illusion, which appears to be totally real to you as a human, and into which you were born, constantly provides experiences of separation, an unreal state, which are terrifying. Experiences that threaten your wellbeing and even your life.

So, over the eons, you have learnt that trust can be betrayed, and that when it is the results are frequently extremely painful. And, within the illusion, you have all at times had your trust betrayed, causing you extreme pain. Therefore you built defenses against one another, the masks you wear in public, in order to hide the gentleness and tenderness of your hearts, where your true nature dwells, and which seem so vulnerable.

But your vulnerability can only be used against you when you shut out Love. That must seem like a paradox, but many have, even in the most extreme circumstances, refused to be unloving and have discovered that their very vulnerability is an immense source of strength and through it have found peace within regardless of the circumstances without.

You are always completely supported by your divine Source in which you have your constant and eternal existence. You only have to take the first step toward being loving in every situation, toward opening your hearts in Love, for the strength you need to be true to your divine nature, even as a human within the illusion, to sweep through you, inspiring and uplifting you so that you know that you are Love, One with your Source, and that you can therefore deal with anything that arises. All you need do is trust in God, truly trust in the certain knowledge that all that befalls you is always in your own best interests.

If you resist what arises, and humans frequently do, if you fight the circumstances that appear to be against your best interests, any suffering you are undergoing will intensify. As humans you have been taught that it is essential to fight for your rights, but doing so is to continue to take part in the games within the illusion that have brought you so much suffering throughout the eons. This is a very difficult concept for you to accept, however, in desperation, because nothing else is working, many are now surrendering in the moment to what occurs and finding peace arising within them. It appears to be an extremely counterintuitive path to take, but it does work.

Just remember that you have only to take that first step and then the power of Heaven will uplift and empower you. Those who who take that first step, and do not then step back, are amazed at the transformation as they find themselves able to carry on against what, to others, appear to be insuperable odds. Truly God is with you in the most intimate and personal fashion in every moment of your eternal existence if you will only open your hearts to receive Him.

And how do you do that? By going daily to your holy inner sanctuary with the firm intent to open your hearts and allow God’s Love to refresh, strengthen, and inspire you.

With so very much love, Saul.


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