As the year of 2022 draws to a close you are all well aware of the enormous numbers of experiences and events that have occurred, many of which were neither happy nor uplifting, and which have mostly served to increase the suffering that so many worldwide are undergoing.  However, this growing awareness of the unnecessary but sometimes intentional increases in suffering is effectively leading to a major release by large numbers of people of the ingrained, judgmental, and unloving intentions and behaviors that have plagued humanity for a very long time.  It is the time NOW for each human to release all within them that is not in complete alignment with Love, and this is happening.  The numbers of you who are finally realizing that judgment and competitive thoughts, words, and behaviors never resolve conflicts, but only increase their frequency, are growing rapidly as the insanity of these sorts of relationships on an individual, organizational, political or international level becomes ever more apparent.

Yes, enormous increases in suffering worldwide are happening, but enormous realization of the need for major change is also arising, and loving groups and communities are forming everywhere to bring this about.  Therefore, allow the Love that envelops and embraces you in every moment to fill your hearts by inviting It to enter and flow through you to massively assist in the healing of your own and of humanity’s fearful choice to hide in a state of separation from Love, a state fueled by your very prevalent sense of unworthiness or sinfulness that is utterly and completely invalid.

Instead embrace It and pool your resources in a loving and permanently ongoing cooperative venture to resolve all the issues dividing you by the use of peaceful and loving communication.  You can do this, the vast majority want to do this, so trust in your ability to bring it to fruition, knowing, as you do at the depths of your being, that with the enormous assistance that you are receiving from those in the non-physical realms that your outright and complete success is divinely guaranteed.

This is truly an amazing and most propitious time to be a human in form.  Everyone of you has chosen to be here now to participate in and to assist in your divine awakening process.  It cannot be stopped, slowed, or prevented.  The process is flowing now, powerfully and joyfully, as awareness grows of the Power of Love, and of the fact that the seeds of this moment, planted so long ago as you consider time and the illusory or dream state that it represents – separation from Truth, from Source, from Reality – approach the moment of their most glorious and most beautiful outburst into an immense blossom of constant loving awareness that is way beyond your ability to conceive of.  The blooming of your magnificent awakening is imminent.

Continue to set the intent daily to trust yourselves and to trust God’s divine plan for His beloved children.  As you know, separation from Source has never occurred, but when you were created God in Her infinite Love and wisdom blessed You with all of Her creative powers and abilities, and therefore you were able to construct a totally unrealillusory or dream state into which you could enter and pretend to separate yourselves from Her, in the same way that your little children today often play hide and seek with you.

Because you are so powerful, the apparent reality of thatstate, once you had entered it, became completely real for you, terrifyingly real.  To enter it was a completely free will choice you made, and so Mother/Father/God in Her infinite Wisdom instantly created the means for you to awaken from it when you had had enough of it, and when you were ready to do so.  In Her infinite Wisdom She knew that the moment would occur when the pain and suffering of that unreal state would inevitably become totally unacceptable, totally unbearable, and that you would desperately desire to seek an exit from it.  She did not and would not override your free will by awakening you from that unreal state before you were ready, but when you chose to awaken, the path to your awakening, which is most beautifully and divinely illuminated, would be there awaiting your acceptance of it.

Now is the moment of your readiness.  The conditions within unreality have become far too painful and intolerable for you to bear any longer, and so you have collectively chosen to awaken into Reality, to experience yourselves once again, and eternally, in your natural and normal state, fully present and at One in the eternal Presence of your infinitely loving Creator.

To continue this process, and bring it to its most glorious conclusion, you just needed to set the intent, totally without any conditions, to bring to an end the separation experiment in which humanity has collectively been engaged for so long.  That intent has been set, most powerfully, and with the massive immensity of loving support from all in the non-physical realms, attainment of your return to Reality is at hand.

Remember daily to go within, deep within yourselves, to your holy and individual sanctuaries, which have never even for the briefest of moments been disconnected from your Source, and invite the Love that is God, that is your Source to fill your hearts with the absolute and most intense knowing of your unbreakable connection to Reality.  Feeling that connection, even though it is only a very subtle and gentle feeling, will further empower you to fully engage with your awakening process.  When you do just this, it massively assists the whole collective that is humanity to also engage with your awakening process, and thus bring it most gloriously to fruition.

With so very much love and encouragement, Saul.

Dear Friends of Saul,

on his behalf I offer you all myriad


as we come together to celebrate


with many of our friends and families.

May you all have a most wonderful day.


Today, like every day, is a very good day.  Days are always good, it’s just how you choose to experience them that changes.  Change and uncertainty are major aspects of the dream or illusory state in which you spend most of your ‘time’ during your lives in form.  It’s unavoidable because you do need to attend closely to what being alive as a human means and then behave in a manner that aligns with your interpretation – life is dangerous I must acquire the means to protect myself and my loved ones; life is good as long as I pay attention and remain alert to my environment; life is difficult because it is far too often throwing me a curve ball; and so on – and, of course, you can always alter your interpretation, in fact you often do as new information comes into your awareness.

Part of the game of being human is seeking the latest – idea, news, toy, relationship, drama, etc. – and so you are almost always on edge emotionally as you w a i t in expectancy and anticipation for the next crisis or moment of ‘truth.’  And, as a consequence, you frequently experience disappointment or boredom.  When you are not living expectantly, then you may instead experience shock and horror, as an unexpected and painful event arises for you or for your loved ones.

In order to live in peace, it is necessary let go of expectations and freely offer love and forgiveness – quietly and silently – to every one of those with whom you interact in your daily lives.  Seeking a response or appreciation for what you offer is not love or forgiveness, it is an egoic need, very frequently not satisfied, that you extend in order to be seen and honored for what you believe that you have given freely to others, but which is in fact a request, or even a demand for thanks and acknowledgment which you believe is owed to you bythose others.

Knowing this, as you all do deep within yourselves, you need to become aware of the validity of honoring and respecting others no matter how it appears to you that they are behaving.  Why?  Because you recognize in them that your need for appreciation and acknowledgment is the same as theirs, and is therefore totally valid.  Youare all divinely loved and appreciated in every moment of your eternal existence by Mother/Father/God because you are all the divine and beloved children of Mother/Father/God, and to be so loved and appreciated is your God-given right.  Any other state of being is impossible.

However, living in form as humans, a choice you made in order to experience separation/independence/estrangement from your holy Source, it does seem that you are utterly and completely segregated and isolated from your divine Source, if there is such a source.  Thus you feel alone, abandoned, and absolutely terrified in that seeming emptiness in which the illusion appears to present you to yourselves as tiny individuals of seemingly no significance in a universe that appears to be beyond V A S T!

However, vastness is of God, because He is All.  There is nothing outside of or beyond God.  God is, and so, therefore are you, eternally embraced within Her divine Presence.  The fact that you are conscious, aware, and cognizant of the Reality that you are alive is the proof that you are a divine being eternally at One with God.  You are each VAST divine beings like unto and at One with God.There is absolutely nothing to fear, except your insane belief that you are separated from your Source.  Therefore, let go of that disempowering fear-driven and totally invalid belief that you are lost, alone, and abandoned in an environment so vast and dangerous that it threatens your survival in every moment.  Nothing could be further from the Truth.  The Oneness that you are with Source, with Love, is eternal and is totally indestructible simply because it is the eternal state of Love in which all that is ever created has its eternal existence.  There is NOTHING to fear, EVER.

Go within daily, to your holy inner sanctuaries, then invite Mother/Father/God into your hearts to embrace you, and thus confirm for you your inestimable, in fact infinite value to Source Who created you for Her and your everlasting joy.  Reality is where you live, is your eternal abode within the loving arms of God in every single moment of your existence.  And, there is only one moment, and that moment is the eternal moment of NOW!  You are eternally at Home, you just need to wake up, and you are doing that NOW!

With so very much love, Saul.

Doubts are arising for you who are reading or listening to this, and of course for many, many others.  And I can fully understand why they arise; it appears that you have already been waiting a long time for humanity’s collective awakening, a wonderful event that was seemingly promised for December 2003, and then again for 2012 . . . and still you wait.  It is, quite understandably, very frustrating, and reduces your trust in us here in the non-physical realms whose only intent is to assist you all to awaken NOW!

Hang in there, it really is coming to fruition very soon, even as you continue to experience the unreality and confusion that is time in your illusory but very painful and frustrating dream state.  Keep trusting us as you have been doing and are doing, because you do know deep within yourselves that to do so makes complete sense, and that all will be delivered in far greater wonder and abundance than you can conceive of.

All of you are doing great work, along with us, your support crews in the non-physical realms, to establish the fully aware and awakened state throughout humanity which is your birthright.  It is the Will of Mother/Father/God, and it is being achieved, so continue to have faith and do celebrate, because truly it has already happened, in “no time,” and you will, momentarily, find yourselves in your natural state of great and amazing joy.  It is inevitable, because God wills it!

Here in the non-physical realms we are watching with great joy as more and more humans choose to engage with love and forgiveness instead of anger and conflict to resolve their issues with family, friends, and business associates and government agencies.  More and more are realizing that the intermediaries with whom they are interacting in business or government agencies are people like themselves – worried anxious individuals doing their best to support their loved ones and pay their bills in these times of uncertainty which are very unsettling for all of humanity.  Truly All are One, and All is Well.

The illusory or unreal environment in which you are experiencing life as humans, apparently separated from God, also causes you much uncertainty because not knowing what to expect from day to day is one of its major aspects.  In Reality, in the Presence of God, there is and can be NO uncertainty simply because there is only Love.  Having chosen to experience separation and the uncertainty that is an aspect of it is, therefore, most unsettling.  Even when life is flowing quite smoothly for you that sense of uncertainty remains within you because of previous unexpected and possibly very painful events that have occurred during your lives.  You can never feel truly at peace, and that very negative “what if” thought always seems to be lurking in the background of your minds, awaiting an opportunity to disturb you.

But, in spite of all that, this truly is a marvelous time to be incarnate as a human in form, even though the MSM and social media are constantly filling the airwaves and the internetwith alarming reports of conflicts, disease, shortages, and other forms of pain and suffering all across the world.  Much of this has been occurring for a long time, it’s not new, but the media make it seem new by almost constantly shifting their emphasis from one area of concern to another, to keep you on your toes and paying attention to them.  That is their purpose.  Therefore be heart centered and allow yourselves to feel the flow of divine Love inundating each of you and the planet as the moment for your awakening approaches rapidly.  Yes, it is approaching rapidly, even though signs of this are not easy to see.  Seeing is of the illusion, so go within and engage fully with your knowing that all is coming most beautifully to fruition, and be at peace with yourselves.  Your individual energy fields – LOVE – are mightily strengthened and effective when you yourselves are at peace.  You are awakening yourselves, and humanity.

What I am telling you here is not mis- or dis-information – a term that has been much invoked and most mendaciously used by the media worldwide – it is the divine Truth!  You are in form now to awaken and to most gloriously assist others to awaken along with you.  NOT by proselytisation or enthusiastic persuasion, but by the most gentle and loving behaviors you are each demonstrating as you engage and interact with your close friends and families, and also the people you meet, call on, text-message, email, or just think about during your ‘normal’ daily lives.

Your task here is very simple and absolutely essential – Live and demonstrate Love, your true nature, just by being yourselves.  Doing that is your life’s purpose, and despite any feelings you may have indicating that as an individual you are having practically no effect, keep on BEING, because it is in fact extremely effective.

Release your grasp on your egoic masks which ask: “what will s/he think, say, or do if I . . .?”  Just be the truly loving selves that you are, and let go of any desire to “be right,” “to justify,” or to “to defend” yourselves when you interact with others.  And please cease and desist from judging yourselves!  Remind yourselves frequently that you are where you need to be, with each of you following the paths that are perfect for you.  No one is on a better or a worse path, each of you is on your own totally appropriate path, the one you incarnated to follow, and that is what you are doing, in every moment.

Don’t forget to remember that each one of you is a divine child of God following to the best of your human abilities the pre-incarnational paths you planned for yourselves, because that is exactly what is asked of you.  Remember too that you are precisely where you are meant to be in every moment, fully buoyed up by your non-physical support teams who are always on call ready to comfort and assist you whenever you ask; you are never alone!

You are incarnate NOW to participate in the collective awakening of humanity.  It is happening right now.  So go within regularly during your busy and time-stressed days; feel the Love that is embracing, strengthening, and enthusiastically encouraging you onwards, and know that all is proceeding entirely as divinely planned.

All is well, humanity is awakening.

With so very much love, Saul.

As humans in form you are all loved way beyond your ability to comprehend.  Love created you as eternal beings, as eternal and inseparable aspects of Itself.  In every moment of your existence you are at one with and in the Presence of Mother/Father/God in utter joy and complete harmony.  To be unworthy of God’s Love for you is impossible!  You and God are One, you are joined inseparably in Love.  Your experience of separation from one another and from your Source, as you participate in the unreality of a limited life in form as a human, is completely unreal in spite of the fact that to each of you it feels intensely real.  There is only Oneness, no other state is necessary or possible.  Therefore allow yourselves to relax into the constant and unchangeable Reality of your true nature nature – Love eternally at One with Itself.

At One with Source in every moment of your eternal existence is where you abide.  As humans, as seemingly separate individual beings, that is incomprehensible, it makes absolutely no sense to you, but, nevertheless, it is true, it is the only Truth.  All are in the Presence of God always, there is no other option, there is nowhere else!  And of course that is not a PLACE!  As the beloved children of God you have no need for a place, you just are.  God is, and so are You.  God is infinite and unbounded consciousness, is full and complete awareness of Itself and of all of Creation.

Place is a major aspect of the illusion, of the dream state, and of the game in which you have chosen to take part in order to experience the unreality of separation.  To be able to have that experience you needed a place in which to ‘place’ your human forms so that you could experience separation – unreality – which is why you built it.

Right now, as you are reading or listening to this message, the unreality of the material environment in which you appear to be living is becoming more unreal in every moment for vast multitudes of humanity.  They are asking questions, they are curious about their lives in form: “Is this real?  Surely this can’t be all that life is about?  A few brief years learning the lesson of love, and then a final and complete termination?  It makes no sense!  I don’t believe it.”  And they are right, it makes absolutely no sense and it is unreal!  Humanity is awakening, and this is a perfect reason to exult in life, to feel exalted.

Truly, life is wondrous.  Life is, life is being, life is Love.  However, as humans in form, that very, very frequently does not appear to be the case because so much arises in the world around you – the place in which you have chosen to place yourselves – that disturbs, unsettles, or causes you anxiety, fear, and possibly suffering, and thereby distracts you from being aware of the wonder that is you.  That is why it is so important to give yourselves time to let go of the daily distractions with which being human is almost constantly presenting you – stuff that ostensibly needs to be attended to now, that needs to be done – by going within to your holy inner sanctuaries, and choosing to let go of thinking by refusing to engage with your thoughts for a little while, and thus giving yourselves a break from the unreality of separation.  To take breaks from your daily human routines is essential, and is also good for your health because it helps you to reduce your stress levels.  Stress is normal and useful but very damaging when it is constant, and for many of you it does seem to be constant.

Your whole purpose, the reason that you were created was to live in joy.  God is Love constantly creating joyfully for the delight and wonder of Herself and for the whole of Her creation.  The illusory or dream state in which you find yourselves as humans in form seemingly separates you from the Presence of God, where in every moment you have your immortal existence in the wonder, the beauty, and the glory that is Love.  As humans in form you have chosen to experience what does not exist and never can exist, life separated from Reality.  It is a construction or environment that you dreamed into existence, it provides you with a veil or cloak behind or beneath which you can temporarily hide yourselves from the Oneness that is All, and pretend to yourselves that you are alone, separated, and abandoned by your Creator – Love, Mother/Father/God.

By relaxing into your holy inner sanctuaries at least once each day you unravel part of that phantasmagorical veil or cloak, thread by thread, allowing yourselves to get momentary glimpses of Reality.  Then, quite suddenly, it will be gone, and you will have awakened into the breathtaking and astounding awareness of Who You truly are.

Just taking time out daily to go within will open up for you magnificent vistas that powerfully and most beautifully urge you onwards toward your magnificent awakening.  So do take time out, do spend time being, and each day you will know that you are becoming closer and closer to Home.  A Home from which you have never departed, but from which, while you remain unwakened, does not seem to exist.  You are very well established on your path to awakening now because you have chosen, along with the human collective, that the moment has arisen to know yourselves once more eternally in the Presence of and at One with your Source.  Therefore know that you are utterly free to celebrate each day in joy as it arises, and without any sense of guilt or unworthiness, because it is bringing you ever closer to Home.

With so very much love, Saul.

All of humanity is right now moving very positively toward the collective awakening, so celebration and joy are totally appropriate as you become aware of more and more positive indications that this is happening.  It is an unstoppable process that has been divinely created to direct you toward the Love path that will assist you greatly in strengthening your faith. Faith that God’s Will for all of His most wondrous creation is that they live in peace, harmony, and joy in every moment of their eternal and most glorious existence.  You are all glorious beings, and your existence is a glorious expression of the Love in which Mother/Father/God holds you in Their eternal and divine embrace.

You have never left this state, it is the only state that exists, but by your individual free will choices you are presently experiencing the totally unreal state of separation from your Source, which you constructed eons ago i.e. just a moment ago!  This experience is now coming rapidly to its end because you have collectively chosen to terminate it now, as you knew you would eventually choose to do when you constructed it seemingly such a very long time ago.

The time for the unreal, the pretense expression of separation, of unworthiness, of sinfulness, of judgment, conflict and fear is over.  Awareness is growing very rapidly that there is no judgment and no punishment, Mother/Father/God/Source/infinite Wisdom loves all of Her divine creation intimately and passionately with a LOVE that is totally beyond your human comprehension because It is infinitely vast and infinitely inclusive, and because It is ONE.  Within the One all of creation exists in perfect harmony with Itself, expressing Itself in infinite individual articulations of Its most glorious Self.  What an inconceivably uplifting, inspiring, exhilarating, and jubilant state in which to eternally participate – Oneness with our Source – the constant and unending outpouring of LOVE.  All that Is recognizing and honoring Herself in each and everyone, and in every moment, now and always.

You can experience the joy and the bliss of this right now if you will go deep within yourselves, quieten the egoic thought processes that seem to arise and flow continuously and vociferously through your minds, filling them with “what if scenarios” that are extremely unlikely to occur.  Having quietened into that deep state of peace, that is always with you, that is always available to you, invite God to fill your hearts with the knowing of Him, and the awareness of the Love with which He is embracing you, and allow – this is essential – allow yourselves to feel His Presence.  It will be brief, because your physical forms were not made to hold such intense energy, but it will be astonishingly powerful, and utterly unforgettable, any doubts you may have about the existence of God will be gone, permanently, as you come to truly know yourselves as the magnificent divine beings that you are.  And that can never change.What God creates is eternal and unchanging in its magnificence and glory.  And He created You!

You are incarnate now to remember who you are – by awakening – and to assist the human collective to awaken.  That awakening has occurred already!  Humanity has just chosen to remain temporarily unaware of Reality.  Your task, as a human in form at this most uplifting juncture in humanity’s remembering of itself as One, is to encourage and intensify the sense that is arising in others that there is no way that life can ever be terminated, because it makes no sense.  The realization that human death is but a transition is becoming clear.  And the majority of you are incarnate here right now to just BE!  Just being, being the LOVE that you are, and freely and constantly acknowledging this divine truth by living it is the pre-incarnational task that you set yourselves.

There is no need to tell people what you have realized, even though it may well be an amazing experience for you, all that you have to do is live from your hearts.  This allows love to flow through you far more powerfully and intensely than it did before you came to this wonderful realization of the complete and utter impossibility of you ever, for even a moment, being separated from Source.  By holding the intent to live lovingly in every moment you allow the light within you to shine forth ever more brilliantly, so that it bathes everyone with whom you interact in even the briefest and seemingly most insignificant manner in the Love of divine Oneness that each and every one of you is and have been without interruption ever since the moment of your creation.

You are all here to BE!  Yes, I am repeating myself because it is absolutely essential that you come to the acceptance of your true nature as perfect and beloved children of God.  Any sense of sinfulness, unworthiness, of needing to be holier, more spiritual, more like the saints and mystics you have learned about and honored throughout your lives, before you can even think of approaching God is totally invalid.  As you have been told time and time again, you are the eternally beloved children of God – THE ETERNALLY BELOVED CHILDREN OF GOD!  That has never changed and can never change.  Therefore HONOR YOURSELVES as God does!  Until you start allowing yourselves to do this you cannot truly honor others, those with whom you are indeed ONE!

KNOW that you are loved.  Relax into that knowing, accept the truth of it, and then as you maintain the intent to live lovingly in every moment, your energy field of love, as you live your human lives, expands massively to embrace everyone you know, everyone you think of, everyone you interact with, thus further empowering the collective awakening process.  You chose to be incarnate now to do this, and you are doing it.  However, by paying attention, by being mindful that you are extending and sharing the love that you are you most beautifully intensify the collective awakening process.  And THIS is what is needed right now.  Trust the power of Love that flows through you constantly, and allow It to guide you in every moment of your most mindfully lived day.

With so very much love, Saul.

We are One, you all know that, and yet for most of you that statement makes no sense as you perceive a world with billions of individual people, yourselves included, each seeking recognition and love separately and for themselves only.  But seekers only find distractions.  Those distractions can be quite fascinating, bringing new knowledge and information of value, sometimes of great seeming value – perhaps even a momentary awakening of sorts to be investigated later – to the seeker, but they remain distractions.  Seeking needs to cease so that you can quieten your minds, your intellects, your curiosity, and just BE!  Eventually seeking will lead you to the awareness of your need to just be, but that awareness is available now, so avail of it now, and take a break right now, and BE!

To just be is the reason many of you chose to be incarnate as humans in form at this moment in humanity’s collective awakening process.  That is a most wonderful choice you made, and you can have really no idea, while you are present in human form, what a powerful impetus your just being is having on your collective awakening process.  You, just being, is an absolutely essential aspect of the process, so totally let go of any sense you may have that would suggest to you that you are doing nothing, that you are a ‘waste of space.’  Nothing could be further from the truth!  You are here on Earth now because your presence is required here now, as you knew would be the case when you made your courageous choice to incarnate to assist most greatly in the process, and you are greatly honored here in the non-physical realms for doing so.

Also, on Earth, there are many with whom you have interacted, often without any real awareness of the interaction because it was very brief or seemed to be of no consequence, who have been greatly uplifted by those interactions; and now you are still continuing to interact quietly and unobtrusively and most powerfully with many more.  This is the work you incarnated to participate in.  The work you are engaging in just by being is magnificent.  Please honor yourselves, because doing so further increases the effectiveness of your present earthly presence.

To accept and honor yourselves is extremely important, because until you do honor yourselves fully and completely you will be unable to truly honor others.  There will always be a sense of judgment of them within you, even if you override it and keep it quietly to yourselves – they are better and more important than me, or the opposite.  Truly judgment is endemic within humanity, and a major aspect of your collective awakening is to let go of it and engage only with your own true nature, and to engage with that identical nature in others – LOVE – which each one of you is continuously expressing in your own beautiful, magnificent, and utterly unique manner.  The only manner in which you can express it.  Being is your purpose.  Yes, you have to earn a living, and doing that is fine, but it can become all consuming for any number of reasons, leading you to forget that basic fact.  And of course what you do to earn your living can be enormously helpful to others.  Nevertheless, it is essential that when you do remember that you have a spiritual purpose that you honor it, and allow yourselves time daily to be quiet and feel your divine connection, and then give thanks for the deep inner knowing that arises as a result.

No one can fail as a human.

I will repeat that:  NO ONE CAN FAIL AS A HUMAN.

Why?  Because you are not humans, you are the most dearly beloved children of God having a very temporary and unreal experience severely limited by the form in which you have enclosed yourselves.  When that experience comes to an end you lay down your bodies, in what you call ‘death,’ thought of by many as a total termination of life, and, amazingly, find yourselves once more in the infinitely loving embrace of Mother/Father/God, a joy-filled and eternal embrace.

There is only the One, the Unity that is God, and yet there is also the individual expression of that divine state, your individual expression of it.  You have free will, a truly God-given gift, so it is possible that you might choose yet again to experience the limitations of form, if you felt the need to learn a new lesson about that state, or to assist others who you could see were calling for help, knowing that to do so will once again temporarily erase your memories of your divine and eternal nature.  While in form that knowledge of your Oneness is once again temporarily lost, and that can be a terrifying experience as you come to believe, as many do, that being human, as you most obviously are, is without doubt a terminal event.  Consequently, and very often,you seek a sense of safety and permanence in a variety of relationships with others – family, friends, occupation, hobbies, sporting activities – to distract yourselves from your awareness of death.

As you are reading this message which I am offering solely to remind you yet again that you are all eternal divine beings, never for a moment separated from Mother/Father/God, from your state of Oneness, I would ask you to remind yourselves regularly throughout the day, especially if you find yourselves in situations that stress you and demand your full and instant attention, and thus become consciously aware, allowing yourselves to momentarily step back in that moment and yet again remind yourselves of your true nature.  Then pay attention while holding and delivering on your intent to be only loving as you deal with the situation.

It is imperative that you permit yourselves to accept the truth that you are, each and everyone of you, perfect divine beings.  As humans, much of the time that does not appear to be the case, especially when you cannot avoid being fully aware of the pain and suffering that so many are undergoing and having to deal with.

Only a person who sees him or herself as bereft of love, unloved, shamed, attacked and wounded, mentally, emotionally, or physically, will attempt to attack or injure someone else.  In truth an attack is, as it says in that wonderful book “A Course in Miracles,” a call for love.  So if you feel under attack do not defend yourself by attacking – unless it truly is physically necessary to protect yourself from imminent harm – but step back momentarily into your own inner calmness and reset your intent to be only loving.  You do not have to say or do anything loving, just being calm will dissolve much of the unloving energy directed at you, and then you can talk gently and find out what is so upsetting for the other.  Frequently that other is coming from a place of intense fear, and your calmness and lack of an unloving reaction may well allow the other’s fear to reduce significantly, permitting a conversation to occur that may well resolve the issue.   Again, just be, and listen.  To listen to another is a very loving response, and everyone needs to be heard.  In the busy and fast paced world of today it is even more important, and yet often very difficult to find the time and energy to do so.

Therefore make it an aspect of your daily practice to just be, and to listen to loved ones, family members, work associates, whoever needs someone to honor them by seeing and hearing them, just as you do yourselves from time to time.  This is why you need loving communities to support one another, and when you gather together in that fashion to do this and support one another, you are massively supported by your counselors in the non-physical realms.  It is good to open a communal gathering by most positively inviting your spiritual support teams or specific non-physical entities with whom you feel a personal connection to join with you.  Doing so intensifies the Presence of Peace as you create a safe space in which people can disclose their personal fears or anxieties knowing that those present are completely and lovingly accepting of them.

Be!  Be Love!  And lovingly support all with whom you interact each day.

With so very much love, Saul.

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 the Wounds of War…


As humanity continues on its rapid path to awakening, here in the non-physical realms we continue to watch with joy and delight at the remarkably rapid progress that you are all making on this demanding and often painful journey.  Indeed we expected you to achieve this remarkable progress because you all most generously chose to make this much needed pilgrimage, and because it is the divine plan you cannot fail to complete it, perfectly.  Nevertheless, it really is most uplifting and inspiring for us to watch and observe you dealing so positively with all the untoward and unexpected issues that arise for you, even though it may often seem to you that you are not making progress, that you are not competent for the task that you have undertaken, and leading you to experience feelings of helplessness and unworthiness.  And all of this is indeed an underlying and very unsettling aspect of your human journeys.

Yes, you each most carefully and with divine guidance chose your current life paths prior to incarnating, knowing that they would be demanding and that your memories of your choices to follow these paths would be hidden from you while while you were “in the game,” and of course while also knowing that you could not fail.  Divine plans cannot fail!  However, as you actually experience your unreal nightmares and dreams, and the pain and suffering that you each undergo in your own particular and seemingly individual ways, it is often extremely difficult for you, even when we remind you that you are each on your chosen paths and proceeding most beautifully, to accept that you are where you are meant to be, doing precisely what you are meant to be doing, and thus most magnificently assisting in the human awakening process.  So, we offer you our heartiest congratulations, and once again confirm for you that “all manner of things are well!”

Life is eternal – and you know that – however, many still find themselves sometimes wondering, especially if they are under a lot of stress with work, relationships, or illness, if there really is life after death.  Intellectually you believe and accept that this is most certainly the case, but doubts arise, especially when you lose a close friend or loved one to death; and even if you have read uplifting stories from some of those who have had near death experiences.

Therefore I just want to absolutely assure you that You Are All Eternal Beings, infinitely beloved children of God, to whom no harm can ever come.  What you are experiencing in form as humans, although often painful and causing you much suffering, is unreal!  When you awaken, as you are all most certainly going to do, all your doubts will have dissolved, and you will be filled with a most glorious and permanent sense of peace and joy.  Remind yourselves of this divine truth when you make your daily journey within, to your most holy inner sanctuaries, and open your hearts to allow the Light and Love that surrounds you in every moment to embrace you as you invite It to comfort you and relieve your fears and doubts – those almost endless egoic distractions – which so frequently assail you and divert your attention from just being.

As I reminded you above, and as I have so often reminded you in previous messages, you ARE the eternally beloved children of God and NO harm or damage can ever come to change your relationship with Mother/Father/God.  You are experiencing an unreality as humans in form, and it does seem completely real because, for an insignificant and practically infinitesimal instant, you thought of separating yourself from Love, from your Source, and instantly constructed an unreal state for the very purpose of separation.  To do so is impossible because there is nowhere to which you could separate.  Therefore, during these apparent eons of time in which the universe has been expanding, leading to humanity’s appearance on planet Earth not so long ago, time has been and remains a completely unreal aspect of the non-existent environment that you constructed, and in which you chose to immerse yourselves and experience separation.  Even modern physics is now becoming aware of the unreality of time, and this is very confusing indeed for the research scientists involved.

So, return daily to Reality, the deep inner knowing that you can access when you remove your attention from the almost constant stream of thoughts with which your egoic minds are presenting you, and allow yourselves to delve deep within yourselves to the field of divine Consciousness, the Oneness, from which you have never departed, and choose to look through or beyond the veil, cloak, or mist which during your daily lives in form hides Reality from you. It is always here/there! It is All, and you are inseparably and eternally present as It and within It.

Joy, Bliss, and Love is your true and unchangeable nature, and your momentary excursion into unreality is, as you become briefly but most certainly aware when you choose to go deep within to spend quiet moments with Yourself, coming to closure, starting to fade from view, as you accept the knowing that You are One, One with Source and forever in Its ceaseless and most magnificent Presence.

With so very much love, Saul.

Here in the non-physical realms we continue to watch with joy and admiration as humanity continues to move most positively forwards on its rapidly accelerating path to awakening.  Yes, your progress is accelerating, even though to many of you it appears to be moving at a snail’s pace!  There is so much unraveling now in the world of form as ever more whistle-blowers come forward to report on deceit and dishonesty in the work place – multi-national corporations, governments and their agencies, the media, etc.  As a result people are finding themselves unable to continue to ignore so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ as it becomes ever more obvious that they are not just wild and crazy theories, but reports of extreme misbehavior that need to be investigated so that the perpetrators can be called to answer for their actions, and so that honesty and transparency can be established where corruption has been rife.

What all need to understand is that the perpetrators were doing their best as they understood it, and that all of them have suffered intense, even debilitating trauma in their early lives which conditioned them never to trust anyone.   From infancy onwards that created an unbelievably terrifying sense of fear within them, leading them to erect around themselves insurmountable and unbridgeable psychological defense mechanisms, effectively putting themselves in solitary confinement, unable to communicate with anyone, including themselves, in an honest and open manner.

Consequently they are in intense pain which, in order to operate in the world, they have had to deny and keep deeply hidden within them.  Yes, what they have done is wrong, but while they may well need to be restrained, and perhaps placed in a safe environment where they can spend as much time as they need to come to an awareness of the unacceptability of those behaviors, this will help them to uncover their true nature – Love.  When they do this and let go of their personal, deeply, long held, and utterly invalid sense of guilt, unworthiness, and inadequacy, they will then delight in that most wondrous release, the knowing that all is well.  What these people need now is your compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, and love, not judgment or punishment.  Every human has committed or engaged at some time in thoughts, words or actions that were unloving, and for which they may even still feel guilt, and everyone wants to be able to free themselves from or release any guilt or shame that they still feel and cling to.  Therefore everyone can understand the need to treat these seemingly lost ones – no one is ever truly lost – compassionately, sending them love, not judgment, and in that way reminding them, because obviously they have forgotten, that each one of them is most definitely a beloved child of God.

Humanity’s destiny is to awaken.  What that means is every single sentient being coming to know themselves as One, and therefore as eternally present with and inseparable from Source – from the Love that they have maybe spent decades seeking outside of themselves.  Your awakening is inevitable and unavoidable because to be present and awake is the only possible form of existence.  This is the divine Truth, the only Truth.  No one is, or ever can be, excluded, left out, or discarded, because there is nowhere else that they can be – there is no trash bin or landfill.  And therefore everyone is awakening.

Do not be misled or discouraged by the almost constant flow of distractions that you encounter in your daily lives.  Yes, they keep on arriving unbidden, but unless they are totally personal issues with which you need to deal, do not engage with them.  Instead of allowing your attention to be drawn in, send love to all who are suffering – and obviously many are experiencing intense suffering – knowing that doing so is extremely effective and is the most effective thing that you can doThen return to just being, as you go about your daily human lives, focused on the Love that you are while maintaining the constantly renewing intent to share and extend that love limitlessly.  This allows your creative abilities to flow freely through you, offering someone a smile as you have a brief interaction with them in a store, or even just passing someone on the street, thus awakening, or starting to awaken, and thus strengthening the self-awareness within that person of their intrinsic and infinite validity as a dearly beloved child of Mother/Father/God.

All are One!  I cannot repeat this too frequently, because you are continually being bombarded with sensations of separation indicating that you are alone, even abandoned, in a very hostile world, sensations that seem to confirm for you your individual insignificance as one among billions.  This is not the case, because you are never alone.  However, you can fool yourselves into believing that you are because your individual human forms are most definitely physically separated from each other, have no means of merging as one, and sometimes even engage dangerously with others.  But, as you well know, you are not your bodies, your bodies are just temporary containers within which you have chosen to enclose yourselves to experience a very unreal and limited state of being.  Unfortunately, that sensation is extremely real and convincing for the vast majority of humans, and all their interactions with one another seem to confirm it.

Your individual purpose as a human is to remember your Oneness with Source, Love, Mother/Father/God.  However, while experiencing the intense sense of separation that being a human in form provides, it is very difficult for you to come to an awareness, a remembering, of that unalterable divine Truth.  Most of you, quite naturally while present in this state of apparent separation, see yourselves as small and insignificant, as beings of whom God surely could not be aware.  And often the prayers you have been taught from childhood insist that you are not only unworthy of His Love, but that by sinning you can seriously offend Him.  That is NONSENSE.  God is infinite Love, Love is utterly without conditions of any kind and cannot be offended – if there were conditions it would not be Love – therefore you are in every moment infinitely loved.  There is not even the shortest instant when you are separated from Love, because It alone is what you are, eternally.  It is the life force coursing through you eternally, and through your physical bodies, maintaining them for you until either illness or old age and decay cause them to fail and die.

To awaken is to remember this and rejoice, and this is what humanity is doing.  Disregard the nay-sayers and doom mongers, who, like so many, have temporarily and totally lost their memories, do not know who they are, and are attempting to convince others of the truth of this so as not to be alone in their fear and misery.  Your awakening is inevitable, and it can happen now.  In fact it will happen now, because there is only now, all else is unreal, illusory.  Infinite joy awaits your choice to avail of it, NOW!

With so very much love, Saul.