There is only God, with Whom each and everyone of you is eternally at One.  To understand that, as you live your lives in human bodies experiencing their limitations, is impossible, and you tend to find yourselves undergoing enormous mood swings that severely undermine the true joy of life, even if in the present moment all your needs are being met.  It is very confusing and unsettling for you, and as you are almost constantly being fed the drama of worldly events of a very unhappy and fearful nature, it is very difficult for you be relaxed and at peace for more than a few minutes at a time, as your egos keep presenting you with personally worrying ‘what if’ thoughts.

Life is Love and Love is boundless, but you have chosen the human experience of limitation for the lessons you wish to learn – to come to the realization that separation from your Source is utterly impossible, that it never happened.  And maybe you are wondering how the experience of limitation could teach you that separation is impossible, when it constantly appears to demonstrate to you that in the end you are all separate and alone.  You are born out of a relationship into the separateness of a human body, where you remain until it can no longer support life and you die.  But you are Love, you are not your body, and as your conscious awareness grows the realization arises that your conscious awareness of being alive is experienced through your body but is not that body.  So, at death, where does that awareness go?  Many think it also is terminated.  But if you truly listen to your awareness, your heart/mind center of beingness, you will get the intuitive insight, the knowingness that that cannot be true.  And that realization is uplifting, but also confusing.

However, since the moment of your creation, you have always been alive, and you always will be because you were created to enjoy the wonder that is God, that is One, that is You, eternally.  There is no termination point for any who God has created because God is eternally living more and more Love into being in a constant and endless creative expansion of Herself for the infinite Joy of Herself and of all She creates.  There is nothing to be confused about because there is only Love – nothing else – which embraces all always.

Therefore there is no reason to be confused.  Confusion arises because you allow yourselves, in fact encourage yourselves, through your egos, to doubt the Reality that you are One with your Source in every moment, and without even a micro-moment of separation from Her.  She is ALL, and you are each an essential part of All because that is Her Will and also yours.

Yet, in complete and utter freedom, you chose to experience the unreality of separation from Source to experience what you thought would grant you total independence – to experience freedom beyond the infinite freedom you already had, and into which you were created!  And, because when She created you she endowed you in that moment with ALL that She is and has, there is therefore, no possibility of anything – freedom, power, creative ability, conscious awareness, Oneness – beyond what you already have, and have had since the magnificent moment of your creation.

Therefore, in order to experience a sense of separation, you had to construct an unreal environment where you could pretend to be separate.  And because of your enormous creative abilities you were able to do so.  Whatever you may have thought before you constructed and entered into that unreal environment, once you did enter you lost all memory or knowing of your true nature, of who you were.  That lack of memory of Reality is an essential aspect of the unreal environment of separation that you constructed for yourselves.  It is part of the game of unreality, which is now far too intense and fear inducing to be a game in which you wish to continue playing.

There is only God/Reality, and All that She created is eternally enveloped in the Holiness that is Mother/Father/God.  Your seemingly very real state of separation is like unto a dream or an image that dissolves when you awaken from it, leaving no memory or trace.  However, while you are experiencing yourselves as within it, it is terrifying because while there you lack the knowing of your inseparability from your Source.  You experience yourselves as disconnected, alone, helpless in the vastness of the illusion that you built, and in which you find yourselves as tiny or insignificant beings in a vastness of material form that seems to be infinite.  No matter how far modern technology allows you to peer into the distant space of the multiverse it seems to have no limits.  In its apparent enormity you appear as nothing of any consequence, totally meaningless within it.  And because that is a most horrifying nightmare you have done everything in your power to deny it, to bury it deep within the unconscious and inaccessible aspect of your human forms, way below the brain level at which your intellect operates.

Your collective awakening is the result of the collective choice humanity made to cease denying Reality.  Despite your momentary choice to deny Reality, the horror of that choice has finally led you to a decision point – either to go deeper into denial and thus make the sense of separation even more horrific and intense, or to trust that God is, and to awaken – and you have collectively chosen to awaken.  It is the only alternate choice available to you while you maintain a belief in the illusory world of form.  You have been delaying it and delaying it, partially because of your intense ego-driven sense of guilt and the consequent belief in an unreal god of judgment, shame, and punishment, and partially because you have done an excellent job of convincing yourselves that you will escape the horror of separation by your human death.  Neither of these beliefs have any validity, they are, in truth, totally insane.  That realization of the insanity is what has finally led you to this moment, this moment of choosing to awaken into your natural state – Reality.

Therefore, when you go within daily, to your own individual holy sanctuaries for some essential quiet time alone, you need to reconfirm your absolute Trust in Mother/Father/God, and allow yourselves to accept that you are and always have been fully alive and consciously aware of this divine Truth – that you are, in every moment of your eternal existence – at One with Her, enveloped in and embraced by Her infinitely loving Presence.  She is the One Presence that accepts you completely and unconditionally in every moment because you are Her divine and eternally beloved child.  Guilt, shame, judgment, and punishment are of the illusion, totally unreal, figments of your separated imaginations, nebulous, insubstantial, and absurd.

You are all Love being Loved by Love – Source, Mother/Father/God, the One that is All – in an intensity of Peace and Joy of which your human minds are totally unable to conceive in any meaningful manner.

So relax, you are eternally safe and infinitely loved – in spite of any impressions to the contrary that your human condition, your egos would attempt to convince you to engage with – and allow, yourselves to know the Truth of who you are.

With so very much love, Saul.

As you wait expectantly, and somewhat impatiently, for humanity’s collective awakening to emerge, to become the present that you are experiencing now, continue to set and reset your intent to be only loving whatever arises.  As your MSM keep making clear, there is much chaos and confusion occurring worldwide, and it seems that no one is even remotely capable of coming up with practical solutions to any of the issues that are causing so much anxiety, suffering, and pain.  This is why I keep reminding you to set and reset your loving intent daily.

Your individual and collective intent to be only loving is the way forward to your grand awakening.  Do not lose faith or trust in God’s promise to you, because I assure you that you ARE very firmly established in the awakening process.  It is totally irreversible, totally unstoppable, and the amazing power and effectiveness of each of your individual daily resetting of the intent to be only loving is way beyond your human capabilities to envision

Remember, you were created like unto God, utterly and completely free to just BE, while retaining full access to the Power that is Mother/Father/God, Source – LOVE – which is, of course, each one of you!  You are each absolutely boundless beings.  When you awaken into the Reality of who you are, and know and understand with full conscious awareness that you are each, in every moment of your existence, incorporated within the GLORY that is GOD, as essential, eternal, and irreplaceable aspects of that One infinite divine Being, then your Joy will know no bounds!

You are all fully aware, even though you may not wish to admit this to yourselves, that your essential task – not your only task, but your essential task – as a human in form is to just BE.  To be is Powerful!  You are powerful, and your empowered presence in human form at this moment in time – right Now – is not a chance occurrence.  Your presence in human form right now is God’s Will, which you have all most lovingly and graciously accepted.  You do know how powerful your presence on Earth is, and you chose to be here to exercise that power to mightily assist in humanity’s awakening.  You have no idea of the honor and respect in which we in the spiritual realms are holding you, as we lovingly embrace and support you on this magnificent journey, your path to remembering and acknowledging who you truly are.

Oneness means precisely that – that ALL is One.  Love is the Source, the infinite field (for want of a better word or term) of Energy that IS Mother/Father/God, the conscious, aware, potency, vigor and vivacity that infinitely empowers ALL that She creates.  It is utterly beyond comprehension and contains within Its infinite V A S T N E S S All that has, is, or will be created in the continually expanding infinitude of Love that Love IS.

The Reality that you are is beyond measure, incalculable, immense.  You, while in form as humans, have absolutely no concept or language to even remotely attempt to explain or elucidate what in Truth you are.  The amnesia that you willingly agreed to experience in order to incarnate for this particular incarnation in which you now find yourselves is also totally beyond your ability to understand – dementia or any related illnesses with similar memory issues are as nothing in comparison – the human intellect cannot conceive of what the amnesia of your unreal or dream state means, because, of course, it is beyond comprehension and is utterly unreal!  When you awaken all will be revealed in stunning clarity, and the celebrations to honor your return to full and infinite awareness of Being Alive, to Reality, to Oneness with Source, await your loving Presence so that they can be set in motion.

Bring on the moment to start the Celebrations by daily setting and resetting your loving intentions as you go within to your holy inner sanctuaries and invite Love to fill your hearts.  You are Love incarnate, and when you invite Love into your hearts you expand them enormously, thus extending your divine energy fields transcendentally to interact with and cooperate in complete harmony with the individuated fields of countless others setting the same daily intent.  This is why you are all incarnate NOW.

To awaken into Reality, leaving behind the dream or nightmare of life in human form, is your purpose, and you facilitate that purpose just by being.  Yes, I am repeating myself, because it is impossible to overemphasize the importance of each of your individual presences incarnate as humans at this point in the collective awakening process.  You signed up for this, you incarnated to fully participate, and you are doing just that.  DO NOT ALLOW any self doubt, sense of unworthiness, incapability, or ineffectiveness lead you to believe that while others may well be doing great work to assist in the awakening, you yourself are not really helping with this great work.  Nothing could be further from the Truth!

You, each and everyone of you, were created by Mother/Father/God as infinitely prefect divine beings like unto Herself.  That is the only way that She creates.  Therefore cease allowing your fearful egoic natures – those unreal aspects of yourselves that appear to be your real identity, and which delight in filling you with guilt, anxiety and fear – to guide or persuade you in thought, word, or action.  Become quiet, allow yourselves the time to listen.  Your intuition will communicate with you offering you the guidance you need in every moment.  If you sense or hear nothing from it, then in that moment there is nothing to which you need respond, just be.  As you become more practiced at listening to the wisdom of your own inner guidance – your higher Self or the Holy Spirit, if you prefer those or similar terms – you will come to recognize and accept its holy wisdom.  That holy wisdom is always with you, you just have to call and it will respond, and if it is just quiet, then its guidance for you in the moment is to be quiet as well.

YOU ARE NEVER ALONE!  Divine guidance is always available, trust your Holy Mother never to leave you in need.  And remember you do have a totally free will, and that you always make the choice whether or not to listen and be guided.  Therefore, make a point of choosing wisely and lovingly, and enjoy the sense of peace and contentment that arises.

With so very much love, Saul.

Words cannot possibly describe the excitement and enthusiasm here in the non physical realms as we watch in absolute amazement as you, the human collective, move rapidly and most deliberately through the last or final stages of your awakening process.  What each one of you has achieved on an individual basis in bringing this process to its moment of most glorious transformation is astounding.  Yes, all are indeed one, so it is a collective awakening that is most gloriously unfolding, but each one presently incarnate – there are NO exceptions! – each one is most powerfully and enthusiastically adding their own unique creative abilities to the collective process, just as they intended to do when they made the choice to be incarnate at this point in the process.  You are all succeeding beyond your wildest dreams.  As I have told you before, the presence of every single one of you is absolutely essential for the process to come to completion, and you are all perfectly fulfilling your individual pre-incarnate resolutions

God’s plan for humanity’s awakening from the dream of separation into full conscious and eternal awareness of their true nature as One with Her, permanently and most joyfully present in Her Presence, is divinely assured.  In fact it has already been achieved, you just are not yet aware of the wonder of your situation.  Nevertheless, many of you are now regularly feeling an increased intensity in your individual energy fields – the life force, Love – as you allow yourselves to acknowledge that you do have a divine purpose as you live on Earth as humans.  That feeling is one of upliftment, inspiration, contentment, and peace as you more fully accept yourselves, and let go of or release any sense of unworthiness to which you may have been clinging because of an invalid but deeply ingrained sense that you are guilty sinners who must be ‘cleansed’ before you can be permitted to enter into Heaven, into the eternal Presence of Mother/Father/God.

No cleansing is ever required or appropriate!  You are divine beings created by God from the infinite field of Love that She is, and thus you are eternally enveloped in and embraced by Her Presence in an unbreakable relationship of loving Union.  You are each extensions of our divine Mother as she individuates and differentiates Herself through each one of you, thus experiencing the beauty of the infinite expression of Herself in each of you eternally.  Truly, in that divine state, there is only Joy, the complete expression of Love in all Its glory in every moment of Its, and therefore of course your eternal existence.

Truly you have no idea what Love means, of the Reality of your true state of Being, which is Love.  For you it is a word or a label you use to define what is infinitely indefinable, along with the words: God, Source, Supreme Intelligence, infinite Wisdom, and many others.  Love is!  It is beyond human comprehension and yet you can and do experience It.  To awaken is to know It and experience Its infinite wonder constantly.

By entering into form as humans you chose to experience separation from Love.  Even though that experience is unreal, and because, being One with Source, you are as powerful as Love, you were therefore able to construct an unreal environment that your physical senses inform you is totally real.  Thus, in form, you are – by your own free will choice – in a state of total amnesia, completely unable to either recall or imagine Reality – Love – your real and unchanging state of eternal existence.

At the precise instant that you chose to construct and enter into a state of seeming separation, Mother/Father/God provided you with the means to dissolve it and depart from it, thus allowing and enthusiastically encouraging you to return to full conscious awareness of your divine nature in permanent and uninterruptible Union with Her.  That means is the awakening process in which you are all so magnificently taking part right now.  It has been ongoing for eons as you understand time, an aspect of the illusory and unreal state that you experience as life in form, and yet it has been but a moment since you chose to undergo the separation ordeal.

Over the eons some have indeed awakened and then returned knowingly and most lovingly to assist you in your own divinely assured awakening.  During the last few hundred years, and particularly over the last seven or eight decades, the numbers returning to assist you has increased enormously, and that is why there are signs and indications in so many places.  These loving ones have been presenting you with information about Reality through books, talks, and retreats, as well as meeting with many of you face to face as they naturally and most beautifully demonstrate Love being lived.  When any of you have met one of these kind and generous ones it has always led to an opening to the awareness that you are most fervently loved, that your life has a magnificent divine purpose, and to a desire and an intent to seek it out and engage with it.

Now, with so many seeking and uncovering their individual divine and spiritual purposes in life, the flood gates of Love have been fully opened to envelop all, and as a result Love is completely and utterly enveloping and embracing every human, so that no one can any longer remain wholly unaware of their true nature as spiritual beings having a temporary experience as separate beings in form.  All now have a deep and unbreakable desire and intent to return Home.

Therefore, as you meet and interact with others, wherever and whenever, allow the Love that you are to flow freely and without restraint.  As you do so you will feel and experience the intense energy of Its return from the other back to you.  Remember, giving and receiving are the same, are one, are an ongoing and endless relationship in which you are all engaged, even if presently without your full awareness.  The Love flow, the Life force, the Energy field in which you are each enfolded is the eternal loving embrace of Mother/Father/God directed to each of you individually and as One.  You have never, even for the briefest of instants, been separated from your divine and holy Source, you have just chosen to be unaware so that you could experience unreality – separation, disconnection, abandonment.

That choice has been reversed, you have collectively changed your minds, because it has served its purpose, and you are all fully engaging now with the awakening process.  It is irreversible because you know that a return to Reality, to Mother/Father/God, is your divine destiny, and with all your hearts you have set the intent to awaken, and so you are now doing exactly that.

With so very much love, Saul.

As the human collective continues to rush hotfoot forward toward the Now moment of its most glorious awakening, keep setting and resetting your intent to be only loving whatever arises.  Doing just this is enormously powerful.  It is your own individual, and also the collective’s intent for humanity to awaken, and that intent is unstoppable and irreversible because it is completely in alignment with God’s Will for you all.  Your awakening is divinely assured.

As you wait, pray, and meditate enthusiastically and expectantly every day, you know, in spite of any doubts with which your egos may be assailing you, that you are deep into the awakening process, and that this is a time to be in good spirits.  Yes, you have mood swings, but when you become aware of fearful or unsettling emotions arising before you engage with them, you can welcome them, thank them for their service, and release them so that you remain in your natural state of peace.  Love is your nature, and it always peacefully accepts whatever arises without conditions or judgments, and then most beautifully deals with this now moment in whatever manner it transpires for the good of all involved.

You do need to remind yourselves frequently of your true nature so that you remain engaged with it in every moment.  However, there will be times, perhaps very often, when emotions of an unloving nature arise and your egos rush to your defense, noisily encouraging you to engage with them and make judgments, and seemingly dissolving or destroying your peace of mind.  Make a point of having your awareness, your mindfulness turned on, so that your egos do not manage to rush you into interactions with others that are less than loving, and then leave you in a state of shock when you realize that instead of being loving, you withheld your love which is always, by its very nature, healing and peacemaking.

If this does happen, then as soon as you become aware, forgive yourselves!  Do not engage with feelings of guilt and the resultant negative self-judgments, because truly, in that moment you responded to the best of your ability, as you always do.  Everyone makes errors and engages unlovingly on occasion, it’s part of being a human in form experiencing the seeming reality of unreality – separation and fear.

The physical state of living in form as a human, illusory or dream-like as it is, is unreal and therefore anything unloving in which you may engage is also unreal and cannot occur.  Yes, it appears to be extremely real, especially if your body becomes physically harmed or damaged, because you constructed this state or condition to appear as real as possible, and you did it very successfully.  To awaken is coming to a complete understanding of its unreality, and to rejoice in the fully conscious awareness that you have never, even for a micro-moment, been separated from the Presence of Mother/Father/God.  It is like coming home from a long and arduous journey, and in your experience in this now moment that is what it really does appear to be, a coming Home.  And you are, naturally, longing for the journey to be complete.

The end, or perhaps the beginning, as you have no previous memory of Reality, is very close, and there are major signs of this in many places across the world.  It has become quite apparent to the vast majority of humans that major changes in the way you live and interact with one another, from one on one to nation to nation, must occur and are occurring worldwide right now.  This alone is reason to celebrate.

As time unwinds and you live more and more in the now moment, the only time that you can ever experience, feel the peace that is your nature, despite any turmoil that may be manifesting in your vicinity.  You are Peace, you are Love, nothing else is real, and when you are feeling at peace within yourselves, within the consciousness that you experience mainly as your bodies, you cannot possibly remain unaware of this divine Truth.

Being aware of your consciousness as an eternal beingness of Love and Peace is what you can access when you go within, to your own holy and individual inner sanctuaries, as you spend quiet time alone each day.  If you can start your day by going within, even if only for a few minutes, to that holy inner space that is within each of you in every moment, it most beautifully prepares you to engage with your day, and to deal mindfully and lovingly with all with whom you find yourselves interacting.  Your inner sense of peace enormously strengthens your energy fields, and others will feel that calm peace emanating from you and be inspired and uplifted in your presence, even though they may not have any conscious awareness of it.  Thus your interactions with others will flow far more smoothly than they do when you are for any reason not relaxed and at peace with yourselves.

It all comes back to just being!  That is your major purpose on Earth in form at this moment.  You, just being, create and provide spaces, areas far larger than you can possibly imagine, in which others feel safe.  For most people in form, safety is not a state in which they have many opportunities to participate, to experience, because of their felt need to be alert and on the defensive as they deal with the uncertainties of life, and the anxieties with which it seems to constantly present them.  Your individual ‘peacefields’ are all interconnected throughout the world, and as more and more of you allow yourselves to be internally at peace you enable and encourage others to do likewise, even though this occurs almost totally below your level of conscious awareness, unless you have been consciously choosing for some considerable time to be as mindful as you possibly can in order to assist in the awakening process.  You all incarnated to do this, but the cloud of amnesia that enveloped you at the moment of your physical births was very thick or heavy, and has been extremely difficult for most you to shift or move out of except for brief moments.

That is now changing very rapidly because the Tsunami of Love flooding Planet Earth is continuing to intensify – it has to do this very gently because your physical forms take time to adjust to the infinite power Its energy is offering you – and as you become more accepting of the Reality that your true and only nature is Love, you can more easily adjust yourselves to accept and resonate with It.  This is why you are presently incarnate, and you are succeeding magnificently in undertaking the tasks that you each individually volunteered for prior to your present physical lifetimes.  You are, each and everyone of you presently incarnate, utterly brilliant beings of Light, lightly cloaked so that you do not dazzle those with whom you are so lovingly interacting.  Therefore, continue to be loving and offer love whatever arises, so that you may truly enjoy these remaining moments of worldwide chaos and confusion, KNOWING that all is divinely taken care of.

With so very much love, Saul.

I have just listened to an absolutely brilliant conversation on the above subject between  Donald Hoffman & Rupert Spira, beautifully moderated by Simon Mundie, that I cannot recommend highly enough. It took place about a week ago (Late March 2023). It runs 2 and a half hours but is worth every minute. For those of you who might be interested, here is the link, and enjoy it as I did 🌹🙏

Here in the non-physical realms we are all looking forward most enthusiastically to humanity’s imminent collective awakening, and to then joining with you all in the celebrations that are planned and that will ensue.  Truly, a most magnificent event is about to unfold, and the joy that you are about to experience will indubitably amaze you, as the unreal times of fear, pain, and suffering dissolve into the void from which it seems that they arose into actuality.  You are to awaken into the Joy that has always been, is, and always will be God’s Will for All of Her divine Creation.  You are always present in this state of limitless joy, it just seems, while you are in form as humans, that this is not and cannot be the case, and that is because of what the illusion, the dream state, or game of separation is all about.  You built it for this very purpose, and it has served its purpose extremely well, but the ‘time’ has arrived for its termination – dreams and games do not and cannot last, there is always a termination point – and that point is NOW!

‘In time,’ where you are presently experiencing life as humans in form, we have, for quite a ‘long time’ been telling you that the moment for termination of the illusion or game is ‘very close,’ and that it will happen ‘very soon.’  And this has always been true, it has not been some fanciful illusory idea that we have been offering you.  However, because you are experiencing life ‘in time,’ and because, naturally enough, you believe in and submit yourselves to the ‘flow of time,’ this moment of ‘closeness,’ ‘of soonness’ seems to have lasted a ‘very long time.’   But, as you have so often been told – and as modern physics has finally realized – ‘time’ is unreal, there is only NOW.  And so now is when you are going to awaken, and even as you are experiencing the apparent ‘reality’ of the unreality of time, that moment of now is extremely close.  I would remind you yet again that all is divinely taken care of, that God’s divine plan for you is absolutely and precisely ‘on time,’ because there is no other possibility!

You are awakening, and many are actually experiencing delightful moments of being awake, during which they feel happy and joyful, and are realizing that there is no need to doubt what has been divinely promised because they can feel it, and therefore know that it is happening.  The illusion is being recognized for what it is – ILLUSORY!  Yes, there are many who are still fully engaged with it, and suffering enormously as a result, but that is, of course ‘NORMAL!’  The normality that you have been experiencing for eons is about as far removed from Reality as it is possible to be, as your collective egoic mind continues to encourage fear, and the resultant expectation of future catastrophes and disasters.  The seeming reality of the unreal has been most cleverly maintained, while the scenes and the actors change, and the seemingly unending story continues to unfold.

This time of waiting is being experienced extremely intensely by many because of the unfolding dramas to which the media are drawing the focus of their attention, because so many are fully aware of the need for major changes in the ways you live and interact with one another, and because many are also feeling that these essential changes are occurring, but not quickly enough.  In fact many are indeed wondering if the necessary changes will actually be brought to fruition, or if instead some catastrophic disasters could throw you back into the maelstrom of violence and corruption in which humanity has been collectively engulfed for eons.  This anxiety is completely understandable because it is deeply ingrained within you all, due to the eons in which the collective way of living has been step by step from catastrophe to catastrophe, and as conflict was chosen as the only way forward, instead of engaging in dialogue and deliberation for the benefit of all involved.  However, the collective has finally, irrevocably, and most definitely chosen and taken the decision to awaken.  Therefore, because of the love and the wisdom with which that choice/decision was made, fully supported by Mother/Father/God, there is no way you can fall back into limitation, conflict, and confusion.

All are becoming aware that there is only Love, that their true and only nature is Love, and they are most willingly and enthusiastically embracing this divine Truth, the only TRUTH.  You all are Love, you have never departed from that state, you have just momentarily fallen into a state of amnesia, while asleep and dreaming, and from which you are about to awaken into full conscious awareness of the eternal joy of your true and changeless nature – One with each other and with your divine and holy Source.

Please continue to make daily visits to your own individual holy sanctuaries where you will enjoy feeling the Peace and Love that is always present within you, awaiting your acceptance of It.  Doing this enormously empowers your constantly and powerfully reset intent to be only loving whatever arises during the day.  You then quietly and most beautifully, by living through and as your true nature without any fanfare or egotistical display, very effectively demonstrate to all with whom you interact the amazing power of Love to maintain an energy of peace and calm that is felt by all of those with whom you come in contact.  Doing just this is your purpose now, because being you is the most effective and expeditious way to bring all of the human collective into full conscious awareness of its true and divine nature.  This is the state of complete and most joyful wakefulness – without any possibility of interruption – in which all are eternally present and most beautifully focused in and on the divine Presence of Mother/Father/God, which is a state of unsurpassable joy.

With so very much love, Saul.

As the daily news continues to report on fresh major corruption issues and conflicts worldwide, remind yourselves that all of these are in fact problems that have been ongoing for a very long time.  Their disclosure is intensifying now so that they can be clearly seen and released, thus inviting and allowing Love to flow fully and freely throughout humanity, awakening all to the need for major changes in humanity’s attitudes and behaviors.  These changes are occurring, and are most effectively dissolving age old fears, angers, hatreds, and resentments to which many have been clinging, and thus hiding from themselves the personal awareness that Love is their true and eternal nature.  To awaken is to know that only Love is real, and to understand that anything that is contrary to It is utterly unreal, a figment of severely damaged and traumatized human psyches, blocking or hiding awareness from people of their own unchanging true nature.

As your collective awakening process comes rapidly to its moment of completion, focus your attention within, to your heart centers where you can and will most definitely feel the Love that you are residing there.  You will also be aware of the pain and suffering that is seemingly enveloping vast swathes of humanity, so do reset your most powerful intentions – I cannot sufficiently stress the importance of this – to be only loving whatever arises, at least once daily, and also whenever a situation arises in your own day to day living that stirs up emotions of fear or anger within you.  You are presently incarnate to do just this, to bring to completion the changes in your own attitudes and behaviors that are not yet fully in alignment with love, because doing this is your main purpose as a human in form, and doing so is extremely powerful.  Many of you have been doing this for decades, and the evidence of its effectiveness can be seen all across the world in the kindness and generosity that so many of you are demonstrating on a daily basis.

Do not be distracted and disillusioned by the constant drama with which social and mainstream media are incessantly presenting you.  That constant presentation of endless drama is a major aspect of the collective awakening process, because it most clearly demonstrates to all the intense need for major transformation in the ways that disagreements, altercations, and controversies are handled worldwide.  Everyone desires to be treated with honor and respect, and not to be harshly judged as wrong without being fully heard.  Everyone most certainly does deserve to be honored, respected, and heard – that is what Love does, always!

Everyone of you without exception is an eternally beloved child of God.  You are brothers and sisters in an eternal and unbreakable relationship with one another – even though this may not be apparent, and even though the thought of this may horrify some of you.  You therefore need to offer one another loving support in every interaction – never disdain or contempt – even when you disagree with them, or when they disagree with you.  Conflict resolves NOTHING!  To awaken is to move beyond conflict into unconditional loving acceptance of one another, which is a state in which even the idea of conflict can never arise.

One of the main areas of human disagreement is the belief, held by many, that if push comes to shove, and agreement cannot be reached peaceably, then conflict will most certainly bring it to a satisfactory conclusion for those whoknow that they“are in the right!”  Far too many still adhere to this totally unrealistic presumption, especially if they believe that they themselves will be far removed from any actual physical conflict that may occur.  As you are well aware, those who have the power and authority to instigate conflicts hardly ever actually allow either themselves or their families to become personally enmeshed in them.  In fact conflicts are often driven solely by the rhetoric of those who claim authority over others, and by those who will inevitably benefit from them whatever the outcome.

The fact that many “others” will be severely injured, maimed, or killed does not in the least concern them – this has always been the case – despite rhetoric to the contrary.  As the vast majority of humanity is definitely now fully aware: “Conflict is long past its sell by date!”  It is now time, finally, to ensure that those in authority never again have the prerogative to initiate war, regardless of whatever reasons they may present as justification for doing so.  Those in authority are there only to serve all humanity, and never to use you for their own nefarious purposes.

Those of you reading or listening to this message, and, indeed, others like it, know that your purpose and your nature is Love.  By setting the daily intent to be only loving you massively intensify the loving field of energy that you share and extend around you, thus greatly assisting others to become aware that they too are powerful and SovereignBeings of Love.  Love is the infinitely vast energy field in which all that exists is eternally present – NOW!  It is Mother/Father/God expressing Herself abundantly so that every need is instantly satisfied – completely and comprehensively satisfied before it is even recognized – so that every sentient being, every magnificent reflection of the Mother Herself, is in every moment embraced by Her and enveloped within Her.  There is nowhere else.

Therefore, as you make your regular visits into the depths of your being, to your own individual holy inner sanctuaries to pay respects to yourselves and to your divine Mother, make a point of reminding yourselves that: “There Is Nowhere Else apart from the loving Source that is your Mother Who created you for eternal joy-filled living.”  You are One with Her in every moment, so dismiss any and every doubt to which you may still be clinging about your worthiness to be in Her Presence, because it is only your own deeply ingrained self doubts that block your awareness to knowing the wonder and worthiness of who you are.

With so very much love, Saul.

As your collective awakening draws ever closer – yes, I know you are getting tired of hearing me talk so frequently of its imminence! – continue to hold, share, and extend the Love that each of you are just by being.  There is no need to do anything, although if any of you are intuitively guided – NOT egotistically driven – to be activists for peace, then do bring the love that you are to meetings of that nature, and set the intent to spread it freely and indiscriminately to all who are present.  Doing that is extremely powerful and effective, as many of you have already realized.  You are LOVE, and you are sharing and extending it by being vulnerable, by just being yourselves.  You incarnated with the intent to BE; loving all of humanity and greatly assisting in the awakening process, and that is what you are doing most successfully.

The waiting game – which commenced when the collective decision to experience separation was implemented, in your time, eons ago – is rapidly coming to an end.  Humanity is sick and tired of living the illusory life that being in form entails, along with the limits it seems to impose on their individual sovereign God-given creative abilities, plus the endemic suffering and pain that is pervasive all over the world.  That is why the collective decision to awaken was finally taken and implemented.  It is proceeding apace and cannot be slowed down, let alone stopped or reversed.  You ARE awakening, and if you pay attention, you can see the signs of it in even seemingly the most unlikely of places.  Truly there is nowhere anywhere on Earth in which the awakening is unlikely to occur, because the choice and decision to awaken was a collective decision involving all of humanity, regardless of ethnicity, nationality, or religious or political conviction.  To awaken is your destiny and your destination, it is God’s Will for you, and all presently incarnate made the generous and loving choice to be incarnate now to mightily assist in the process that is bringing this massive and most wondrous event to fulfillment.

Therefore, release any doubts to which you may be clinging – fear of looking silly in the eyes of others, or of being overcome with anguish yourselves if nothing wonderful occurs – because your awakening is God’s Will, therefore nothing can or will go wrong.  The divine plan for humanity, for those playing the game of separation, is flowing perfectly towards its most beautiful and inevitable fruition.  The joy that awaits you is utterly beyond your ability to conceive of, because your imaginations are guided only by what you can materialistically envisage to be happy and peaceful states of existence as beings limited by form, whereas the actual possibilities for peace and joy that the children of God can choose to experience are infinite and without limit of any kind.  It is a state of infinite and endless freedom to create with total spontaneity and without any restraint, because Love, your natural and eternal state, continuously and enthusiastically encourages you each to express yourselves again and again most brilliantly as the individual and varied manifestations of Mother/Father/God that you each are.  The joy that you will each bring to Mother/Father/God and to all of your sisters and brothers as you choose to express yourselves fully, as you truly and eternally are, will never cease to amaze and delight you.  You were created in Love, from Love, as infinitely creative expressions to bring incessant jubilation to all, and that is what you are about to find yourselves doing.

You were created in joy for the joy of all.  That state in which you were created is forever unchanging, because it is your true state, the state into which you were created for infinite joy.  As humans in form, it seems impossible that this could be the case, because, were it true, how could an infinitely loving Mother/Father/God ever allow you to experience and suffer the pain that being human entails.  To your extremely limited human minds it makes no sense at all.

So you spend lifetimes seeking the real meaning of life, refusing to accept the seeming inevitability and meaninglessness of a temporary existence terminating in annihilation, obliteration, and, finally, extermination.  And of course that meaningless purpose that presents itself to so many is not and never could be life’s purpose.  Life is an eternal gift from God, to be utterly and completely enjoyed forever.  When the realization dawns on a soul that death is not a terminal event, but is instead a most wondrous transformational event, a great sense of peace replaces the almost constant state of fear and anxiety to which vast numbers have become accustomed.

That realization is presently starting to emerge into the conscious awareness of all who are drowning in doubt and fear – doubt and fear that they have ignored, denied, and then buried beneath their level of normal human consciousness – and it is bringing to them an unaccustomed sense of joy for which their seems to be no reason.  It feels good, but why?  It is because they are awakening into their natural state, a state of being that they have never previously been able to access.

So, do not overlook and thus omit your daily quiet time, it is an essential part of your awakening process.  With all the distractions with which others with whom you interact regularly, and the social and MSM present you, it is all too easy to forget or be distracted from going within.  You know it makes sense, because when you do spend that quiet time alone, inviting Mother/Father/God to fill your hearts, and allowing Her to do so, your whole day always flows far more smoothly.  Honor yourselves, take time out regardless of any other commitments your day is imposing upon you, and in so doing ensure that your day flows in alignment with Love, instead of loading your day with stress and anxiety.

With so very much love, Saul.

You are all on Earth and incarnate at this moment because you all chose to assist in the great awakening which is imminent.  No one is here by mistake, so even those you might think are delaying or preventing the awakening are in fact purposefully following their paths towards the awakening, their own and that of humanity.  As you can see, from what is being reported in many places, there is much pain and suffering being excessively experienced by many worldwide.  What is happening is that ancient fears, angers, resentments, and hatreds that people have denied and refused to acknowledge for eons, are now arising into the awareness of many – who may not even have been involved in what happened a long time ago – so that they can be honored . . . Yes, honored! . . . thanked for the lessons they have offered, and be released.  If you are not yourselves involved do not unduly focus your empathic attention on those places or people.  Be aware, send them love, but do not spend time imagining how horrific it must be for them, because doing that drains your energy, and reduces the effect of your loving intent to assist mightily in the awakening.  Those lessons all had a purpose which was to show people the insanity of conflict.  This was not acknowledged at the time, and so it is now coming to light to be forgiven and released, so that no impediments or obstacles remain to hinder the free flow of Love on Earth.

Love, as you all know and therefore cannot reasonably doubt, is the only Reality!  You are Love.  That is because Mother/Father/God, Source, Supreme Wisdom – or whatever word or phrase you use to label our divine Creator – is Love, and you were created from Love.  Love is your Source and so you are always One with It, you are as identical to It as a drop of water is to the ocean.  There is no other possibility.

However, you chose to use your free will to construct what appears to you to be a different or alternate reality, although it is, of course, quite unreal.Since doing so you have convinced yourselves that it – the material universe which is enormous in relation to your individual size as humans in form – is the only reality, and by doing so have hidden from yourselves the true Reality, the absolute infinite vastness of LOVE in which you have your eternal existence, by using it as veil or shield behind which you have chosen to place yourselves, blinkered and unseeing.  To awaken, as humanity is the process of doing, is to remove and dissolve this ephemeral screen which is presently preventing you from knowing yourselves as you truly are, God’s divine progeny forever residing in His infinitely loving Presence.

To awaken is to know yourselves, and, as humans in form, many of you have spent lifetimes searching for Love . . . for yourselves!  Now, finally, the human collective has united as one in relationship with itself – most of you remain unaware of of this essential, brilliant, and very recent coalescence – in order to spectacularly complete the awakening process for all.  This is truly an amazing and exhilarating time to be on Earth as a human in form.  As I have told you frequently: not even one of you, not even one human among the billions of you is here by chance, or by accident.  You all chose to be here now to take part in and massively assist in the process, and you are succeeding magnificently in bringing it to actualization.

Remind yourselves frequently – each and every one of you – that you are indeed divine beings permanently and most joyfully in the Presence of Mother/Father/God.  You and God are One, and are therefore utterly and completely inseparable from Her for even the briefest of instants.  Knowing this, as deep within yourselves you do, embrace and honor yourselves, and release any sense or belief to which you may be clinging that would have you believe that you are unworthy sinners, or in any way too disgraceful, too disreputable, or too shameful to even think of associating with your divine and heavenly Father.  He created you, and as your father His love for you is unceasing.  His Will is for you to fully accept yourselves, just as He does, and be completely and joyfully at peace in His Presence, which is your eternal Home.  Any sense of shame or unworthiness to which any of you are perhaps inadvertently clinging is as unreal as the illusory environment in which you find yourselves as humans in form.

You are incarnate now because you each individually chose to undergo the trauma that you knew it would cause you, in order to so lovingly assist in the awakening of humanity and of yourselves.  You did not have to be here, you could have assisted most beautifully from the non-physical realms, but you most courageously and lovingly chose to experience life in form yet again because of the power of Love that you each are.  As you are well aware, Love is forever sharing and extending Itself limitlessly and unconditionally to all sentient life.  The fact that you are present on Earth as humans at this time demonstrates very clearly indeed the Love that you each are, even if, again because of the limits that a life in form imposes upon you, you do not get a true sense of the magnificent beings that you all assuredly are.

Make sure to spend time daily deep within yourselves at your holy inner sanctuaries, and while there allow yourselves toreconfirm to yourselves that you are indeed most beautiful and holy divine beings superlatively assisting in the collective awakening that you are also participating in.  You are all eternally and most dearly loved by your divine Mother Who is showering you with Blessings as you so beautifully fulfill the tasks you chose to undertake before you incarnated.  You are coming Home!

With so very much love, Saul.

As you wait expectantly and enthusiastically for your awakening, Know that you are all most highly honored and loved by us here in the non-physical realms for just being who you are, and also for the essential part you are each Being in the collective awakening process.  It is happening right now, as I keep telling you, and your joy when you reach the actual and experiential moment of your own individual awakening is way beyond your ability to imagine.  Just know, as you truly do, that it is happening, that it is inevitable, and that it is irreversible.

Time is a major aspect of the illusory environment that you all experience and though unreal, as only eternity exists, while you are living within it and through it it can be be an extremely unsettling and disturbing experience, especially when you find yourselves either waiting for events to unfold that you fear are not for the best, or when you await with great expectations and anticipation for events that you know will bring you joy.  As many of you have felt from time to time: ‘waiting sucks!’

Well, the time of waiting for your collective awakening is drawing to a close.  God’s Will is that you awaken, and Her Will always comes to fruition.  Be patient, and ask us for help in maintaining that intent when you spend your daily quiet time relaxing at your holy inner sanctuaries inviting Love to fill your hearts.  Your quiet time daily is essential, don’t allow yourselves to forget to spend at least a few moments there each day.  It strengthens your intent to be only loving, and ensures that you do honor that intent, and continue to most powerfully assist in the collective awakening.

You are all Love being expressed in human form – every single human without any exceptions – but it often does appear that this cannot be true as you look around and see so much unnecessary pain and suffering being willingly inflicted on others, from individual care givers, family members, and friends, to those in authority all across the world.  Please let go of all judgment – negative or positive – and accept what is, whatever arises.  The environment that you are seemingly reliant upon as beings in form delivers to you only what you have chosen to receive!  You all chose to be incarnate – everyone ever incarnate made a free choice to do so – to learn lessons that with divine guidance you desired and intended to learn, and also to massively assist in humanity’s collective awakening.  You are all on the paths you planned and selected prior to incarnating, wherever they may be.  No one is incarnate by error, all are precisely where they have chosen to be to participate in the grand awakening.

Love is continuing to flood Planet Earth in a stupendous tsunami of irresistible power whose magnitude has never before been established anywhere for more than the briefest of moments.  This enormously powerful and very precisely focused energy field is a necessary and essential aspect of the awakening process, because eons of deeply ingrained fear, anger, bitterness, hatred and resentment, that must be released before awakening can occur, are now arising into humanity’s conscious awareness so that the insanity of this long standing wretchedness can be recognized and completely discarded and dissolved into the nothingness or emptiness from which you brought it forth.  As you all know, only Love is Real.

For your awakening from the illusion to come into full bloom of the utmost and amazing magnificence, it is necessary and essential that you each totally dissociate from all within you that is not in alignment with the fullness and infinite completeness of Love – that you totally separate from your unreal sense of or belief in even the possibility of separation from Source.  You are eternally and uninterruptedly One with God.  However, your state of utter and complete freedom, bestowed upon you at the moment of your creation, allows you to construct for yourselves, moment by moment, a convincing masquerade of unreality in which what cannot be, and which is not in alignment with Love, can exist and cause mayhem, havoc, and intense confusion for all involved – humanity.

Your true nature – Love – is being revealed to you right now.  For you to come to awareness of this you have to allow yourselves to look beyond your human sense of right and wrong, and by doing so you are able to come to accept whatever arises moment to moment, without being seemingly automatically drawn to engage with and judge – by egoic direction or guidance – whatever it may be.  Instead you can pause for a moment while Love offers you the most appropriate response in that moment – to offer only Love, and never judgment.  Patience, not haste, is an important attitude by which to live now, as the dream dissolves and you become more aware that whatever is arising for you and within you is what you have chosen for yourselves in order to come a full realization of who you truly are, and what your purpose in form is as each moment unfolds before you.

You are in form on purpose, and that purpose is to awaken and to assist others to do so with you – All are One!  Therefore, relax . . . be yourselves, do not attempt to be the images you believe are necessary if you are to find acceptance and love among those with whom you live and intermingle.  To be you is essential, it always has been, yet many have avoided doing so in order to maintain themselves in a safe separated state from others who, if they did not, would likely see them as unworthy, incompetent, dull, or whatever other negative self-judgment they have ingrained within themselves, and which they attempt to hide in order to ‘fit in.’  It does not work, you all know that because you are very aware of clearly seeing the fraudulent masks that others assume.

Each one of you can only be you because that is who God created, and because not only is it who you are, but it is also exactly who you want to be, who you have chosen to be!  Your choice and God’s are always perfectly aligned because there is no separation, there never could be separation – what you experience so intently as separation is completely unreal – you and He are One in eternal divine Union with All that He, in infinite loving Wisdom, has created.  God is All, there is no one and no where else, so do permit yourselves to know this.  Deep within yourselves, even while you are experiencing the unreality of life in form, you really do know it, so allow yourselves to access that knowing, it is God’s Will that you so honor yourselves Consequently, there is never anything to fear because you are forever enveloped in the Unity of His divine and all encompassing Embrace.  You are in LOVE!

With so very much love, Saul.