Saul Audio Blog for sunday December 1st

As a large part of humanity – those who are aware that they are on a spiritual path leading to their awakening – waits expectantly for the awakening to happen, much is occurring worldwide that is very unsettling for nearly everyone, and very painful for those who are living in war zones or in areas in which the planet herself or the weather is causing damage and disruption on a large scale.  This is all in preparation for the awakening, because much negativity – resentment, hatred, bitterness, anger, and negative judgment – that humanity has been clinging to, has to be seen, acknowledged, and released in order for you to awaken.

Those strongly held feelings and opinions most definitely affect not only those who live in areas where they are endemic, intensifying them, but also people all across the world, and the planet herself.  Therefore it is essential that you all open your hearts, even more fully than you already have done, to allow Love to flow through you far more freely to those who are living in fear and thereby shutting It out of their lives.  Your intent to share and extend your Love to all on Earth, regardless of the apparent differences between you – whether of race, color, or ethnicity, of religious or political beliefs, or any other differences – is the most effective thing you can do to assist in the awakening process.

Your awakening is inevitable, because it is God’s Will.  And, because it is God’s Will, it is also your will, because You and He are One, always, eternally, in an infinite state of joy!  You have never left that state, but the vast majority of humans focus their attention on the myriad distractions with which it seems that the illusion, the dream/nightmare state is continuously presenting you.  It is a very noisy and disturbing environment, and while you focus your attention there it is practically impossible for you to be aware of or access the field of Love in which your eternal existence is forever playing out in supreme happiness.  Some of you have had moments when you very briefly experienced that Love, when you actually felt It, and It mightily changed your perception of life permanently.  Fear then fell away, leaving you in a state of peace and acceptance, knowing that you are indeed beautiful sentient immortal beings, infinitely and eternally loved by God.

You are all, every sentient being on Earth, Love incarnate in form.  Love is the infinite and eternal flow of energy that is the life force within those forms.  That is, You are the Love that expresses Itself through each and every form.  While in form your memory of your divine nature is forgotten, and the life paths that you have each individually established for yourselves, and which you are following in every moment, were specifically designed for you, before you incarnated, to lead you back to remembrance of who you truly are, namely One with Source, Mother/Father/God, LOVE.  And, of course, there is nothing other than This!

To awaken is to know who You are, and in knowing who You are great joy arises because You are then instantly aware that you are eternally alive in this wondrous state that no words and no poet can ever express.  It is a state that has to be experienced by each of you individually, and as it arises in your awareness You instantly know that You are One, that there is no separation, that there is only Love, God, Source without end, limitation, or boundaries of any kind whatever.

Life as a human is rather like living in a maze or a labyrinth from which there appears to be no exit except through death!  And this is very disturbing, exasperating, frightening, and depressing, so people seek distraction through a variety of hobbies, sporting activities, and easily accessed non-activities such as watching movies, or aimlessly scanning social media posts in the hope of finding an exciting drama in which to engage.  Anything to avoid being alone with themselves, because most people have a deeply ingrained sense of unworthiness, of not being good enough, or not as good as . . . a family member, a friend, or someone of public note.  Being alone with one’s self, aware of one’s self is very uncomfortable because then the ego judges and condemns the self for all its perceived failings and inadequacies.

However, you are ALL perfect divine beings!  You were created perfect, because what God creates can only be perfect, and that state never changes!

Nevertheless, because for the most part you identify with your bodies, which age, get sick, and die, the idea that you are perfect not only fails to resonate with you, it cannot resonate with you, because death – which for bodies is inevitable – is what you fear the most.  And of course your egos powerfully encourage you to identify with your bodies and, therefore, with them.  Your egos thrive on your sense of separation because you then turn to them for advice and guidance, and what they offer you is always negatively judgmental of your bodies and their senses, and appears to be true because you are forever finding fault with your bodies, and it therefore seems that that fault finding is valid!  In a way it is valid because your bodies are vehicles of limitation, they were chosen by you to provide the experience of limitation . . . but you are not your bodies!  You are immense beings, far vaster than the universe in which your bodies are experiencing themselves as small and insignificant time limited forms in flesh.

However, while you are in form, your bodies provide you with the experiences you chose to place on your human life paths before you incarnated, experiences that you chose for the lessons with which they would present you.  And those lessons always occur at precisely the right moment, although frequently they are not recognized as lessons, and may even be seen as calamities or catastrophes because they are not aligned with your egoic desires.

As most of you are very well aware, meditation is highly recommended by all the major religions, by spiritual teachers everywhere, and also by those in the spiritual realms who speak to you (like this one) through channeled messages.  The reason for this is because it establishes you in a relaxed state in which your egos are relatively quiet, almost peaceful, thus allowing you to listen to and hear the guidance that your spiritual support team offers you when you call on them for advice.  Some of you refer to that guidance as ‘intuition,’ but what you choose to call it is totally unimportant, what is important is that you listen for it, hear it, and avail of its help in your daily lives.

Meditation has also been scientifically proven – in the last few decades – to be of great value in helping to keep your bodies healthy as it dissolves excessive levels of stress, and strengthens your immune systems.  So, as I keep reminding you in the messages that I offer you, you need to make a meditative practice an essential part of your day . . . every day!  It is so easy to find yourselves overcome with massive ‘to do lists,’ and then your egos suggest that missing your practice just this once is OK, and that anyhow you can make up for it tomorrow.  Obviously neglecting to meditate occasionally will not harm you, but it will weaken your practice and make it less effective.

I recommend it, because meditation is the key to maintaining your peace as you go about your daily lives, and one of the best ways to practice is to settle yourselves quietly, where you will not be disturbed by others or by social media devices, and then choose to go within, to that holy inner sanctuary that you all have within you.  While you relax in that holy space set the intent to open your hearts fully so that Love may enter to embrace you.  It is always with you, because You and It are One, and when you invite It in It will embrace you, intensifying your sense of peace.  Therefore, it is an excellent way to start your day.  And while you are in a meditative state any doubts you may have about your existence as eternal, beloved, and perfect children of God will soften.  These doubts are an aspect of being human, of being limited, of being less than, and they are invalid, but your egos do not want you to let go of them, because, when you do, they lose their power over you, as you find yourselves increasingly at peace, and increasingly aware of the truth that you are indeed a perfect and beloved child of God.

With so very much love, Saul.

Saul Audio Blog for Sunday November 17th

Changes of great magnitude are occurring all across the world as the human collective moves at an ever accelerating pace towards awakening.  There is hardly anyone on Earth at present who is unaware that something of enormous significance is happening.  The mainstream media is reporting, as usual, on chaos, confusion, and catastrophe in various areas of the world, or more locally on dramatic neighborhood events that encourage fear, but these are not the changes to which I am referring.  All over the world people are being nudged and prodded by their spiritual guides to remind them of the intentions they set before incarnating to take up human form in their present lifetimes.  The state of spiritual amnesia that occurs when a soul chooses to take human form causes intense confusion because, while realizing that life as a human must have a purpose, for most people that sense of purpose appears to benon-existent, missing, or cannot be accessed because it is so deeply hidden within them.

Until very recently the majority of humans, mainly due to this state of amnesia, believed that their survival as humans and their ability to obtain pleasure through their human senses was the sole purpose of life.  However, in the last few decades, more and more people have been seeking a deeper meaning to life, a loving and compassionate meaning, and there is abundant evidence for this change in attitudes all across the planet where groups have been forming to raise awareness about issues that concern them – for instance, ongoing industrial processes causing immense damage to the environment, health concerns, the poverty in which so many are forced to live, and the elimination of so many animal and insect species due to insensitive application of commercial fertilizers and pesticides.  This is a very positive indication of the acceleration of humanity’s awakening process.  Your awakening is happening right now!

Yes, there is chaos and confusion on an unprecedented scale, but this is because people are changing as they evolve spiritually; they are growing in their awareness that everyone without exception has an intrinsic right to the necessities of life, and all over the world they are demanding that these necessities be provided by the governments that are supposed to be representing them.  The old ways of governing a subservient population are no longer acceptable and are being dismantled.  The new ways that will replace them have not yet been fully developed, but much intelligent and wise discussion is producing some very effective ideas that will be most fruitful in resolving these basic social problems that have been ignored or dismissed by governments for a very long time.

As the saying goes: “Change is in the air!”  And this is wonderful news.  This is the news that so many have been waiting for, it is ongoing and unstoppable: humanity is awakening, NOW!  Trust your intuition to guide you with integrity safely and honestly forward.  You need to move forward, you want to move forward, and it is your human destiny to move forward.  It is what you incarnated to do.  The time for egoic power struggles is coming to an end, and even those with the most egotistical intentions are being nudged toward awakening, and are beginning to come to an awareness that the manner in which they have been living, while striving to control and manipulate others, is not only no longer acceptable, but that it is a way of life that they no longer wish to engage in.  Many who have held political positions and ambitions for many years are stepping down, and this is being reported in the mainstream news media.  Much more of an extremely uplifting nature is also occurring, as humanity’s spiritual evolutionary intent strengthens and intensifies.

Wherever you are living and whatever you are doing, you are on your spiritual path, every human is on their spiritual path, even though it may seem to you that you yourself, or others, are just stumbling blindly along; this is not the case.  It only seems like that because so much is arising for you that needs to be acknowledged and released, stuff that has lain dormant, buried, hidden, denied, or ignored for many lifetimes, and which, as it comes into your awareness, shocks and horrifies you.  Thoughts are occurring to you that you imagined were only present in the minds of those who were utterly insane.  How could they be arising in your minds when you believe that your purpose and intent is to be only loving, you ask yourselves in horror?  Well, you are all part of the human collective, and so the thoughts that one encourages or engages with affects everyone else.  That is why the awakening process is so necessary and so intense.

There is only One Consciousness, Awareness, Mother/Father/God, Source, and It is You, and within It all thoughts arise.  Therefore all can and do access them, very frequently quite unintentionally, and the results in your individual thought patterns can be very shocking and alarming.  Just let them go!  Do not engage with them or try to correct them because there is no need to, they are unreal and will just dissolve or disintegrate when you release them by refusing to focus on them with intent to change or eradicate them.

Your task in the awakening process remains the same, namely, set and hold the intent to be only loving whatever arises.  Do not engage in conflict because doing so only strengthens and intensifies it.  If you do not engage with it, it remains contained within the originators, waiting for them, when they are ready, to release it.  Conflict has never been used successfully to resolve conflict, it just replicates itself, leading to further conflict.  Therefore be only peaceful and loving, and do not attempt to show others how right you are or how wrong they are.  No-one is wholly right or wrong, ever.  People are just misguided, and they can only move out from that condition when they themselves are ready, and when they are, you canlovingly and peacefully support them.

You incarnated to offer and provide that loving and peaceful support, and as you do so you are never alone, because you have us, a wonderful support team in the spiritual realms, that is constantly available and on call to assist you in every moment.  When you feel overloaded, overwhelmed, fearful, anxious, or doubt-filled, call on us and we will respond instantly because that is our task in the awakening process.  We want to help you, we love to help you, and you can help us to help you by allowing yourselves to listen to us, your intuitive inner guidance, your higher Self, instead of listening to and acting on the fearful panic responses of your egos.

Going daily within, to your holy inner sanctuaries, is essential for your well-being so that you have the strength and motivation to live as you planned before incarnating, by being loving, accepting, and peaceful in every situation.  You do that by being true to your true and divine nature.

You, every sentient being without any exception, are beings of pure Love, but, as humans, your access to that state absolutely requires that you take time out daily to be alone and at One with your divinity, strengthening and intensifying the flow of Love into your human hearts by opening to It and inviting It in.  Unless you invite It in It cannot enter because you are sovereign beings, and Love always honors your individual sovereignty, It will never impose Itself upon you.  When you set the daily intent to allow It entrance to your hearts you will feel Its Presence, and this will give you the strength and motivation to do what you incarnated to do:  Support the awakening process by Demonstrating Love In Action.

With so very much love, Saul.

  Saul Audio Blog for Monday October 28th

Life at One with Source is perfect, complete, absolutely blissful.  Life separated from Source – were it possible, and it most definitely is NOT – when it was not terrifying, would be boring, meaningless, a waste of “time.”  In fact it would be an ongoing and endless attempt to deny or ignore the fear filled disaster of being separated from Source, from the bliss, while experiencing a terrifying sense of aloneness, of abandonment, of the lack of LOVE.

So, over the eons, once the basic needs for human survival had been met, humans have been seeking diversions, seeking for something to do!  Something to distract them from the sense that something incredibly important was missing from their lives.  Those with suitably developed intellects studied the physical earthly environment beneath their feet and the heavens above, and invented religions and philosophies, art and music in order to fill their days with meaningful activities.  Those who were less inclined to intellectual development – the vast majority of humans – engaged in competitive physical activities which for the most part involved conflict.  This inspired some of the intellectuals to encourage some of those who were into physical activities to join with them to control the simple people, those who would happily support anyone who promised that they would and could provide them with the basic necessities of life.  Then tribes, clans, and nations developed, and these different groups fought each other for thepower, the authority, the ability, and the right to control the people.

Now, finally, the collective, humanity, YOU – each divinely created child of God – has chosen to bring to an end this insane way of living as humans in form, using judgment, blame, hatred, and conflict to resolve your differences.  You have become aware that each human has a right to life, and has a right to the basic necessities that humans in form need for their physical survival.  Consequently, very recently, over the last six or seven decades, increasing numbers of you who live in the more technologicallyadvanced and wealthier nations have joined organizations who’s aim is to eradicate global poverty.  You have been very successful so far, but much remains to be done, because there are still many nations that are controlled by power-hungry individuals who need a massive subservient population in order to appear powerful while hiding and suppressing their own denied sense of personal inadequacy, their sense of separation.  That sense of separation, of abandonment is the result of that momentary decision to experience separation from Source that You apparently made so many eons ago, but which, in truth was but a moment ago, and which never actually happened.

Because you are as powerful as your Source, Mother/Father/God, the Supreme Intelligence/Wisdom, you were able to conceive of and build an unreal illusory environment in which you could play the game of separation, an environment which appears to be incontestably real.  Your human bodies, with their five senses, confirm for you the reality of the environment in which you live.  And that environment has expanded enormously over the last two or three hundred years as your ability to view and explore the universe has grown with the aid of modern science and the technology it has invented.  But it remains unreal! Only Love is Real.

As the intense need for many of you to take care of your basic human survival needs has diminished you have started to become aware of your interdependence, of the fact that all of your achievements depend on mutual cooperation between you and others.  You discovered that as you cooperated with one another more wholeheartedly the results you intended to achieve came into being more easily and more rapidly.  You began to honor the skills that others had that made it possible to bring your intentions into being.  In discovering that love for others began to grow, replacing the fear and distrust in which you had held others for so long.  Love began to become the basis for all sorts of relationships as trust in others grew and was honored.  Initially it was on a very small scale, but over the last few decades love and trust has replaced the authoritarian rules and inflexible beliefs that governed many relationships, thus allowing people to be themselves and to engage freely with their inherent skills, instead of having to do only what authority figures permitted.

This is a time in which humanity’s spiritual evolution is accelerating rapidly, because a sense of urgency to change your ways has developed as your awareness of the enormous damage that the industrial age has inflicted on the planet has sharpened.  The thoughtless and ill considered development of technological abilities, which were then put into practice without taking the time to investigate the possible downside of doing so, and the consequences of that lack of wisdom, are now urgently demanding your attention, and getting it.

Nevertheless, be of good cheer, for your collective intent to awaken is leading you towards using wisdom and lovein your relationships on every level of human society, and the signs or evidence of this are being reported very widely.  Do not be persuaded by those who live in the fear, and who do their best to share it widely, that an environmental catastrophe is imminent.  Yes, there are devastating and ongoing forest fires and floods in many places, but they are having an essential cleansing effect which will become apparent as they draw to a close.  Focus your attention instead on the many and varied positive changes that people worldwide are most successfully putting into effect for the benefit of all of humanity.  As you can see, your awareness of the need for change in so many areas is most definitely intensifying, and as a result the powerful collective intent to make it happen is gaining momentum.

The New Age is dawning, it cannot be prevented, and it will become evermore visible as the cleansing effects of forest fires and flooding reach completion.  Amazing numbers of people are doing wonderful work in the areas affected by fires and floods, and local communities offering accommodation and loving support to those who have become homeless are most beautifully demonstrating Love in action.  This willingness to act together to support those in need has never before in your history occurred on such a large scale, and because it is so effective, and because the sense, the feeling of love that all are experiencing is so intense, the concomitant communal bonds that are forming in so many areas are magnificently altering people’s perceptions of the true meaning of community.

The insanity of the petty differences – and the vast majority of differences between people or nations are petty – that have for so long been extremely divisive, are at last being fully recognized as such, and will therefore no longer be used in self righteous indignation to judge and condemn others.  The turning point has been reached as more and more hearts are opening to Love, allowing fear to dissolve as they engage in mutual cooperation and trust to bring an end to the mindless conflicts that have for eons brought so much suffering to humanity.

Long before you were born into your present lifetimes – in the 20th and 21st centuries of the modern era – you all made very conscious choices to be incarnate at this time in humanity’s spiritual evolution because you so enthusiastically and lovingly wanted to assist in this magnificent awakening process, this time when you would remember who you truly and eternally are.  It is, when viewed from the non physical realms, a most exciting era in which to be incarnate in human form as the games you have been playing come to an end and ALL the players are found to be winners.

Continue to spend time within, opening your hearts fully and completely to Love, no matter how badly it seems to you that they have been hurt in the past.  By opening to Love, and by intending to be loving whatever arises in your lives, you add enormous power and intensity to the awakening process.  It is the divine Will – and therefore also Yours – that humanity awakens, and that Will is already achieved.  The veils or cloaks or clouds hiding It from you are disintegrating and dissolving.  Open to the Love within that awaits your acceptance of It and revel in the joy that It brings you.

With so very much love, Saul.

  Saul Audio Blog for Thursday October 17th.

Humanity’s awakening process is accelerating very rapidly now, and signs of this are plainly evident on the mainstream news media channels.  People have chosen no longer to accept the rhetoric and promises made by politicians and other well known figures who express their views and opinions publicly, because it has become utterly apparent that they are meaningless.  Those in positions of authority or in high office are, for the most part – there are a few exceptions – solely interested in maintaining or strengthening their positions, because they are addicted to power, particularly to power over others.  However, the majority of the world’s population are no longer prepared to give their power away, to empower others to rule their lives.  As I said in my previous message: No one has the right to override your own sovereign authority.  And humanity is now demonstrating that it is no longer willing to allow this to happen.

Changes that are inevitable and essential aspects of humanity’s awakening, of humanity’s ongoing spiritual evolution, are occurring at an ever faster rate everywhere on your beautiful planet, as more and more of you decide to wake up, to become aware that, as humans in form, each of your individual lives has a divine purpose that can only be brought to fruition by the individual living and experiencing that individual life.

A life lived in fear and that is driven solely by the need to survive is meaningless, and yet for a long time the majority of humans have believed that survival was the sole purpose of life, consequently that became the waythat the majority have attempted to live it.  But that way of life has not been satisfying; it could not be because you are so much more than the human forms with which you mostly identify – forms that age, decay, and die.  You have just forgotten that divine Truth, by your own choice, because you wanted to experience separation from Source.  You wanted to experience independence, a state of self reliance and freedom that you momentarily thought you did not have – rather like the New Testament parable of the prodigal son.  As in that parable, an extremely happy ending awaits your awakening into the realization that you are, always have been, and always will be, One with Source in the eternal moment of Now, where you reside in infinite joy.

The chaos, confusion, and suffering now being experienced by such a large proportion of humanity, is clearly demonstrating that a fear and survival driven life, where it seems that all are competing aggressively for essential resources that will soon be exhausted, leads only to conflict and further suffering.  This chaos and confusion is leading many to seek new ways to interact locally, nationally, and internationally, so that cooperation replaces competition.  Then new designs and plansthat will enable all to live together harmoniously on Planet Earth – in willing interdependence that acknowledges and honors the rights and needs of all – will be brought into being.  This is the only sane way forwards for humanity, and grassroots groups are forming everywhere with the intent to engage with similar groups in other places, to create new and sustainable life styles that honor and care for all, and that bring planet damaging industrial activities to a halt.

Life on Planet Earth can be good for everyone, and today’s young people are the ones who are going to make that possible.  They are far more aware than the older generations of the essential need for change so that ALL can live with freedom and dignity worldwide.  The old beliefs that societies and cultures honored, and which many of your laws support and enforce, are either changing rapidly or are being discarded because it can be clearly seen that they are totally lacking in compassion.  You are all divine beings, your true nature is Love, and the reality of that is becoming ever more apparent.  There are large numbers of books, seminars, and workshops readily available that are teaching this truth and helping people to find that truth within themselves.  It has always been there, but, because of humanity’s deeply held belief that its survival depends on weapons and defense systems in order to protect itself from known and unknown enemies, that truth has been denied or buried below the level of conscious awareness, and the distrust that belief has encouraged has inevitably led to conflict.

In truth everyone wants only to be seen, honored, respected, and loved, but for eons that desire has been made subservient to the seemingly far more pressing fear driven needs of survival.  Love and fear cannot coexist.  However, as humans in form, it seems to most of you that they can, that you can love those who are your friends, your family, and who are of your ethnic, religious, political, or cultural persuasion, while hating or despising those who appear to be different from you.  But in these circumstances the love is conditional, and if one of those you love – a person, a team, a group, an organization – changes its beliefs or opinions and is then in disagreement with you, or crosses you in some other way, that “love” can turn to hate!

These apparent differences between you can be found in groups all across the world where people identify with “my” family, “my” friends, “my” school, “my” team, “my” employer, “my” church, “my” country etc.  Emotionally identifying oneself with a group provides a sense of belonging, of being seen and accepted, while that underlying sense – that practically every human experiences – of not being good enough, not being fully acceptable, not being lovable is then projected outwards onto the groups to which the pronoun “my” does not apply, turning them into enemies who must be fought and defeated.

The insanity of this kind of belief is now widely acknowledged.  Nevertheless, there are still many who hold onto these beliefs very firmly and who, it seems, are not yet ready to question them seriously and honestly.  These beliefs are so much a part of their personal sense of identity that to question or alter them would be to self destruct.  They have so much internal unacknowledged pain, causing them intense personal suffering, that they absolutely need to belong to like minded groups so that they can project the fear it entails outwards in anger towards groups unlike themselves.  It is for them an essential way to avoid admitting to and feeling the intense pain within themselves.

As they go through life they will encounter events and situations that strive to draw their attention inwards, to become aware of and open to their suffering so that it may be healed; but until they are themselves willing to look within, all that others can do is be aware of their pain and intend to send them love.  Doing that is not a cop out!  Holding the intent to send love to another is one of the most powerful and effective ways that you can help them, even though you may get no sense of it.  In fact over the last few decades many have been setting this intent daily and it is having an enormous effect worldwide, and there are many reports of people who have been badly hurt offering compassion and forgiveness to those who have hurt them, thus healing both parties.

Remember, LOVE is your nature, It is who you are.  LOVE is All That Exists.  You can call It Mother/Father/God, Divine Wisdom, Supreme Intelligence, Source, or any other word or phrase that works for you.  But of course there are no words that can get anywhere closeto describing or defining the Reality in which all life has its eternal and joyful existence.

However, when you go within, to your holy inner sanctuary where Love resides in every moment of your eternal existence, you can access the deep inner knowing that you are One with Source.  Experiencing that for the first time is amazingly uplifting, an empowering sensation that absolutely assures you of your eternal divine nature as One with All That Exists, most positively confirming for you that there is NO SEPARATION!

To awaken is to become consciously aware of this divine Truth, and as that happens all within you that is not in complete alignment with Love will just fall away.  Being fully awake and fully conscious you will be unable and unwilling to retain or hold onto beliefs, emotions, or feelings that are unreal, as the Light of divine Love shines out through you, and extends beyond you embracing all others equally because you are all others.  And yet, of course, there are no others, and the realization of that is indeed reason to celebrate!

With so very much love, Saul.

  Saul Audio Blog for Tuesday October 1st

You are the Oneness that you seek, and so is your sister, your spouse, your friend, and your enemy – everyone is the Oneness that you seek!  When you find It within yourself, where It resides eternally, as you most surely will, then you will also find It in everyone else, and the peace and love that this brings you will fill your heart.  You are Love, your nature is Love, there is nothing else!  And you will come to awareness of this when you allow yourself to fearlessly open your heart to invite It in and to allow It in, because It is your nature which cannot be denied entrance for longer than the briefest of moments.

Your sense of identity, which most place in their bodies, is false.  Your true identity is eternal because God created you, and what He creates is both eternal and perfect!  There are none among you who actually believe that your bodies are perfect in as much as everyone experiences limitation due to being within a body, and, obviously, to be perfect is to be flawless, to be without limitation.  Therefore, in every moment, your bodies demonstrate most clearly to you that they are not You!

So, what are you?  You are One with All of creation – with God, with all of humanity, with All sentient life.  There is NO separation.  Your consciousness, your awareness that you are alive and conscious, is the One field of Consciousness – LOVE – in which all that is sentient has its eternal and absolutely perfect existence.  But, as humans in form, your awareness of this is hidden from you by your own choice, because you chose to experience life in form as a human, and that experience by its very nature is most severely limiting.

You are free – in every moment.  That is to say that the You that is One with Source was created eternally free, because Source is LOVE and Love does not compel, force, restrain, or manipulate, It accepts, honors, and respects all of Itself completely and unconditionally.  And You are All of Itself.

As humans in form, due to the choice you each made to experience the state of separation by incarnating as a human, you find yourselves seemingly severely limited both by your physical bodies and by the state of disorder in which you live.  It is like a dream, which all in form have experienced, that often appears to make absolutely no sense at all, and then you wake up and find yourselves once more conscious, alive, and rational.  Then you tune in to the news and see reports of so much happening throughout the world that is utterly irrational, in fact insane.  It is an extremely confusing state in which you find yourselves, especially because it appears to be so materially and indisputably real.

Humanity has generally accepted the power structures that various social, cultural, and religious authorities have constructed over the eons in order for the few to control the many.  To the many it seemed that those in authority had the right to control and direct.  However, over the past few hundred years, and particularly during the last five or six decades, people have begun to question that authority ever more rigorously.  This is a very necessary aspect of your awakening process, because, as those of you reading or listening to this, and to many other uplifting and inspiring messages, are becoming aware, you are each your own authority!

As One with Source you have the freedom and the inalienable right to live according to your own loving guidance from within yourselves – the guided intuitive sense of what is right for you.  No one has the right to override your own sovereign authority, and therefore of course, nor do you have the right to override anyone else’s sovereign authority over themselves.  When you recognize Love as your nature, and honor It in every moment, you will never choose to do anything to harm or overpower another.

Your awakening process is a growing awareness of the Reality that Love is All.  That there is nothing apart from Love, because All that God has created is incorporated or commingled within the infinite and eternal energy field that is LOVE.  Humanity is becoming aware that only love works, that only love makes any sense, and that anything that is not in perfect alignment with Love always leads to conflict.

Separation is the dream or the game that You constructed in order to experience a state that was detached from Love.  In truth that is utterly impossible because, as I said above, and as many, many others have informed you, there is only Love, there is nothing else, so the experience of form – humanity, any form of life, the universe – is completely illusory.  Form, physicality, is a very clever construction that You built, which enables you to experience non-reality as totally real, as an absolutely alarming state in which all life forms are separate, one from another, and which survive by consuming each other.

Deep within yourselves the knowledge that you are one with Source has always been, and always will be present.  Consequently, even as you play with the concept of separation, and with the resultant fears and anxieties that arise therefrom, you still hope and believe that that state will come to an end and that you will be reunited with Source – maybe in heaven after your physical death.  As you intensify that hope each day when you go within to your holy inner sanctuary, where Love resides waiting for you to invite It in, you will begin to feel, to experience the sense of Source, of Oneness, of Love embracing you and fully accepting you just as you are.  All that you need to do is to accept that any sense of unworthiness or inadequacy that you feel or experience about yourself is invalid, and then Love will dissolve it.

The vast majority of you inherited from your lineage a sense of not being good enough, either in the sight of God, or of family, or of neighbors, and this sense of personal inadequacy was reinforced by the culture in which you grew up, and by whatever religious belief system (or none) to which you were exposed during your formative years.  Being separate means that you feel alone, and yet all around you you see others who are not alone because they belong to a social group,a peer group, or other membership type of group, and because you most desperately want to belong, to be accepted, you make the choice to join one of them, possibly without even being aware that you ever made such a choice.

So my message today is simply to remind you most firmly and lovingly that you, each and every member of the human race – and there are absolutely no exceptions! – are the eternally beloved child of God, permanently extant within the infinite field of Consciousness, that is Source, Mother/Father/God, Love, and in that state peace, joy, and happiness embrace you in every moment.  You are always, and without pause, interruption, or intermission of any kind, permanently One with Source in perfect and adoring Union.

With so very much love, Saul.

Saul Audio Blog for Thursday September 19th

The world is changing, and it is changing for the better as ever increasing numbers of people reclaim their divine power, the power integrated within them at the very moment of their creation, and are using it to change themselves, and in this way they are changing the world!  You are all expressions of Source, and as such you are beings of Love, you are Love.  And, as you have so often been told, your nature is Love, and it can only be Love because you are each One with God Who is perfect Love.  What is not loving is unreal and has to be continuously rebuilt, reimagined, and reconstructed because it has no foundation or underpinning.

There are none among you who have not experienced fear, anger, hatred, bitterness, resentment, unfairness, victimization, etc., at some, or even, many times in your lives.  And you build stories about these experiences, stories that you tell to yourselves, to loved ones, and to friends, and each time you retell these stories they become more convincing and real for you.  If you stop telling them – and you normally do stop telling some of the older ones when they are superseded by newer more interesting or dramatic ones – they fade from your memory.  The stories that you hold onto and repeat, sometimes endlessly to yourselves, become who you believe yourselves to be – someone who has been overlooked, ignored, mistreated, unfairly and wrongly judged.  When you identify with a story like that you become depressed and unhappy.  Your stories are very confused, limited, and judgmental ideas of who you believe yourselves to be, and they are, for the most part, completely invalid.  There are very few among you who do not judge yourselves harshly, while comparing yourselves to others, some of whom you jealously and resentfully imagine to be better than yourselves, and others who you are pleased to imagine as being worse than yourselves.

Love does not judge.  Love accepts what arises and deals with it lovingly, thus peacefully resolving issues or disagreements that arise in daily life.  Love does not dwell on old painful stories but lets them go, because they are unreal,and because they prevent you from living and enjoying each moment with which life presents you.  The main thing is that you are ALIVE!  If you were not alive you could not even be dreaming about a painful and unsettling unreality.  You chose to incarnate as humans at this moment in order to assist in the collective awakening process – which is inevitable and essential – and you do this by choosing to wake up yourselves.  Your initial stage of awakening is to become consciously aware that the way humanity engages with daily life is insane!

For the majority of humans life is an ongoing and endless struggle in which they work to obtain the basic necessities that your human form needs for its survival, and because the vast majority of humans identify totally with their bodies, their human forms, for many this appears to be the sole purpose of life.

Of course it is not, and when you awaken you will see most clearly that you have indeed been lost in a dream world of your own making, a dream world from which you can awaken instantly when you choose to do so.  BUT, for the vast majority, that statement seems meaningless, if not utterly insane, as they continue dealing with the issues, often very painful, with which life in form is constantly presenting them, and which appear to them to be utterly and completely real.

Yes, you can awaken, and throughout the eons a few have.  It used to be very difficult to do so – a little like struggling through chest deep mud to reach a destination, offering complete relief, that could be seen only vaguely and unclearly a long way away in the distance.  Now it is far easier to move forwards towards that destination – REALITY, SOURCE, LOVE, ALL THAT EXISTS – and it can be far more clearly sensed because you are receiving so much assistance from those guiding and watching over you in the spiritual realms, and from the many in form who are now choosing to be only loving whatever arises.

When just one person sets the intention and makes the choice to be only loving whatever arises, the energy of Love available to all of humanity intensifies enormously.  Everyone presently incarnate, before taking form as a human, set the intent to be only loving whatever might arise during their earthly lives.  But once in form amnesia sets in very quickly because the body into which you settle yourselves needs almost constant loving attention, which is rarely available to the extent that the newly born desires and needs.  It was consciously at One with Source until shortly before its birth, but afterwards it seemed that it had been completely and utterly abandoned, even though this divine being knew it would experience this sense of abandonment and had prepared for it.  Nevertheless, this sense, this feeling is so intense that all memory of Oneness, of being One with Source is lost.

The human body is tiny in comparison to Source, in fact there is absolutely no meaningful comparison that can be made between them!  For instance if the full power output of a nuclear power station was piped directly into one house it would instantly and utterly destroy it.  Well, the power of Source is immeasurably greater than that of a nuclear power station.  Therefore when as humans, you open fully to Love, to Reality, and allow It to empower and guide you, Its power has to be enormously reduced, otherwise your bodies would instantly disintegrate.

You have all heard of, read about, or even met someone who is only loving and who willingly and beautifully shares that Love with all completely unconditionally, and you have felt the power and joy emanating from that person.  Well that person, that saint, that holy one, just like you, can only channel, extend,and share an incredibly small amount of that infinite power, which is always available to you all.  The main difference between you is that the holy one is aware, knows that she is doing this, and so she is far more effective at using the Love that flows so easily through her than you are.  Make no mistake, each and every human is a channel through which love flows, there are no exceptions, it is just that some feel so lost and so abandoned that they severely block and diminish the Light that does flow through them, making it very, very difficult for others to perceive, and thus they are often judged as criminal or even satanic.  But there is no one who does not transmit some Love, because Love is the Life force and It is present in and flowing through every living form.

As you know, Love is the infinite field of divine energy in which every conscious and sentient being has its eternal life.  There is no beyond It or outside It, and all that It contains is divine, is of God.  Therefore do not judge – you can have no idea of another’s path – instead just set the intent to offer Love and compassion in whatever form the one you are tempted to judge may be able to receive It.  All are on their path Home, and you are incarnate to assist them, whoever they may be, and wherever you may interact with them.  Only God has the right and the power to judge, and when He judges He does it positively, lovingly, kindly, and compassionately, offering the lost one total acceptance!  This is because all are His beloved progeny who, in TRUTH, can do no wrong.  This is extremely difficult for most of you to accept, and it is certainly beyond your understanding.  So trust your Creator in every way and in every moment, knowing, as you do deep within yourselves, that His Love is utterly beyond unconditional, because there is only Love, and there is absolutely nothing that can be added to It or taken from It.

You are One with Source, because there is only One You and One Source.  Therefore take joy in life, even if at present it is not as you would wish it to be – that is to be expected because you are experiencing it in an extremely limited form – and CELEBRATE!  Your awakening is drawing nigh.

With so very much love, Saul.

  Saul Audio Blog for Sunday September 8th

Humanity’s awakening process is very well advanced, as all the unacknowledged or denied issues that humans need to own and release arise into their conscious awareness both individually and collectively.  Your mainstream media is focused on conflict in many areas of the world, and all of these conflicts are major signs of the awakening of the collective unconscious – of the collective arising of major issues that people in positions of authority all over the world have either denied or been unwilling to address because of their egotistical needs to prove themselves right and make others – those with whom they are in disagreement – wrong.

However, this unwillingness to take the necessary steps which would enable creative solutions to be discussed and put into effect is being recognized by populations everywhere, and the people, the grassroots of society, are demanding change!  And, as a result, essential changes are being initiated.  People are reclaiming their personal power, the power with which they were so lovingly created, and they are insisting that their elected officials honor them, address their needs, and deliver on the promises that they made when they sought a mandate from those who elected them to office.

Humanity wants to awaken.  The illusory and egotistically driven environment in which you experience life as humans has lost its appeal.  The realization that disagreement and conflict are the prime drivers of pain and suffering for everyone has dawned on the vast majority and they want change, desperately.  The extravagant and utterly self-centered lifestyles of the “favored” few will no longer be tolerated while billions of God’s divine children live a hand to mouth existence in extreme poverty.  Many, who have for decades been drawing the world’s attention to the misery of the masses, have finally managed to persuade those with the competence and abilities to do so, to bring into effect the necessary changes to ensure that all may live comfortably as humans, by transforming their means of obtaining adequate supplies of clean water, food, and shelter.

You are all divine beings and you were created to enjoy life fully and completely in every moment.  However, even though modern science and technology have improved the lives of countless numbers over the last two hundred years or so, this has been done selectively instead of lovingly for all.  Negative judgment of others has been a major source of conflict for a very long time, as societies, as well as individuals, with different cultural and religious beliefs have assessed those others as unworthy and unacceptable to God, and then chosen to persecute and destroy those they have so judged.

This is no longer seen to be acceptable, as awareness has grown that you are all connected to one another by the divine field of Love in which all life has its eternal existence.  There is no separation, everyone is conjoined to everyone else, because God created you all as One within Him, and so every thought word or action that one of you engages with affects all.  The being that you feel yourself to be as a human is eternally connected to Source, Mother/Father/God, the infinitely vast field of Love that is and that contains All That Exists.  Everyone without exception is an essential part or member of that eternal and completely fulfilled field of Life.  Without even one of you It would be less than complete, and what is divinely created is always and eternally perfectly complete.

Therefore to judge another or others as unworthy is but to judge yourself.  Every sentient being is a perfect expression of divine Love, created to fulfill and complete the One which is already and always complete.  That seems to be quite a paradox, but, when you awaken, the mists of confusion that fill your individual human minds will dissolve or melt away as the absolute Clarity of divine Light fills your conscious awareness, and you remember your true and divine nature as one with Source, with All of the divine Creation which is limitless, boundaryless, infinitely vast, and all-encompassing.  There is no way out from, no exit from All That Is, all are forever safe, secure, and infinitely loved as they dwell in the divine Embrace that is our Source.  And this is reason to rejoice without ceasing, because to be One with Source is to reside eternally in infinite Joy and Bliss, and to be totally free as you avail of your infinite God-given Power to create beauty and wonder for the delight of all of Creation.

Here in the non physical realms we are in absolute rapture as we observe humanity stirring as one towards its inevitable and enthusiastically awaited awakening.  But of course there is no waiting!  In truth you are already fully and completely awake, you have just chosen not to be fully aware yet of this unalterable and magnificent truth.  You are One, You are fully Awake, You are fully Alive, You are fully Alert, You are absolutely Complete because you are eternally One with Source from Whom separation is utterly impossible.

The welcome that you are about to experience is totally beyond your ability as humans, experiencing severely limited consciousness and awareness, to conceive of.  You are ready for infinite Bliss which is your right and your heritage.  Your release from any sense of unworthiness, shame, guilt, sorrow, and suffering is at hand, as the dark clouds, or mists, or veils that have hidden Reality from you, causing you so much pain, fear, and anxiety, are blown away and forever dispersed by the unimaginably brilliant Light of Reality in which you always have and always will reside in permanent joy and laughter.

With so very much love, Saul.