Saul Audio Blog for Sunday April 23rd

When humanity awakens, as it most surely will, joyful amazement will flood across the planet as the GOOD NEWS fills ALL the media – the mainstream and the alternate channels!  Truly that moment is closer than you dare to think!  Incredible healing has been occurring planet-wide during the first months of 2017 and the results of that healing are about to become very visible.  Humanity’s interest in The News” has for eons been mostly focused on The Bad News,” and that is changing very rapidly now because people are tired of the endless reports of calamities, conflicts, and catastrophes and want good news.  You need good news because it inspires and uplifts you causing your energy signature to rise, filling you with motivational enthusiasm for life, and showing you that you, each individual one of You, has a powerful and extremely important part to play in the collective awakening process that all are presently undergoing.

Humanity’s collective intention to awaken has been building and strengthening over the last seven or eight decades and is now ready to burst into the awareness of all who do not make a very conscious choice to remain unaware and in denial of their true nature, their spiritual nature, their only nature, as beings of Love.  Love cannot be resisted or denied endlessly – although it has been resisted by humanity for far to long – and that period in your evolution in which so many of you have been denying and resisting Love is about to end.

Love is your nature and you are about to reclaim It.  The illusion, by your collective choice, has hidden it from you for eons.  However, when something is hidden it is not lost or forgotten, it is just displaced or misplaced and it will be found.  Your awakening process is the project that you have most willingly undertaken in order to uncover and become once more fully aware of your true nature.  As a result you are starting to see Love in all kinds of unexpected places, and all those seemingly disparate places are, at a very deep level, fully integrated and connected with each other.

As you are continually being reminded, there is only Love, all else is unreal, and the truth of that can no longer be meaningfully denied by anyone who is willing to go within, relax, and allow the Love that resides there to make Its Presence felt.  When that Love within is experienced for the first time it dumbfounds because it dispels all doubt about the existence of God as well as demonstrating to the ones experiencing It that they are of infinite value, of infinite worth, and are the eternally beloved and totally acceptable children of God.  It is mind-blowing, unforgettable, and it dispels all fear, once and for all.

Fear is the block, the obstruction, the wall that you built to make the experience of separation from your divine Father possible, and now it is being demolished.  As the demolition progresses cracks are appearing in the illusory barricade that you inserted between your selves and the field of divine Love in which all that is conscious, all that has ever been created, is eternally present and at one with God.  And through those cracks Love is flowing constantly to infiltrate every heart that is at all open to allow It in.  That is why It is appearing in so many unexpected places, places that, as humans, most of you would judge as evil, lost, corrupt, or unworthy.

Just remember that THERE IS ONLY LOVE!  Whatever you perceive as sinful, evil, dirty, unworthy, and unacceptable is unreal!  The children of God have taken many forms in order to play the games that the illusion suggests and encourages, but that does not and cannot change their true and eternal nature.  God’s children are eternally perfect aspects of the One from which there is no separation.  God, Love, One are the numberless and uncountable connections that join all together within the field of consciousness in which all existence occurs.  That field is all-encompassing, it has no limits or boundaries and there is nothing beyond it.  You cannot fall out of it, or under it, or from it into somewhere else – hell, purgatory, limbo, for example – because it is ALL, it is EVERYWHERE, it is REALITY!

You are all divinely taken care of from the moment of your creation because you are born into that divine field which constantly provides you with everything that you could ever need or desire.  You are infinitely L O V E D !  And because you are loved and created by God there exists nothing that can harm you; there is no opposition to God because God is All.

Truly, Reality is a very simple concept that is absolutely perfect in every way.

Whereas the illusion is a very complex quagmire of confusion, disagreement, conflict, suffering, and intense pain.  You know that because you are experiencing it, and that is why you have finally made the collective decision to awaken.  Within the illusion the only way to effect change is to make a collective choice, a collective decision, and that is what you have done – and that collective choice and decision is to awaken from the dream that is causing you so much pain.

In Reality there is only one choice, only one intent, and that is the Will of God.  It is not authoritarian, it is not demanding, it is not controlling, it is an ongoing loving, cooperative and exciting venture in which all exercise their full creative potential to produce a Whole that is one with themselves and God.  This brings out a deep smile on the Face of God as He delights in His children’s impassioned and unbridled joy in their wondrous achievement.

Reality is a continuously flowing state of creation expanding forever in joy.  Reality is filled with all the brilliant creative concepts of God’s beloved children as It flows forever outwards, expanding Itself perfectly and beautifully to harmoniously accommodate all those gleefully and jointly created concepts.

With so very much love, Saul.

Someone wrote to me recently to ask about my thoughts on gender, and I thought it might be helpful for others, so below is my reply:

Sexual orientation is a big issue for many people and has been, I personally think, for eons.

We are all, without exception, spiritual beings having a human experience, and as humans we have made up rules of behavior — religious, cultural, political, social, sexual — in order to cope with our fears, our lack of self-esteem. By joining a team — Christian, Muslim, Democrat, Republican, Gay, Lesbian, people of color, whatever — we attempt to belong and be acceptable.
We believe that if others accept us then we can’t be too bad, too wrong, too unacceptable. BUT, God created us all PERFECT, and therefore we are all perfect because what God created is permanent, unchanging, and absolutely beautiful forever.

We chose to experience separation from Him to prove to ourselves that we had no need of Him (another place where sexual orientation can be extremely divisive!) and invented and built the illusory environment in which we live out our human experiences.

Feeling separated, which is the experiential unreal state the illusion provides for us, we are always fear-filled because we NEED God’s Love ( without Love, without God, there is NOTHING), and we believe we have lost It because we have offended Him by choosing separation from Him. However, God’s Love for us is eternal and unchanging, and there is NO WAY that we can offend Him, because Love cannot be offended.

There is only Love, which is God, Source, Supreme Intelligence, Infinite Wisdom, which is totally accepting and non-judgmental. Judgment, and all the catastrophes and disasters it causes, is a purely human invention.

God loves us. He has no interest in our sexual behaviors and practices, His only concern is that we be happy, in joy, and in Reality — the state of Oneness with Him from which we have never been separated — which is our natural and changeless state.

Our fascination with and our fear of our sexual nature is because it can bring us such intense joy and happiness and because, as humans with bodies and the excretory functions that are an essential part of those bodies, we experience disgust and feelings that we should reject our bodies, set ourselves apart from our humanity and be only and always spiritual. But we are already only spiritual beings, our humanity is but a temporary state we chose to experience, and we are completely free to use our bodies in any way that please us.

The only restriction or limitation that we need observe is to harm no one. But, as humans, we are severely limited (by our own choice) in our intelligence, wisdom, and ability to be what we truly are — LOVE. As humans we cannot avoid making mistakes and errors, and one of the main lessons we have to learn is to FORGIVE, ourselves and others, as we follow our individual paths to awakening back into Reality, into being once more fully aware that we are, and always have been, One with God. And everyone of us will awaken because to remain eternally asleep is impossible because to be asleep is unreal. In the presence of God, where we have our eternal and unchanging existence, there is the brilliant Light of His Love for us in which we are fully and most joyfully eternally awake.

  Saul Audio Blog for Wednesday April 19th

All is One, there is only One, all of creation is eternally connected to Itself.  All that exists is lovingly and joyfully held within the infinite vastness that is God, the Source of Supreme Intelligence and infinitely loving Wisdom, and the best word that you have for this state, this condition – which is Reality – is LOVE!

Focus on Love because there is nothing else.  What you experience that is not Love is unreal and has no presence, no consciousness, and no power, so focus on Reality and find It within yourselves – the brilliant Light that embraces and supports you in every moment – and delight in the peace, the comfort, and the contentment It offers you ceaselessly.  God’s Will for you is that you be aware of His Love for you, of your inseparable Oneness with Him, and that you in turn share the wonder of that with all consciousness by constantly holding the intent to do so.

You are all, every human without exception, inseparable from the infinite Wisdom that lovingly guides creation in every moment and are in fact extensions of It.  You have hidden this from yourselves – God would NEVER hide Himself from any of you! – and temporarily forgotten Who You are.  Now is the moment to remember your true nature and remind all with whom you interact that it is also their true nature.

You do this by renewing your intent to awaken into Reality every time you visit the holy inner and divinely blessed sanctuary at the center of your being, and the power of that intent, because it is the One Intent, God’s Intent, is way beyond your ability, while in human form, to know.  And yet at the depths of your being you do know this, because it is unforgettable – You cannot forget Who You are, you can only pretend to have forgotten.

The purpose of the illusion was to make that forgetting seem so absolutely real that it appears to you that you do not know God, do not even know if God exists, and for eons it has worked very well.  However, as the Tsunami of Love continues to envelop, embrace, and flow mightily across the planet, It is steadily and irrevocably washing away the flimsy foundations on which the illusion was built, making your waking from the dream inevitable.

Evidence of this can be seen everywhere as more and more of you choose to be loving and respectful to others instead of always following your ego’s self-centered personal gain-seeking agendas.  This choice to be of service and do no harm is a choice the collective has made, it is irreversible and greatly assists the Tsunami of Love in washing away the illusion’s shaky and very unstable foundations.  It is, of course, all part of the collective decision to awaken from the dream and become fully aware of living eternally in the Presence of God.

Because that decision has been made people are suddenly, and often with great surprise, finding themselves making many of their individual choices in their daily lives based on being loving and compassionate.  They are feeling a strong need to assist and support others who are in any way in need.  That is Love in action, and it is being seen in many unlikely places as your awakening process further strengthens and intensifies due to the collective choice and decision to discard the illusion and return to full awareness of Reality.

Reality is your Home, It is where you have your eternal existence, and you have never left Home!  However, it seems to you that you have, that you are individual beings in form with a very limited life-span and a practically meaningless or insignificant purpose in the grand scheme of things which appears to you as humans to consist of numberless vast universes.  You did an extremely good job of inventing and constructing the illusion so that when you entered it as humans you would experience separation and an intense sense of insignificance which, when you dwell on it, is oftentimes quite overwhelming, indeed terrifying.  Generally you avoid dwelling on this by distracting yourselves by focusing your attention almost solely on the problems with which being human presents you – providing for yourselves food, shelter, health, and bodily survival – and thus the unreality and insanity of life as humans almost permanently in conflict with one another escapes you.  You see it all as problems that you can, with sufficient determination, resolve.  But there can be no resolution within the illusion simply because it is unreal.

Reality can only be found within!  A few have journeyed within and found Reality, others have found It through Near Death Experiences.  Once experienced It is completely unforgettable, and the knower loses all fear of death having seen that there is only eternal life.  Then, having been consciously present within and embraced by the field of divine LOVE they have attempted to share that amazing, beautiful, and unforgettable knowing, but it cannot be shared, it can only be experienced.  Nevertheless, reports about life beyond what you experience as human life have awakened an intense desire in many to know more, and to seek confirmation of what they have heard or read about through prayer and meditation, or through the help of spiritual guides and channels.

An enormous awakening process is ongoing within humanity now, because, finally, there are so many reports and informative books and articles widely available worldwide that no one can remain completely unaware or uninformed that there is far, far more to life than can be experienced as a human.  That information is touching every human heart, and although many still choose to discount it, it is increasingly difficult for them to remain in denial.  They may publicly present a skeptical and disparaging front of disbelief in anything that is not physical, but privately they have powerful and worrying doubts.

They are the ones who have an intense need to be right and who, therefore, have the greatest difficulty in admitting that they might possibly be mistaken.  Your task as Light bearers and Light holders is not to proselytize, but to hold them lovingly in your hearts, knowing, as you do, that they will awaken, because it is impossible for anyone to remain eternally asleep.  Sending them Love, silently, unobtrusively, and without declaring your intent to do so, is the perfect and only way to assist them.  As you go within daily to strengthen and empower yourselves through contact with the brilliant Light burning constantly within you, intend to send Love to all, especially the unawakened ones.  This is the most powerful and effective thing you can do for them, and your intent to be so loving and helpful to others increases the effectiveness and intensity of your own awakening process.

The awakening is a collective process, it affects everyone, every conscious being, because it is the divine Will that all awaken.  And all will awaken.  The timing of a soul’s awakening can and will vary, as perceived within the illusion, but in Reality all have already awakened.  There is absolutely no need to worry about or concern yourselves with another’s awakening, fearing they may miss it.  To miss one’s awakening is impossible because it is God’s Will that all awaken, and the divine Will is always perfectly achieved.

With so very much love, Saul.

Saul Audio Blog for Sunday April 9th

Humanity has chosen to awaken, it’s as simple as that!  However, although in truth the awakening has already occurred, it does take time to come to fruition for you because the illusion is largely about time and its passing, and until your awakening happens you are time-bound within your collective dream, the illusion.  It is unreal but, because you intended it to seem very real, it does seem utterly real to you.  That, of course, is very confusing for you, and because the vast majority of the human population believes that the illusion is absolutely real that is how it appears to you.

What is presently occurring is the unraveling of the collective belief in the illusion, and because of that you see apparent chaos, confusion, and conflict in many places across the world as the beliefs that hold it in place are released.  Remember, beliefs are restrictive and limiting opinions that, as humans, you hold and trust, but which are largely invalid.

Humans like beliefs because they seem to offer safety and security, allowing them to align themselves with others who hold the same or similar beliefs, thus helping them to feel accepted, and yet humans are skeptical and very quick to judge and disparage the beliefs others hold that are different from their own.  This intensely bigoted “I’m right and you are wrong” syndrome, constantly leads to disagreement and conflict.  And, of course, it is driven by fear and the desperate need to be accepted, and that is why these beliefs have been held onto so strongly while rarely being questioned – for fear that if questioned, scrutinized, they might be proved wrong.

Over the last few decades numerous entrenched and collective beliefs have been discarded as humanity, moving steadily towards its moment of awakening, has come to realize their invalidity.  And many commonly accepted negative judgments of other people’s life styles have also been discarded.  Many are finally attempting to honor the golden rule “do not do unto others what you would not want them to do to you.”  Even though conflicts and judgments of a very unloving nature are still endemic in many areas, humanity is moving towards acceptance and compassion for each and everyone, and away from judgment.

To awaken means to discard all attitudes and behaviors that are not in complete alignment with Love – judgment, blame, condemnation, disapproval, self-righteousness – and that is what is occurring as more and more people make the choice to toss away those severely limiting and self damaging opinions and affectations.  As general acceptance of one another grows the need for the defenses provided by arrogant and unshakable beliefs and positionalities decreases, and the awareness grows that all are human, seeking only Love, in spite of all the apparent differences between them – nationality, ethnicity, color, sex, political or religious persuasion, interests, and professional qualifications.

You are all the beloved children of God who have momentarily forgotten that divine Truth as you dream the dream of separation and unreality.  Note that word “momentarily,” because in Reality there is only the eternal now, and any apparent move away from that moment can only be extremely brief, so short in fact that it is immeasurable.  To awaken is your inevitable and unavoidable destiny, and for that you should give thanks, daily.

Reality, your Home, is joy-filled, the illusion is fear-filled.  Almost every activity in which you engage as humans, whether mental or physical, is to deal with or escape from fear – fear of being unworthy, incompetent, unloved, abandoned, not good enough, attacked, destroyed, judged, blamed, punished, etc., etc. – and of course this fear is, like the illusion that you have built in which to have these very unsettling experiences, itself unreal!

To awaken is your only real desire, because deep within yourselves you know that what you are experiencing is unreal, a dream, or more often a nightmare.  And you want only to be once more permanently in the Presence of God, your infinitely loving Father and the Source of All that exists.  Without God there would be nothing, no consciousness, which is the field of Love in which everything has its eternal existence.  And there is absolutely no possibility of a state “without God.”

God is . . . there is nothing outside God, God is the One Mind in which everything happens.  It is the field of unlimited infinite creative potential of which you are all essential parts or aspects, and which, without even one of you, It would be incomplete, another impossibility, although “impossibilities” are also impossible!

There is only God, and within God you have your eternal and endlessly joyful existence, so REJOICE!  You are to awaken from the momentary aberration that you built, the illusion, and your joy will once more be complete as all memories of unreality fade away through the tiny spot, stain, or blemish that has hidden Reality from you ever so briefly, and which has never existed.

The experiential field in which humanity finds itself is the illusion that you built in which to undergo a sense of abandonment and aloneness in the insane momentary belief that you had no need of God Who had created you and Who had given you everything that He had and is.  In that brief moment you forgot that there was only God and that you were an inseparable part of Him, and in that instant, by your intent, the illusion arrived and you installed yourself within it, apparently completely separated from your divine Source.  And instantly FEAR arose – it seemed enormous and threatening because you had shrunk yourself into a tiny and insignificant human body that was as nothing to the seemingly vast universe in which you found yourself.

But you are not insignificant!  You are an inseparable and infinitely powerful aspect or part of God, the Source, and it is the illusion that is insignificant.  In fact it is so small and insignificant that there will be not a trace of it when you awaken, as you most surely will.

You were created for eternal joy, and in your experiencing of eternal joy God is fulfilled.  And, of course, God is always utterly fulfilled.  Therefore you are always in eternal joy, and when you awaken you will know this once more, as all doubt, fear, pain, and suffering dissolve never to be remembered.  So rejoice in the certainty of the Truth that you are eternally and inseparably One with God.

With so very much love, Saul.

Saul Audio Blog for Saturday April 1st

To be One is to be awake.  If you are not aware of being One you are asleep and dreaming, and the vast majority of humanity is asleep and dreaming.  In your human state the “big dream” of normal life on Earth seems quite real as opposed to the dreams you experience individually in bed at night, and from which you awaken in the morning.  The only difference between them is that you wake from the bedtime ones but not from the daytime one because you truly believe the latter to absolutely real, and so refuse to awaken from it.

When you pay attention to the pain, suffering, and conflict that are endemic on Earth, and that have been ongoing for eons, you cannot be unaware that it is essential for enormous changes to occur in the way that humans respond to and interact with each other worldwide.  Those changes can only occur individually, because each of you can only change yourselves.  For all of your recorded history people have tried to impose their views, opinions, and beliefs on others forcibly, and it has never worked.  That approach to conflict resolution is insane!  The fact that it is all unreal does not diminish the intensity of the pain and suffering that people feel.  Within the illusion it feels absolutely and undeniably real, and that is why you need to release your core issues and allow yourselves to awaken.

Your heavenly Father wants only for you to live in eternal joy – and in truth you do, you have just hidden the Reality of that from yourselves – and in that heavenly state there is no judgment, blame, bitterness, hatred or righteousness.

Because of your choice to see yourselves as separated individuals – separated from one another and from God – you engage with others and with God fearfully, and then build defenses to protect yourselves through the use of judgment and blame, and all that it leads to.  However, judgment is but a projection of your own deep-seated fears of what you perceive and experience as your own sinful unworthiness.

However, being a perfect divine creation, as each one of you most definitely is, there is no way that you are or ever could be sinful or unworthy!  Yes, you can play a game of being like that, and even though it may cause you intense pain in the moment, it remains unreal, just a game.  A game with which you choose to engage in every moment that you experience it.  So choose not to play it!

You make that choice when you choose to be loving in every moment, and when you make the intent to treat all others lovingly, without making any exceptions, and regardless of the situations that may be arising.  That means to let go of judgment – yes, of course judgmental thoughts will arise, but you always have the choice whether or not to engage with them.

When you become accustomed to not engaging with them, and instead allow them to pass through freely, you will most definitely begin to find yourselves feeling far more at peace than ever before in your lives.  Love is the great healer, and It will heal the deep wounds that abuse (physical or psychological), bitterness, hatred, jealousy, and resentment have burned into your sense of who you are.  And most of you personally identify yourselves with those negative feelings and emotions!  Remember, you are not your feelings or emotions, you are divine beings of immeasurable Love, vast beyond your ability to conceive of, as is your heavenly Father Who created you like Himself.

When you go within daily to that place of eternal inner peace where the flame of God’s Love is always present, intend and decide to feel that peace and the Love from which it flows in every moment.  When you do you will begin to recognize that there is no separation from Oneness and that therefore everyone inevitably interacts with everyone else, constantly.  Thus the more powerfully you make the intent to be loving in every moment the more you will become aware of this and the more intensely will you feel the Love that envelops you.

When you hold onto any judgments or resentments and other similar feelings and opinions – and especially if you engage with them by making yourselves right and others wrong – you intensify the veil that hides your true nature from you.  That holding on is a choice to reject Love in favor of righteousness, and it truly only hurts you, whereas, just by letting go of righteousness, you could be at peace no matter what is going on around you.

As you are constantly being told: You can only change yourself.  And the only change that you can make is to accept the Love that is offered to you in every moment completely and unconditionally, just as It is offered to you.  It is with you always just waiting for you to discard all the unloving beliefs, opinions, and attitudes that lock It out.  You are Love, and yet you refuse to be Love which is your true and eternal nature.  That refusal is a choice that you, each one you, has to make constantly to keep Love locked out.

Change your attitudes, your beliefs, and your behaviors, which are all part of the game of separation that has been causing you so much pain and suffering, and be yourselves, be Love.  Do not be afraid to be loving, it is your true nature, and when you allow yourselves to express your true nature you will experience and enjoy the calm, the peace, and the contentment that it brings to you.  Others will feel the warm acceptance that you offer them, therefore they will value your presence highly, and they will reflect back to you abundantly the Love that you are offering them.

Remember “Love changes everything!”  Just being yourselves – which is a major behavioral change for the vast majority of you – instead of hiding behind those public faces, masks, or disguises you invented to use when you entered the illusion, helps to bring into effect the essential changes in the world for which you have all been praying and hoping.

You have been seeking to change the world outside yourselves, but there is NO outside!  All that you see “out there” you have projected from within yourselves, which is why to be loving changes the world that you perceive.  When your perception of the “outside” world changes from fearful anxiety and the stress that that perception offers you, you will find yourselves increasingly at peace and consequently able to see the Light in others instead of perceiving them as threats to your existence.

You are all children of God, and therefore you are perfect, and thus you remain unchangeably and eternally perfect in every way.  Please acknowledge this divine truth that resides within you and be at peace, completely accepting yourselves just as you are, and as God does, without negative judgment or self-disparagement of any kind, and allow yourselves to delight in the gift of eternal life that has been given to you and that is with you in every moment.

With so very much love, Saul.

Saul Audio Blog for Friday March 17th

Humanity IS awakening!  There numerous signs of this appearing all across the planet, signs that are plainly visible except to those who choose to remain unaware or in denial about the true nature of humanity – that humans are immortal spiritual beings having a temporary and limited physical experience embodied as humans.  There are indeed many who, being unaware of their spiritual essence, see only the physical world and wish to remain harshly judgmental of those with whom they disagree due to their own intense inner sense of unworthiness from which they can only hide or escape by projecting that unworthiness out onto others.  But, as compassion for others becomes more and more widespread, those onto whom they angrily project their fears are refusing in increasing numbers to fight back or defend themselves.  That is an enormous change in attitudes.

Love envelops you all in every moment, It is the life force that flows through your bodies empowering you, and even if you deny It or refuse to acknowledge It, It is always with you because It is what you are and you can never be separated from It.  This enormous change in attitudes is a direct consequence of so many of you acknowledging your true nature and embracing it.  Yes, the world in which you operate as humans offers you many distractions from the truth of this, but in quiet moments, as you acknowledge it, you intensify your awareness of it, and that gives you the strength and perseverance to deal competently and satisfactorily with the human issues with which you all have to deal.

Many of you are feeling drained at present because, as your core issues arise to be acknowledged and released, you are quite shocked by the unloving even violent thoughts that arise into your awareness.  You may wonder where they could be coming from, since your intent is to be only loving, honoring, respectful and compassionate of others, and yet these thoughts are present encouraging you to judge or condemn those you see suffering and in pain, and who you feel guided to assist.  It seems insane, very confusing, even intensely disturbing.  And it is, but the game of separation that has been ongoing for eons has been very violent and cruel.  Within the collective those thoughts of vengeance, resentment, bitterness, and the desire for judgment, condemnation, and punishment of those who have engaged in violent behavior, and who are responsible for causing severe suffering and pain to others, remain and need to be released for healing of the collective to occur.

That is what is happening right now.  All across the world there are places in which conflict, severe pain, and suffering are happening as a result of humanity’s long held belief in being right and making others wrong and then inflicting suffering upon them to “teach them a lesson.”  As you awaken you begin to understand that that kind of arbitrary behavior only builds endless and repetitive cycles of bitterness and resentment, leading to more of same, as your history so clearly demonstrates.

You are Love, and only Love.  Those in the spiritual realms keep reminding you of this, and you keep on forgetting, and so we remind you yet again.  Small children learn by repetition, and in spiritual terms you are small children and so you need to be constantly reminded that you are all, without exception, the beloved children of God, until you choose to accept that divine truth and operate from it instead of from the unreal persona that you constructed to present to others while experiencing life in the illusion.  The persona, behind which so many hide because they are afraid of the apparent weakness that a tender loving person displays, needs to be discarded because it is a defense mechanism that believes in the unreal – separation.

As long as you cling to unreal personas, or masks, so long will you shut out the Love that is your true nature and live in fear.  You are often aware of the false personas that others present to the world while remaining unaware of or in denial of your own.  Or you believe you are your persona, as so many do, and use it to appear as a strong and competent adult.  On the other hand most of you have at some time in your lives met and been influenced, even if only very briefly, by someone who operates only from within the state of Love.  That encounter will have left its mark on you, and you will never have forgotten it because the person seemed so powerful and at peace with herself, and you all want to own that powerful sense of self.

That state is available to you if you will surrender your personas, your unreal masks, and allow the Love that is you to flow freely through you.  When you do you will find peace and contentment, and it is only through doing that that you will find peace and contentment.  But you are afraid to do so because you assume you will be used, betrayed, attacked, or in other ways hurt if you open yourselves in such apparent vulnerability.  The thing is that once you find the courage to try it you will find that through allowing yourselves to be apparently vulnerable you are in fact invulnerable.  Love cannot be hurt!

When you open yourselves in Love you have nothing to hide, you are just you – open, honest, trustworthy – and all feel safe and honored in your presence because your energy field is loving instead of judging and threatening.

The awakening process is the decision and the choice to unburden yourselves by releasing the false or distorting masks or personas behind which you have collectively been hiding in fear for eons, and then purely being you.  It is an extremely freeing choice to make because, once made and acted upon, you will find yourselves freer than you have ever been, even though nothing in your surroundings seems to have changed.

When you go within daily to your holy inner sanctuaries to meditate, pray, or just find a moment’s peace, open your hearts in that moment to the Love that is ever-present there and ask for support so that you may find the courage to be open and loving in every moment during your day.  You will immediately feel the support that is offered to you twenty four seven.  Then let go, release your grip on your persona or mask, and the fear it hides, and greet the world outside with a smile and enjoy the response that results.  Everyone wants only to be accepted and loved, if you go out lovingly into the world what you offer will be reflected back to you a hundredfold.

With so very much love, Saul.

Saul Audio Blog for Sunday March 12th

Humanity’s awakening process is accelerating very rapidly, so “hang onto your hats!”  On the mainstream news you see and hear increasing numbers of stories of large scale deceit and corruption being uncovered and investigated.  Corruption is and has been endemic on Earth for eons, but until very recently all the instances that were made public were of a relatively minor nature.  That has changed, drastically.  Love is honest and open, and the Tsunami of Love is flooding the world over and over again, and more and more of you are accepting its loving embrace and choosing to engage with the world around you lovingly instead of fearfully, and that is a massive change in attitude and intent.

Those of you who read and channel this kind of spiritual material are increasing in numbers daily, and the effect of your loving individual energy fields is shared and felt planet-wide.  What you are all doing, sometimes without knowing it, is bringing into effect the essential changes that are leading to humanity’s inevitable and unstoppable mass awakening.  You collectively made the choice to awaken, you then set the intent, and that extremely powerful intent is now being acted upon.  You have every reason to be very pleased with your progress, and to celebrate this knowingness daily further strengthens and empowers it.

We want you to C E L E B R A T E !  Yes, CELEBRATE, because humanity, all of you on Planet Earth have been engaged in playing illusory games for eons but have finally chosen to awaken from the nightmare of pain and suffering that has so engrossed you.  And that, you must agree, is truly a cause for celebration.

When you celebrate you raise your energy field, the field of unconditional Love that is your unbreakable connection to Source, and which flows through you in every moment connecting you all together in an inseparable bond of Love, to extremely powerful and all-inspiring levels of spiritual awareness.  This brings you back to an awareness of those in the spiritual and non-physical realms with whom you are always in a very close associative state but whom you have closed off from your awareness while sunk within the distracting and very disempowering lower frequency energies of the illusion.

To begin to know yourselves once more as you truly are is most definitely a reason to celebrate.  Do not be distracted by the ongoing dramas and confusions of the illusion, focus on your true nature – LOVE – and on your eternal connection to Source, to us in the spiritual realms constantly uplifting and supporting you, and to one another in physical form who are but Love incarnate awakening together into the eternal joy from which you have never been separated.

Separation, as we keep on telling you, is utterly impossible.  Nevertheless, when you are experiencing life in the severely limited way that your human forms appear to dictate, separation seems very real indeed.  You are all masters, because that is how you were created, and what God creates is eternally unchanging.  You always have all the power that He gave you at the moment of your creation, but while you focus almost exclusively on the distractions from your spiritual beingness with which the illusion constantly presents you, you cannot get a full sense of this.  And, as physical beings who have a human form, you are limited, you cannot access the infinite power available to a child of God, but you most certainly can access enough to demonstrate quite conclusively to you that you are far, far vaster beings than your physical forms suggest.

To dwell in fear, and anxiously worry about disasters and catastrophes that might befall you, draws you down into the unreality of the illusion and drains your vital energy unnecessarily, leaving you feeling tired and depleted.  When you choose instead to acknowledge and accept this truth you will find yourselves delighting in the knowing of it daily as your lives start to flow far more smoothly because you are engaging with it by choosing to live lovingly instead of fearfully.  Life is an energy field, It is the Love that can and will fill your hearts if you open them and allow It to do so.  You can restrict Its flow by holding onto fear through anger, resentment, bitterness, jealousy, and other similar negative thought forms that damage you far more than those onto whom you direct those negative energies.

Love expands, welcomes, accepts, heals, and forgives, empowering those who engage with It.  It is the Oneness or the All that is God, Source, and You.  You can ignore It, hide from It, deny It, but you cannot be separated from It, because you are One with It, eternally and inseparably.  And that again is reason enough to celebrate.

You were created in Love, for eternal joy, and that divine intent can never be changed or altered in any way, so It will prevail.  You will awaken into the knowing of who you truly are because it is God’s Will, and your will is inseparable from His.  You can pretend that your wills are separate, that is what the illusion is all about, but pretense is as unreal as the illusion in which you play your games of separation, and the illusion is in the process of disintegrating.

The time for games of separation has passed, and the deep sleep of dreamers that you chose to experience is deeply disturbed.  Love is nudging you back to the state of wakefulness in which you know yourselves as inseparable aspects of God, living in joy and expressing yourselves in endless joint creative ventures where you align in harmonious and uplifting cooperation, bringing intense joy to all of creation.  Endless and limitless opportunities to delight you in every moment await your awakening.

With so very much love, Saul.