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Life is full of surprises, which add enormously to its richness and variety.  As you allow your heart to open more fully, your awareness expands to observe and experience more of life’s rich store of surprises ― a book that catches your attention; a beautiful view that you had seen many times but had not really noticed before; a warm and unexpected interchange with a stranger.  All these surprises occurred because of an opportunity you chose to respond to, reconfirming your deeply held knowledge that all is connected, that there is no isolation.

Each thought, each action, each energy flow affects everyone.  Anything you do or feel or think has consequences elsewhere, although as humans you are only aware of the most blatant examples.

As energy flows around you and through you, you put a spin on it; you alter it as only you can, and you add an identifying tag or label which will always remain with it.  Other energies then add to it and modify it, and each of them will also leave an identity-tag so that each addition and modification is noted and recorded.  Nothing is secret or hidden; all is known; and the knowledge is available to all, allowing for an infinite expansion of creation.

The possibilities are unending, and your participation is not only unavoidable but actively and lovingly encouraged.  Open your awareness so that you may fully experience the ongoing, creative adventure of which God has made each one of you an essential and irreplaceable part.  All are partners with God because creation is a partnership ― a coop-erative venture, in which all consciousness participates, as a whole and as individual entities.  All entities, from the infinitely small to the infinitely vast, experience themselves to a greater or lesser degree as very definitely individual.  Over time, the knowledge of the Oneness of all becomes apparent as the consciousness of the individual grows through the experience of living.

Anything you can imagine is possible, and infinitely more besides.  There are no limits, except for those you choose to create for yourselves as comfort or discomfort zones!  The choices are yours, and yours alone ― what you choose, you create; and where you are is where you have chosen to be.  It is a creative flow which you can plug into at any time to discover new, undreamt-of ideas to uplift or dismay you!  You always choose.  So choose to delight and enjoy rather than to dismay and destroy, and thus ensure that living is a delight for all.  There is no reason for it not to be, unless you make that choice.

In any event and at all times you remain at one with, united with, connected to God, All That Is, and He is eternally creating more and more ― for His delight and yours.

With so very much love, Saul.

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Much is happening in your human environment on Earth that will lead to substantial changes in the way you perceive yourselves and the way you continue to live on the planet. Large numbers of you are very aware of the need for change and are holding the intention and praying that this will happen. The strength of your intentions and prayers is enormous, and they are having an immense effect on the planetary environment that will encourage and enable the necessary changes to occur.

The economic, environmental, and hostility issues that are plaguing the planet are being very effectively addressed. Solutions to these planet-wide problems are available, are being recognized and are being put into effect. As this happens the energy signature of the planet and the life forms she supports are altering from a self-centered fear based vibration that has been affecting your environmental living space for eons, to one of concern and consideration for all life forms, based on peaceful cooperation at every level of existence.

This change in energy has been planned and intended for a long time, and many of you are deeply involved in bringing it into being, even though you may not be aware of your involvement. The dark ages of war, famine, plague, fear, and uncaring behavior are finally coming to an end. Suffering, pain, and anxiety will cease to direct your beliefs, your activities, and your lives.

What you do each day, which has for so many of you for so long been boring, draining, and exhausting work, will become a delightful and joyous creative exploration of your multitudinous talents and abilities for which you will have boundless energy and enthusiasm. Your pleasure in each others magnificent achievements will amaze you, as the emotional need to compete with and destroy others dissolves, leaving you peaceful and content in every moment of your existence.

The Divine Being who created all sentient beings, loves you all dearly and desires only that you live in eternal joy and happiness. That state of being is available to you, and always has been. With the alterations taking place in the energies enveloping you, your awareness of what is possible for you will expand and intensify, and all your senses will open into a far greater sensitivity to bring you new and wonderful experiences that at present are completely beyond your ability to conceive of, imagine, or even dream of.

To assist you with your personal transformation, which is necessary for you to experience the wonders that God has prepared for you, it is essential that you address your emotional issues and the blocks to your awareness that are weighing you down. Meditate daily, to bring you to that place of oneness where all existence is, and release the grudges, resentments, and angers that you are carrying. This will make space for God’s Love to suffuse you totally, and when it does you will lovingly forgive all who have offended you in any way, as you realize how much they too were suffering when they unthinkingly and unintentionally committed the faults that so offended you. You will see that you, too, were equally at fault in your treatment of others. And you will realize that none of it matters! It could not, because you exist permanently in God, All That Is, where there is only perfection, peace, and love, because that is all He has created.

With so very much love, Saul.

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Waiting is not something humanity enjoys!  Prior to building the illusion and burying yourselves in it, you were experiencing the magnificence of eternity where there is no waiting because there is only now.

Time is a two edged sword.  It is the part of the illusion that effectively hides or disguises the eternal now moment by making it appear to be only momentary instead of everlasting.  You can remember past times and experiences, and you can dream about or imagine future ones, but your experience of now is only fleeting when it is enjoyable, and can seem interminable when you are in pain or are suffering.  It is in fact what is frequently described as “attachment”.

Letting go of attachment, of needing specific outcomes or results in time, as the Buddha taught, relieves you of suffering and anxiety.  You will still experience pleasures, pains, and boredom as they occur, but you will not feel driven to hold onto them or to avoid them.  You will feel at peace knowing that they will pass and be replaced by other sensations.  In time, in the illusion, nothing lasts, everything passes.

When you hold on, are attached to anger, for instance, pleasurable sensations that you could be enjoying pass by unnoticed, or even intensify your anger, as in that state your ability for enjoyment feels blocked.  Trying to make enjoyable sensations last by holding onto them – attachment – destroys them, turns them, as it were, to ashes, and frustrates you, causing suffering.

You cannot control the illusion, it just unfolds, but you can and do contribute to it continuously because you are involved in it.   Sometimes it will seem that your contributions are good because an apparently satisfactory outcome occurs, and on other occasions the reverse is true, causing you confusion and consternation.  It seems that you followed the rules, obeyed the laws, and that everything went wrong!  Events that you could not have foreseen, events of which you could never be aware changed the expected outcome.

To experience peace and contentment it is essential to let go of expectations.  To experience desires and needs is normal, but a decision – and it most definitely is a decision even if you are unaware of it – that you cannot be happy unless a specific object is obtained, or a certain outcome occurs ensures that you can never be at peace.

Peace is your natural state.  When you are not at peace, like most people for a lot of the time, it means you are attached to outcomes, outcomes that you cannot control.  When you investigate your attachments honestly, which is not easy, you will find that they are mostly fear-driven needs either to be right or to be better than or to be special.  But we are all one, no one is better or more right, just different – which is fine, that is as it should be – and yet in the illusion we have bought very firmly into the need to divide and separate into good and bad, us and them.  Then we fight them to show them how wrong they are, how they are offending God, and us, and that they must be corrected, judged, and punished – preferably by us!  We know that when we defeat them and win, all will be well . . .  But it never is.

So let go, accept life as it occurs, and learn the lessons it provides, instead of rebelling against them.  Each one is a step on the way to peace.  It is as though you were immersed in cold water, and each time you learnt a lesson the water became a little warmer, until finally you and the water are at the same perfect temperature, and you can no longer identify where you end and the water begins.  You are at one with the water, in complete peace and contentment.  And this simple allegory, although comforting for you while you are engrossed in the illusion, cannot convey even the slightest notion of the infinite peace that you will experience when you awaken into full consciousness, as you inevitably will!

With so very much love, Saul.

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While you sleep and dream your illusory reality into existence, rest assured that separation from your divine Father is beyond possibility.  You are eternally and permanently one with Him.  He is all there is and that is where you are, as there is no other reality, no other option.  Oneness with God is permanent and unchangeable.  However, within the nightmare of your dream state many, many choices seem possible, all of them leading to decay and death, a very depressing and discouraging scenario.  Your desire to escape from this miserable state is very natural.

You made idols (ancient and modern), which you then worshipped as gods, and you begged them to save you.  These gods changed in nature over time, but your need to believe in their ability to save you from a violent universe hasn’t.  You continue to offer them horrendous sacrifices to placate them for the offenses and betrayals you think you have committed, but of course there is no response, and disasters and catastrophes continue to occur.

Truly this is all illusion.  You played a game, hid from God, and believed you had separated from Him, and were ashamed and horrified at what you appeared to have done.  The shock you experienced was so stunning and terrifying that instead of stopping the game and returning to your ever-loving Father, you fled in fear and anguish, judging yourself unforgivable.  And since then you have continued to experience unremitting fear and anxiety.

Many of you attempt to lead good lives but remain fearful and judgmental, while others try to play the system for personal gain.  Neither of these approaches can possibly succeed because both depend on remaining in the dream!  You need to awaken so that the dream dissolves, leaving you in the brilliant light of God’s unending love.  Holding onto the dream by remaining asleep has absolutely no value whatever.

To awaken is your one task, and there are with you many loving entities who can help you and desire only to do so.  God’s love for you is intense, and deep within yourself you know this; consequently, it is only a matter of time before you awaken into the divine bliss that is your heritage.  Time is but an illusion you make and remake in each instant as you experience it, and you can stretch it and expand it to suit your apparent needs and desires.  However, eventually it will collapse, leaving you joyfully in the eternal now.  So why continue to rebuild it, along with all the pain, fear, and confusion it encompasses, when you could be using the loving energy of God, which flows through you continuously in a life-giving stream, to hasten its dissolution and your magnificent reawakening into Reality, your eternal heavenly home?

You have to choose to awaken.  Your guides are with you in every moment, waiting to assist you when you do make that choice, and it is one that is inevitable.  You can delay and procrastinate for as long as you wish, effectively extending time – time in which you continue to experience the unhappy and fearful nightmare that seems so real to you.

Listen to your angels, your guides, your higher self, and recognize the loving message that they have been offering you throughout your human existence: “You are missed; you are dearly loved; come home so that we can celebrate life with you again in all its divine glory.”

With so very much love, Saul.

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Life has many surprises for the children of God, and all senient beings are His beloved children.   Those on Earth are due to awaken from their long and gruelling nightmare of pain, suffering, and death into the sweetest of dreams, where cooperation, harmony, and joy form the base from which their experiences will arise, leading to peace and satisfaction in every moment.

Presently, as you look around you, you perceive much that dismays you – antagonism, dispute, confrontation, deceit, and betrayal – as so many of you struggle for personal survival in an environment in which the odds seem to be stacked against you.  You perceive a world gone mad and contribute to it yourselves by your attitudes of fear and mistrust which spread like a contagion throughout society.

This is changing, as indeed it must.   For eons only occasionally did one or two of you realize the immensity of God’s Love for you and understand that the only way to achieve personal peace was through forgiveness.

About 350 years ago, an awareness began to develop, that all should be free — as they were born to be — and treated with equal respect regardless of their sex, their ethnicity, or their beliefs.   This led to the abolition of the slave trade, the emancipation of women, the formation of charitable organizations, and education for all.  Yet these changes have not enabled you to live in peace with one another.

Over the last 50 years, the numbers of you who have become aware of the need to ensure these basic human rights, and to provide food, clothing, shelter, and medical assistance to those who, for whatever reason, are unable to provide for themselves, have grown enormously.  The intensity of your concern to bring peace and security to all on your planet has also greatly increased over the last 20 years, and is creating a very effective energy flow that is combining synergistically with the enormous divine energy field enveloping the planet, to enable the essential changes to the way you engage with each other and with the planet to occur.

These stirrings have of course been ongoing for quite some time, but have been scarcely noticeable, rather like the first few drops of rain that herald a downpour.  The downpour is now approaching, and, to some of you who have been waiting anxiously for it, it no doubt seems long overdue.  But the divine plan invariably unfolds precisely on schedule because, being divine, its execution is always perfect, faultless.

It is time for you to stop doubting and trust completely in your Father’s benevolence, which He has demonstrated to you continuously since He created you.  Your doubts seem to be confirmed in the illusory reality only because that reality does not exist, despite your ongoing efforts to make it real.  Deep within yourselves you know this is true, and from those depths doubt naturally arises because of your confusion about what is real – God’s divine Reality or your insignificant illusory one.  You doubt everything, including yourself, which is all that does in fact exist within the illusion, as you continue to experience the terrifying nightmare from which it is time you awakened.

When you do, your doubts will be gone as you bathe in the glory of God’s heavenly Presence and remember with intense joy that this is where you have always been, utterly safe, utterly secure, and infinitely loved.

With so very much love, Saul.

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The divine paths that humans have chosen to follow during their many lifetimes are varied indeed, but they all lead to the same destination, namely, the reawakening into God’s divine Presence.  A Presence from which you have never been separated, even though it appears to you during life in the illusion that you are so far removed from God that you have no memory of Him, and truly doubt His existence.  However, deep within each one of you, buried under the accumulated debris and denials of countless lifetimes, the flame of divine Love remains burning with infinite energy.  It is there to ensure that it is impossible for you to become irrevocably lost in your insane imaginary reality; one that you continue to build and rebuild because of your guilt-driven fear that you have denied and betrayed your loving Father.  The shame that goes with that erroneous belief is enormous but totally unwarranted.

Your Father loves you and wants only for you to awaken and leave behind the horrific illusion you have built for yourselves so that it may dissolve like the nightmare it is, as the glorious light of His Love envelops you in the eternal day that is your home and (while you appear to be removed from it) your final destination.

No matter how hard you try you cannot avoid reaching the destination.  There is nowhere else.  You can pretend and intend with all your strength and determination to convince yourselves that the illusion is real, and that pain, fear, and suffering prove this to be so, and that God does not exist.  But it is simply impossible to deceive yourselves permanently, when deep within you the inextinguishable divine flame continues to burn, proving in every moment the unreality of your illusion.

The moment of your awakening is fast approaching and will not be delayed, diverted, or avoided.  You will wake up, there is no other possibility, and your joy will dumbfound you as all memory of anything else instantly dissolves.  We in the spiritual realms look forward with delight to the moment when you experience the divine heavenly surprise that has been prepared for you, and which awaits your pleasure.

With so very much love, Saul.

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God’s divine plan for His children is magnificent, awe inspiring, and perfectly on schedule.  As you wait eagerly for signs and experiences to confirm it, remember that you are presently experiencing existence in an illusory non-reality — a place of dreams and nightmares that continuously confuses and disorients you.  Problems occur that apparently need to be addressed and solved. Possible disasters and catastrophes constantly require precautions to be taken to deal with them should they occur.  Within this unsafe and threatening environment that appears to envelop and contain you, you find it very difficult to focus on the divine Light that is beckoning you.  You feel continually drawn to attend to matters that you think will ensure your security.  And yet experience never ceases to confirm for you that there is no security:  Everyone dies.  “But not yet” you plead, “I am not ready — later!”  Your fear of the inevitable keeps attracting your attention, distracting you from the guiding Light within you where you really need to focus your attention.

That Light is the divine confirmation of your eternal existence, at one with each other in the peace and the joy that is God, the only Reality, sublime and unbounded.  You are to awaken into Reality because that is the divine plan in which each one of you is an essential and beloved participator.  Until you awaken you can have not the slightest perception of what it entails to be a part of this divine wonder.  And that is why you will wake up.  To participate fully in God’s ongoing creation, and to enjoy it fully as is His intent for you.

Your unhappiness, your misery, and your suffering as you wallow in your illusory quagmire, imagining that you are making sacrifices in reparation for humanity’s sins or to appease an easily angered and judgmental god, do not, in even the smallest way, please your heavenly Father.  He adores you as only He can, knowing you are perfect because that is how He created you, and His only will for you is your infinite happiness.  And that alone will please Him.

You, however, have submerged yourselves in your illusion and convinced yourselves that you are unworthy and unlovable, especially by God, and continue to hide there in fear, guilt, and self-loathing.  This is insane behavior!  Stop believing that you deserve punishment, because you do not!  There is nothing that you can do in the illusion to offend God, because it does not exist, anymore than do the activities in which you appear to engage yourselves.  It is time to turn towards the Light that is within you for the sole purpose of showing you the way and guiding you home.

You are — and since the moment of your creation always have been — infinitely loved, and so you always will be.  You can, and you have been, refusing to accept this divine truth about yourselves, but the time for that self-centered and self-pitying attitude never existed.  So release it, let it go, and allow yourselves to awaken into the infinite beauty and wonder that your Father wills you to experience eternally with Him.  For God’s sake, and your own, accept His Love and allow yourselves to wake up!

With so very much love, Saul.

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Waiting is arduous but essential, and the reward for waiting will fill you with the light and joy for which you have been hoping and praying for so long.  Your move into full consciousness is imminent.  Hold and intensify your intent because as you do so the strength of the divine Intent multiplies the effect of yours enormously.  There is a joint cooperative process approaching fulfillment: God’s, the spiritual realm’s, and yours.  Without your efforts the process cannot be completed, but your efforts are forthcoming just as required.

The more strongly you focus your intent on doing the divine Will, and the more frequently you do so, the more you will find yourself feeling positive, peaceful, and optimistic.  You will strengthen and confirm your inner confidence in God’s Plan, knowing that it is perfect and perfectly on schedule.  Your doubts and anxieties will fade from your memory as you become increasingly conscious of the divine Love, the life force, that is flowing abundantly through you.  It always has and it always will, the difference is your growing awareness of what it is, and of its limitless abundance.

You are inordinately blessed to be on Earth at this point in her ongoing evolution, as you will witness the most wonderful changes and modifications that are about to occur to bring the external environment into complete alignment with the divine Energy of beauty and sensitivity that has always enveloped it.  As these energetic frequencies merge and commence to resonate in perfect harmonious balance an “other worldly” peace will unfold enveloping all life forms, and terminating permanently the mistrust, fear, and aggression that has held sway on Earth for so long.

As the veil dissolves in the brilliant light of eternal day, your joyous amazement at the delights revealed will instantly sweep away the horrific memories of pain and suffering that have been endemic for so long.  True peace and harmony could not be yours if the memories remained to distract you from the eternal bliss of your divine existence.  They are memories of an illusion, a dream state that never was, and so will disintegrate into the nothingness from which you constructed them, leaving not the slightest trace of any kind of disharmony.  Being nothing, there is absolutely nothing to leave as a residue.

You have always been promised infinite joy, and that is what you will experience, eternally.  No other option or possibility is available to distort, divert, or prevent you from entering that divine state.  God’s promise to you is guaranteed and confirmed by the infinite power of His divine Will.  Relax into peace, and unconditionally forgive every slight, pain, or betrayal that you believe you have experienced in preparation for the dissolution of the illusion, and the delivery of the divine Promise.  You would have believed the wait for this momentous occasion was worth every waiting moment if you were to have any awareness or memory of having waited!

In the divine Reality it is completely unnecessary to have opposing sensations – ugliness/beauty, pain/pleasure, suffering/joy, hate/love – because there is only the eternal perfection of heavenly bliss to which there can be no opposite or contrasting state.  Rejoice that this is so, and that it is to be your eternal experience.

With so very much love, Saul.

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Many issues that humanity has needed to address for a long time, but has blocked or denied, are rising into consciousness causing confusion and dismay.   People are discovering within themselves attitudes and beliefs with which they are most uncomfortable and of which they have been in denial.  However, they do need to be recognized and released to enable them to continue to advance along their spiritual paths.  They frequently conflict with or are in total opposition to the life philosophy a person espouses, and consequently severely shock a person when they pop into their awareness, and that can cause a strong feeling of shame, which is why they were denied in the first place.

But unsavory attitudes and beliefs are very common and need to be seen and released.  They are not something to be ashamed of, because they are endemic, everyone has some of them, just acknowledge them and let them go.   It is only when they are denied or repressed that they are troublesome, because then they can burst unexpectedly into your awareness so that you act on them instantaneously, before you have time to think whether you really want to, or have time to decide whether or not it would be appropriate to do so.  All your cultures, religions, and social customs have long lists of unmentionable subjects, ideas that they suggest could not possibly occur to any of their members.  So when these ideas do bubble up into consciousness the person is shocked and horrified that such a thought could have occurred to her, and denial is almost instantaneous.

Locking down and controlling unacceptable thoughts and ideas uses up enormous amounts of the life force that is constantly flowing through you, your life energy.  It leads to fatigue and depression as you try to distance yourself from this strange and threatening other self that wants and needs to be acknowledged.  You have to acknowledge every aspect of yourself, not just the one you have chosen to display as your identity.  Learn what each one wants, and then discover how to integrate them harmoniously into the complete and wonderful person that you truly are.  Denial causes conflict, confusion, and fatigue, while acceptance, understanding, and harmonious integration of all the different, perfectly normal, and extremely creative aspects of yourself brings you to the divine and sublimely peaceful center of your true self.  There you will find a limitless abundance of joy and energy, enabling you and encouraging you to live life with great enthusiasm and equanimity just as it happens.

Life should be fun.   Whether you are impoverished or wealthy makes no difference, because it is your attitude to life that enables or disables your ability to enjoy it and have fun.  You do know this, but some of you choose to see the negative aspects of life in the illusion, while others focus on the positive. It is a choice for you to make completely freely, whether to live in joy or as a curmudgeon – you have all been aware of people with horrendous physical or mental disabilities who are a joy to be with because of their upbeat attitude to life – so surely the appropriate choice is obvious, every self-help book tells you this.  If you do not feel happy and joyful, then pretend, and notice how people respond to you.  It might be quite a revelation!   Then keep pretending, while acknowledging and releasing your unhappy feelings, and you will begin to see that life can be fun, because your behavior will spark the sense of fun in others, and give you very positive feedback.   As a result you will begin to enjoy the pretense, and suddenly you will realize that you are not pretending, and that life for you really is fun.  To try this costs nothing except, perhaps, a little effort to overcome the ego’s plaintive objection that  “It’s not worth taking the trouble, because it won’t work.”, and the rewards of success far outweigh the initial effort you made to overcome your doubts and give it a try.

There are lots of inspiring stories out there about people who have overcome incredible difficulties, people who previously showed no sign that they possessed the courage and determination they found within themselves and then used to such great effect.   You have the power, you have the talents, so use them and be in joy. Ignore the nay-sayers who tell you that you can’t, because they most definitely do not have your best interests at heart, and are probably afraid that you will succeed.  Wherever you are and whatever you do life can be fun, and your Father wills it for you, so join your will with His, and find the fun that seems to be eluding you, then share it and watch it gain unstoppable momentum.  You will wonder why you waited so long before engaging with life and finding the joy and satisfaction that you had always wanted but were afraid to believe you had the right to expect or experience.

Start by noticing the small things you enjoy, give thanks for them, and trust that more and more of them will come to delight you, and in that trust will come your success — a life that satisfies you and enables you to deal fearlessly, competently, and confidently with each challenge that it presents to you.  Then you will truly know that your Father loves you and honors you in every moment of your eternal existence.

With so very much love, Saul.

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