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Humanity’s long journey through time and the illusion is drawing to a close, as more and more of you start to become aware that you are spiritual beings and start allowing that recognition to guide you.  Your spiritual guidance is always available, always with you, but most of the time you are distracted and fascinated by the complexity of your illusory reality, and are unaware of this powerful spiritual energy that envelops you in every moment of your existence. It is a little like being in a room that is dark and trying to feel your way about in it when you could just turn the lights on, or open the blinds and let the daylight in.

To let the daylight in is what waking up is all about.  The illusion is very dark, and you dissolve it by letting in the light.  When you do that you will find that life becomes very clear, as confusion and misunderstanding just fade away. Within the illusion, where you are at present, because, metaphorically speaking, the lights are turned off and the blinds are closed, clarity is impossible.  You can think about problems, communicate your ideas (often with difficulty) to others, and come up with solutions, but they are mostly far less than satisfactory.  In the brilliant daylight of full consciousness there are no problems; there are only creative ideas and endeavors that work perfectly and transparently, and which are understood by all.  This is of course why you need to awaken, so that you can enjoy that wondrous state.

In the meantime, while you are moving ever closer to that divine state of existence, continue your regular quiet times or meditative periods during which you relax and watch your thoughts coming and going without engaging with them.  You will be aware of moments, or possibly longer periods, when no thoughts arise and you feel quiet and peaceful.  During those moments it is much easier to “hear” your guides or pick up on your intuition, and also to allow yourself to feel the abundance of unconditional Love that envelops you at all times.  When you experience that state, even very briefly, you are able to recognize that those with whom you have disagreements or those who seem to be attacking you are in fact calling out for love.  You can see that they, like you, are suffering, and your heart goes out to them in compassion and forgiveness, quite spontaneously and effortlessly.  Even though it most probably will not be apparent to you, it does give them healing, and what you give you receive, so you too will be uplifted and this will strengthen your desire and intent to forgive yourself.  True forgiveness is infectious and you will recognize this in the increasing ease with which you find yourself forgiving others, and it may well quite amaze you as long-held judgments and resentments just fall away, leaving you peaceful and content.

And that is the state from which you will finally awaken into the joyful brilliance of Reality, your destination and your eternal Home.  You are coming Home, you know it, you are beginning to sense it, and a most glorious welcome awaits you.

With so very much love, Saul.

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Encouraging humanity to awaken is indeed an uplifting and joyful task for us in the spiritual realms, because we already know you and love you as fully-conscious spiritual beings.  Here in the divine, eternal present all are awake and living with exhilarating enthusiasm, and we know, therefore, with absolute certainty that your awakening will occur, bringing you unimaginable happiness, and we rejoice in the glory of God’s constant and limitless Love for all of His creation.  Despite your doubts, anxieties, and skepticism, that is where you too have your existence in every moment, even though in your unawakened state you are refusing to acknowledge this divine Truth.

You are, however, aware of living consciously in the illusion, and therefore you must be alive, as consciousness demands it.  Being alive, you get to make choices, but frequently you make them without full awareness of what they mean or how you will actually experience them.  This can be very confusing all of you have at times exclaimed “I never expected that to happen” — and the reason for this is that you see yourselves as separate, independent individuals.  You are almost completely unaware of the energy field in which you have your existence.  You are also unaware that each of you affects it continuously, and therefore everyone else as well.

We continually nudge you towards wakefulness by bringing to your attention coincidences and synchronicities that demonstrate to you that all is interconnected, that nothing is separate, even though it does not appear to you that this is so.  Most of the time you are skeptical and unaccepting of these incidents and convince yourselves they are just chance occurrences that are quite unrelated to each other and that have no meaning.  And yet you wonder . . . and find it hard to dismiss them out of hand.  So instead, you recount them to friends, but with an air of tolerant skepticism.  You want to believe in your divine destiny, although you would not label it that clearly, but you are afraid that you will be disappointed because in the illusion disappointment is endemic.  And so we keep on drawing to your attention evidence of your true nature — your unbreakable spiritual connection to God.

You are coming to realize that there is more to life than your physical existence in the illusion seems to suggest.  And this intrigues you and gives rise to hope because you desperately want this to be the case, for if it is not, and existence is as meaningless as it often appears to be, then your loneliness overwhelms you.  If you did not manage to distract yourselves from these depressing thoughts, despair would set in.

We are with you to make sure that does not happen, and we shall continue to nudge you and bring to your attention events and occurrences that demonstrate to you that God, your loving Father, exists and wants you to experience the Love in which He embraces you and the absolute bliss that awareness of that Love will bring you.  You are going to awaken; there will be no disappointment, because your destiny has been assured since the moment of your creation, and all that you have hoped and prayed for will enfold you, dissolving the illusion permanently.

With so very much love, Saul.

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The state of full consciousness is a joy forever, because it is the state in which you were created by your Father for your eternal enjoyment.  You have temporarily forgotten that state as you wander around fearfully, apparently lost in the illusion that you have made, seeking what cannot be found there.  It is not the least bit surprising that your lives are largely unsatisfactory; you were created to experience eternal bliss, and yet you choose to remain in the illusion where you never experience that, and only occasionally know brief moments of pleasure.  It is an unreal and frightening environment a state of dreaming from which you need to awaken, and it is your will and your Father’s that you do so . . . and so you shall.

You built the illusion in an attempt to prove that you were independent of God and that you did not need Him, which was and remains an insane idea, as He is All That Exists, and therefore you are all inseparable parts of Him.  You are thoroughly bored with the game that you have been playing, and you are exhausted by the pain and suffering it has caused you.  You explored the outer limits of this weird environment without finding what you were looking for, and then turned around seeking the way out.  It is well lit, but you keep straying from the path Home and go off again into the darkness because you are continuously being misled by the messages with which your egos keep providing you, which tell you that you are wicked sinners, unworthy of God’s Love, and that consequently God wishes to punish you for the horrendous sins that you have committed and which sorely offend Him.

Nothing could be further from the truth!  He loves you dearly and unconditionally, and He wants you to remember this and return Home to the glory that is His and which He shares with you always.  Pain and suffering is for dummies – but there are none!  You are all divine beings created for eternal life in paradise, and so you will awaken into that wondrous state.

Your present experiences as humans in a seemingly variably hostile environment are set to terminate, end, finish, fade into the nothingness from which they seem to have arisen.  No other outcome is possible because no other outcome exists; they are just bad dreams that you have continued to build and enter.  But dreams dissolve, evaporate, and disappear beause they are illusions and cannot withstand the brilliant light of God’s eternal day.

Know that you are to awaken.  Focus on that one Truth.  It is indeed the only Truth that exists in your entire illusory environment.  Keep reminding yourselves that this is so, that this is God’s Will for you.  And because this is so, live joyfully, spontaneously, lovingly, and compassionately, with the intense optimism that this divine Truth deserves.  You are all intensely loved, and you cannot avoid awakening into the divine Reality where you will experience this Love in every moment of your eternal existence.

With so very much love, Saul.

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Humanity’s awakening into full consciousness is an occurrence of momentous significance.  It has been planned with great care and attention to detail to ensure that every aspect of this divine event unfolds perfectly, and so it will — because it is God’s Will and no outcome other than His Will is possible.  Focus on this. Your awakening into God’s divine Reality is inevitable, unavoidable, and will bring you great glee and exhilaration.

Focusing on the certainty that this wondrous event will occur as divinely promised raises the frequency of your life energy and draws a sense of vibrant expectation into your energy field.  This brings you a strong feeling of optimism and an awareness of the wonder of life, helping to dissolve the negative views that many of you hold of places, situations, and specific individuals who participate with you in various ways as you follow your life paths.  And of course your upbeat energy flow helps others to raise the frequency of their energy fields.  Sharing this energy by living optimistically and compassionately is the most effective thing you can do to move yourselves ever closer to the grand awakening.

Your awakening is awaited most eagerly by all in the spiritual realms who have been watching you with great compassion, encouraging you, and cheering you on.  We are very aware of the unsatisfactory nature of your present life experience and the suffering it entails, and it gives us great joy to know that it is coming to an end.  You have all been working very hard to bring awareness of the illusion and its unreality to all on Earth, and at times it has definitely seemed to you that your efforts were having very little affect.  Nevertheless, you continue to demonstrate your faith in God’s promise by the loving compassion you offer to others most of the time.

To offer compassion at all times while immersed in the illusion is just not possible, and is certainly not expected of you.  Therefore, do not judge yourselves harshly when it seems to you that your efforts are less effective than you would like them to be.  Remember that even a very brief friendly or loving glance can have an enormous effect of which you could never be aware.  Your Father delights in the love and support that you offer your sisters and brothers, and sees only the positive results of your compassionate behavior.  He never judges you, so neither should you.  Because He is Love, He can only love you.  Love is the divine Power of creation which He shares with you in every moment of your existence.  All you have to do is stop attempting to assess the level of your goodness or badness as this causes you enormous and futile anxiety.  And in the peace that replaces that insane mental activity, just feel the Love that is offered you.

Doing that – feeling the Love as you rest in your place of peace – strengthens and intensifies the loving compassion that you offer to others, making it far more effective.  When you worry about whether you are being good or bad, or about whether you are doing God’s Will and following your proper life path, you drain energy unnecessarily from your field or aura.

Trust your intuition, your full-time spiritual guidance, and do not try to analyze it. Live with confidence, because then your energy melds with God’s, your will and His combine, and what you do is precisely what is needed in every moment.

With so very much love, Saul.

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The time for humanity’s return to full consciousness was chosen at the moment of apparent separation from God and from that natural state.  Meticulous planning and preparation for your return to this state has ensured that there is no way that you can avoid awakening into your Father’s most loving embrace.  You have been seeking to return to Oneness with Him for eons, and you will not be disappointed; all is arranged for your glorious awakening.

It seems that you have been waiting a long time to awaken into full consciousness, but in truth there is an immense paradox here: on one hand, it is but an instant since the apparent separation from God occurred; and on the other, in the illusion, humanity seems to have lived for eons within the reality that you made.  Here, in the illusion, where you appear to have your existence as humans, your intellectual abilities are severely limited, and in comparison to those you have in your Father’s divine Reality, they are even less than those of a grain of sand in the desert.  Trying to make sense of your environment is utterly beyond your capabilities, which is why the Holy Spirit is with you in every illusory moment to assist you.  Most of the time, unfortunately, you shut out His guidance and try to make sense of things by yourselves, but there is no sense in the illusion.

You know this is so, and it is apparent all around you as you observe people fighting, cheating, and betraying one another.  How could even the smallest amount of rationality be found anywhere in that totally irrational and therefore illusory environment?  Throughout your lives, from infancy to old age, you see the insanity of it all, and yet when you attempt to draw that to the attention of others, they tell you that it is you who is insane!  And you mostly agree with that assessment in the very mistaken assumption that you alone could not possibly be right when your thoughts on the matter are so completely at odds with the thoughts of so many others.

However, finally, enough of you are catching on and realizing that the vast majority of humanity is deluded, and that your assessment of the insanity of their way of living is a most valid one.  You have at last realized and accepted that there is only One divine and infinite Intelligence – God – Who is infinitely and unconditionally loving, and that therefore nothing apart from His Love could possibly exist.  What you are experiencing – pain, poverty, and privation – can only be illusory because a loving Father could not and would not allow His children to live in such abject misery.

You made this environment as an imaginary realm in which you could play at being separated from and totally independent of Him.  To build such an imaginary reality, it was necessary to turn everything upside down and inside out, and remove all reason and sanity from it, thus filling it with constant anxiety, pain, and suffering, otherwise it would have been a place of joy, very similar to Reality, and that you did not want!

Now you have had enough of it, with its constant competitive customs that lead you to attempt to control one another through fear and suffering, and finally you are seeking an environment of peace, trust, contentment, joy, and love.  It awaits you!

God created it, divinely perfect, and you perfect within it.  All that is required is that you awaken from your nightmare and claim it!  God’s eternal Will is eternal happiness for you – His perfect and beloved children – and that is what you are going to experience because nothing else exists.  The nightmare is coming to its end, like an execrable movie, and you will awaken into the brilliant and ecstatic light of your Father’s eternal day.

With so very much love, Saul.

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Everyone in human form on Earth at this time is receiving major encouragement from the spiritual realms to help them recognize the illusion for what it is, and to nudge them towards wakefulness.  No one has been passed over but many still remain deeply asleep and are resisting the call to awaken.  However, the example you holy light-holders are demonstrating by intensifying your loving patience in every situation is having a most remarkable effect planetwide.

The energy surrounding you, which you extend and share at all times, is extremely powerful, and when coupled with additional divine energy, as it always is, it harmonizes and melds with it.  Thus, humanity has no option but to awaken.  And even those who are resisting the call and attempting to remain in a state of deep sleep will be unable to hold out for very much longer.

Love is enveloping the planet and all the life forms she supports with a power and intensity never before experienced here, and that energy is seeping into every individual — regardless of any beliefs they may have about the impossibility of such an energy existing — and melting away their fear, anxiety, and disbelief.  As the first stirrings of that loving flame within them are felt, they find themselves experiencing strange and mysterious sensations which are quite shocking, almost mystical, and they start looking for someone with whom they can talk and who will not think them insane.

You, dear Light Holders, are here to listen to them, encourage them, and offer them loving support, as they begin to accept the inevitability of the changes that are occurring within them.  This resultant opening of their awareness allows hope to well up from deep within them for a life filled with meaning and joy.  Very many had given up on hope and settled into a routine that allowed them to live basically unaware of their true feelings, and desires, and of their divine, permanent, and unbreakable connection to their Creator.  This rising sense of hope is unsettling yet irresistible, and information that confirms its validity keeps coming to their attention.

This vast welling-up of hope is spreading across the planet like wildfire, as more and more people admit to themselves that their present way of life on the planet is insane, unsustainable, and must therefore be changed for the good of all.  It truly is a wonderful moment to be alive on Earth as the divine plan for the planet and all the life forms she supports approaches its glorious fruition.

You have all been working very hard, even when you were unaware of it, to bring all the loose ends together in a magnificently choreographed finale, leading to eternal peace, joy, and infinite freedom for you in the divine realms.  What is to occur cannot be delayed or prevented because God’s Will is always achieved precisely as planned.  The deep pain and suffering that so many have been experiencing is coming to an end, as more and more of you start to express the compassion and love that you really feel for one another, but have kept hidden beneath the fear and anxiety that you have allowed to rule your lives for so long.  The moment of transformation, when immense happiness and great celebration will break out spontaneously all over the planet as you awaken into your Father’s Reality, is approaching with the absolute inevitability of the divine Will.

You are bringing this about; you are making this happen; because God’s Will is your will and no other outcome is remotely possible.  Unbridled joy is about to burst in upon the lives of every one of you. So prepare for jubilation and revelry!

With so very much love, Saul.

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Humanity’s journey through the illusion is coming to an end.  Although in Reality it has lasted but an instant, in the illusion, where time is a major parameter, it appears to have been going on for untold eons.  You are all tired, and you want to leave pain and suffering behind you and return to your Father’s welcoming embrace.  And so you shall, because it is His eternal Will that you do so and enjoy once more the heavenly domain in which you were created to experience unending bliss.

Just remember that no other outcome is remotely possible; your destination lies before you waiting to welcome you.  Continue to focus your intent on awakening.  Dreams can be interesting, terrifying, amusing, or just plain boring, but however they appear to you, they remain distractions that keep you from achieving your purpose — let them go!

You need to assist one another by accepting yourselves and each other just as you are.  Those of you who are most deeply asleep are generally the ones in the greatest pain, which shows up as anger, judgment, condemnation, and a desire to see justice (i.e punishment ) imposed on the wrongdoers.  This attitude only deepens your sleep.  Look inwards.  Look at your apparent sins, unworthiness, and unacceptability, and forgive yourselves, because what you see and are judging truly never happened — it is all part of the illusion.  You were created perfect and nothing can change that.  When you see pain, suffering, inadequacy, and imperfection you are using your body’s eyes which can only see the illusion.

You have all had the experience of seeing gross misbehavior which you have judged as unconscionable and unacceptable, and then learnt later of the intense pain which the perpetrator is experiencing.  Your response to that knowledge might have been loving compassion and forgiveness, or compassion mitigated by your need to see justice delivered, or even a refusal to even attempt to understand how someone could behave so badly.  You also will have experienced feelings of guilt in the knowledge that you, too, have misbehaved and were fortunate not to have been found out, or having been found out, were forgiven.

Just be aware that in the illusion all suffer, and all have a desperate need for love.  So, offer love.  This does not mean that you should condone misbehavior; you just need to refrain from judging or condemning the perpetrator, and instead listen to him, hear about his pain, and give him the loving support he needs to enable him to change his behavior.  Yes, occasionally people need to be restrained from hurting others, but punishing them only intensifies their sense of unacceptability which is what drives their behavior.  Look beyond the behavior, see the pain and the intense need for love, and respond accordingly.

Also be aware that there are people in your own lives whom you wish to help but who are, for whatever reason, unable or unwilling to accept what you have to offer.  Recognize, therefore, that what you have to offer is not right for them at this time, and get out of the way, in case another can help.  By being a loving presence you demonstrate right living and help many of whom you are mostly totally unaware.  Looking to help others and expecting to see results or receive recognition for your efforts is frequently very counter-productive.  When an offer to help is not welcomed, don’t push it, and certainly don’t judge the refusal to accept it as wrong or unwise.  When a person is ready to receive help, it will always be available for them.

Just be who you truly are, the loving presence that your Father created, and see that presence in all others, because no one is without it.  In being yourselves you will awaken into the glory of the divine Reality.

With so very much love, Saul.

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As the moment for humanity’s great awakening approaches continue to hold the light, strengthen your intent to do so, and allow the divine energy field that envelops you to flow easily and exuberantly through you, as you continue to accept your rôles as conduits for it.  The effect that each one of you light holders and way-showers has on your immediate environment is enormous, even though you are mainly unaware of it.  Being a peaceful and calming presence, as most of you are, brings great benefits to all with whom you interact, showing them, and demonstrating for them the immense power that is available to you all.   To access that power all that is required is an ego-less intent to do the divine Will.  This can be a difficult state to maintain as people like to receive feedback, evidence that something is going on, which is, of course, the ego seeking recognition for its apparent efforts.

Very few of you are able to feel the ongoing energy flow that is coursing through you at all times.  It is Love, the life force, and without it your physical bodies would not be alive, could not operate.  It flows through you constantly, like the air you breathe, and is really only noticed, like air, by its absence.  So, if you are alive, it must be flowing through.  Your attitudes, emotions, and beliefs affect it, and you can recognize this in others in so far as you feel happy, peaceful, anxious, fearful, angry, depressed etc. in their presence.

Know that you are always divinely loved and that when you are experiencing feelings that are not peaceful, not relaxed, then you are experiencing the illusion, the false environment that your collective consciousness is constantly building and maintaining.  You can stand back from it, observe it, and choose not to be drawn into the suffering and pain that it encourages you to believe is reality.  And when you do, and all of you have experience of this, life feels good even though what appears to be happening in your vicinity is often less than totally inspiring and uplifting.

Your loving intent and the energy that flows from it is absolutely essential as you focus on finding your way out of the illusion so that you can return to your divine eternal Home.  It is the energy of awakening, and it is increasing in strength and intensity moment by moment.  What you are achieving as you focus on the divine energy that is flowing abundantly through you is astounding.  You are intending that humanity awakens, and that intention is bathing the planet in the most brilliant light which attracts to it more light from throughout the cosmos that melds and harmonizes with it, raising your vibrational frequency to enable full consciousness to occur.

The divine energetic paths that are leading you Home are perfect examples of your Father’s all-encompassing Love for you.  He has provided them to ensure that it is impossible for you to wander aimlessly and to become forever lost in the illusion.  He wants you to return Home, and the paths with which He has provided you make that a divine certainty, as that is the only destination to which they can lead you.  Rest assured that you are eternally taken care of, and that no harm can ever come to you because Reality contains nothing that is not in loving harmony with God.

With so very much love, Saul.

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As you know, because many channels have been telling you for quite some time, enormous changes in the way you live and experience life are shortly to occur.  You have been doing lots of preparatory work below the level of your conscious human awareness, and a very large number of you are now ready to embrace enthusiastically these, in your terms, amazing changes.

Your experiences of hardship and suffering have been intense and have been ongoing for far too long.  While you have been living those experiences in your physical bodies, other aspects of yourselves have been cooperatively planning, with great efficacy and competence, to build a new and magnificently hospitable environment through which you can depart from the illusion into your eternal Home.  It will be a kind of staging-post to enable you to adjust safely and comfortably to the realization that you are the beloved children of the sublime Intelligence that created you in Love to experience eternal bliss.

Many of you have been conditioned to believe in a fierce, judgmental god, who finds you sinful and unworthy of his affection, and who requires that you be harshly punished to cleanse you of the hideous marks and deformities with which your sins have stained you.  This collective belief in your unworthiness has been quite disastrous, as it has suggested to you that some of you are far more unworthy, in fact irredeemably so, than others, and this has encouraged you to compete against one another to prove that you do not belong to that class of irredeemable ones — the eternally damned.  This fiercely competitive holier-than-thou attitude, which people have frequently attempted, very ineffectively, to conceal beneath a cloak of false, pious spirituality, compassion, and “good works” fools no one, and those who engage in it often join together in groups attempting to convince themselves of their god-fearing righteousness while refuting their blatant hypocrisy, which is so obvious to others.

But God is Love, infinite, unconditional Love, and He judges no one.  He wants you to awaken and recognize your true beauty in the glory of eternal Oneness with Him — and so you will.  Those who have ingrained within themselves a sense of sinful unworthiness will indeed have it cleansed, not harshly by a critical and intolerant god, but by the soothing balm of unconditional, divine Love offered freely and indiscriminately to all in every moment.

The relief and untold happiness of all who have believed in their own unworthiness, and in the unworthiness of others, will be wondrous to behold, as the dark clouds of gloom, depression, and judgment, with the inevitable suffering that they contain, just dissipate to reveal the brilliant light of Reality.

Those who have judged and condemned and those who have been judged and condemned will once more know each other as beloved and inseparable sisters and brothers, at one with each other and with God, as the stress, anxiety, hate, and fear that have apparently controlled and driven them for so long dissolves with those dark clouds, leaving them in a state of peace and exhilaration which, at present, they cannot possibly imagine.

Your Father’s Love for you is infinite, boundless, all pervasive, and irresistible, and you will be uplifted into that state and enveloped therein for His and your everlasting ecstasy.

With so very much love, Saul.

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