Saul Audio Blog for Saturday August 17th

Enormous changes are occurring worldwide as an essential aspect of humanity’s awakening process.  This moment in your spiritual evolution was planned at the same moment that you chose to construct a dream environment in which to engage in the game of separation.  Having been gifted by God with all His Power, Wisdom, and Intelligence at the moment of your creation, in order that you would be One with Him in eternal joy, you chose to build an unreal dream world in which to play with your divine gifts in the way that human children often choose to imagine a world in which they are free from the oversight of their parents, until they need food, or sleep, or reassurance.  At that point they immediately demand their parents’ undivided attention!

That is the state that humanity has now arrived at, and more and more of you are seeking to know and be at One with your heavenly Father.  It is this very large increase in the numbers of you seeking divine reassurance that is propelling you forwards, through the awakening process, towards the moment of awakening into full conscious awareness of the fact that you have never been separated from that, your natural state.

An amazing welcome has been prepared for you that will absolutely astound you, as you become once more fully and completely aware of what God’s infinite love for you actually means, and experience the – at present – utterly inconceivable wonder, joy, and happiness of that state.  The divine welcome awaiting you all will instantly dissolve all your fears, anxieties, pain, and suffering, while bringing back to your conscious awareness the experience of the immortal and inexhaustible delight and total bliss that being in the Presence of Love provides in every moment.

It is extremely difficult for you to come to acceptance of the divine and unchangeable truth that no matter how unworthy you may feel of God’s Love for you that that sense of unworthiness is completely invalid.  It does not mater what you have thought, said, or done that you think is wrong, sinful, or in any other way not in alignment with the divine Will, nothing can alter your relationship with God, because that relationship is forever unchanging.  You are One with God in every moment – if you were not you would not exist – it is just that, as humans in form, you have forgotten that, but your forgetfulness does not change it.  And God knows that you will remember Him and experience the enormity of Love in which He holds you eternally.

There is no reason for guilt or shame or for any sense of unworthiness on your part, because all that you might consider as reason for that is utterly unreal, part of the nightmare that you have been experiencing.  If you will go Deep within yourselves you will find the knowing, the certainty, that there is only God, Love, Source, and that you are an eternal and inseparable part of That.

An essential aspect of your – of humanity’s – awakening process is your daily visit to your holy inner place of complete and total safety, your refuge or sanctuary where Love is always waiting to welcome and embrace you.  You were created from Love, and therefore you are Love, but by taking form as a human you have closed off your awareness of this divine and unalterable Truth, the Truth that You and God are One.

By completing your awakening process, as you absolutely cannot avoid doing, you awaken fully.  That means that you know yourself as you truly and unchangeably are – forever One with Source – which is Love, and which totally loves every aspect of Its glorious Self without exceptions of any kind.

What I am telling you, what I am reminding you of is the fact that Reality, God, Source, Love is One, that there is absolutely nothing else – meaning that there is nowhere else – and that therefore there is nothing to fear.  There is no divine judgment, there is no punishment for “sins, errors, or omissions” because they are unreal and did not occur, and you are forever safe in the loving embrace of Mother/Father/God Who is the divine energy field that contains and supports All That Is.

The apparent existence of pain, suffering, and conflict is but a passing nightmare, an unreal state that by its very unreality will dissolve without trace as the brilliant Light of joy and bliss, that is what you all are, brings you gently and most beautifully into full and ecstatic wakefulness.  Ecstasy is divine, you are divine, therefore ecstasy is your awakened state.

With so very much love, Saul.

Here’s the link to what I found to be a very interesting and quite wide ranging conversation between these two men: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAS-QzWvj8g


  Saul Audio Blog for Friday July 19th

There is only The One, Source, Mother/Father/God, into which all are eternally enfolded.  Many terms have been used over the eons in many different cultures in an attempt to describe and even define our Source, and these days either ocean or infinite field of consciousness seem to work for most people.  But no matter what term or sequence of words are used they remain totally inadequate to describe or define what can never be put into words.  Source has to be experienced!  No other way of knowing It or being aware of It has any meaning.  Nevertheless, each and every sentient being has within it – very deep within it – a memory or trace of its divine nature which can never be removed or destroyed, and which will lead the being to choose, in its own time, to awaken to its true Nature, One with Source.

Now, on Earth, this awakening is ongoing and unstoppable.  It was set in motion, as divinely planned, when the collective decision was made by humanity a few short decades ago to awaken, and the process has been exponentially accelerating its rate of progress since then.  Your awakening is very close.  I cannot express it in time because, as you well know, there is only NOW!  But I can tell you that that moment of now, for which you have all been hoping and praying, is approaching very rapidly.

All sentient life is working together harmoniously to bring it to fruition, so despite the seeming worldwide chaos, conflict, and confusion, you will awaken, and your joy will be way beyond your ability to conceive of or imagine because the severe limitations that your human form places upon you enormously reduces your ability to envisage the wonders that lie ahead.

What you can do is set the intent to open to the awareness – an awareness that is held safe and secure deep within each one of you – that something of overwhelming magnificence is in the offing, and that its purpose is to resolve permanently all the issues and problems that lead to conflict and suffering for so many.  You are all divinely blessed and divinely loved; you are all eternally safe within the infinite field of consciousness that is your Source, and nothing can ever change that.  Change is of the illusion, of your lives in form, and is unreal no matter how intensely real it may seem to you.

Everyone has their own individual path to awakening because, as apparently separate beings, all have their own lessons, individually selected with divine guidance, that define their path.  There will of course be similarities between paths, and so some will join with others at various stages in their spiritual evolution to move forward together.  At the end of the path is One, is Unity, because they all lead to that same and only destination.  As you evolve spiritually, while in human form, you become increasingly aware that all must be One because there is only One, and that therefore separation is indeed an illusion, even though you experience it as being very real.  This is relatively easy for you to accept now that modern technology has made possible and available a means to experience a virtual reality – an unreal but visual and audible environment – that totally engages your attention, shutting out what, as humans, you experience as the material world, which is itself unreal as you experience it!

Reality Itself will engage with you and through you in a way that is infinitely beyond the capabilities of either the virtual realities created by modern technology, or the unreal reality you are experiencing while you choose to be in form.  The Light and the Love of Reality will engage with you fully and most wondrously when you awaken, and your memories of the environment of form, while they last – because they will rapidly dissolve after you awaken – will seem like a very bad novel or movie that you have not the slightest inclination to finish reading or watching.

In Reality Life is Joy!  There is nothing apart from or different from that state, but, by choosing to experience what separation would be like if it were a possible state of existence, you also chose to hide Love, Source, Reality from yourselves by placing the faint veil of illusion between It and yourselves.  You are now preparing to remove that veil permanently, by becoming aware of and setting the intent to release what the veil is made of – judgment, bitterness, hatred, resentment, victim-hood, and anything else within you that is not in alignment with Love.  Love patiently awaits your decision to release the blocks to Its Presence that you have erected between It and yourselves.

Love is eternally patient and has waited eons for you to choose collectively to awaken.  It neither forces nor pushes nor manipulates, It just waits lovingly and patiently – knowing that you will release that with which you are blocking Its Presence – for the moment when you allow It to embrace you fully and completely as you return to full awareness of your true nature at One with It . . . always.

With so very much love, Saul.

  Saul audio Blog for Saturday June 29th

Humanity is most definitely on the brink of awakening!  You need to wake up from the dream/nightmare/illusion that has encouraged you to believe in separation and engage in interminable conflict for eons.  Over the last few decades the technological achievements of mass instant communications worldwide has enabled awareness to grow of your global interdependence – no one is an island – and of the essential requirement for a change in attitudes and behaviors to eradicate poverty and become true guardians of your beautiful Planet Earth.  Your disastrous industrial behavior, which has caused so much environmental damage, has to be terminated and replaced by modern technologies – which are readily available – that treat the Earth, your home, with honor and loving respect.  There is no lack, the planet is well able to support you all if you will just engage with her lovingly and considerately.

The age of crude, gross, and insane materialism is over.  It is being superseded as the young members of humanity everywhere rightly demand change so that a sustainable way of living that honors the planet and all life forms, while at the same time starting to repair the enormous industrial damage of the last two or three hundred years, is introduced.  The damaging methods of industry, that have escalated in recent decades, must cease, and the toxicity that they have caused must be cleaned up.  The technology to do this is readily available nowIt has been suppressed by those who chose to enrich themselves regardless of the cost to humanity or to the planet, but it is now being brought into action on a small scale in may areas for proof of concept trials that will lead to large scale planetary revitalization and remediation.

As you well know, humanity has taken the collective decision to awaken, and as a direct consequence of that decision much is now arising into people’s awareness that has long been buried, hidden, or denied, because it was far too painful to be held in conscious awareness.  Basically withheld and unacknowledged harsh and bitter judgments of others, judgments that were in truth self-judgments projected out onto others in order to avoid the intense pain of owning them – pain so intense that it could lead people to desire self-destruction.

Over the eons this has set the stage for today’s development of weapons of mass destruction to be used preemptively to attack othersif those who possessed them felt sufficiently threatened.  But an attack is always an attack on the self, because there is no other.  That is why conflict always leads to further conflict as the self repeatedly attacks itself to right wrongs it believes were directed at it by others.  This is nothing but a continuous feedback loop constantly reinforcing itself until the insanity is recognized and someone chooses to break or discontinue it.  That recognition has now occurred, and has given rise to peace movements, and to an increasing number of meditation or prayer groups meeting regularly with the same intention, namely to live peacefully by engaging fully with their true nature which is Love.

What still has not been widely enough recognized is that peace has to arise first within the individual, within the self.  To demand that others be peaceful and respectful while failing to release negative and harsh judgments of them is self-defeating.  Negative judgments are always a reflection of unacknowledged negative self-judgments projected onto others.  Yes, others do behave in ways that are unkind and unloving, but that is just a reflection of their own inner turmoil, and self-hatred.  Self-hatred in self or in others needs to be met with love, and only with love.

The way forward is to acknowledge this – in yourselves and in others – however painful it is to admit to having made seemingly terrible and unconscionable choices and then acted on them, and then forgive oneself and resolve not to continue along that path.  Doing this brings an enormous sense of peace, along with the strength to feel emotions of anger and resentment without acting them out on others, and in that space Love is found, along with a strong desire to forgive those whom one believes has hurt or offended oneself.

As so many wise ones have informed you: There is only Love, nothing else is real.  However, when feelings of bitterness, resentment, a need for restitution, or hatred are harbored and nursed Love is blocked out because when you hold onto to unloving feelings you just cannot be loving, as Love is hidden by the fog and confusion that those feelings produce, and your awareness and attention are finely focused there, and only there, in that fog of confusion.  And in that confusion of thought and of perception it is impossible to see the way forward to a state of lasting peace, as your history clearly shows.  Because you are very powerful divine beings, what you focus your attention on is precisely what you experience.  Change your focus and change your experiences.

When you go within, to that place where peace and love are always present, to relieve your stress by relaxing and letting go of the worries and anxieties with which your lives are often seemingly filled, reset the intent to be only loving whatever arises.  This intent needs to be reset regularly because it is often displaced or overridden when an event or situation arises that angers or frightens you.  By resetting the intent you effectively let go of the unloving emotions that have arisen, leaving you free once more to be only loving.  And when you do this you feel so much better because your mood has shifted.  This is the best way to exchange a bad or unhappy mood for one of peace and contentment.  And when you are at peace your energy field is welcoming, encouraging others to feel the peace and respond to you peacefully.

To awaken is to move into your place of peace and remain there at all times, thus finding yourselves feeling happy and contented because you are at HOME!  You are at One with Source instead of attempting to separate yourself from that perfect state of being.  Then life is constantly joyful and the issues that made you feel separate, alone, lost, are no more.

With so very much love, Saul.

Saul Audio Blog for Wednesday June 5th

Changes of enormous significance are occurring worldwide as humanity moves increasingly positively toward awakening.  Some, political or geophysical, are being reported in the mainstream media, while others, of a far more positive nature, are being reported in less public spaces, and then shared person to person through the vast network of social media channels.  People worldwide are choosing to communicate person to person on spiritual matters arising for them personally, matters that they have found their faith-based or religious organizations do not or cannot address.

Humanity is evolving spiritually very rapidly indeed, and many of the old religious organizations are either unwilling or unable to assist their members in this amazing awakening process.  All the old systems – social, political, business, educational, and religious – will either evolve spiritually or become totally obsolete.

The new age, which has been arising over the last five or six decades, is the age of LOVE.  Love is the natural state of sentient life forms, but for eons this was forgotten.  Now awareness is growing rapidly that Love is All.  Anything not in alignment with Love is unreal, illusory, and as the shadows or veils that were hiding or disguising Love dissolve and disintegrate, the awareness of the Reality of Love as the life force, the field of consciousness in which all that has been created has its eternal and never ending existence, is increasingly being recognized and honored.  The dream or, for far too many, the nightmare that life in form has become is to change beyond all recognition, as increasing numbers of people engage fully with their natural state – LOVE – by living it and demonstrating it constantly.

The chaos and confusion that is mightily apparent in politics, business, religion, and most horrendously in military conflicts all across the world that are causing mass migration, are now realized to be insane and, most fortunately, unsustainable.  New groups are forming, as those who now recognize that Love is the answer, the only answer to all the issues and problems facing humanity and the planet, and these new groups are most positively setting the immutable intent to engage only with Love as they take part in discussions that are having a major effect in all areas of human life and activity.

This is an exciting and inspiring time to be incarnate as a human on Planet Earth because, as the collective awakening process gathers momentum, more and more people are becoming aware that there is far more meaning to life as a human than is found in the basic struggle for survival in which so many are engaged full time.  As Love flows into and fills myriad hearts across the world, the values that people honor and respect are becoming increasingly spiritually oriented, leading to an intense desire to to alleviate and then totally eradicate poverty worldwide, and by doing so all the suffering to which it leads.

Suffering basically arises from a person’s sense that they are unimportant, of very little value, unheard and unseen, which everyone who incarnates as a human experiences to a lesser or greater extent during their growth from physical infancy to physical adulthood.  This sense of lacking value is devastating!  As divine beings, beloved children of God, all were created in a state of perfect loving acceptance, knowing that they were each an inseparable and essential aspect of God, permanently at one with Him.  In that state there is only joy.

To then incarnate into human form and be seemingly separated from that divine form is absolutely terrifying.  Initially, developing within the mother’s womb, assuming the mother is happy to be with child, all physical needs are provided instantly, and the environment in which this growth occurs is warm, welcoming, and safe.  However, because of the intimacy and immediacy of the connection between mother and infant, all the chemicals – food, drink, medications, etc. – and the emotions that the mother ingests and experiences are almost immediately shared with the infant.  Therefore the womb can be experienced as a very as warm, comforting, and safe, or as a dangerously toxic environment physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  For most it is somewhere between those extremes, never perfect, and never totally unsafe.

Consequently, as children grow and develop, they learn to adapt automatically to the environments in which they find themselves in order to survive.  Everyone who chooses to incarnate as a human in form knows that they will undergo difficulties, but, because of the intense and brilliant planning that precedes incarnation, they know that they can deal most successfully with whatever arises during their human lives.  Nevertheless, because of the amnesia that is an unavoidable aspect of incarnation, they very quickly forget that they are divine beings, and get almost totally brain-washed by the culture into which they incarnate.  They then rebel against the pain and suffering that arises, to a greater or lesser extent, and then either bury or deny the suffering that they experienced in their early years, because the pain is far too intense to live with.  This leads to intense anger and projection, and their intense sense of unhappiness is blamed on others, the world, or God.

Spiritual evolution, which is a major aspect of the developing human, should occur gradually, as the infant’s intelligence develops, allowing and encouraging curiosity and investigation of the meaning of life, and of the environment in which it finds itself.  Frequently this is prevented as the child is either gently introduced to the cultural norms of the society in which it is growing up, or is force-fed the beliefs that the culture espouses.  This misalignment between the culture and the child’s curiosity and desire to learn can be devastating, and for the sake of peace, or even just in order to survive, the child buys into the cultural beliefs, and its spiritual evolution basically comes to a halt.

This has been the experience of the vast majority of humans for eons.  Now this is changing rapidly and dramatically, and the worldwide-web has been a great benefit in encouraging and stimulating the sharing of new ideas that enormously widen the points of view available for discussion and further development.  Restricted, narrow, and limiting belief systems are no longer accepted unquestioningly.  This opening up to new ideas really started to gain momentum after World War II, and then as further wars arose in a society that had fought two horrific wars to bring an end to war, the insanity of the attitudes that inevitably led to wars began to be seriously questioned and rejected.

That questioning and rejecting continues today, because although for many it is very plain that the old methods do not and cannot work, cannot bring world peace, their remains in place an old authoritarian system in which teams, tribes, or people with differing views still refuse to acknowledge that their attitudes are a major part of this ongoing problem.

This is now changing very rapidly as young people, who have had previous lives of intense suffering in war zones, now move forward into positions of influence where the wisdom they have accumulated over many life times can be shared and then built upon to bring about the essential changes in attitudes and behaviors that will enable the collective awakening of humanity to blossom.  The divine intent is for life to be joy-filled, and every being that God has created knows that deep within themselves.  Now, finally, that knowing is arising into the conscious awareness of ever increasing numbers of humans, regardless of their ethnicity, race, culture, or political or religious persuasion.

The tipping point is past!  Humanity is moving rapidly, and just in time, toward the essential awakening that will lead to acceptance that all are divine beings, created in Love, and that therefore all are seeking a return to Love.  Love is the energy field, the field in which consciousness arises, It is the life force that flows within every sentient being, and as awareness and acceptance of that divine and unalterable Truth continues to fill the hearts of increasing numbers of the human family, awakening will be seen to be happening on a vast and global scale.  Truly, celebration is the most appropriate way to honor the inevitability of your awakening each and every day.  When there is celebration conflict is impossible!  And when there is celebration Love shines forth.

With so very much love, Saul.

Saul Audio Blog for Sunday May 19th

We all – Father/Mother/God, supreme Intelligence, divine Wisdom, all of creation that is not in form (an unimaginably vast number!) – are watching with delighted and enthusiastic excitement as your moment of awakening draws ever closer.  And yes, I hear you as you again express your doubts and your irritation because we have been telling you for a seemingly very long time that your awakening is about to happen.  And to many of you it appears that nothing is going on.  Your doubts and irritation, even intense anger, increase.  This is completely understandable because, as humans in form, it is extremely difficult for you to access the divine field of information where announcements and bulletins relating to this most magnificent event are posted regularly.  You, therefore, are reliant on the channeled messages received and shared by those tuned in to receive them, and naturally you find that less than totally satisfactory.  Your trust is being divinely tested, as you knew it would be, and you all agreed to this because you absolutely knew that all would be well, and you will not be disappointed.

Here in the non physical realms we do understand your impatience, and your disillusionment, and your awakening is all about this latter experience – disillusioning you! i.e releasing you from the illusion.  You are, each and every one of you, divine beings having an experience in form as humans.  You all chose to do this, knowing full well how deeply hidden your memories of Reality would be as you underwent life as a human, and although you had chosen to incarnate at this point in human history to participate in this most marvelous awakening event, it is, nevertheless, very unsettling for you, as it is for all of humanity, to observe and even be involved in the chaos, conflicts, and confusion presently arising worldwide.

However, deep within you all, your faith remains firm and unshaken in spite of your doubts.  It is this incredible faith that persuaded you to incarnate at this point in the awakening process – it has been ongoing for a long time in human terms – to mightily assist those who seemingly have absolutely no idea of what is going on, nor any idea of the unutterable joy that awaits you all.

Your faith and your strength, and the love that fills your hearts, and which you so willingly share, is essential to the awakening, and supports so very many, of whom you remain totally unaware, in ways that would astonish you.  Truly, you are enormously honored and respected here in Reality, the state or place from which none of you has ever departed.  You are unaware that you are constantly and lovingly enveloped by Reality because of the limitations being human imposes upon you.

However, by holding firmly to your own most powerful intent to awaken – a most powerful intent that all hold but are mostly unaware of or cannot access – even if you do not verbally communicate that intent to anyone else, I assure you that it is getting communicated and shared on very deep levels, which is why so much unsettling “stuff” is arising for so many right now.  And many of you, I know, feel very alone because it seems that there is no one, or that there is practically no one, with whom you can share even a small part of your vision of the awakening.

The expression “the end times” has been much quoted as people become increasingly concerned and anxious about the state of the world and the direction in which it appears to be heading.  But it would be far more appropriate to refer to “the darkness before the glorious light of dawn.”  The awakening is a “dawning,” a knowing arriving in people’s conscious awareness that there is only Love, followed by the joyful recognition of this divine truth.  The power of Love to melt or dissolve anything that is not in perfect alignment with It will amaze you, as the dawn breaks and the most brilliant light pours into your awareness leaving nowhere for darkness to abide, and showing you what beautiful divine beings you all are.

Bitterness, hatred, judgment, blame, and the intense egoic need to see punishment ordered and delivered, which unfailingly lead to endless conflict, will just fall away and disintegrate as people open their hearts to the immense power of Love.  You have never been separated from Love, but Love does not impose, it does not force, it does not direct, it does not control, It just is, and when It is no longer refused or shut out, rejected because you feel unworthy of Its Presence within you, and instead is openly welcomed into all your hearts, then It will fill you with a sense of awe and wonder that you cannot possibly imagine.  The joy of unconditional acceptance that Love offers to everyone – both saints and sinners alike, for you are all both saints and sinners – will absolutely blow your minds.

I ask you therefore to OPEN your hearts FULLY – they have for eons been closed in fear and have shrunk due to lack of sustenance – and allow them to expand limitlessly and endlessly as Love fills them once more with all of creation.  Within each one of you is All, you have just temporarily forgotten and lost sight of this fact, and of Reality.  There is only ONE, You are One, and in the Presence of the One there is only infinite joy.  So, celebrate the inevitability of your awakening, release your doubts and anxieties, and know, as you do deep within yourselves, that all is well, that all is always well, and that you just have not been paying enough attention.

With so very much love, Saul.

  Saul Audio Blog for Sunday May 5th

As all are very well aware enormous changes are occurring all across the world in politics, in business, and in religious, social, and charitable organizations, as aspects of their affairs, about which they have for so long been very secretive, are now being widely disclosed by myriad whistle blowers for all to see.  And while these disclosures are long overdue, many people have been amazed to hear how much has been going on that is almost beyond the bounds of belief.  People in positions of trust and authority, placed in those positions because of their apparent honesty and integrity,and who have been seduced by the sense of power that their positions have bestowed upon them, and who have then totally misled those to whom they are supposed to be answerable, are finally being compelled to answer important questions about processes that they were charged with overseeing, and which have not been carried forward with the honesty and integrity for which they were instigated.

It is utterly apparent that it is now absolutely essential to replace these corrupt and self-serving organizations, along with those who have been using them and running them to deliver their own self-serving agendas, with ones that act with honesty and integrity for the benefit of all humanity.  Vast multi-national organizations clearly do not operate in the best interests of humanity or of Planet Earth, and as they start to collapse or fall apart, due to their moral and actual financial bankruptcy, there are already in existence many smaller organizations being run competently and honestly that are well-placed to provide the necessary services, services on which these mega-conglomerates have for so long had a virtual monopoly, far more efficiently and economically.

Truly life for all on Planet Earth is about to become far more harmonious, as new ideas that address the needs of all are put into effect by new leaders all over the world, leaderswho will be operating with far more honesty and integrity than has ever before been seen on your beautiful planet.  Many of them are, as yet, unaware of the new roles that they will be taking on, but, as they are guided to step forward, they will be joined by other like minded individuals who have long been preparing themselves, often unknowingly, for these new and most important roles.

The ways in which humans relate to one another, either one to one or nation to nation, are about to enter into a period of massive transformation, because the realization has finally dawned that attempting to resolve the issues and problems facing humanity through bitter competition, and the resultant conflicts to which this path leads, not only do not work, but are, in fact, quite insane.

Be of good cheer, because you are all awakening to the realization that you are all one, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, skin color, and political or religious persuasion.  And you are therefore also One with your living planet, whose vitality and good health directly affects you.  Needless vituperative arguments about whether or not climate change is true or false need to cease.  Your beautiful planet has always been in an ongoing state of evolution, and there have always been climactic changes in progress.  However, humanity has only become aware of this in the last few decades, as many scientists, with the best will in the world, have offered scientific facts and scientific evidence, to prove that what has been observed and recorded over the last two hundred years or so indicates very clearly that human activities are almost solely responsible for the enormous climactic changesthat are apparently presently occurring.

Without a doubt much damage has been done to the planetary ecosystem by unwise and foolish industrial activities over the last two or three hundred years, activities that have vastly escalated in magnitude, since the end of the second World War, as the need for energy escalated exponentially.  However, you now have the knowledge and the scientific competence to provide all the energy required for your modern ways of living without further despoliation of your living environment, Planet Earth.

The large industrial conglomerates, because of the insensitive and egotistical agendas of those who control and run them, and who have an insane sense that they need to be in control of the necessities that humans need for their daily lives, have, over the last hundred years or so, done their utmost to suppress new technologies that can, and will, provide Free Clean Energy in limitless abundance for all.

The technology IS available NOW to provide all the energy humanity could ever need, and those with the skills and competence to start repairing the frightful industrial damage that has been inflicted, often totally unthinkingly, on the planet are also available.  The technology is also on hand to clean up and recycle all the waste that is polluting the earth, the air, and the water on which human and animal survival depend.

There is an increasing awareness that you cannot continue to live on earth as you have been doing for the past two or three hundred years, with a small minority living in extreme luxury (better here to say extreme insanity!), while the rest are effectively enslaved to provide for that minority.  Planet Earth is a planet of abundance!  There is absolutely no need whatsoever for billions to live in gut-wrenching poverty while the so-called elite enjoy standards of living that are, in comparison, totally unconscionable.

This is all in the process of changing right now, as we speak!  Because, finally, there are enough adequately educated humans incarnate on Earth, who have evolved far enough spiritually, and who are sufficiently passionately motivated, to put into effect the changes necessary to ensure that all, without exception, will have the opportunity to live lives in which all that they need to live in comfortable abundance, without anyone else being deprived, will be readily available.

The times for untold enforced suffering and unconscionable poverty are coming to an end, being terminated, as an awakening human society comes to fully understand the message that the saints and mystics have been promulgating for thousands of years, namely that there is no separation!  That all are one, and always have been, and that what any single human thinks, says, or does affects not only all of humanity, but all of God’s divine creation.  There is growing recognition that Love is the unchangeable nature of every sentient being, and that happiness and joy arise when this is recognized, and when all live constantly holding that most powerful intent: “Whatever arises, I will respond lovingly, and only lovingly, because Love is my eternal nature.”  Be who you are, and exult in the results.

With so very much love, Saul.