Saul Audio Blog for Monday February 5th

Here in the spiritual realms we are watching over you with joy as humanity’s awakening process continues to unfold, just as divinely planned. Remember, we are all One. Therefore anything we think, say, or do affects everyone else, and here in the spiritual realms we are offering you constant encouragement and love to assist your awakening process, while all of you are holding the intent to awaken, and to be loving in every moment no matter what arises. Together we are awakening humanity, there is absolutely no chance that the human collective will turn over and go back to sleep because the collective decision to awaken is irreversible.

So when you read or hear or see bad news remind yourselves of that, and continue to hold loving thoughts and intents for every sentient being, knowing that what you are doing is enormously powerful. You can get a sense of your power when you go within to your holy inner sanctuary, where Love resides, and open your hearts fully to receive It. When you do that you will feel God’s loving embrace, It is extremely palpable, and you will experience the warmth as His Love for you, and His Peace, fill those open hearts, confirming your belief that His eternal Benevolence is always with you.

For eons Love was practically unknown among humans because the game of separation in which they were engaged was a game of survival – bodily survival – and to strengthen their chances of survival they denied love and embraced physical and intellectual strength. The result, as your history makes very clear, has been endless conflict and betrayal.

A small number of people began to be aware of the insanity of this way of living a few thousand years ago and so they began to teach the wisdom of loving cooperation. The lessons they taught, by living lovingly, were slow to make any real impact, then about five hundred years ago things started to change as increasing numbers of kind souls began to reject the hypocrisy and corruption in the Church of Rome. As a result the Reformation occurred, and since then – even though warring factions continued to provoke conflict, and the Inquisition was established with its dogmatic agenda enforced by torture and execution – people everywhere began to become aware of Love.

Although the massive theft of land in the Americas, Africa, and Australia, and the consequent dispossession of the indigenous peoples can never be justified, those that fled Europe seeking better lives did eventually develop a far more humane set of rules by which to live. This led initially to the laws banning slavery, then to laws governing workers’ rights, women’s’ rights, racial rights, and many more. Following on from that in the last forty or fifty years millions have opened their hearts to Love and allowed it to guide their lives and their actions.

Now the power of Love is sweeping across the planet and leading to enormous changes in attitudes and behaviors. Of course there is still much conflict to be resolved as people with fixed and inflexible beliefs judge and condemn one another in all parts of the world, but until very, very recently this was assumed to be quite normal behavior, as different groups or nations judged themselves as right and all others as wrong and needing forceful correction. Now, however, all of this violence and hatred is being exposed as never before, and many are doing great work to bring it all to an end.

Do not be disheartened by the mainstream media news presentations which present a totally distorted picture of what is really happening on Earth. Yes, there is bad news, but it is only a small part of what is actually happening as the Tsunami of Love flows into and fills each heart that chooses to open to It. As I remarked above, when you open your hearts to Love you do feel Its Presence, and that Presence is comforting, calming, peace-filled and warmly welcoming. Therefore, it truly is well worth your while to take few minutes every now and then throughout the day to disconnect from your worldly activities while you go within and revitalize yourselves by engaging with your unbreakable divine connection.

Truly, It is unbreakable! You are eternally one with Source, the life force that flows through you in every moment of your existence energizing your awareness, your consciousness, and it is impossible for you to be disconnected from It, ever. You can refuse to acknowledge It, you can deny Its existence, you can ignore It, nevertheless It remains your Source of life. Life, consciousness, is not something your physical bodies provide, It is the cause of your physical bodies, and when It withdraws from them they die and decompose – dust to dust and ash to ash. You do not, you are immortal, as you will become aware when you “die.”

Death is but a transition from physical form back into the spiritual realms, and when it occurs you will be lovingly greeted and welcomed by many loved ones who have transitioned before you, and by your personal guide or mentor. It will indeed be a joyful occasion. There is absolutely no need to fear it, because it is just an indication that your journey has been completed, and your arrival Home will be cause for celebration. You will review your earthly life and will most probably be amazed at the good things that you did for others while being totally unaware of it. No human life is ever a waste or wasted, good always comes from it. What you recall as bad or unacceptable will be seen in the context in which it occurred, you will realize that you made some errors and you will forgive yourselves as you release your sense of guilt or shame.

Living a human life is difficult, and during it you encounter much to distract you from your pre-planned path, and those distractions can be very alluring, leading you into error and away from your intended loving path Because you were created from Love it is impossible that you would lead your human lives without ever engaging in some loving thoughts, words, or activities, that brought help, compassion, or love to others. Love is your nature, and however much it might seem to you that you behaved completely unlovingly during your earthly lives, this is never the case, everyone who has led a human life has expressed love positively to others at some time during it. Being created from Love there is no way that you can have shut It completely out of your lives because the veil or cloak that seems to separate you from Source is very thin, very porous.

God loves all of His children, and they all will return Home to Him and to a magnificent and celebratory welcome. Without even one of them He would be incomplete, and it is impossible for God to be incomplete. So let go of any fears or doubts about your worthiness to return Home, because God awaits your arrival with eager anticipation. It was your choice to engage in the game of separation and in the ensuing struggle for survival, and now you have chosen to return, and so you will.

With so very much love, Saul.


Liberation from Fear–John Smallman and Danna Beal

  Saul Audio Blog for Wednesday January 24th

Humanity’s awakening process is progressing beautifully.

And that is, of course, to be expected.  It is a divine plan to awaken you from the dream in which it seems that you had become lost.  However, dreams are but ephemeral wisps of unreality in which you cannot really become lost.  You are a little like a small child who hides in a dark closet or in the dark space under the stairs and then believes that it is lost and abandoned.  It bursts into tears, terrified, screams for help, and then its mother, father, or older sibling comes rushing to rescue and comfort it.  And, as a result, it learns that they are always there for it, and that it can never be truly lost or abandoned.

As the beloved children of God you are eternally embraced by and held within the field of divine Love that is the Reality in which all of creation has its eternal existence.  You can never be truly lost or abandoned because there is nowhere else, and within it you have no needs because God has already given you everything, which of course is LOVE, and that is what you are.  You only appear to have needs when you refuse to accept the Love that enfolds you, and then you seek satisfaction of those apparent needs outside yourselves in the illusory world of matter – the dark closet, or dark space under the stairs – that you collectively constructed in order to play the game of separation.  Your only need is to know that you are not separated.

There is only Light, Reality, Love, but you drew a veil or cloak between yourselves and your Source in order to make the game of separation seem intensely real.  And it does!  The darkness of conflicts of every imaginable kind appear to surround you, threatening you almost constantly.  You are careful, cautious, and conservative, sticking to the old ways that you believe have kept you safe, or at least less endangered, in an unsafe world in which your smallness or insignificance leave you apparently powerless.  And so anxiety is your almost constant companion as you undergo and deal with the trials and uncertainties that your human life provides.

It does not have to be like that!  You are free to change your perceptions and beliefs about the life with which you have been blessed by releasing yourselves from the limitations that seem to hold you in check.  Then you can move forward by developing ideas that have been with you for a long time – dreams that, in childhood and adolescence, you imagined you could achieve – and which you had hoped to experience as you grew into adulthood, but which you have since come to believe were unrealistic, andbeyond your ability or competence.  And so, perhaps, you settled for far less than you had hoped for, and now find yourselves disillusioned and unhappy in a life over which you seem to have no control.  You feel trapped by circumstances, or by your environment, and yet, in truth you are not.  You are only trapped or enslaved by your fears, your lack of self-trust.

Life is yours to enjoy, eternally.  Where you find yourselves in human form is as a result of choices you made before incarnating, in order to provide experiences and lessons that, in your wisdom, and with divine guidance, you knew would be for your highest good, and for the highest good of those with whom you would be interacting during your present human lifetime.  You are precisely where you chose to be, experiencing the lessons that you planned for yourselves for your present human life; and as you learn them or discard them, you will move forward.

Life as a human is never a failure!  Sometimes, from the human perspective, it may well appear to be, but there are no mistakes, no failures, just opportunities.  How you avail of them may lead to pain and suffering or to joy and fulfillment, depending upon whether you accept what arises with love, or reject it as unacceptable, unfair, and undeserved.  There are no accidents, and everything that occurs during your human lives has a higher purpose, a higher meaning, which is always served.  However, when you choose to judge certain experiences that arise as unwarranted or undeserved, and then reject them as unacceptable, you add suffering to your life instead of joy.

Everything you experience during a human lifetime has been pre-planned by you with divine guidance, and you do have the power to accept and work with it for the benefit of all involved.  The outcome, in human terms, may be seen as good or bad, or somewhere in between.  But you always have all the information and support that you need to deal with it . . . lovingly!  When you do, you will feel satisfied, uplifted – GOOD!  When you are less than fully loving, then the experience will be less fulfilling, even extremely uncomfortable and depressing.  You can always choose how you will respond in any situation, and if you choose to be aware of how you are responding, you can foresee in advance how you will feel when it has passed.  You always know, although you may choose to remain unaware, what the right – the loving – response is in any situation.

Loving choices bring you peace, unloving ones bring fear and conflict.  So, in dire circumstances, it truly is up to you to decide how you will feel, because even in the direst of circumstances you can be at peace.  Feelings are always arising within you, and you are always choosing which ones to engage with and which ones to reject.  However, because you start making choices from very early in your life, your choices become almost increasingly automatic – outside your conscious awareness – due to the conditioning caused by earlier choices.  But, you can choose to become increasingly aware of why you choose to engage with a particular feeling, and then you can make an informed decision whether or not to change your response to it.  Having done that, fully consciously, you will find yourselves far more satisfied with the outcomes that you experience.

You are free.  Your body maybe restrained, imprisoned, suffering and in pain, but you remain free.  That seems like a paradox, but you all know people who respond positively whatever arises, and you also know people who focus on the negative.  And undoubtedly the former are easier to be around.  You tend to admire the former and choose to spend time with them, while avoiding the latter whenever possible.

Which are you?  And do you want to change?  You most certainly can.  Focus on the fact that you are alive.  Life is a most wonderful gift, but how you use it is almost entirely up to you.  To be a victim is a choice to make others responsible for how you feel.  Only they are not!  How you feel is always your own choice.

Definitely you can be influenced by the circumstances in which you find yourselves, but you always have a choice either to feel positive and deal with what arises, or to engage with negative feelings and avoid dealing with issues or demand that others resolve them for you.  The blame game.  It does not work, it just leaves you feeling helpless and unhappy, when you could be positively working to resolve your issues and raising your spirits in the process.

Whether you tend to respond positively or negatively to issues arising in your lives, it is extremely empowering for you to go within daily, to that holy inner sanctuary where Love resides, and to open your hearts to intend and then allow It to flow freely and abundantly though you, as It will whenever you allow.  You block the flow by judgment, blame, bitterness, resentment, and hatred.  And the remedy for these?  First forgive yourselves by reminding yourselves that you are eternally One with God, who is infinite Love, and that therefore anything that is not in complete alignment with Love is unreal – because, as you well know there is only Love.  Then release your grip on all that is not in alignment with Love, and feel the difference in the way you feel.  Love is your nature, and It surrounds you completely in every moment awaiting, with infinite patience, your acceptance.  Why would you deny or reject It, when It offers you only joy?  When you do you are behaving like a sulking child, and the only one who suffers is you.

With so very much love, Saul.

Saul Audio Blog for Friday January 12th

You all have high hopes for 2018.  Much has been promised and much will be delivered!  The awakening process is proceeding apace, and this not new information, it is just further confirmation of what we in the spiritual realms have been telling so many of you over the last 2 or 3 years.  Yes, that long!  Nevertheless, major changes are occurring all over the world as humanity’s collective intent to awaken continues to intensify.  More and more are daily choosing to live only lovingly whatever arises, and the powerful energies that these choices are putting into effect keep intensifying.

The collective choice to awaken has been made, and is irreversible as you well know, so let go of your doubts and intensify your efforts, while at the same time totally forgiving yourselves whenever it seems to you that you that you have not been holding your intent purposefully enough.  You are all doing great work to assist in the awakening – as you truly intend – even when it seems that you have forgotten to intend !

When a New Year commences many make all kinds of resolutions that they believe will enable them to live better – more efficiently, more productively, more courageously, more lovingly, more compassionately, more thoughtfully, more happily, etc., etc., – and then, very quickly, those resolutions get forgotten.  All those resolutions, made and forgotten, are but signs of a deep sense of dissatisfaction with the self.

That sense arises because of your sense of separation from Source, and to experience that sense of separateness is extremely painful because your true and only nature is at one with Source.  You are all eternal spiritual beings – utterly and completely inseparable from Source – having a temporary, but very intense, human experience of separation.  And in order to alleviate or lessen that unbearably intense sense of loss that separation from Source would deliver, you, as a human, tell yourself: “of course I am separate from everything out there, that is how it is, obviously.  I am meant to be separate, that is the nature of the universe, and the evidence for that is all around me, I can see, feel, and touch all that out there because it is totally separate.

The real reason for your sense of dissatisfaction has consequently been so deeply buried that it is almost inaccessible, and it has been replaced with a sense of dissatisfaction with your life as a human, the only life that most humans accept as being real.  As a result you desperately seek to join and be one with others – parents, siblings, partners, clubs, and religious, business, and political organizations – anyone or anything that will ease or eradicate that sense of aloneness or solitariness.

You were created One, and to be alone, separated from Source, if it were even possible, would cause you unimaginable pain and suffering.  Then you made the collective choice to play a game of separation!  Because you have God’s creative power you were able to invent and construct a very realistic game to play, and it has delivered intense pain and suffering in spades!  It is UNREAL!  But, because you chose to become fully immersed within it, it seems to you to be the only reality – birth as a human, growing to adulthood, disintegrating with age – and then your life terminates in death, which appears to be a complete, final, and irreversible end to your existence, and that is what terrifies people.

As humans you want to live forever for the good times that you believe are your right and, as far as possible, you avoid looking at the end point.  Yet many make arrangements for “how things should be after they die,” by leaving precise instructions in their last wills and testaments.  You are a someone, a someone you think you know very well, and you do not want that someone to be terminated.

That is perfectly natural because it arises from your faint memory of the fact that you are indeed eternal beings, created by God for eternal joy.  But, because the invisible arena – REALITY, Oneness with and in the eternal Presence of God – is inaccessible to you, you choose to doubt it or totally disbelieve in it.  Instead you mostly choose to believe only in that which your human senses can physically identify and interact with, material stuff, sentient or insentient.

Nevertheless, over the last few hundred years, your science has made it possible to access areas of your material universe that have for eons been unseen and unknown.  There is a tendency to dismiss as childish superstition anything that science cannot yet measure, while at the same time putting blind faith in a science that has had to retract and replace many “common sense proven facts” when they are later found, due to new knowledge arising, to be inadequate, faulty, or plain wrong.  Much pride and many reputations have been destroyed, and yet science is still held to offer the only sane way for humanity to move forward.  And it has in fact assisted the awakening process, even though that has never been its conscious intent.

And now, the latest scientific findings, which are totally counter intuitive to what your reasoning minds would expect, show that in fact there is no physical world “out there!”  There is only an infinite field of pure energy that cannot be seen or measured, and Whose Presence is evidenced by what arises from It.  That is a very alarming thought for many, and thus great efforts are being made to force that thought or concept to fit into the small box that is the physical and illusory universe that humans experience as reality.  And this is very, very confusing for the limited intelligence of your human minds to grasp.

However, there is no need to grasp it or understand it, because you truly are eternally, and in every moment, One with Source.  You are eternally safe and secure as essential parts or holons ( something “whole” that is part of a larger “whole”) of Source, the infinite and eternal energy field that is All That Is.  And that field is Infinite divine Wisdom/Intelligence/God/Love, or any other term you choose to use as a “name” for what is ineffable.

Every part is an essential aspect of the Whole, if anything was lost or removed the Whole would be incomplete, and that is impossible!  God is.  Nothing more than that can be said if meaning is required.

What each one of you can and needs to do is open your hearts to allow the Love, that is your true nature, to make Itself known to you.  When you open your hearts and allow, you will feel the Love in which you are eternally embraced.  Go within daily to renew yourselves as One with Source, and be strengthened and fortified to continue following your path to awakening, and in so doing assisting all of humanity forward toward its awakening.

With so very much love, Saul.

Saul Audio Blog for Tuesday December 26th

The Christmas season is a time for renewal as you prepare to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Jesus by opening your hearts more fully to the Love that is the energy field in which you are forever present.  As you open your hearts, all with whom you interact in any manner at all will themselves be assisted in opening their hearts, so intensify your intent to be only loving whatever arises.

There does tend to be a lot of stress at this time of year, due to the importance of this celebration and all the added human commitments it entails, so do make sure to take time out at least once daily to go within, no matter how little time you seem to have.  Taking that time for yourselves is essential to your own well-being, and your own well-being is essential if you are to assist others in their awakening process.  And that is what you agreed to do prior to incarnating for this human lifetime.

Christmas is not just Christmas Day.  It is a season of renewal that starts at the beginning of Advent, four weeks before Christmas, continues on through New Year’s Day, and on up until January 6th – the Twelfth Day of Christmas.  The period of renewal and preparation lasts up until Christmas Day, then comes the time for giving thanks – EVERYONE has something for which to give thanks – and offering forgiveness to those you believe have, intentionally or unintentionally, hurt or offended you or any of your loved ones, and that, of course, includes yourselves.

You have nearly all been enculturated to be self-disparaging, self-judging, and self-dismissive.  And, as humans, you do make errors, it is an aspect of being human and, therefore, of being limited in your abilities to align completely with Love, your true and eternal nature.  To move forward along your evolutionary spiritual paths you need to acknowledge, accept, and forgive your errors, and those of others.  To forgive is to accept, and you all, without exception, seek unconditional acceptance, because that is how you were created.  You are all the perfect and beloved children of God, your Creator, your Source, your Father/Mother/God, who loves you unconditionally just as you are because you are, just as is that divine and eternal Source, PERFECT.

What is occurring as you experience yourselves as humans, as less than perfect beings, is that you are playing games of imperfection – and then you come to believe in the characters that you don or put on to play those games.  They’re not real!

When you can bring yourselves to forgive – yourself and others – and initially that is difficult because you have become so accustomed to judging and blaming, it feels as though an enormous weight has been lifted off you.  With that you can open to the realization that there is nothing and no one to forgive or to blame, because it has all been unreal.

Reality is LOVE!  And you will begin to see and feel that as the enormous burdens of judgment, blame, and self-disparagement just fall away like cloaks, veils, or even weight-belts you had been wearing, and you shine forth brilliantly, magnificently illuminated by the Light of Love that is and has been your true and eternal nature since the moment of your creation.

Christmas is indeed a time for remembering who you are, and as you offer loving gifts to family and friends, while at the same time forgiving one another for any slights or offenses received or inflicted, you cannot help but become aware of the intense feelings of love within you for all of them.  At the same time, maybe you even feel less than totally worthy of any love that they offer you.

Well, that feeling is totally invalid!  Let it go, and honor yourselves as you honor others.  When you do that you powerfully intensify the field of love that envelops you in every moment of your existence, and others will feel it gratefully and appreciatively as it interacts most beautifully with their own.

You are LOVE, and you are incarnate to share that Love and thus assist others to know themselves as Love.  That is the most important task that any human has taken on, and, in truth, there is not one among you whose task is different.  Everyone’s task is to be the Love that they are, and each one has a different, individual, and entirely creative way of bringing it to fruition.

Delight in the many creative differences you see in those around you, even when you do not fully understand them.  Remember that, as humans, your ability to understand and appreciate one another is severely limited, BUT that those in the spiritual realms are with you constantly to assist you to evolve and grow beyond these limitations so that all may live in peace and harmony.

Christmas is a time when vast numbers of you come together powerfully intending that peace prevail across the planet.  Make sure that each one of you holds this intent firmly and constantly in your hearts and minds throughout this time of celebration.  As you have so often been told it is very powerful indeed, and you did choose to be incarnate at this moment so that you could assist in and be part of this grand awakening.  And that is what you are all doing, so intend to be aware.

With so very much love, Saul.

  Saul Audio Blog for Thursday December 14th

Humanity’s progress toward awakening has amazed all of us here in the spiritual realms.  Despite all the chaos and confusion that is arising worldwide, the awakening process is now proceeding extremely rapidly.  All the bits and pieces, all the strings and connections, all the pieces of the puzzle are in fact coming beautifully into alignment, and your moment of mass awakening is very close.  Many of you have heard this kind of message before and are wondering as you read if this will be yet another non-event.  I assure you that it will not.  There have been issues previously because time is fluid and flexible, even though to humans it appears to flow in a most regular and constant line and at a constant speed, and that is the speed to which you have become accustomed and to which you have regulated your metabolisms.  But it is not that simple, time, as part of the illusion, is quite variable even though it does not appear to you that that can be so.  Those time issues have now been resolved and your awakening process is proceeding beautifully.

Taking that into account I assure you that your moment of awakening is very close.  Continue to hold the intent to awaken, and renew it daily when you go within to meditate, pray, or just relax into the Love that resides there.  That daily time of turning inwards and opening to the Love within is the most important part of your daily routine, no matter how busy you believe yourselves to be.  And of course, when you take time out of your busy day to do so, you emerge afterwards feeling restored, refreshed, and more alive, thus you are far better able to deal with whatever arises for you personally during your day.

Although the news on the mainstream media may be very disturbing or unsettling, do not engage with fear or a sense of helplessness in response to it.  You are each exactly where you are meant to be in every moment, and by opening to the Love within you strengthen your human energy fields, making them far more effective as they interact throughout the day with the energy fields of those with whom you engage in thought, word, or deed.  That is what you are on Earth at this moment in time to do, to engage lovingly with others, regardless of the kind of situations in which you find yourselves, by most effectively demonstrating Love in action.  As the divine children of God you are Love in action, but as ego directed humans you allow your fears and your sense of inadequacy or incompetence to erect a very ephemeral veil between your human selves and your true Self, thus keeping the latter hidden from view.

Your pre-incarnational intent has always been to bring Love and Light to every issue or problem that arises for you.  However, due to your having forgotten that, and also due to your tendency to believe and trust what your egos tell you, it can often seem to you that you are practically powerless to influence the events that just seem happen around you.  This is not the case because, as humans, you have practically no idea of the enormous power of your energy fields when you recharge them daily in those quiet moments that you spend within.  You chose before you incarnated to be precisely where you are in every moment of your human existence, even though, as a human, that seems to be a preposterous idea.  But truly there are no “chance or random” events or situations in which you find yourselves involved, they are all part of the divine plan, your plan.  The only unknown is how you, in human form, will respond, having mostly forgotten who you truly are – beings of immense power and Love.

Those of you reading this and similar messages are seeking to awaken, seeking to know yourselves as you really are, because you know deep within that you are far more than you appear to be when you identify solely with your human bodies.  However, because of the limitations your human forms impose upon you and under which you agreed to work before you incarnated, and because of the noise and distractions in which your egos are constantly attempting to embroil you, it often seems to you that the task ahead of you is all but impossible.  When it does all seem utterly overwhelming please go within for a few moments, quieten your minds, and call on us, your spiritual support team, for guidance and assistance – we are always with you waiting to answer your calls.

When you call on us we always answer you immediately, that is why we are with you.  What you need to do is to trust your intuitive sense of what is the right move in any situation, because that is the guidance that you have asked us for.  Frequently, however, your egos rush in very loudly either to convince you that the loving idea that just occurred to you will not work, or to drown it out so that you do not “hear” it.  Because of the illusory games in which you have been involved throughout your human lives it does seem that to be loving is a weak and ineffectual response when intense emotions are flowing.  But, when you restrain yourselves from engaging instantly and emotionally, by allowing a moment to pass before responding, you will be able to respond lovingly thus dissolving any potential tensional conflict before it arises.

You are beings of Love, Peace, and Harmony, but you are temporarily playing games in which you reject the reality of that to engage with fear and judgment.  In the games it appears that you need to hold onto fear in order to be fully aware of the dangers that abound, and to make judgments about right and wrong, left and right, good and evil, beautiful and ugly in order to remain safe in this unsafe and threatening environment that might rise up at any moment to crush you.  Yes, your human bodies are vulnerable, but they are not you.  You are far, far more than the bodies you are using as vehicles to enable you to live within and experience the illusory world of separation games.

Your Home, Reality, is where you exist eternally in every moment of your existence, and that is right now, wherever you may be experiencing life as a human.  The path to your awakening, the path to fully conscious awareness of your true and divine nature will always lead you inwards to your holy inner sanctuary, where Love resides permanently, eternally.  It is within you, and that is where you will find It, to seek It outside, somewhere else, or from someone else is basically a choice not to find what you seek.

That holy state is in the Presence of God where all that He created has its eternal and utterly joyful existence.  And as He created you, that is where you reside in every moment.  You have just been temporarily swept into a state of amnesia, where faint glimpses of Reality come briefly to mind and then fade away as distractions arise, dragging you back through your bodies into the illusion.  You need your bodies to play the game of separation, but in that experience of separation there are seemingly endless opportunities to experience pain and suffering, and it is your bodies that undergo these traumas.

Going within daily is always an opportunity to recognize that you are not bodies but divine beings having a bodily experience, and as you do the Love that you are will empower you, and the intensity of any pain or suffering will diminish.  Being divine you have the power both to heal your bodies and to live in the world in your bodies, while at the same time not being enslaved or entrapped by the pain and suffering that they experience.  To awaken is to restore your bodies to perfect health in the flower of youth for as long as you choose to remain in form.

You are free because you were created free, all that God creates is eternally free, and through your inevitable awakening you will return to full awareness of the infinite freedom that is your divine heritage.

With so very much love, Saul.

  Saul Audio Blog for Wednesday November 29th

As humanity collectively moves toward awakening, much is happening to accelerate and intensify your relentless progression.  As you well know, Love Is, there is only Love, all else is of the illusion, and more and more of the world’s human population are beginning to realize this.  At first it is a personal realization, something that they feel uncomfortable sharing because they fear being ridiculed and laughed at.  However, because there is so much information available on the world wide web regarding the fact that everything is connected to everything else, with scientific proof to back it up, more and more people are now prepared to “put a foot in the water to test the temperature,” which they find warm and welcoming.  And then they are happily surprised, in fact often amazed, to discover that their realization is shared by so many.

It is impossible to be unaware that something different, something strange is occurring on Planet Earth at this moment in your history, and it is.  The moment of your awakening was planned at the precise moment that you chose separation instead of Love.  God knows your mind, knows what you truly want, and offers It to you constantly, and It is everything – Love, Peace, Joy, Bliss, Happiness – everything that makes your hearts sing.  That is what your awakening is all about.

God has given you everything and denied you nothing because that is His nature, He gives and gives and gives because His Love for you is infinite, and when you awaken you will know that and it will blow your minds!  God’s Love for you is utterly beyond anything that, as a human, you can possibly imagine.  Love is all-encompassing, It is totally welcoming, unconditionally accepting, honeyed, fragrant, beautifully intense, passionately embracing; It is Life Itself.  And to be without It is beyond impossible.  It is Who You are, eternally and forever!

Yes, you and God are One, and always have been, because to be separated from your Source is impossible because there is no place to separate to!  Humanity is now in the process of awakening to its forgotten memory of this divine and unchangeable truth.  All that exists has its existence within the One, within the Source, Mother/Father/God.  In that is completeness, fulfillment, harmony, concordance, understanding, agreement – LOVE!  That is all that there is, and It is infinitely and eternally vast, without boundaries or limits, and all inclusive.

Therefore judgment makes absolutely no sense because judgment attempts to separate what cannot be separated.  As Jesus said when he came upon a stoning: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”  Either all are sinners or none are.  As humans it appears to you that no-one is without sin, but as the beloved and divine children of God you are all sinless.  Sin is purely of the illusion, it is anything that is not in perfect alignment with Love, but, because there is only Love, sin can only be unreal.

As humans, playing the game of separation and judging one another as unacceptable in myriad ways, that concept appears insane as you observe all the pain and suffering that people all over the world are inflicting upon one another.  Separation is conflict, is judgment, is condemnation, is unacceptability of one by another, and that is what is insane.  Many now see that as humanity stirs toward wakefulness.

In today’s world it is impossible to be unaware of intense competition everywhere which leads inevitably to conflict, pain, and suffering.  And it is this growing awareness that is leading you forward to your awakening.  When you are fully awake anything other than Love is impossible because then you are fully conscious of the infinite Oneness that is all that exists.  Love unites because it is One, thus demonstrating conclusively that there is only One.  God is One, and therefore so are you.

Conflict is meaningless because it is an attack on oneself.  However, as humans living and breathing the illusion, it seems not only possible but inevitable, and that includes suicide itself, the ultimate attack on oneself, and your history provides endless examples to support this view.  For eons it has seemed that conflicts, and the resultant widespread pain and suffering they cause, are normal.  It truly is amazing that anything so abysmally abnormal could appear normal to so many for so long!

All who are reading this, and similar wise and loving messages from those in the spiritual realms whose purpose is to support you on your path to awakening, are yourselves firmly established on that path.  You may experience doubts, anger, pain, fear, and suffering, but underneath all that, deep within yourselves, you do know that in this now moment you are precisely where you intended to be when you planned this present human lifetime.  So, when you forget, or become unsettled or upset, go within to your most holy inner sanctuary where Love resides, and allow yourselves to feel the divine and loving embrace in which you are eternally held safe and sound.

The game that is the illusion is past its sell by date and needs to be discarded.  That is exactly what is happening all across the world as all that is not in alignment with Love arises to be forgiven and to be released.  All of you are assisting in this process quite magnificently, and you are greatly honored for your willingness to undergo the pain and suffering that goes with the task that you have undertaken.  Know that completion is close, and take a little time out now and again to relax and celebrate when the going gets really tough.  You fully deserve to honor yourselves for the fantastic work you are doing, namely, intending to be only loving whatever arises, by taking a break from the insanity to enjoy your lives.  Do not berate yourselves when you think you have failed in your task by occasionally reacting unlovingly, you have not!  You are all succeeding quite brilliantly, as you will discover when you awaken into the divine festivities that have been so lovingly prepared for you.

With so very much love, Saul.