All is well, humanity is awakening very rapidly, even though perhaps that does not seem to be the case as you see and hear all the bad news in many areas of your planet on which the MSM and the social media continuously focus their and your attention.  Place your trust where it belongs, in God, and in your own brilliant intuition where He is constantly offering you love and guidance.  You know that you need to do this, and yet you allow your egos to fill your minds with ‘what if?’ thoughts that serve only to cause you anxiety, or even fear.  You, every single sentient being, are at all times, in every moment present in the divine Presence from which it is impossible for you to be separated for even the most fleeting instant.  You are One with Source – but asleep and dreaming that you are in an unreal world of pain and suffering – and He is most gently and lovingly nudging you into wakefulness.  He will not force or coerce you to awaken because He utterly and completely honors your freedom to choose to awaken or to remain asleep.  No one can sleep forever, and as humans you are well aware of this as you awaken from your night’s sleep to experience yet another day in form as humans.  Collectively, you have chosen to awaken, and the vast majority of you are in the process of doing this.  Only a very few have chosen to remain asleep, and that choice will be honored, but that choice will not in any way hinder or delay the collective awakening.  All is indeed well.

All is indeed well!  You are the beloved children of God forever enfolded within Her most loving embrace.  An embrace that expands or contracts to allow you total –infinite – freedom of movement and expression, without ever leaving that divine embrace which is the absolute and infinite vastness that She created for you.  Within that vastness – the infinite field of loving energy within which all sentient life, consciousness, awareness exists – you constructed an imaginary or unreal environment in which you collectively chose to undergo the unreal, unimaginable, and impossible state of separation from your Mother.  Of course it never happened!  What you constructed does not and never could exist, because it is unreal.  Therefore you remain eternally safe and lovingly nurtured within Her infinitely loving and infinitely expansive divine embrace.  You are always and eternally at Home!  Therefore, fear not, ALL is abundantly well.

As you spend these last few hours – days, weeks, months, even years! – seemingly contained within the vast environment that is the universe that you constructed but a moment go, and which you have collectively chosen to dissolve as you awaken once more into the Reality from which you have never departed, relax in the knowing that all is not as it seems.  Rejoice, therefore, celebrate, and delight in the knowing deep within yourselves – where for the most part you choose not to delve for fear of disturbing or destroying the illusion of separation – that you are awakening, that your awakening is inevitable because it is already divinely accomplished.  You are just clinging to sleep like small children who do not wish to be awakened to go to school.  You are not children – although as humans in form it does appear that very few of you have managed to fully mature and become wise and loving adults – and therefore you are utterly and completely free to make your own choices about what you wish to experience in every now moment, and then to instantly change those choices if they no longer please you.


You always have been and you always will be.  So make choices that truly please you instead of ones that confuse you or fill you with fear, and know that your divine Mother is protecting you and looking out for you in every moment.  You are Safe, you are Loved, and every need you could imagine you might have has already been provided for.

As you continue to live your human lives during these last moments of the imaginary game that you have been playing, you are going to come to a very clear understanding of the purpose of those human lives.  The purpose was to experience the illusion of separation, and then, having done so, to awaken into the Reality from which you had never departed, and that is what you are now doing.  The illusion you constructed appears to be inordinately real, and the aspect of time within it seems to move extremely slowly, especially when you compare the lengths of your individual lives to the length of time it has seemingly existed.  And many of you are indeed coming to this essential realization, but feeling that your awakening is taking far too long.  It does seem, if you use your human intelligence to ruminate and deliberate about the age of the universe, and about humanity’s present severely limited state of evolution – physical, emotional, and spiritual – that the prospect of true spiritual evolution is way beyond you.  And it would be!

But, you are not human, you are divine beings in a state of very temporary confusion about the truth of who you are. Your awakening is the unavoidable realization that you do not need to evolve, because you already are perfect divine beings as created by God.  You just need to relax and allow yourselves to acknowledge that you are in every moment held in the infinitely and eternal loving embrace of our Mother, who is Father, and God, and Source, and Love, and allow yourselves to feel that, to experience that as your awareness that “I am One” awakens you into the Reality in which you have always lived.

Your Oneness has never been in doubt.  But the illusion you constructed has convinced you that you are, each and every one of you, tiny, inconsequential, and unworthy beings of whom God could not possibly be aware, let alone love with all Her Heart.  Those of you who have or have had children know the overwhelming sense of love that you have for them.  Well, it’s time for you to wake up to the realization that God’s love for you is immeasurably beyond the love you have as humans for your human children.  You are Love, you are loved, and you are waking up to full awareness of that, of your true and unchanging nature as One with Source.

With so very much love, Saul.

All are One, you know that, and yet you have difficulty accepting the truth of it – your egos are at work here distracting you – and thus you find it difficult to feel that you are One, to feel Reality when you take time out to connect.  It truly is a question of trust.  You need to trust that you will connect when you settle into your quiet contemplative or meditative state, and then allow yourselves to feel the connection.  When you set the intent to connect you always succeed, but, because of your doubts, your ego-driven sense of sinfulness or unworthiness, you do not allow yourselves to feel or experience the connection, and you then assume that it has not occurred.  The One, M/F/G, Source, and your support team members here in the non-physical realms have connected with you – in fact there is never a moment when you are not connected with us – you have just chosen to be unaware, and then have assumed that We are not present with You!  Let go of those doubts, and stop believing your egos, they are not your friends, and they excel in misdirecting you!

Allow yourselves to just be, frequently throughout your day, even if only momentarily.  Doing so strengthens your sense of self, your essential self-acceptance, because when you are just being you do not engage with your negative ego-driven self-judgments, and thus do not distract yourselves from the awareness of the beauty and perfection that is you.  All that M/F/G creates is eternally beautiful, is always present in this now moment, the only moment, and so of course each one you is an eternal and unchanging aspect of that beauty, of the One in every moment.  How could it be otherwise?

Your awakening is the moment when you release yourselves from your belief in separation.  It is only your belief that appears to establish you as a lone, solitary, or separate being, and you chose to engage with that belief when you chose to experience the unreality of separation.  It is unreal, and you have the power to change your mind, to discard that utterly invalid belief, and you will, freely, when you become fully aware that it has never served you. Many of you, who have – maybe for decades! – been setting the intent daily to be only loving whatever arises, are very, very close to finally releasing your hold on the unreal.  You know that it is unreal, but because your sense of the reality of the unreal is so deeply ingrained within you, it is very difficult for you to let go.  It is a little like someone who is close to drowning clinging tightly to a large piece of driftwood as a flotation aid, thus making it impossible for rescuers to lift him out of the water.

LET GO!  You will not drown, be lost, or die.  There is only Life, Source, Love, the One Who created you as an eternal reflection of Herself.  You are completely worthy of God, of Love, because you are a divine and eternal being created by Her to experience and delight in eternal joy. Accepting and living the unreality of life in form as though it is real – which is what you do – demands enormous physical energy that needs to be replenished with food and sleep, so that those of you with families to support often experience exhaustion, both physical and emotional, leaving you with very little time or motivation to attend to your spiritual needs.  Your spiritual needs must be attended to, and they are fed when you take time out quietly and alone.  So do set a time during the day when you will take some down time, and honor yourselves by making sure that your loved ones honor it.  When you do not honor yourselves you cannot properly honor others, which only adds to any sense of unworthiness to which you may be clinging.

Realize that as you are reading or listening to this message I am holding you in my loving embrace and quietening your egos so that you may feel the Love and the peace that are always present.  You just choose not to be aware of it because you believe that you need to attend to the urgent needs which your human lives are constantly delivering to you.  Remember the numerous occasions on which you failed to fulfill them, and remember that whatever may have been the reason that disaster did not occur.  You are not in form to save the world!  You are in form to follow a divinely planned path to your own awakening, and to assist all those with whom you interact to do like wise.  You probably will take some diversions, but you will always find your way back to your path unless you allow your egos to persuade you that they know a better way.  They do not!  Listen to your inner guidance, your intuition, and follow that.  When you do you are honoring yourselves, and in doing so you will find yourselves more at peace, knowing that you are precisely where you are meant to be on your own perfect path to your awakening.

Follow that inner knowing, your intuition, and trust yourselves.  God does, and He KNOWS what a wonderful being of honesty, compassion, and integrity that you are.  Be in peace.

With so very much love, Saul.

All is NOT as it seems! There is much going on in the spiritual realms as humanity moves ever closer to its collective awakening. So do not be alarmed by the chaos and confusion that is being reported by your media, because all is moving forward most splendidly in preparation for your grand and illustrious awakening. It truly is extremely close! Many of you are finding that hard to believe, as you have, for a number of years now, been hearing that same forecast, while at the same time all across the world conflict and confusion appears to be increasing. And, as many have explained, to awaken is to become fully aware that there is only Love – nothing else is necessary – and in that state of Love – your natural, unchangeable, and eternal state – you are told you will be in Joy, interacting creatively and harmoniously with each other, with ALL.

So why, you are asking yourselves – and one another – is there no sign of this most wonderful awakening? Well, as so many from the non physical realms have frequently reminded you, time is of the illusion and therefore unreal. And as you have all experienced dreaming when your physical forms have been asleep, you know that in dreams time is very flexible, you can move it forward beyond the present moment, move it back into the past, or remain locked in the present unchanging now moment. So, should we attempt to give you a forecast in time, because the illusion/time drama in which you are engaged always responds to the will of the collective ego, and as the collective intent changes quite regularly but unexpectedly so does the time scale, therefore our forecasts are apt, as you have discovered, to change without notice, seemingly moving further and further into the future. Therefore we cannot give you dates and times, but we can honestly tell you that the moment of your awakening is very close. SOON!

As you observe the intensifying states of conflict, suffering, divisiveness, and fear throughout humanity it is quite clear that major changes are essential, and your awakening will indeed be an Enormous change, a change that you cannot possibly conceive of with your very limited creative intellectual abilities as humans in form. You Are in the process of awakening Now! And that process is very close to its most magnificent completion. Trust M/F/G, Love, Source, and allow yourselves to access your deep inner knowing that all is divinely taken care of and that there will be NO disappointments, because the Divine Will is that you enjoy infinite and eternal joy. The Divine Will is the only true will, and it is always achieved . . . now.

Continue to trust the assurances of M/F/G, and continue to set the intent to be only loving whatever arises. That is why you are incarnate as humans in form at this moment. You all chose to be here – knowing that it would be very difficult and painful at times – because you most passionately wanted to be a part of and greatly assist in humanity’s most wondrous and long sought awakening. You are in form to bring it to fruition, and that is what you are doing. Honor yourselves for the work that only you can do, and forgive yourselves for all unloving thoughts, words, or actions that your egos have persuaded you to engage with, knowing that they were unreal did not occur – WHAT YOU ARE EXPERIENCING IS A TOTALLY UNREAL DREAM – and that you are perfect divine creations. Any feelings of being a sinner, not good enough, or unworthy of God’s Love, are utterly invalid ideas with which your egos try to control and direct you. You can – and many of you frequently do – allow yourselves to follow your egos’ guidance. But you are totally free to follow instead the loving guidance of the Holy Spirit Who is always with you and ready to help you instantly to let any egoic impulses just pass you by without your engaging with them. The more frequently you do this the easier it becomes, although, from time to time, the ego will try to regain control, so be mindful, and respond lovingly to whatever arises, instead of allowing yourselves to react egotistically to unexpected and unsought events or situations.

You know that you can choose not to engage egotistically with others or with events or situations, so every time you are tempted, be mindful and choose to stay in your place of inner peace, a place that is always and permanently available. Use it daily, when you awaken from your night’s sleep, and also whenever you have even a brief a moment during the day. Doing this enormously strengthens that intent, and, as I said above, you chose to be here now because you wanted be an essential and irreplaceable member of the human collective during the grand awakening. And truly you are essential and irreplaceable, therefore honor yourselves for this courageous choice that you made, and also ALL others who also have made this choice. You are here to assist one another in the awakening process, and if you were not competent to fulfill this divine task you would not now be in human form. Your presence is vital.

Therefore, despite the confusion, the chaos, the frustration, and the suffering, REJOICE that you are here now, precisely where you are supposed to be. There are NO accidents, there are NO coincidences, you and every human presently in form are precisely where you chose to be before you incarnated, having received the precise guidance that you needed to enable you to follow your chosen paths.

Here in the non physical realms we are most honored to be watching over you and proffering immediate assistance whenever you call on us for help or guidance. You are never alone, although it may often seem that you are, because separation never happened, and never can happen. Trust your inner guidance, your inner knowing, because you do know how to differentiate between thatand your egos’ attempts to distract you into angry emotional outbursts that could lead you into serious and absolutely unnecessary fear-driven conflicts.

You are all beings of peace, distracted by the illusory state of material form with which you have chosen to engage, so remind yourselves frequently “I am a perfect and unchangeable divine Being of Peace and Love.” This is an absolutely true statement, accept it, know it, and live it, because that is why you are in this now moment experiencing the intense limitations of life in form. Doing this is awakening humanity.

With so very much love, Saul.

We are rapidly approaching the moment for humanity’s collective awakening.  I know that we have already, and frequently, talked about the imminence of this most magnificent and wondrous event.  This is because it is essential to keep you ready to respond instantly as it happens.  You all know that time is an aspect of the illusion, and is therefore illusory, unreal, and that there is only NOW.  So continue to expect it to occur very soon, NOW, and continue to set the intent to be always loving whatever may arise in your daily lives, knowing that you are making it happen.  That is why you are presently incarnate, you are massively assisting those who are deeply asleep to enter into and participate in your collective awakening process.  The awakening of the sleepers is crucial, because M/F/G wants no one left asleep and dreaming, and your power to assist in waking them is enormous.

Most of you have spent much of your human lives waiting – to be six, sixteen, twenty five, married, promoted – and you have been culturally encouraged to wait.  Therefore waiting for your awakening is not something the vast majority of you enjoy.  So don’t wait!  Enjoy this time, knowing that your awakening is absolutely inevitable, and that your joy when it happens will amaze you.  You are aware that many are suffering in response to the present state of worldwide political confusion and conflicts, health and illness issues, and relationship issues, and your task is to maintain and strengthen the constant and most powerful energy flow of Love that is enveloping the planet and embracing all sentient life forms in this and every moment. Your presence doing this – and it is a mighty task that you have set yourselves – is absolutely essential and you are fully bolstered in this in every moment by your support teams in the non physical realms.

The awakening is proceeding precisely as divinely intended, there can and will be no turning back or diversions.  All is flowing perfectly towards its inevitable and most magnificent preordained consummation – the awareness of your inseparable and joy-filled Oneness with M/F/G.  Release any doubts to which you may be clinging, fearful of letting go in case nothing happens, leaving your hopes devastated and you comfortless and suffering the most intense grief, because:

THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN!  Your collective awakening is divinely guaranteed, and M/F/G always delivers precisely as promised.

Your task, pre-planned and intentionally set in motion when you incarnated, is both simple – just being, and holding the intent to be only loving in every moment – and complex – all sentient life forms are involved – because only M/F/G could plan such an operation and bring it to fruition precisely as planned and intended.Therefore remind yourselves frequently during the day of your divine and unalterable nature as One with Source, and of the fact that you are presently in form to massively assist in the collective awakening, an awakening that requires and depends on your loving Presence and intent.

Life in form has always been a journey towards this moment of awakening, and although it seems that life in form has been ongoing for eons – billions of years, millions of life-times – it is but an instant since the journey commenced.  Its illusory nature has depended on time and its apparently endless nature, and as you pay more and more attention to the now moment the aspect of time will diminish and dissolve, ensuring that you awaken from the dream, and, in doing so, bring about your complete realization that separation never happened, and that you are still and always have been fully present in the Presence of your Source, M/F/G, LOVE, ever since the moment of your creation.

Therefore, allow yourselves to accept the knowledge that you are an eternally and infinitely beloved child of God, because deep within yourselves you do know this.  Let go of your completely invalid egoic negative self judgments – I am a sinner, I am unworthy, I am unlovable – nothing could be further from the truth.  Remember that your lives in form are illusory, unreal, and that therefore your sins, mistakes, unacceptable behaviors, or whatever concerns you and causes you to doubt the goodness and the love that you are never occurred – you just dreamt them – and will be gone when you awaken.

There is only Love, therefore YOU are Love.  Allow yourselves to stop hiding that knowledge from yourselves, and join with M/F/G in a total and eternal Embrace of the real you, where no ego exists to taunt or judge you.  There is no judgement.  There is no blame.  There is no condemnation.  There is no punishment.  You are in every moment One with and in the Presence of Love, which is your true and eternal nature.

Rejoice!  You have every right to do so because you and M/F/G are one Whole, constantly experiencing the beauty, magnificence and brilliance of YOURSELVES in glorious harmonious interactions with your divine and indescribably transcendent SELF that is One and All.

With so very much love, Saul.

You are never alone!  There is only One – and this is NOT a limitation!  You, every sentient being, are One with Source always and without interruption; for you to be separated is impossible.  However, by incarnating as a human each one of you chose to experience separation and amnesia.  The separation that you are experiencing is unreal, illusory, and when you awaken the illusion and all its effects will just dissolve, leaving behind no trace or memory whatsoever.

The way lovewards, towards your awakening, is via your daily periods of quiet and stillness within your holy inner sanctuaries, where Love waits constantly and most patiently for your invitation for It to embrace you.  Because of your doubts about your worthiness to enter into the Presence of God you have placed a shield, a veil, a faint mistiness between you in your human form and the Oneness with which you are eternally and inseparably One, making it very difficult for you to be aware of, conscious of that divine state from which you have never for even an instant departed.  You are eternally, since the moment of your creation, inseparably One with M/F/G, in a state of complete harmony and bliss.  That is very hard for you to accept as the divine truth, because you so expertly constructed the illusory state into which to chose to enter in order to block from yourselves any knowledge of your true nature.  You have most effectively fooled yourselves about who you are, about your true and unchangeable divine nature.

That is why your daily times of quietness deep within yourselves, where you choose not to engage with the distractions with which your egos – the illusory or dream state of the collective ego – are constantly bombarding you.  That is their purpose, because when you finally choose, as you will, to pay them no attention, they will be no more, and that is something that absolutely terrifies them.  The part of you that is in fear is your ego, and it wants desperately to keep you focused on fear, on thoughts of – oh my god, what if? Or maybe this? I hope not – because your fear guarantees its survival.  All you have to do is to face your fear and move beyond it, because you know, deep within yourselves, that there is nothing to fear.

Momentary fear can be useful to bring to your attention a threat to your physical bodies right now so that you can circumvent or evade it.  However, fear is only meant to be momentary, but over the eons your various families, tribes, and nations have developed it beautifully as a means to control you, and you are taught from infancy to give your sovereign power – it is yours, and yours alone – away to self-appointed authority figures overseeing factions, syndicates, or consortiums that they have established to control and manipulate you for ‘your own good!’

The ego delights in power over others so that it can control and manipulate them.  But that is not power, it is just a momentary sensation that it keeps on needing to reconfirm and re-establish.  Apparent power over others is very seductive, and your egos are always seeking it by expressing themselves as authority figures, or victims, both of which are just ego-driven ones desperately seeking attention – admiration or pity – but what they are truly seeking outside the self in this manner, where it can never be found, is Love.

Love is the only true power, It needs nothing because It has everything which It offers freely and abundantly to everyone.  It is your power which is always available, longing to flow through you in absolute abundance to embrace all with whom you interact in any manner at all.  You have all met and interacted at some time with at least one person who has demonstrated unconditional love and acceptance of you, or others, and it always leaves a lasting and inspiring impression. Well, understand that you are that person!

Frequently, however, you mask yourselves – most excellently demonstrated during the last two years! – because you do not trust yourselves, believing that others will judge you as weak and perhaps take advantage of you if you offer kindness and compassion.You all wonder how others see you and hear you, and what their opinions of you are, and this is an egoic mannerism of which you are mostly unaware because you identify with it, you think it is who you are.  Believing that leads you to behave in a fashion that you think and hope will gain you the appreciation and respect of your peer group, but no matter how much appreciation and respect it appears that you are receiving – never mind what they may be saying about you behind your back! – it is never enough, you always need more!

You are perfectly well able to understand that your egos will never be satisfied, that there will always be something more that they insist you need to make you happy, to bring you peace.  Well, now is the time to cease paying attention to them, to let them go.  They have never served you well, they are incapable of doing so, and you know that because you are constantly feeling dissatisfied with your lives – I’m not smart, attractive, intelligent, wealthy, respected, honored enough – as they direct your focus of attention on your seeming inadequacies.  ALL of which are invalid.  You are a divine and therefore perfect creation of M/F/G, so demonstrate your love, honor, and respect for M/F/G by loving, honoring, and respecting her perfect creations – you yourselves!

The lesson to learn from being a human in form is that you were created perfect to be just you, no one else, just you.  However, your egos keep on suggesting that you should model yourselves on others, truly successful people – others who may in fact be attempting to model themselves on you! – because as you, you can never be good enough.  What a totally insane philosophy to attempt to live by.

Let go of your egos now.  Be yourselves, your true loving, perfect selves, enjoy life because, as you will find, there is so much about it that is truly enjoyable when you let go of negative self-judgment and doubt.

With so very much love, Saul.

We are, as we keep reminding you, very, very close to your collective awakening.  Therefore it is essential that you maintain your daily practice of setting the intent to be only loving whatever arises during the day, and to open your hearts as channels or conduits thus allowing and inviting Mother/Father/God to direct their immense energy of Love through each and every one of you to each and every human – without any exceptions whatever – to bring your collective awakening to its most magnificent moment of fruition.  The plan has been set, the NOW moment has been chosen, so continue to do your parts extremely consciously and conscientiously, and as you do, Celebrate!  Your awakening is inevitable, so celebration is utterly and completely appropriate, it intensifies the awakening energy flow and arouses joy in all who are awakening.

Yes, to awaken is a free will choice that each individual must make, and therefore everyone will.  However, some may choose to delay that choice, and how long they choose to spend in delay mode is again a free will choice.  Nevertheless, the few who do choose to delay their awakening Will Not delay humanity’s collective awakening, which is a done deal that will happen at precisely the Now moment that our loving Mother/Father/God has decided upon.  All is extremely well because humanity has chosen a collective awakening, and that choice is now being put into effect.

To awaken is to know yourselves as One with Mother/Father/God.  It is a totally conscious awareness of your individual creative abilities, and of your inseparability from, integration with, and completely harmonious cooperation with God in the ongoing creative undertaking that is Love eternally and most joyfully expanding and extending Itself.  You are all eternally devoted and intimate aspects or facets of Source, constantly co-creating with Her in joyful harmony the infinite rapture that is your true state of being.

Here in the non-physical realms – Reality! – we are becoming increasingly excited as your most magnificent moment of awakening approaches rapidly to usher you into your natural state of full conscious awareness from which you have never, even for one picosecond, been separated.  There is nowhere to which you could be separated because there is only Reality, the infinitely expansive Presence of Mother/Father/God, or whatever label you choose to use to refer to the Unnameable.  You are the Unnameable in so far as you are eternally One with It, you have just lost your awareness of this, your true nature.  We are now enthralled in every moment as we watch and observe your irreversible progress towards actualization of the dissolution of the dream/nightmare that has seemingly, for eons, been shrouding, camouflaging, or veiling you from You.  You, the being in physical form, being the infinitesimal egoic aspect or feature of your true self that makes it possible for you to apparently experience separation and believe it to be real.

The time has come for the nightmare of suffering, hatred, conflict, blame, and condemnation of one another to cease permanently, as all hearts open to invite Love in and, as It enters each one of them, to rejoice and to relax into Its loving embrace as you collectively awaken.Love, as you have been reminded so many times, is ALL!  Therefore each individual one of you is also All, because there is absolutely no possibility of separation from that which is All.

You, each seemingly individual human who has ever existed, exists now, or will ever exist, is an essential, intimate, conjoined and most highly cherished aspect or partner with Source.  Without even one of you Source would be incomplete, and Source is undeniably and unambiguously complete perfection, eternally embracing All that exists, You – all sentient life.  No matter how powerfully your individual or collective ego attempts to be separate – independent from Source – it will always fail, because truly the ego is powerless, it is a tiny, weak, and fearful aspect of an individual or group of individuals – sometimes billions – expressing vast amounts of bluster and bravado that instantly dissolve when confronted with Truth.  Confront your egos – gently and compassionately – with the Truth, that there is only the One from which none can ever be separated for even an instant, so that they can accept your offer to lovingly and compassionately reintegrate them with the One that You are.  There will be an enormous sense of joy when this reintegration occurs and You know Yourselves once again as you truly are . . . eternally One with Mother/Father/God.

As I said above, your oneness with Source, your eternal connection to Source has never been broken or interrupted for even the shortest instant because that is totally impossible, Source being One and containing All.  Therefore, let go of and release any remaining doubts about the authenticity and actuality of Reality, Mother/Father/God, Love, Source, to which you may still be clinging, as they are a drain on your energy fields and do not serve you in any way.  God IS, Love IS, and so are You . . . eternally.

With so very much love, Saul.

Many are presently experiencing uncertainty, anxiety, and even extreme fear as unexpressed but deeply felt emotional conflicts arise within them, seemingly in response to the worldwide divisive confusion being constantly reported on news and social media.  This is the final stage in the karmic release of eons worth of ‘stuff’ that is not in alignment with Love, and which must be acknowledged, thanked, and freely released before your collective awakening.  The intense intent to be only loving whatever arises, that so many are now embracing, is permitting this massive and necessary eruption of ‘stuff’ all across the planet so that it may be thanked and rapidly released.

Love is your nature, and that is becoming apparent to increasing numbers of people, thus greatly assisting in revealing the very large number of loving communities that are forming worldwide with the basic intent for all to awaken, accompanied by the intent to accept everyone unconditionally regardless of their beliefs and opinions, as they realize that that is how Love always engages.  Love unites, and fear divides.  As more and more people chose only love, divisions within groups, communities, organizations and nations start to dissolve, and this can be seen all across the world as the motivation to end the present state of chaos and the resultant conflicts strengthens and intensifies.

God’s love for humanity, for every single human without any exceptions whatsoever, is utterly beyond your ability to comprehend. In God there is no judgment or condemnation, there is only Love, and Love is always unconditional, anything else is not Love.  You KNOW, deep within yourselves, that you are One with Mother/Father/God, and that therefore you too are Love, but mostly you do not allow yourselves the time to delve deeply enough within yourselvesto uncover this Truth about yourselves.  Even when you set the intent to take the time to do so, you very frequently allow your egos to distract you with thoughts of your unworthiness or even sinfulness, and then focus your attention elsewhere, away from the egos unreal but very depressing and unsettling ‘self-negating-thoughts.’

All in form are Love incarnate, because Love is All.  Your task as humans in form is to be and demonstrate who you are – Love in Action!  You do this very simply by setting the intent daily to be only loving whatever arises, and then renewing it whenever it comes to mind throughout the day.  AND, you must forgive yourselves whenever you notice yourselves not honoring this intent.  You are humans in form, and humans make mistakes because it is part of the learning experience that you chose to undergo when you totally freely volunteered to be incarnate at this final moment in humanity’s spiritual evolution, and which is leading to your collective grand awakening.

You have all had many Earth lives, and therefore many ‘deaths’ where you returned to the non-physical realms to assess and integrate what you had learnt, before incarnating yet again to continue learning and to assist others with whom you found yourselves in any kind of relationship.  The whole purpose is to AWAKEN, and to KNOW yourselves as you truly are – One with Source.  Many of you do accept this intellectually as the truth, but your egos do a great job of convincing you that now is not the time, that you have to attend to daily living and defend yourselves against others who do not have your best interests at heart.  As long as you accept those ego derived beliefs as valid, you will fearfully keep your hearts closed, not realizing that Love surrounds you in every moment of your existence waiting extremely patiently for you to choose to open yourselves to receive Its loving embrace.

Those of you who have children know that your love for them will never end, that you will continue to love them even if they misbehave or are taken from Earth seemingly prematurely.  Well, God’s Love for you is infinitely more intense than yours as humans is for your children, so allow yourselves to accept His loving embrace in every moment, just as your children accept yours.  When you accept Love fully and freely into your hearts, your knowing awareness of Its Reality guides you to extend and share It unconditionally with everyone with whom you interact.  Doing that demonstrates very clearly to others that Love is Real!  This is why you incarnated this time around, and no one but you can fulfill this mighty and beautiful divine task.

This is why we in the non-physical realms keep on reminding you of how absolutely essential it is for each of you to go deeply within yourselves daily and recharge yourselves with Love.  Love is THE energy field in which All exists, and where All is possible.  There is nowhere and no place else.  However, choosing to incarnate as a human into the very limiting illusory or dream state, as you all have done, means accepting the whole gamut of limitations that the human condition imposes upon you.

There are gateways or paths through many of those limitations, and the way to find them is through deep relaxation into the individual depth of yourselves during your undisturbed daily time alone, fully honoring yourselves because you are in every moment One with and utterly inseparable from your divine Source, your Creator, your Mother/Father/God.  And, of course, you can use any term that appeals to you and resonates with you as the ‘label’ to describe in human terms the infinitely wise and loving Supreme Being Who is All.

Whatever word you may choose to label ‘your’ Source is totally immaterial, and most of you believe that you do need to attach a label or name, just realize that everyone is perfectly entitled to use their own label, and that Source loves you always, infinitely, whatever label you choose to use as a form of address.  Mother/Father/God cannot be offended, being infinitely free and unboundedly lovingly self-accepting.

When each of you chooses to engage with life with complete honesty and integrity, you too will find yourselves in a state of self-acceptance, and others’ opinions of you – either good or bad – will not influence you at all solely because you are being true to yourselves.  Doing this is to trust in your individual sovereignty, bestowed upon you by God at the moment of your creation, and which is eternally unchanging.  You are as God created you, there is no other aspect of you, You Are.  And in that you are eternally One with Source in exquisite flawless perfection.  Rejoice in your perfection, knowing that you cannot and would not wish to attempt to improve on God’s utterly perfect Creation – YOU!!!

With so very much love, Saul.

Life is an ongoing creative explosion of Love!  In the physical realms at present the explosive nature is readily apparent, but the Presence of Love is not as clearly visible, felt, or experienced.  However, this is changing.  Many who have been unsure, in doubt about Love, Its Presence, and Its meaning are growing in awareness that It is the only sane way with which to engage with life and with ‘others,’ in so far as there truly are no ‘others,’ there is only One.

It is becoming clear to many millions that the physical environment in which you live your human lives is not, and never could be disconnected from even one of you, and that your complete interdependence needs to be recognized, welcomed, and honored.  What you have perceived, in this modern age since the industrial revolution, as resources to be mined, harvested, tamed, and controlled solely for the benefit of humanity, or of certain ‘more valuable’ groups of humans is finally being widely recognized as insatiable greed.  And many are now building organizations to honor the planet, treat her with the respect that she deserves, and to avail of the abundant harvests that she offers you, and has offered you for as long as you have been on Earth, in a manner that honors all life fully, so that the abundance of Earth’s various resources may be wisely and generously availed of for the benefit of all.

The lack of general awareness of your Onenessis the reason that conflicts arise so easily and frequently, not only with other nations but also within social, political, or religious communities and within families.  Where people are aware that there is only and always Oneness peace prevails.  When you engage or interact with others lovingly peace and harmony result, even though differing opinions and viewpoints are present.  The non-existent state of separation – the dream or illusory state of physicality – in which you experience your human lives is a wonderful opportunity for you all to evolve spiritually.  And those of you presently incarnate chose to be on Earth now in order to evolve and progress spiritually and (very important point!) to assist all of humanity to do likewise, leading inevitably to the grand collective awakening.

There are no accidents or coincidences, the universe did not arise from the Big Bang by chance.  You, God’s only son, constructed it to experience separation from God and independence from God because your free will – freely and lovingly bestowed upon you at the moment of your creation – wished to discover if such a state could exist and what it would be like to experience that state.  Consequently you have for eons been experiencing that illusory state of separation, not only from Mother/Father/God but also from each other, no matter how intimately involved you may be with another or others.  You have found that separation is a very confusing state to be in because it produces uncertainty, and uncertainty causes fear.  Your egos delight in fear because it makes it far easier for them to hold your attention and direct your thoughts, words, and actions.

During your absolutely essential daily periods of quietness at the depths of your being, remind yourselves that, being the perfect divine creations that you most assuredly are, you are eternally worthy of God’s Love, and that He offers it to you unceasingly.  What happens is that your egos loudly and vociferously do their best to encourage your fear and direct your thoughts to mostly quite unlikely ‘what if’ scenarios to keep you in an almost constant state of anxiety.  When you are quietly at peace they feel extremely threatened and do their utmost to disturb you, and all of you have experienced that, when being quiet, as suddenly your roof-brain chatter bursts into your awareness, and things that you do need to attend to suddenly become extremely urgent!  An effective attempt at egoic distraction has just succeeded.

Life is not urgent!  It has never been urgent, but the human collective has chosen to make it appear urgent.  If this task or that one is not completed on schedule inexorable and unpleasant, even dangerous consequences will occur – and it will be your fault!  That is no way to live, and attempting to live in that manner makes it impossible to have a peaceful and contented life.  Instead it leads to conflict, even with those you love most dearly.  Take your time, because you have chosen and continue to choose to experience separation, and remember that time is an aspect of the illusory or dream state that you are engaging with as humans, and that everyone – without exception – experiences it differently, and individually.  Separation is a state in which you each have your own totally complete experience of what it means to be human, to be separated from Source.  Of course there are similarities between you all, and you all experience the need to survive and the fear of death.

Nevertheless, that state, as you have been told so often, is unreal.  And still you allow yourselves to believe that it is real, and continue to engage with all others in that unreal state.  Thus conflict and powerful disagreement continually arise to provoke you into unloving behaviors.  Notwithstanding that, an attack or an unloving response is always a cry for Love.  Love is your nature, and yet vast numbers of you dismiss Love as weak, and believe that it is dangerous to trust Its heart centered guidance as you go about your daily lives.  You believe that you need defenses against others who are untrustworthy and are attempting to deceive you, others who will take advantage of you whenever the opportunity arises.  This mistrust of others –yourselves –has been a self fulfilling belief for eons, especially when combined with the competitive nature of political, economic, and religious organizations that are permanently seeking to expand their own organizations by denigrating those with whom they are in permanent disagreement and competition.  It has always been a recipe for disaster as they have used propaganda and deceit to justify wars to destroy those with whom they either disagree, or whose territory they wish to steal and control.  This is clearly shown in your world history.

NOW, in this very moment, the only time that exists, the human collective is choosing to change the illusory nightmare into a pleasant and loving dream from which it will awaken.  Love is the energy that is guiding and directing your awakening, as more and more of you are coming to an awareness of the absolute futility of non-loving life philosophies, and to a deep understanding that Love lived, expressed, and demonstrated by each individual is the way forwards – Lovewards – to a peaceful and harmonious world in which all can and will thrive.  This essential awareness is spreading very rapidly throughout the world, leading evermore of humanity to embrace loving kindness as they release their fearful need to be right by proving others wrong.  That exceedingly divisive way of living is now seen to be what it is – a destructive force that inevitably leads to disaster.

Love is your true nature, and you are becoming aware of this divine Truth.  Delight in this Truth, celebrate this Truth, and know that you are indeed awakening.  The momentum of your awakening is utterly unstoppable.

With so very much love, Saul.

The following is my response to many of you who have recently commented very unhappily on the state of the world today.

A couple of years ago I came across Sean Webb on YouTube describing his amazing and totally unexpected awakening experience back in the early 2 thousands. I just re-listened and was again quite blown away by it. He makes it very clear that we all CAN and NEED to find similar experiences for ourselves within ourselves, and so I concluded that I should share it with you all as the chaos in the world appears to be escalating, and his talk offers enormous hope.

Enjoy, John.

Here’s the link to Sean Webb describing his awakening meditative experience, runs 29 minutes. I was quite blown away the first time I listened to it, and it reminded me my repetitive childhood nightmare (age 1 1/2 through 9) that used to awaken me in terror. But there is no terror here 😊 :

Love is everything, only there is NO THING!  Love is ALL, and ALL is pure energy in abundance, boundless, limitless, and in infinite profusion, bountifully providing for all your needs and desires.  As humans experiencing the dream/illusion of separation this does not appear to be a valid statement, because in form limits are normal, to be in form is to be in a state of limitation.  In fact in today’s world limits are endemic, prevalent, sweeping, and leading many to wonder how life on Earth will be maintained when you come up against the major ones that finally prevent further expansion, as demands for clean water, fresh food, and energy appear to be very rapidly indeed outstripping your ability to find new reserves to satisfy your human earthly needs.

But, as your life in form is simply a dream from which you are awakening, truly there are no limits, they will dissolve with the dream as you awaken into the Reality of infinite abundance.  It is very difficult for you to believe that this is possible because you have been fed the story of shortage and limitation since infancy for many generations, and it is deeply ingrained in the collective psyche, it is unconscious as a belief in that it appears to be a scientifically proven fact.  And when viewed from your conditioned, confused, and constrained awareness it is factually true.  However, as the collective awareness expands, it is becoming quite clear that there are many other ways of dealing with these seemingly major and intractable issues that will present you with very practical means to resolve them.

We therefore come back to that initial statement in the book “A Course in Miracles: “Nothing Real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists, herein lies the Peace of God.”  No one is unreal!  Life is eternally at peace with Itself in a state of constant creative joy.  The state of separation, the dream or illusion in which it seems you are immersed until death terminates your human existence, was an attempt by the son of God to prove he could live completely free of any connection to Source, his Father.  But as Source is ALL that exists, obviously independence or separation is impossible, and the seemingly very real experience of that state is totally illusory.

Meanwhile, as you engage with that unreal state, believing in it utterly and completely as so many still do, you can and do experience, by your own free will choices, anxiety, fear, pain, suffering, and the feelings and emotions that make it seem real.  Of course you also experience joy and happiness, but you mostly focus on the negative aspects of life in form, and spend much time trying to alleviate or remove them.  That is like trying to remove ‘down’ while retaining ‘up,’ opposites have to be integrated – made one – because they are completely interdependent.  If I could destroy you, and did so, I would also unavoidably destroy myself because you and I are, of course, one.  Wars and conflicts are simply attempts to do just that, and, of course, they fail because you/me are opposites and can only be integrated because the destruction of anything Real is impossible.  Reincarnation, which is unreal, is just an aspect of life in form within the dream/illusion, means that as long as you choose to maintain the illusion and engage with it you will reincarnate in order to deal with the karma of previous lives in form.  You do not have to keep on doing that, seemingly interminably during thousands of lives in form, instead you can choose to awaken.  Many are doing that now, which is why the illusion is drawing to a state of closure, and the human collective is awakening.  Life is GOOD!

When you embark on your absolutely essential daily journey within yourselves, back to Source for a few moments of revitalization, focus on the wonder, the miracle of life, and of the fully conscious awareness that you uncover there. When you allow yourselves to stay deep within yourselves long enough for your minds to have pauses between thoughts, to give yourselves moments of peace when nothing is going on, you will find thatyour physical energy is much restored, so that continuing with the daily business of being human becomes less demanding.

Making time for your selves is essential, especially now as ‘stuff’ continues to arise into everyone’s awareness demanding attention.  Before you incarnated, you knew that this time around you were going to have a very difficult life to deal with, making what arises for you in the present moment of the illusion very problematic.  But, before you incarnated, you also knew that you would be fully supported by those also in form with whom you would be interacting – even if in the moment those interactions caused conflict – and also by those watching over you from the spiritual realms on whom you can call 24/7.

Nevertheless, practically everyone who incarnates forgets that they have a spiritual purpose, that they are on a spiritual path that they have most carefully planned for themselves with the most wonderful divine guidance and wisdom.  Many find themselves living either a life that seems purposeless, or living a life of service in which hardly anyone sees or appreciates them or the work that they are doing.  Yes, you have all chosen very tough paths in service to the human collective, but, deep within yourselves, you do know that you are fully and most lovingly supported in every moment in spite of the fears, anxieties, and suffering you undergo.  This is why it is so essential that you seek inner guidance every day in order to uplift your spirits enough to give you the faith, the strength, and the stamina to continue.

You are all, without any exceptions, on Earth to assist mightily in the collective awakening process, so send love to all because you need each other’s support and you promised it to each other before incarnating.  Those who seem to have lost their way and are operating egotistically and narcissisticly, using deceit and corruption to protect and guide them need even more love, so direct It towards them when you do your daily intention setting.  Do not judge them because that encourages your own egoic sense of righteous anger – your egos are a major aspect of choosing to experience life in form – leading to a justifiable sense, or outward expression of condemnation and a desire to see them punished.  Your egos are like little children who need you to set boundaries so that they can themselves evolve.  If you do not set these they begin to feel entitled and expect you to resolve all their problems for them.  This you cannot do, because, like you, your children have their own spiritual paths that they need to become aware of and live.  This is what human evolution is all about.  And your egos are just split off parts of your minds that will be integrated into the One Mind as you awaken.

Thousands of generations of humanity have passed, and human evolution has moved forwards and backwards many, many times.  NOW that evolution is complete – even though that often does not appear to be the case – the collective awakening can come to a most magnificent completion.

Remember therefore, and keep on remembering, that there is only Love.  Remind yourselves of this many times daily as issues arise that require your attention, and also remember that everyone is doing their best . . . always.  Love is the cure, is the healer, is ALL.  Invite It to embrace you so that you too will engage and interact only lovingly, whatever may arise.

With so very much love, Saul.