Saul Audio Blog for Saturday February 27th

Humanity is very, very close to the collective awakening, and there are signs of it in many places that are uplifting the hearts of those who see them and recognize them.  All is going as divinely planned, as it always does.  That often does not appear to be the case because, as humans in form, you are fully engaged in the ‘game’ of separation which can be extremely painful, especially when you are involved in conflict and self-doubt.

As you well know, separation is an unreal experience, because separation is impossible!  All forms of consciousness are in every moment connected to Source by an inseverable connection, because there is only the ONE!  But, because you chose to construct an unreal environment in which separation appears to be real, this is what you did, and it appears to be totally real to the majority of humans.  However, in the last few decades, increased comprehension of quantum physics by leading edge scientists has demonstrated quite clearly that, in spite of how you each individually experience yourselves as separate beings, there is no such state as separation from Source – the infinite field of energy/consciousness/Love/God – that is indeed ALL that exists.

As more and more ordinary people become aware of this amazing scientific revelation, the collective intent to awaken into Reality – which is already very powerful – intensifies even further.  You are most definitely awakening, and you will not fall back into the unawakened state in which humanity has been seemingly confined, or even incarcerated for eons.  Your natural state, your true nature, is to be fully awake, fully aware, and fully conscious in every moment of your eternal existence, and to revel in the infinite joy of that unchanging state.

When you collectively chose to experience separation, and constructed the environment that made it possible, you did not and could not know how much pain and suffering you would be foisting upon yourselves by doing so.  And when you started to experience that separated state you had already forgotten about Reality, and thought and believed that what you were experiencing was the only reality!  It is not!  You are all the beloved children of God, and you have never, not for even an instant, left her Presence.  You are just asleep – by your own free will choice – and you will awaken into the exquisite joy of knowing yourselves to be One with Source, because to sleep eternally is impossible.  Indeed total joy awaits your awakening.

In the meantime be patient – yes, it does seem that you are forever being asked to be patient – be loving, and allow the future to unfold, knowing, as you do, that all is divinely taken care of.  If you can avoid trying to project an image of what is to occur into your individual visions of the future you will be able to be more at peace as the old order unravels and disintegrates.  In times of great change confusion and uncertainty intensify, increasing your sense of doubt and anxiety, and perhaps causing you much emotional turmoil.  Your regular times set aside during the day to go within are absolutely essential moments in which you can relax, find peace, and confirm for yourselves your knowing that all is well.

There is much going on at present on the world stage that is bringing intense suffering to many, and your intention to send love and healing to those who are suffering is your most urgent task in these remaining hours of the old order of divisive conflict.  Your individual presence in human form at this crucial juncture in humanity’s spiritual evolution/awakening is not accidental.  You all chose, with enormous generosity and compassion, to be incarnate in order to assist most competently and lovingly in the collective awakening process.  When you made that choice and joyfully set the intent to incarnate, you knew that it would not be easy, that you would suffer – quite possibly suffer enormously – nevertheless, you incarnated and are now here, probably wondering if you really did choose to be on Earth in this extremely unsettling and disturbing era.

I can reassure you, as have many others, that yes, you did choose to be incarnate to assist in the awakening process, and that, yes you are assisting just by being present.  When you go within, in prayer, meditation, contemplation, or simple relaxation, having set the intent to be only loving whatever arises, your energy fields add mightily and powerfully to the process, even though it may seem to you – and we see that this is often the case – that your presence makes no difference, is not having any effect in bringing about change for the better, leaving you doubtful, and judging yourselves negatively as not being useful or helpful to humanity as the awakening process approaches completion.  This is most definitely NOT THE CASE!  Your earthly presence at this point in humanity’s history is essential.  Therefore, when you go within, ask for loving confirmation that you are doing what you came to do, then open your hearts to receive it, and you will become aware, you will intuitively know – in spite of your doubts – that you are doing precisely what you incarnated to do.

Yes, your egos may well – in fact probably will – try to convince you that your efforts are meaningless, are in vain.  That is what egos do, because when you awaken you will have no need of them, and that is a prospect that horrifies them.  But, of course, your egos are just frightened and split off parts of your minds that you needed to help you survive as humans, before you realized who you truly were – infinitely powerful divine beings, forever free and safe in the One, the unbounded and all-embracing energy field of Love, Reality, your eternal Home – and which will be re-assimilated into the Oneness that you are.  No one, not even your egos, will be abandoned, because without even one conscious being the One would be incomplete, and that is impossible!

You are Love, you are Loved, you are Loving, and that is the unchanging state in which you have your eternal existence right now . . . and forever.

With so very much love, Saul.

  Saul Audio Blog for Tuesday February 2nd.

All is unfolding precisely as divinely planned!  Humanity is awakening, and there are signs and indications of this throughout the world as more and more people choose to be only loving whatever arises in their daily lives.  Here in the non-physical realms we have been intensifying our love and support for you as you so powerfully and brilliantly move forward toward your awakening.  You are making it happen!  Yes it is God’s divine plan and intent for you to awaken, but you have to bring it to fruition in complete and loving cooperation with one another, as you all planned to do before you incarnated for your present human lifetimes.  This is because Mother/Father/God and You are One in eternal and most loving cooperation.  That is what Oneness means!  It is All, forever in the most beautiful and harmonious relationship with Itself – Source and All of the divine creation – totally joyful, totally complete.  It is Divine Perfection at One with Itself in every moment, delighted and enraptured with the pure joy of BEING!

Your natural state is “the pure joy of Being!”  It always has been and it always will be – NOW and FOREVER – because this is the only time that exists.  So, as you prepare yourselves for this momentous and miraculous event – and ALL of humanity, without any exceptions, is doing this – CELEBRATE!

There is much in the news that would suggest otherwise, alarming reports of divisive activities and behaviors in many parts of the world.  Be aware that what is being reported is basically the arising of many centuries of collective karmic ‘stuff’ that has to be acknowledged, thanked for the lessons with which it has presented humanity – which humanity has now learned – and lovingly released.  Truly, if you will look, there are signs everywhere of your collective Grand Awakening.  This is a time, a moment of enormous possibility and opportunity that will most definitely be fully availed of as the harvest of your tireless endeavors comes to its most glorious fruition right in your own awareness, amazing and delighting you.  You cannot have the slightest concept of the wonder that awaits you all.  The divine Plan is achieved, brilliantly, perfectly, and for ALL.

You do of course have free will, and that freedom will never be overridden, so some may choose to delay their awakening.  Do not let that concern you if you feel that friends or loved ones are not yet paying attention, are not yet ready to accept that only Love exists, and who appear to continue to feel a need to judge and even condemn those whom they perceive as evil ones, instead of awakening to the Love in which they, and all those they would judge, are enveloped.

These are indeed very confusing times as the collective return to Reality draws very near.  Many will have what you might describe as an instantaneous awakening – a sudden and most unexpected inflowing of Love for all of humanity – something that at present appears to be impossible, inconceivable, beyond all plausibility, and then their whole perspective on life will change, to their absolute amazement, in that instant.  Assuredly you have seen nothing yet!

As you have been told so often and by so many, God’s plan for humanity is magnificent, in fact it is transcendent!  You have been waiting longingly and, for the most part, patiently for the awakening process to come to completion.  Many of you have studied history and seen how much pain and suffering divisive attitudes, arising from political, ethnic, racial, national, and religious differences, have unleashed on so many, as wars have been fought to diminish or destroy those of differing beliefs.  Well, the time for such divisive activities is over!  Worldwide vast numbers have come to the full realization of the insanity of attempting to resolve grievances and differences through conflict, and the will or desire for conflict is diminishing rapidly. Humanity is coming of age!

As you go within daily, to your holy inner sanctuaries, to rest in the peace that is always there, deep within you, open yourselves fully to the infinite field of Love, which is also your own personal energy field, and allow yourselves to feel the Love, the peace, the harmony, the Oneness with All, and with all of humanity, and allow yourselves to know the truth, the Reality that is you, and that is every human.  You can feel the Love when you choose to allow yourselves to do so.  But often, you, and so many, many others, have so completely deceived yourselves about yourselves by accepting beliefs and belief systems that tell you that you are unworthy to be in the Presence of God, and so you refuse to allow yourselves to feel God’s Love for you, which is of course also your own Love for yourselves.

You were created in Love from Love, by Mother/Father/God, to rejoice and delight in the sheer joy of just BEING.  Your true nature is Love, it has never changed, and it never will change, because you, like Love, are eternally One with Source.  Choose, NOW, to open yourselves to the divine Embrace, God’s loving Embrace.  Know that you are completely and utterly accepted without reservation of any kind by Mother/Father/God, and that you truly are One with the Love that IS, and that is All.  You are One, you are All, because God created you like unto Herself in an unchanging and eternal relationship of LOVE!  Therefore release your doubts, your anxieties about your worthiness to be in the Presence of your Source, because that is where you always are, inseparably, permanently, and uninterruptedly, and REJOICE in the wonder that you are.  God does, and therefore so should you!

With so very much love, Saul.

Saul Audio Blog for Thursday January 21st

Your awakening is imminent!  Yes, many messages from those in the spiritual realms have recently been reassuring you of this, and yet it appears to most of you that it is no closer than it was years ago, because you are seeing no signs of it.  But your expectations of what awakening means and what it truly is are quite different.  First, of course, time is a major aspect of the illusion, yet there truly is only now.  Second, at the cutting edge of modern physics, it is beginning to be understood that events that have occurred in the past can be changed, and that future events have already happened.  This is a startling realization, although how that might be possible is not at all clear.

From that perspective humanity’s awakening has already happened, you just remain unaware of it, just as, while you are still choosing to engage with the illusory separation experience, you remain unaware of your Oneness with Mother/Father/God from Whom you never have been and never could be separated.  You are One.  Your awakening is your awakening into the full awareness of this most wondrous knowing.  When you know it, then you will know without a shadow of a doubt that you are awake, and your hearts will be filled with joy.  To awaken is to cease dreaming and know yourselves as One with Mother/Father/God, and this is what is to happen.

By just being you open your hearts and invite Love to enter, and when you do this your flow of thoughts slows down appreciably allowing you to become aware that to be alive, as you all are eternally, is the most wonderful experience, that, in truth, it is miraculous!  With every breath you breathe life into your physical forms so that your physical senses can be exposed to and enjoy the physical world around you – the fragrance of fresh flowers, the taste of your hot coffee, the sight of the birds enjoying the seed in the feeder by your window, the sound of music you love as you play your favorite instrument or listen to it on your sound system, the touch as you hug someone you love, or that you imagine yourself doing if you are presently alone – there is so much to enjoy about life if you will allow yourselves to be aware, mindful of this now moment, this moment in which all of life happens.

Life is now, and there is always something for which you can be thankful, even if you are suffering or in pain, it is a question of where you choose to focus your attention.  Obviously if you have in the moment been injured or have hurt yourself you need to deal with that issue in that moment.  Afterwards turn your attention toward something for which you can be grateful, such as the help you just received, and offer gratitude to whoever it was that helped you, including yourself if you dealt with the issue on your own.  Offering gratitude is always heart-warming, both for those who offer it and for those to whom it is offered.

Gratitude is an essential aspect of Love, of Reality, of Mother/Father/God Who offers Gratitude to All of Creation, to each of you, as an ongoing flow of energy – the life force that is the vigor that moves your bodies when you choose to move them by nodding your head or running a marathon – in every moment as It flows from Source to and through you and back to Source.  It is the Connection between God and all that She creates, It is the Holy Spirit, the permanent communication link between you and Source.  In truth there is every reason to be grateful . . . always!

If you are tempted to ask WHY?  Well, are you not ALIVE!  Is there anything greater than that for which to be grateful?  If you were not alive . . . there would be no ‘you’ to experience the joy of being that is Creation.  If you are not grateful then you are being distracted by . . . the game, the illusion!  That is separation, being distracted from Reality, Love, Source, and not knowing yourself as you truly are – a Magnificent Being of Light.

All that God creates is like unto Herself, a Magnificent Being of Light.  There is no where, no thing, no place, no space that is outside or beyond Source, because Source is ALL, is LOVE!  There is not a moment when you are not One with and in the Presence of Love.  Therefore, open your hearts and invite Her in.  You are, each and everyone of you without any exceptions, One with God . . . always, permanently.  However, you are FREE.  Every conscious entity is One with Source and Free.  That freedom, your free will, is God-given and can never be lost, forfeited, withdrawn, or taken from you, it is yours eternally, just as you are you eternally.

You engaged with that freedom when you chose to experience separation, and for as long as you choose to experience separation you are utterly and totally free to do so.  For most of humanity now, the human collective, that experience has become an experience of pain, suffering, and despair.  You want to awaken, but many of you despair that to awaken is impossible, that the experience of separation is real, and that there is no way out, no way to terminate it.  You believe that the conflict, chaos, intense poverty and suffering are real.  And of course, when you established or constructed the illusory game of separation, you intended that it seem absolutely real.  You have all been playing rôles in the drama that you invented, and you have played them so well that it is extremely difficult for you release your belief in them, to release your belief that you are whatever rôle you are playing and that others are the rôles that they are playing.

That is why Mother/Father/God established the awakening process, She knew you would get lost within the separation experience, and that you would need to be shown the way Home.  You are now being shown the way Home.  The awakening process is leading you out of your deep sleep, is leading you to question EVERYTHING that you have ever believed in, and you are all meeting people who have already discarded beliefs that no longer serve them.  Many of you find that very threatening, because, for many of you, your beliefs are who you believe yourselves to be.  It is therefore very painful to discover how misinformed you have been, and how you have actually believed that seemingly all-enveloping field of misinformation and led your lives, until now, by adhering to those beliefs.

You have all heard of, read about, or even met people who have undergone catastrophic accidents or illnesses and maybe wished only to die, who then were awakened by an absolutely amazing spiritual – non-physical – experience that was far more real and meaningful than the lives that they had been living.  It changed their whole perception of life, because it gave them a glimpse of what life really is.  They were instantly filled with joy, peace, and the knowing that they are eternal beings infinitely loved by God, and that they are in an unbreakable and uninterruptible and eternal relationship with Her.  What could possibly be more joyful than that?

It is not necessary for everyone to have an awakening experience as intense as those, but just by becoming aware of what is possible, you will follow your path Home to Reality, because that is the only possibility for you.  Yes, you can choose to doubt Reality, and to delay your wondrous awakening, but why would you?

With so very much love, Saul.

Saul Audio Blog for Sunday January 10th

We are One! All are One, there is no separation, ever.  There is only LOVE, SOURCE, MOTHER/FATHER/GOD, the divine field of CONSCIOUSNESS in which all LIFE is ONE.  Consciousness is eternal, everlasting, a permanent state of existence in which All is always fully present.  Form is temporary, and that includes all form, from the Multiverse to the smallest sub-atomic particle that your science is aware of, or anything smaller even than that.  You are mostly aware that your human bodies are composed of billions of cells and trillions of smaller particles all interacting in perfect harmony in a healthy body.  In the same way your bodies are all interconnected to one another and to the multiverse.  Separation is an illusion, everything has an affect on everything else, just as each apparently separate entity of consciousness affects every other.

Awareness of this is now well recognized, although not very well understood, and this awareness is leading more and more people to the realization that each one’s thoughts, attitudes, words, and actions truly do affect everyone else, and that, therefore, to be only loving benefits all, including, of course, those actually choosing to set the intent to be very positively loving whatever arises.  More of you reading or listening to this and other loving messages are already making this choice daily, it is why you chose to be incarnate now to assist in the collective awakening process.  Each day the process continues to accelerate as we move ever closer to this miraculous moment.

In the intervening period, please do not allow yourselves to be distracted from your essential and individual tasks of assisting in the awakening process, the tasks which you each chose so enthusiastically to undertake prior to incarnating.  You are each, without any exceptions, absolutely essential aspects of the collective process, so release any doubts that you may have about its actuality, because it has been divinely planned and is being perfectly executed because it is the divine Will, and that Will is always brought perfectly to fruition.  When you awaken you will know what an honor and a joy it has been for you to participate, even though now you may well be filled with doubts.  Doubt and uncertainty are major aspects of the game, dream, or possibly nightmare that is presented to you as a human in form from which you are shortly due to awaken.

Yes, of course I am yet again going to remind you of the necessity of going within daily, to your holy inner sanctuaries, to open your hearts as fully as you are able and then to invite Love in to open them even further as It enfolds you in Its infinitely loving embrace.  Truly, you have NO idea of how deeply loved you all are – every conscious entity without exception.  That is extremely difficult for you to even conceive of comprehending while you are in human form, due to the severe limitations that being in form imposes on you, which is all part of the collective choice to experience the unreality of separation!

So, go within, invite and allow Love to embrace you, and feel your doubts and uncertainties diminish and dissolve.  It is God’s Will that you feel His Love for you.  The reason that mostly you do not or cannot is because, having chosen to experience separation from God, there is a deep underlying sense that you have offended your Creator, Love, and that you are unworthy to be in the divine Presence and feel the all-embracing Love that is offered to you in every moment.

You were created completely Free.  Yes, you are One with Mother/Father/God, and, therefore, inseparable from the One, and yet you are also Free.  As a human in form that is quite a paradox to engage with and attempt to understand.  Yes, you are Free, and God never revokes or interferes with that inviolable freedom.  You were created like unto God, Who is Free, by God Who gave you everything – there are no things! – All that She is.  What I and so many others are attempting to impress upon you is that you truly are forever Free, and that you are forever infinitely loved.  There is nothing you can do to change that, but you can and have chosen not to believe it.

Now is the moment to release your hold on this invalid belief, and to awaken into the joy that is your rightful inheritance as children of the Divine.  That is the divine Will for you, the divine Will is always that.  Going within, to those truly holy inner sanctuaries that are always within you, waiting to welcome you, is the most effective way in which you can begin to know and feel this.  Meditation, contemplation, or plain relaxation without any expectation is the way to this knowing, to this experience of great inner peace and joy.

Very few of you are able to totally free yourselves from distracting thoughts and impulses – check the phone, cruise the fridge, check the latest news – and you often view this as a failure on your part.  Truly it is not!  You all have an ego, it is a split off part of your mind that will always attempt to react emotionally to the slightest drama that you become aware of.  Its original purpose was to protect you from imminent and unexpected threats – it is often referred to as the “fight or flight” syndrome, and it has been very useful – however, over time, for most people, it has become their identity!  And that it is not!

However, it does endlessly and enthusiastically seek out your undivided attention, it is the narcissistic aspect of a personality, and was necessary in infancy when your ability to communicate meaningfully with your parents, caregivers, or siblings was extremely limited.  However, it was meant to be gently outgrown as you matured through your teenage years and evolved into adulthood.  Unfortunately, most of you were traumatized in infancy and childhood – psychologically, and/or physically– and that trauma was not healed at, or shortly after, the time at which it occurred.  For most, it is far too painful to remember what caused it, and so the emotional response to threat of any kind remains.  The ego, therefore, maintains its powerful influence over you, causing you to react in fear or anger in the moment, often quite unnecessarily, and often leaving you feeling guilty or ashamed later.

So, now that you are aware of this – and most of you are! – it is time to let go of your impulsive need for an instant response or reaction to an event, and you do have the ability to pause momentarily when something, seemingly threatening, arises in your environment.  Time spent within, in quiet meditation or contemplation, is a practice that will lead you forward into a space of peace in which you will find peace, and that inherent need to react instantaneously will subside and become far less intense, allowing you to be loving whatever may arise in your daily lives.  As more and more people become able to live like this, the rush to conflict will lessen, and conflict will occur far less frequently.

This ability to pause is becoming far more prevalent worldwide, despite what you may hear or read on the mainstream or social media, and is a very positive indication of the collective preparing for its awakening.  Know that all is indeed well, and that your awakening is moving forward most beautifully, just as divinely planned.

With so very much love, Saul.

Saul Audio Blog for Wednesday December 30th

As the year of 2020 draws to a close people are increasingly concerned about the restrictions on their freedom that were put into place because of COVID 19, and wondering when they will be rescinded.  The damage that they have caused to so many is enormous, and was unnecessary.  The truth of this is becoming ever more apparent as more information is being released into the public domain.  Fear of imminent death due to the infection was used to convince people to honor these unwise and unnecessary restrictions.  It is now quite clear that the number of deaths that have occurred since the virus was first named has not been any larger than normally occur throughout the year.  These restrictions may be intensified or removed, depending on the political intentions of those imposing them, but their overall effect has been to bring into people’s awareness their right and their need to reclaim their individual sovereignty instead of allowing themselves to be controlled and owned by an invalid authoritarian system, one of many that have existed in one form or another throughout the ages of humanity’s earthly existence.

Humans die!  That is an aspect of being human, and it is not abnormal.  Every individual in human form chose, with complete freedom, to experience separation from God by incarnating on Earth.  Nothing that can decay and die – from earth and rocks to plants and sentient life forms – is REAL!  However, when you are incarnate in form, it seems that the material world/universe is real.  The game or illusion of separation, that you collectively designed and constructed, is meant to seem completely real, until, as humans, you begin to evolve sufficiently to become aware that you are eternal spiritual beings having a very temporary experience in form.

As your most recent science has realized the universe or material environment of which, as humans, you are aware of through your senses, is but a very, very small aspect of reality.  At the forefront or leading edge of modern physics it has been accepted that there is only Consciousness through which the physical environment is portrayed – without consciousness there is nothing.  Consciousness is the means by which or through which all that can be experienced is experienced.  Throughout the ages that humanity has been in existence on Planet Earth people have had spiritual experiences that have, as it were, ‘blown their minds’ by presenting them with Reality, something far vaster and more real than anything they have previously experienced – in recent decades more and more people have had NDEs – and have attempted, with very little success, to describe them to others.  What they have managed to convey to others is the fact that what they experienced while in these more complete states of consciousness was much more alive, more real, and more beautiful than anything else that they had ever previously experienced.

They are always unforgettable, with the memory of them forever remaining as vivid as when they happened.  Those who have these experiences find a new and far deeper meaning in their lives than they could ever have imagined was possible, and this can cause difficulties and misunderstandings with their loved ones who can be very confused and upset by their calm, peaceful, and non judgmental acceptance of life as it unfolds.  They no longer see any need to take sides, or to persuade others to believe in the reality of their inspiring and uplifting new experiences – which have led them to change the way in which they live their lives – as they happily accept and live in the sense of peace and joy to which they have awakened.

This growing awareness, that what you experience as life as humans on Earth is so incredibly limited, is encouraging people to seek out something more real, more enjoyable, more beautiful, and more loving and accepting of them than what they have previously believed to be ‘normal’ or possible.  Some find it after years of seeking, some never find it, and others find it even though they have apparently made very little effort to do so.  Understanding is now growing that effort is not the way to find that something, that it is found through surrender, but only when the moment is right for the individual who is seeking.  Thus, for many, it does not occur during their human lifetimes.  What does happen is that, as people open to the awareness that there is indeed much more to life than can be experienced by humans in form, they come to a realization that the real meaning of life is Love.

Initially this is very difficult for them to accept, because it seems that the world is a very dangerous place in which survival is frequently severely threatened, and if Love is the meaning why is there so little of It, and why is there so much disagreement, danger, and conflict?  In fact there is an infinite abundance of Love available to all, but It is shut out of people’s awareness by the mesh, the tangle, or the veil that all that is not in alignment with or in harmony with Love seems to have used to separate them from It.  Love is all that exists, and every sentient or conscious entity is alive because Love, the life force, is constantly flowing through them. The mesh, tangle, or veil is the constant flow of thoughts, that is accepted into a person’s mind, and with which most people self-identify, but that is most definitely NOT who you are.

To find yourselves you need to go within to that holy, secure, and most beautiful inner sanctuary – the field of Love, the Presence of Mother/Father/God, the Source that is All that exists – that everyone, without any exceptions, can find within themselves.  When doing so, instead of engaging with the thoughts of self-judgment, unworthiness, guilt, and shame that the ego offers you in every moment of your human existence – and possibly even more intensely when you choose to go within – just allow yourselves to relax and surrender into the divine Embrace that is always there waiting for you to accept It and allow It to embrace you.  Nothing separates you from Yourself except your choice to identify solely with your human form.

Yes, you make choices in every moment to identify with your bodies, the physical forms that enable you to participate in the illusion, dream, or game of separation.  They seem to you to be totally real because through them you sense physical and emotional experiences.  However, when you are asleep and have released your attachment to that form, then there is nothing for you to be conscious of, aware of, and so it seems to you – the aspect of you that is in form – that you have been unconscious.  You can never be unconscious, because there is only Consciousness in which you are eternally and uninterruptedly present, but your body can be unconscious, and in that state its awareness is shut down and so it seems is Yours.

This is only your experience for as long as you choose to identify solely with your physical form, because it appears to confirm your separation from all that is not you, and from the One.  Not knowing or being aware of your Oneness is the experience of separation that you chose to engage with.  Now humanity is in the process of choosing to know itself once more as One with Source, and this can be seen or perceived all around you as you observe people choosing to follow a personal spiritual path, not a path directed or pointed out by a religious organization, but their own individual path Home to Reality.  There are numerous paths because there are numerous ones experiencing separation, and each one has to find the one that is perfect for her.  Another’s path cannot be yours, so attempting to follow one that another has laid out will only be a distraction.  However, seeing the path that another is following can help someone to find their own.  This is why people find it so helpful to read about and study the lives of those who were patently well- advanced on their spiritual paths, and who demonstrated it by ‘walking their talk,’ and being loving and accepting of the life being presented to them in every moment.

Life is the most wonderful gift, a miracle given to you at the moment of your creation within the field of divine Energy/Love that is All that exists.  Once given it can and will never be taken away, unlike a human life that is temporary and which can be taken from you by someone else, and which some even choose to discard because they are or become unaware of the wonder that it is.  Of course when that transition occurs your whole perception of the meaning of life is instantly changed as you become once more aware of the joy of life.  Yes, some do refuse to see their own beauty even when they transition, but that too is a very temporary state.

You are all divine beings, beings of Love, and those of you reading or listening to this or to other uplifting and inspiring messages know this.  You also know that you are presently incarnate to assist in humanity’s collective awakening process, so do set and reset your intent – yes, you can forget your intent or disregard it when powerful emotions arise within you – to be only loving whatever may arise in your daily lives.  And, whenever you spend even a moment in quiet reflection or contemplation, intend to send Love to all, because that is one of the most powerful and effective ways in which you can assist in the awakening process.

As the New Year dawns intensify your intent to be only loving, be aware when you fail to live up to that intent, and forgive yourselves for any failures that occur, because Love never judges, and you, each and every one of you are Love.  Intend to be what you are and enjoy the inner peace and calm that arise within you when you consciously offer Love, to yourselves and to others.  It need not be visibly offered if the one or ones to whom you are offering It do not seem to you to be open to It.  Just know that setting the intent and following through on it is extremely effective, and is why you incarnated at this point in the human story.

Wishing you all a very peaceful and loving 2021, Saul.

Dear All,

I would like to wish you a VERY HAPPY, INSPIRING, and UPLIFTING CHRISTMAS.

2020 has been a year of confusion and suffering for many. Nevertheless it seems to me that WE ARE most definitely in the process of collectively awakening.

Away from the mainstream media there are numerous reports of loving events and interactions happening between people all over the world. I do not cease to pay any attention to what is going on in the world of form because I am a part of it, but I focus my attention mainly on the REALITY that we are all One, beings of Love, always interconnected with and NEVER separated — even for a moment — from Mother/Father/God, Source, the divine energy field in which all that exists is eternally held in the embrace of infinite Love.

My dear friend Patricia Pearce has just posted a lovely message with the title in the subject line which I found uplifting and inspiring and which I thought many of you would also like to read. The link is below,

with love to you all, John.

The Great Conjunction – Patricia Pearce –


Saul Audio Blog for Saturday December 19th

As the year end approaches the human collective is experiencing considerable fear and anxiety, because the increasingly authoritarian restrictions on your freedom of movement and freedom to interact socially have been having a very negative impact on family gatherings, especially during the nationwide holiday at Thanksgiving, and now it seems likely that these restrictions will continue through Christmas and the New Year as well.  People are very sensibly and naturally questioning the need for these restrictions as it becomes ever clearer that there are no practical plans in place to bring these restrictions to an end, and as it also becomes very clear that the number of people dying from all causes has remained just about normal throughout the year in spite of the dire warnings that were made when the virus was first identified.  It can be seen that the damage caused by these restrictions far exceeds any that the virus has actually caused.

Nevertheless, humanity is awakening . . . NOW!  The confusion and chaos that have been ongoing, and experienced by everyone since early in the year, have vastly intensified humanity’s collective awareness that change of a major order is essential in your beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors if you are going to move away from the threat of major conflict to a state of peace and freedom for all.

You all want peace, but due to the way in which humans have engaged with each other over a very long time period, and because of the experiences that have resulted from those engagements, people feel and believe that life is unsafe, and that therefore defenses have to be built and maintained to ensure your survival.  Over the last few months these defenses have been strengthened, causing you to feel even more separate from one another, and even more threatened by one another.  This is insane!

You are divine beings, your nature is divine, and that nature is Love.  The restrictions imposed upon you over the last few months have tended to shut out Love by encouraging fear, suspicion, mistrust, and wariness of others – even within families – to arise within you.  The upside of this is that you are questioning all of your ingrained beliefs and fears, and as you do so it becomes increasingly difficult for you to justify them.  Life has not become more dangerous.  In fact over the last few decades there has been proportionally more peace on Earth than at any time in your recorded history.  It is time to acknowledge, thank, and release the ingrained trauma that you have all experienced – the ‘stuff’ that is arising within you all.  Doing this opens an enormous amount of space within each one of you – space that has been almost totally preoccupied with unhealthy and fearful “what if” thoughts that cause you unnecessary stress and anxiety – that Love will fill if you will allow It to do so.

As all the channeled messages from loving ones in the spiritual realms, and also the ones offered by those among you who are very well established on the path of spiritual evolution continually reiterate: Love is the life force, the energy field which flows constantly, abundantly, and without interruption, through all of creation eternally.  Nothing that has been created is ever lost, ever ceases to exist, because the divine Creation is God eternally extending and sharing Itself in infinite peace and joy with all that It has created for all eternity.  There is nothing to fear because there is only and eternally Love, Mother/Father/God, the divine field in which all that exists is eternally present, and beyond or outside of Which there is nothing.  There is no beyond or outside, there is only God from Whom no conscious entity or field of awareness can ever be separated, because whatever has been, is being, or will be created is, by its very nature, One with Source.

As humans your awareness of this divine Truth is limited by your own individual choices to experience separation from Source as part of the human collective.  There is no one who is in form who has not personally chosen to be in form.  You are in form to learn lessons that can only be learnt while experiencing life in form, and those of you who are reading this, or other loving channeled messages, also chose to be in form in this moment to assist in the awakening process for the collective of which, of course, you are all individual and essential parts, while at the same time being inseparably and uninterruptedly at One with Source.

It can therefore be seen that there are no accidents.  All are in form by by their own personal choice, and the consequence of that is that all will awaken from the illusion or game of existence in form to know themselves once again as divine beings forever in the Presence of the One with Whom they are One when they choose to do so.  That is the nature of free will.  And everyone will make that choice because it is impossible to remain forever in a dream or illusory state that is unreal.  The unreal does not exist, therefore it is impossible to remain there!

To know yourselves as One is your divine destiny, and it is inevitable.  However, as already made clear, you each make choices totally freely about how you wish to experience the complete unreality of separation, and you are always totally free to change those choices.  Your egos would have you believe that your existence as a human in form was imposed upon you either by God, or by the circumstances of chemical evolution that occurred following the “Big Bang.”  The Big Bang, that modern science believes was the moment in which the Universe as you experience it started to form, is just an aspect of the experience of separation from Source in which, both collectively and individually, you chose to participate.

Now, humanity has collectively chosen to awaken, and the first signs of that are clearly visible as increasing numbers of you make contact, physically, psychically, or electronically with others who, like you, have chosen to awaken and are doing so.  The Tsunami of Love continues to intensify, and there is no one presently in form who is not being nudged toward their own personal awakening.  This can be unsettling for those who were not consciously seeking or following a spiritual meaning in their lives, as it arouses a sense that maybe they have been wasting their lives as the realization dawns on them that life is far, far more than it appears to be when the focus is solely on its material aspects in form.

The task you chose, with great wisdom and foresight, to undertake before you incarnated for this present human lifetime, is now being presented to you in your daily lives and is unmistakable.  It is to be only loving whatever arises and whosoever you are interacting with.  Deep in your hearts you do know this, but due to the egoic defenses that you have established within yourselves, you also feel that to be only loving will lay you open to betrayal, pain, and suffering.  And, yes, you will encounter those who would tell you that it is insane to be only loving, as well as others who will take advantage of your loving kindness.  Nevertheless, you made the decision to be loving at all times before you incarnated, and as you now continue to set that intent daily, you will find your determination strengthening, and you will find yourselves being met with Love more and more frequently because humanity is awakening, and the nature of humanity is Love.

So, in spite of any seeming setbacks you may encounter, continue to set the intent daily, and any time during the day that you experience doubts, and make a point of celebrating every occasion on which you encounter loving intent or purpose in another, because it will also be a loving reminder, a drawing to your attention of the fact that humanity is indeed awakening.

In this season of festivity, during which giving gifts and giving thanks is widespread, intensify even further your intent to demonstrate love in action by doing so, and by refusing to allow yourselves to react defensively or in anger to some unexpected, unwarranted slight or offense.  Remind yourselves that ‘STUFF’ is still arising into the consciousness of many who have previously managed to deny, ignore, or bury the pain and anger of old trauma, and silently send them love, knowing, as you do from your own experiences, that stuff arising can be intensely unsettling as long buried emotions escape, seemingly uncontrollably, driving people to act out of extremes of fear or anger.

Love is All that exists, and is always and only unconditional.  Therefore forgive everyone without exception – with yourselves most definitely included – for whatever arises that is out of alignment with love, because you know that it is leading you forward to your awakening as massive releases of ancient trauma clear the space to allow Love to enter and embrace all.

With so very much love, Saul.

  Saul Audio Blog for Monday November 23rd

As governments worldwide are enforcing or attempting to enforce a new lock-down on their citizens, fear and anger is intensifying.  This is a very natural result when people feel that the ways in which they live their lives are no longer allowed to be self-determined but will, instead, be decided by various government organizations that ‘claim’ to be doing so purely for the benefit of their citizens.  These sensations are extremely unsettling because they disturb the “status quo” to which most people had become accustomed, the ‘relatively’ unchanging circumstances of their daily lives.  Change is, of course, constant, nevertheless, people resist it unless the circumstances of their lives are experienced as unacceptable, but it often remains unseen because most people follow regular daily routines which confirm for them the sense that change is not occurring.

Now, in this time of confusion and apparent chaos that appears to be largely due to the pandemic, people feel very threatened and unsettled because their normal daily routines have been closed off by authoritarian decree, and there is no indication that this unhappy state of affairs is going to end any time soon.  It is no wonder that people are feeling fear and anger, because they are totally unaccustomed to the uncertainty that has now been established, and is apparently intended in their own best interests, if they choose to believe the reasons that are being promulgated by all the mainstream media.  And, of course, fear is very divisive, so trust in one’s neighbors is collapsing as negative judgments of one another arise, and confusion over the validity of the measures being imposed leads to disagreements, sometimes fierce disagreements within neighborhoods and within families over how serious and dangerous the situation has become.  This is indeed a very confusing and unsettling time for you all, so I would, yet again, remind you how absolutely essential it is for all of you to take time out frequently during the day to go within and reset your intent to be only loving whatever arises.

That intent, consciously held and reset frequently, is extremely powerful and is greatly needed as the collective awakening process draws toward its conclusion.  Your loving intentions help so many others to deal with their arising ‘stuff,’ while not being completely overwhelmed by the general sense of anxiety that is very widespread at present.  You chose to be in human form at this time to do just this, because you knew that it would be extremely effective in driving your collective awakening process forward.  However, due to the amnesiac process involved in becoming human, you have mostly lost your connection to your awareness of that knowing, and so intense doubts arise within you.  Therefore engage regularly in conversation with your support teams in the non physical realms, ask them for reassurance that all truly is moving forward as divinely planned, and they will provide it because that is a major aspect of their work as your support teams.  You will feel their love and support, and you will find that your doubts and anxieties have eased, further confirming for you the value of going within to your place of inner peace where Love resides awaiting your invitation to enter into your hearts so that you can joyfully accept Its warm embrace.

Knowing, as you do, that you made a very positive and enthusiastic choice to be incarnate on Earth at this moment in humanity’s collective transition to a much higher level of spiritual evolution, you can relax with certainty into the radiant significance of this upcoming occasion.  This is not business as usual, this is the time of Humanity’s Collective Awakening.  It is a most wonderful occasion that was created for you by Mother/Father/God at the very moment in which you collectively chose to engage in an unreal drama, a game of separation from Source, so that when you changed your minds – as you inevitably would because Oneness with Source is Reality and embraces you in endless joy – and chose to return to rest in the divine Presence, from which you have never, not even for an instant, actually been separated, the path would appear, lovingly and enthusiastically inviting you to follow it Home!

Truly, words cannot even begin to suggest to you the joys that await your awakening, because it appears to you that joy is an ephemeral state that may only be briefly experienced and then lost, as the basic survival needs of your human living conditions once again demand your full attention.  Nevertheless, deep within you there is a knowing that is now rising into your conscious awareness, a knowing that life is a most wonderful and amazing gift that is offering you a prodigious treasure of inconceivable magnificence.  You just know that this is the case, although you don’t know why you know, and yet, in spite of this, you do have doubts.  Doubting God’s infinite and unchanging Love for you, and doubting if you really are blessed with eternal life in that loving Presence is an aspect of the unreal drama that you experience during temporal life as a human.

This is indeed an amazing, confusing, unsettling, and inspiring time to be present in form on Earth, and all of you reading or listening to this, and other similar channeled messages, do feel this, and are filled with eager anticipation.  I assure you that you will not be disappointed, because what awaits you when you awaken will completely dissolve any residual fears or anxieties that you may be clinging to while you wait expectantly to awaken.

Life is about to blossom into the most glorious and delicious state, a state that you presently cannot even conceive of, and yet you do know that this is true.

With so very much love, Saul.

  Saul Audio Blog for Saturday November 14th

We are watching humanity, from here in the spiritual, or, if you prefer, from the non-physical realms, in wonder and amazement as you continue to accelerate along the collective path of spiritual evolution toward your inevitable and imminent awakening.  I know you all keep hearing from your guides and channels that your awakening is imminent, and then you look around you at the worldwide fear and confusion and your doubts arise.  Let them go!

You all know deep within yourselves, in your heart centers, that ALL is well, that there is nothing to fear, and yet, doubts still arise within you.  They are, of course, aspects of the collective ‘stuff’ that is arising to be released, as humanity moves through the awakening process, as is also the chaos, uncertainty, confusion, disagreement, and vociferous divisive argumentation that you see reported in the news, and which is also constantly being repeated on all the social media channels.  Do not spend time there because it drains your own energy fields and adds to the collective and damaging divisiveness.   Instead, go within – even if you do not get any sense that it is meaningful or worthwhile for you to do so – because when you do you strengthen and intensify your individual energy fields so that they can integrate more fully and effectively with the Tsunami of Love.

You are all extremely powerful beings, even though you probably do not feel this, and when you individually set the intention to be only loving, whatever may arise in your own individual lives, or worldwide, it is exceedingly effective, and, of course, you incarnated to be in form precisely to do this at this moment in humanity’s evolution or, more accurately, its return to knowing itself as Reality.  Not one of you is here by chance, by force of circumstance, everyone incarnate, in any moment of humanity’s history, is always incarnate because of a wise and loving choice they made before that particular incarnation. Life has a unique and specific meaning that is paramount and absolutely clear to the entity experiencing it, except when, by their own choice, they are experiencing separation as an individual in form – your apparent present state of existence – and have forgotten what it is.

Life cannot be without meaning!  It was given a divine meaning purely by the fact of its creation, and that meaning is to be in eternal joy and at One with Source.  As a human, awareness of that divine and magnificent truth is hidden from you solely because of your choice to experience separation, which is a state of unawareness.  There are very few among you who are unable to recognize that unawareness in others as they struggle through life with their human intent focused almost entirely on survival, and yet for yourselves it often seems that you are aware because of your own purpose and intent to survive.  However, survival is not your purpose, and is not optional or short-term, it is eternal, and no matter how you live your human lives you are always eternally One with Source.  Nothing can change that, and your ‘survival’ is divinely guaranteed.

Nevertheless, for most humans it appears that life is or will be short, and that it inevitably ends with the death of your human form.  However, as you evolve spiritually through countless human lifetimes, you do at some point – maybe after only a few incarnations, maybe after thousands – become aware that life is far more meaningful than you had realized, and you start opening to life’s true meaning – Love – and then you start to seek It out.  Not romantic interpersonal love and intimacy – although you will undoubtedly also seek that – but your divine Source, Mother/Father/God, from which you have never for an instant been separated, but from Whom, as a human, it does seem that you are totally separated.  That apparent state, when you become aware of it during your spiritual evolution, is extremely painful for you.

It is painful because to feel separate from Mother/Father/God, Source, LOVE, is unbearable.  As I and so many others keep on reminding you: “There Is Only LOVE!”  Therefore to be separated from It would mean that your existence had been terminated!  Deep within you, as a human apparently separate from everyone and everything in your environment, you do have a sense, an almost forgotten or inaccessible knowing, that life should be utterly and completely joy-filled.  You know that something is seriously amiss, and to avoid experiencing the intense pain of that, you bury that knowing by engaging as fully as you can with the dream/nightmare that is the limited life you are experiencing as a human in form.  That is, of course, totally unsatisfactory, leaving you with an intense longing for something more – more meaningful, in fact JOYFUL – and yet it appears that such a state does not exist, and therefore, cannot be attained.

Therefore, once again, I ask you to Celebrate, because I can absolutely assure you that you ARE going to awaken into the infinite JOY that is REALITY, LOVE, your true and eternal state of existence.  Celebrating raises your frequency, allowing you to begin feeling the first stirrings of knowing that you are One with and in the Presence of Love, where you have always been, and where you absolutely BELONG.

You have just very temporally (time being unreal) forgotten that YOU ARE ALWAYS INSEPARABLY ONE WITH SOURCE, MOTHER/FATHER/GOD, REALITY, LOVE, IN ETERNAL JOY.

With so very much love, Saul

  Saul Audio Blog for Tuesday November 3rd

The US presidential election is attracting an enormous amount of attention worldwide as governments continue to adjust their COVID-19 containment plans.  This is a very big distraction from the real Event – Humanity’s Imminent Awakening!

Most of you are waiting for the Awakening with eager anticipation, but are at the same time harboring doubts and anxieties as the chaos and confusion enveloping humanity plays out in the mainstream media.  Therefore, set and maintain the intent to spend less time focusing on the mainstream media, whose main purpose is to keep you distracted, so that you find yourselves with no time for prayer, meditation, or contemplation.  The more quiet time you can make available to yourselves the more effective becomes your intent to be only loving of all humanity, and the more effective is the healing flow of Love through you and out to all of humanity.

All of you reading this, and many, many more people also setting the intent now, and constantly, to be only loving, chose to be incarnate at this moment in humanity’s collective spiritual evolution in order to assist most efficaciously and powerfully.  As you are all aware, more and more people are becoming aware each and every day that their lives have a deep and powerful spiritual meaning, and are seeking to discover ways to understand what that means for them.  Your presence on Earth, being loving, is an essential and powerful addition to the Tsunami of Love as it flows so freely and abundantly across the planet impacting every single human, and nudging them gently and lovingly toward doing the necessary spiritual inner work that they have, possibly for many lifetimes, “put on the long finger.”

As I have mentioned before: “Stuff is arising to be acknowledged, thanked, forgiven, and released.”  This is what is happening now worldwide, and, initially, it appears to be very divisive for humanity.  The reason for this is that the ‘stuff’ is karmic.  It contains uncountable bitter memories, along with a horrified awareness of and an intense need to judge and condemn “other men’s” inhumanity to man over the eons.  Consequently there is a lot of bitterness, hatred, desire for vengeance, and resentment within it.  Hence the imperative need to forgive and release it so that Love may fill the space that it ‘owned.’

I assure you that this ‘stuff’ is being released all over the world, as more and more humans become aware that only Love will bring them peace, harmony, and joy.  The rate of release is accelerating exponentially as humanity’s collective awareness of its true spiritual nature intensifies and expands, allowing Love to dissolve all that is out of alignment with It, unreal!  Our Father’s intent has always been for humanity, and indeed all life that has taken form, to awaken to its real identity – One with Source – LOVE.

So, as the mainstream media continues to vociferously demand your attention and insist that you focus on the horrors that so many are undergoing, please refrain from doing so.  That ancient karma feeds on the negative energy expressed by those who watch the chaos and turmoil, engaging with it in deep disgust, and even hatred, believing that it is their duty to do so.  To focus on the horrors in the world – unless you are very actively involved in rescuing and healing those who are hurt – reduces the power of your loving intent to heal these ancient traumatic divisions among you, and hinders and slows down the awakening process unnecessarily.  Of course none of you want to do that.

In these times of uncertainty and confusion do what you set the intent to do before you incarnated namely: keep on resetting the intent to be only loving. Make a point of going within whenever you have a moment during the day – waiting to cross the street, waiting for a train, bus, or airplane, waiting for the children to come out of school – there truly are many, many moments when you can, by setting the intention just momentarily, intensify the power and effectiveness of the collective awakening process.

It is the divine Will that You awaken from the dream/nightmare, but because God gave You free will, it is each one of you that has to do the awakening.  And, of course, because it is the divine Will, and because you are all eternally One with Source, it is also your individual will to awaken, and you did set that intent before each of your human incarnations.  During each of those incarnations you were presented with the lessons that you had chosen, in advance, to learn.  However, most of you completely underestimated the intensity of the amnestic effect of taking form.  Thus many are feeling lost and abandoned in an unfeeling, unseeing, and impersonal and dangerous world.

Now, in these end times for the old order, a great many of you have been able to recognize and maintain your pre-incarnational intent to awaken and to assist all others in their individual awakening.  The awakening is individual, as well as collective, because each of your free will choices to experience separation was, therefore, a choice to be an individual – one being separate from all others – although, of course, the initial relationship with your earth mother is as one in unity.

However, children grow up and want to be independent from their parents, this is totally natural for the ongoing continuation of humanity’s existence in form, but mothers frequently, perhaps almost always, never lose or let go of that sense of oneness with their children.  Having your own children, loving them, and assisting them to grow into mature adulthood, is an important aspect of each parent’s awakening process.  To be a parent – even if you have been horribly traumatized during your own childhood – is part of your planned pre-incarnational life path, and it presents you with an absolute abundance of opportunities to be only loving whatever arises.

Doubtless, the vast majority of you who are, or who have been parents, have frequently failed to live up to that intent momentarily on numerous occasions.  Let go of any negative self-judgments that may have arisen within you because of these ‘failures.’  Truly they are not failures, but are learning experiences for you, and for your children.  Remember, there are no accidents or coincidences, everything that occurs is part of an individual’s life path, specifically chosen for the lessons that it would present.  Everyone, without any exceptions, set themselves a pre-planned life path, before they incarnated, that would offer them countless opportunities and lessons for their individual spiritual development and evolution.  Therefore, although you may have – in fact most likely and definitely have at times treated your children or other people unlovingly, forgive yourselves, after all God has never, and never will judge you!  God Loves, God is Love, and God loves you because you are her divine creation, perfect in every way!  Who are you to dispute God?

In these times of confusion just trust that the divine plan will be brought to a most magnificent fruition, knowing, as you do deep within yourselves, that no other outcome is even remotely possible.  As you initiate your daily practice of meditation, contemplation, relaxation, or prayer, remind yourselves that you are infinitely loved – however much your egos may insist that you are not good enough, worthy enough, or loving enough – by Mother/Father/God, and that therefore it is insane not to love yourselves.  Then settle into that quiet inner space, that holy inner sanctuary that everyone has within them, and allow the infinite field of divine LOVE to embrace and envelop you as you relax into the divine Presence where you always have your eternal existence.

With so very much love, Saul.