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I have just watched this absolutely brilliant LOVING conversation between Russell Brand and Gabor Mate discussing trauma and its effect on ALL of us. I highly recommend it (runs 1hr 32 mins):



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Love always wins.

Saul audio Blog for Sunday July 19th.

The present anxiety and confusion, due to the corona virus, that is continuing to be experienced globally, will not last much longer because new information is being released daily that is helping to resolve the issues that are causing the confusion, and so the uncertainty that is being experienced will be greatly eased.  Epidemics have have always been a part of life on Earth, as have storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, droughts, floods, forest fires etc.  They are part of the earthly environment that occur, develop, and decay, and they do indeed cause a lot of pain and suffering for many while they are present, and in their aftermath.  With your modern transport systems epidemics can spread far more rapidly than they used to do, and they also come to an end far more quickly, as the present one is doing.  And because far more people in these times have clean water, good personal hygiene, and sanitation, epidemics are far less harmful than was the case in earlier times.

Due to the large numbers of people now incarnate on your beautiful planet, and because of the global economic system that is based on short term financial benefit for a very small number of people, and which has, until very recently, largely ignored the consequences of this unsustainable way of using the planet’s abundant resources, it is now essential that major changes in the way you nourish and nurture yourselves are put into effect.  Changes that will allow the planet to heal the vast areas that have been so thoughtlessly and unnecessarily abused and desecrated starting at the dawn of the industrial revolution.  You can and you will make the necessary alterations to the way you engage with the planet so that she can continue to support you and all the other life forms that are a part of her very diverse eco-systems, because, collectively – though perhaps not totally consciously – humanity has made the decision to do so.

As a direct result of this collective decision, humanity is now, and very rapidly, becoming increasingly aware that the imprudent way in which you have been availing of your planet’s abundant resources has to end.  Photographs of the devastation that has occurred in remote areas of the world are now widely published on many media platforms so that no one can now be unaware of what has been happening.  As a result the collective intent to make the necessary life style changes to repair and lovingly care for the environment on which your human existence is utterly dependent has been set in motion.  Situations across the world may appear to continue to deteriorate for a short while before a massive turn around in attitudes and behaviors starts to show many positive results.

Very few of you reading this message – or others of a similar nature – are directly involved in setting up and establishing the means to put these essential changes into effect, but that does not mean that you are not part of this process.  Many activists are involved, and their involvement is what is going to bring it about in practical terms.  Those on a quieter path, who are deeply spiritual, by intending to be only loving whatever arises, and by intending to be channels or conduits through which Love can flow to where it is most needed, are making just as powerful a contribution to this process.  Truly, all of humanity, every single person, is contributing enormously and very effectively to this most wonderful human awakening process.  Everyone presently incarnate has their own individual part to play and is playing it perfectly, even if they are totally unaware that they are doing so, and even if it appears to others that some of them are causing the problems and are, therefore, far removed from the solution.

The overall plan is far more complex than you can possibly imagine.  And those who appear to be obstructing the changes – for example, leaders of industrial and financial corporations and the politicians beholden to them – are also very important operatives in the divine plan.  Major change nearly always requires a large shift in perspective if people are to recognize the need for change, and so some of the present turmoil is leading to the major shifts in perspective that are necessary to show people that they have to demand that those in positions of authority either start to put the changes into effect, or resign to allow wiser ones to replace them and make the decisions that have to be made.

Again, it comes back to taking time out daily to set loving intentions and then put them into practice.  Doing just that is amazingly powerful and effective.  Therefore, believe in yourselves, believe in the power of your intentions, reset those intentions whenever you think of them, and bring humanity lovingly and joyfully to its long-dreamt moment of awakening.  That is what you chose to do and what you are incarnate to do, and you are doing it, most successfully.  When you look back over the last few decades of your present human lives you cannot be unaware of the major changes that have occurred and which have removed many barriers to peoples’ freedom.  It may well seem now that ‘the authorities’ are attempting to roll back those rights and freedoms.  It will not happen, because the power you are using and demonstrating by your loving attitudes and behaviors is invincible.  Love always wins, never by conflict, but by gently awakening people to the realization that there is only Love.

With so very much love, Saul.

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Saul Audio Blog for Wednesday July 1st

As you wait expectantly for humanity’s awakening, be aware that it is imminent even though that may not appear to be the case as you read and digest the daily global news offerings of pain, suffering, and political disharmony. These are indeed interesting times, and it is all too easy to become depressed and disillusioned as those in authority continue attempting to withhold your sovereign freedom and persuade or command you to obey rules and regulations that are socially divisive and which tend to lead to conflict among you. Their desperate attempts to control you all are becoming self-defeating as more and more start to realize that the motives of those in power are almost totally self-serving, and have practically nothing to do with serving humanity’s best interests, despite their claims to the contrary. The time in which the many submit in unquestioning obedience to the few has gone on for far too long and is now reaching its inevitable endpoint.

When major changes – ENORMOUS changes – occur in the way that humanity perceives itself, leading to major alterations in the way that people relate to one another, chaos and confusion arise as well because people are being shaken out of their normal daily routines, intensifying the underlying sense of uncertainty that is a major and unsettling aspect of life in form. This is precisely what is happening now all across the world. Global confusion is seriously unsettling for humanity, extremely unsettling, and there are very few among you who are not feeling the uncertainty and anxiety, even fear, as you wonder: “What on Earth is going on, and what is going to happen next.”

You have all grown from infancy to adulthood and quite naturally learned to live in uncertainty to a certain extent – what will the weather be like tomorrow, will I have health problems, does my partner really love me, how will the children cope with school, college, the adult world? – but the uncertainty arising now is far more intense and alarming than anything previously experienced. It seems that things cannot return to what appeared to be ‘normal’ because restrictions on your personal freedom remain in force presently, prohibiting you from meeting with others except in very small groups while maintaining ‘social distancing.’ And maybe you are realizing that you were not as free as you thought you were before the corona-virus, and the restrictions imposed because of it, arrived and changed the way you lived your daily lives.

For most of your recorded history small groups of influential people – royalty, aristocracy, religious organizations, and military leaders – have developed systems of rules to control and direct the lives of the masses, in order to provide themselves with a better and more enjoyable standard of living,while forcing those masses to live lives of back-breaking servitude and poverty. Now, as more and more of you become aware of the dishonesty and lack of integrity in so many of those who hold positions of the greatest human power and authority, their ability to maintain control is collapsing as they attempt to impose even more stringent restrictions on your divinely given human freedoms in their desperate measures to maintain the status quo. Their time is over. However, during these final moments there will continue to be major disruptions in the short term in many areas, as they try to enforce their desperate measures.

As you have been told so often by so many wise teachers, Love is the path, the only path that can lead you safely and successfully through the areas of human interaction in which intense disagreement divides you, areas in which it seemed that the only practical resource by which to achieve satisfactory results is through force of conflict. However, conflict only leads to further division and suffering for many, as your history demonstrates very clearly. The vast majority have now realized this, and so the will to engage in conflict is failing, and people are looking for more intelligent ways to resolve divisive issues, and are coming to the realization that what the wise ones have been telling them for a very long time is absolutely valid, namely that LOVE alone is the way forward. It does take courage, in a world where the power of force has ruled for so long, to choose to engage only lovingly with whatever arises, but those who have started to do that are finding that it most definitely does work.

Going within daily, to your holy inner sanctuaries, if you allow yourselves the time to relax there quietly, and be undisturbed by others or by your communication devices, will bring you respite from the concerns and anxieties of your daily human lives. With respite established Love can flow into your hearts demonstrating to you Its effectiveness as your anxieties and concerns become less intense. If you can maintain a regular unbroken or uninterrupted practice of going to that quiet inner space for about three weeks – every day for just 21 days – you will find that you are more at peace with yourselves, less disturbed by unexpected and troubling events or interactions, and you will find yourselves dealing far more calmly and satisfactorily with the everyday issues with which life as a human presents you.

Love is the energy field of Life, of Consciousness, of Source, within which all that has been created has its eternal existence. There is nowhere and nothing else. What you are experiencing as humans in form is an unreal state of existence, an idea or concept that you collectively chose to establish purely to experience the unreal and make it appear totally real. The unreal is a state of separation from Love – even though it is impossible to be separated from Love – in which that which is in opposition to or not in alignment with Love appears to be utterly real. It is, as you are well aware, extremely convincing when you are living lives in form, but form itself is unreal, there is only energy – LOVE.

An enormous cognizant awareness of the infinite power of Love is arising within humanity, an awareness that It truly is the only power, and that all other power is unreal and dissolves, disintegrates, fails, when you open yourselves to allow and invite Love to enter. When people choose – everyone has free will and is making choices all the time – to engage with anger, resentment, hatred, judgment, and other unloving feelings or emotions, they are blocking Love from their hearts. It has not gone anywhere, because It is always Present, being the life force that maintains your eternal existence, and by holding onto or clinging to those feelings a person is choosing not to acknowledge let alone welcome Love into their life, into their awareness. While people engage with what is unloving Love waits patiently for as long as it takes for them to change their minds. All will change their minds and choose to remember that Love is their true and eternal nature, because that is the divine Will and, therefore, the will of every sentient being but, being free, they are free to choose when that will be.

Collectively most have chosen to remember their true nature, and that is why so much change is now occurring worldwide. For those who have chosen to awaken – and many are as yet unaware that that is a choice that only they can make for themselves and is indeed one that they have already made – awakening is very close. In these momentous times it is vital that you make sure to set the intent at least once daily to be loving, and only loving whatever arises, and by so doing you most effectively play your own essential and individual part in the wakening process.

With so very much love, Saul.

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  Saul Audio Blog for Wednesday June 10th.

Humanity’s awakening process is moving along very nicely indeed, as increasing numbers of people become aware of how, and for how long, those in governmental positions of authority have been willfully misleading the electorate that they have been elected to serve. This increasing awareness is a necessary part of your awakening process, because it leads you to realize that it is in yourselves that you must trust, allowing your intuitive knowingto guide you powerfully and lovingly along your chosen life paths. That guidance is always with you, you just have to learn to trust it by practicing using it, first in situations that are non-threatening, and then, as your trust strengthens, in situations that are more demanding.

You were created as sovereign beings with free will, but over the eons many have been trained and encouraged to give their power away to others – parents, teachers, the military, the police, multi-national organizations, religious leaders, and governments – supposedly for their own good. And as your history clearly shows, those to whom power is given nearly always abuse it, and then conflicts erupt, either small and local, or on a massive scale, setting good people at war with one another to satisfy hidden agendas which are then presented to you as necessary and in your own and everyone else’s best interests.

With the present ongoing global lock-down and governmentally imposed limitations on your personal freedom it is becoming very apparent that the present systems of government, seemingly different in different countries and nations, are most definitely not in humanity’s best interests and need to be drastically changed so that everyone – every individual – is heard, honored, and respected. The idea of democracy and of establishing democratic societies has existed for a long time, and has occasionally seemingly been put into practice, however, almost without fail, those who are elected to or take upon themselves positions of power and authority become consumed by their own egotistical desire for ever more of it. Sometimes this leads to a particular person being criminally indicted by others in the group, who then choose a replacement, and on other occasions it leads to conflict, suffering for many, and revolution, whereupon the whole process starts over again. That is human history.

Your ongoing human awakening is the process by which this long term systemic societal, cultural, and governmental incompetence and/or corruption will be brought to a conclusion, to be replaced by loving and harmonious worldwide cooperation on a scale that has never before happened on Planet Earth. Humanity’s future is bright now because there are enormous possibilities arising that will be seen and most creatively used to bring about the essential changes for which all are hoping, but which, at present, only a few can conceive of.

Every human on Earth at this moment is in the process of evolving spiritually – whether they are aware of this or not – and they chose to be here in this moment to assist and take part in the awakening. For the vast majority all that they need to do is to set the intention, at least once daily, to be only loving no matter what may arise to confront them in their daily lives. To be loving is your divine assignment, while at the same time living lives of honesty and integrity in which you most consciously and mindfully love, honor, and respect everyone with whom you interact in any manner at all. As ever larger numbers of people do this the energy field of Love, in which all of God’s divine creation is eternally enfolded, becomes more intensely felt, moving you gently and very positively into a strong desire to allow Love to embrace you wholeheartedly and unconditionally. This is what It has always wanted to do – and of course, this is what everyone is seeking when they search for love outside themselves – and it is your allowance that permits It to do so. However, very many of you have been brought up to believe that you are not worthy of God’s Love, and so, because of this invalid belief, you have drawn an apparently impenetrable and invisible cloak or veil between yourselves and Love. It is this that provides the unreal, but seemingly intensely real experience of separation.

You CANNOT be unworthy because you are divine creations, Beings like unto God, and therefore you are absolutely perfect. But, while you believe in your unworthiness you are seeing yourselves only as your human forms. You are not your human forms, they are just vehicles that make it possible for you to experience a life limited by form, and those forms are fearful because their life span is very short, and therefore apparently terminal for you. This severely time limited life of form is not an inspiring concept, and so distraction is urgently sought in many ways, one of which is the recently developed addiction to social media.

Now, as the global lock-down continues to restrict your freedom, there is a marvelous opportunity for you to make a personal retreat by going within for an hour or two daily to rest in mindful awareness. As you do so, set the intent for people everywhere to open their hearts to one another in mutual support. This is most effective as the energy field enveloping each one of you is the divine field of Love that is Mother/Father/God, Source, All That Is, and by setting that intent you make it happen. With this opening Love is not only given permission but is most warmly invited to fill the hearts of all on Earth.

Love filled hearts dissolve fear, most positively encourage loving social interaction, and mightily strengthen the collective intent to awaken. You are all presently incarnate to awaken from the dream, the illusion, and to establish Heaven on Earth. That is what you are actually doing in this now moment, and as the intent to do so intensifies more and more of you will begin to feel the Love in which you are always enfolded. Remember, separation is unreal and utterly impossible! You just feel separated because of the cloak or veil that is an aspect of the unreal state you collectively built and chose to experience. When you awaken, as you will, the cloak or veil of separation will dissolve.

Use this special time wisely and lovingly to address and release any deep seated resentments, hatreds, blaming, and the resulting judgments that then flow into your minds. They are just thoughts from which you need to disengage, because they interfere with your intentions to be only loving whatever arises.

Everyone wants only to be loved, because Love is your divine nature, so make a point of being mindful of this as it strengthens your intent to be only loving. Doing that is to do the divine Will, which is also your will, because there is only One Will. This is the reason each one of you incarnated at this moment in the awakening process, and your presence in form is an absolutely essential presence in this now moment.

With so very much love, Saul.

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  Saul Audio Blog for Monday May 18th

We are approaching the completion or the end point of humanity’s awakening process!  That probably does not appear to be the case from your perspective as the news media floods the airwaves and the internet with further misinformation about the worldwide pandemic, along with news of the ensuing dramas.  However, humanity is on a roll toward a new way of living that will totally change the ways in which you relate to one another, as your perception of the meaning of life as a human evolves into spiritual awareness of the real purpose of your lives as humans in form.  Memory of your true nature is returning, and therefore you are seeing your human lives in a completely new LIGHT!

The Light of Love is arising into your conscious awareness bringing into focus the real purpose of a human life, namely, to recognize, honor, and express your True Nature at all times.  And, as you all know, your True Nature is LOVE.  When you start to do this, even though at first you may feel reluctant to do so, you will find yourselves meeting and interacting with others who are also doing this.  This confirms for you that this is the only meaningful way to live, and arousing in you the confidence – always there but not trusted, because of the sense that confidence in self was felt to be unsafe, unwise – and the courage to set and put into practice the intent to be only loving in every moment, and to allow Love to guide your thoughts, words, and actions at all times.

This is what enlightenment means, it does not mean being out of this world experiencing the intense felt sense of the infinite field of divine Love enveloping and embracing you, as reported by many who have had Near Death Experiences – which is of course totally valid.  It means living in the world as humans at peace with yourselves whatever arises, and not being drawn into the drama that others create out of their strong feelings of like or dislike of people, food, activities, organizations, and the beliefs and opinions they attach to them.  It is a state of being free from worry, anxiety, or fear of what others may think of you, because you know that who you are is who, with great wisdom, you chose to be before incarnating to experience this life in this moment in order to learn the lessons with which it presents you.

Remember, every sentient being without exception is divinely created in Love, and at One with Source, from Whom they are never for even an instant separated.  To awaken is to know this and experience the Reality of It at all times.  Yes, stuff will arise that is messy, unpleasant, and painful, but because you know who you truly are, and live that truth at all times, nothing that does arise will discombobulate you to the extent that you become unable to deal with it and consequently sink into depression or victimhood.  Instead it will arise as a challenge that you welcome, knowing that it is one of the lessons that you set on your human life path prior to incarnating, and you will, therefore, resolve it with excitement and attain a deep sense of satisfaction in doing so.

You are divine beings having a temporary experience in form, although when life appears to be treating you unfairly or unkindly, it does not feel very temporary.  Life just is, it is neither good nor bad except in your own personal appraisal of it.  Life happens, life unfolds, moment by moment as you, in human form, experience it while playing the game or dreaming the dream that life in form presents to you.  Those moments can seem momentary – a moment of intense joy or pleasure – or interminable when you are suffering and or in pain.  A moment is just a moment, but how you experience it is due to the choices that you make – in that moment!

You all know or have met people who are nearly always upbeat, cheerful, and enthusiastic about their lives, and others who never seem to be happy but, instead, are almost always complaining about some aspect of it, or about another person.  Both types are living the choices they have made for themselves.  The reason for their choices are mostly based on life experiences they have encountered from early childhood right up to the present moment, and most definitely those who have suffered a plethora of unpleasant or severely abusive and damaging events and relationships need your compassion and love, free from judgment or shaming.  As all are One, anything you think, say, or do affects you as well as those at whom you direct your thoughts, words, or actions.  Therefore, it makes absolutely no sense to engage in unloving behaviors of any kind – thoughts, words, or actions– because you are then engaged in directing them at yourselves.

When you make the conscious choice to treat yourselves lovingly, fairly, and compassionately, then it becomes impossible for you to treat others any less favorably.  It is, therefore, very, very important, in fact essential that you love and honor yourselves.  Vast numbers of people carry a heavy burden of unworthiness, of unlovableness, and this is often expressed in disapproval of others who are mostly just acting as mirrors to them, because, of course, you are all mirrors to one another, and what you see in others is very frequently a reflection of the self you are presenting to them – Love experiences or meets Love, hatred experiences or meets hatred.  You always have a choice as to how you will think, speak, or act, but many are either unaware of this fact, or choose to ignore it, and allow their emotions to control their reactions or responses to situations in which they find themselves.  Those who choose Love are always far happier and more at peace than those who choose what is not in alignment with Love.

Anyone who is unloving is, in fact, desperately calling out for Love.  But often these people are so full of feelings of shame, unworthiness, or self-hatred, that they are unable or find it extremely difficult to accept Love when It is offered to them.  They obviously cannot move out of this state without help, but until they are willing to acknowledge that their problems lie within them and choose to seek and accept help, then the only, and very effective thing you can do for them is to hold them silently, quietly, and peacefully in your hearts as you send them Love, whenever you think of them, or remember them.

So, to reiterate, there is only Love, Mother/Father/God, Source, with Whom all sentient beings are One.  Therefore sending Love to another is to send It to yourselves, and this is why you are presently incarnate as humans at this moment in humanity’s awakening process.  Be Love, express Love, share Love, and enjoy the peace and contentment doing this will bring you if you can set the intent to do so unconditionally, and then actually do as you intend,by putting it into practice.  Oftentimes people set an intent, but then fail to implement it, and not realizing this, wonder why it is not achieved.

Trust yourselves, truly trust yourselves, operate from the fullness of your personal integrity as you send Love to all – without exceptions of any kind – and know that this is why you are presently incarnate, helping to bringing humanity successfully and most magnificently through your collective awakening process.

With so very much love, Saul.

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I just watched this movie/documentary: The official full length version of FINDING JOE: A story about Joseph Campbell and The Hero’s Journey.

I thought you, who follow this blog, might find it of interest in these times of enormous change.

It’s an excellent expression, through many intelligent and encouraging voices, about how to live by facing and going through one’s fears (whatever they may be) to find and most happily embrace and accept ourselves, which is who we have to be, because there truly are, as of course you all know already, NO other options! I found it very uplifting and inspiring, so enjoy it, as I did 😉

Here’s the link, it runs 1hr 20 mins : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8nFACrLxr0


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Saul Audio Blog for Sunday May 10th

As the global pandemic lock-down continues, be aware that changes of great importance for humanity are also occurring that are not being reported on the mainstream media.  What is happening is all part of humanity’s collective choice to awaken, a choice that has been made by vast numbers of you, mostly below the level of your conscious awareness, and which will permanently alter the way you live your human lives as you each come to know who you really are – divine beings temporarily in human form in order to experience separation from Source as apparently real – and to learn some essential and inspiring lessons in the process, before you awaken from that illusory state.

There is only Love, God, Source, in which all of creation has its eternal existence in every moment and without interruption.  However, large numbers of sentient beings chose to exchange that perfect environment or state for one that was unreal i.e. not permanentbut continuously increasing in entropy – by arriving there in different shapes and forms which seemed completely real.  To do that they had to invent and construct a game, an unreal environment in which to do so, and because God gave you all the power/energy that She has, without in any way diminishing Herself, you were able to do so.  Once you entered into that unreal state, your memories of Reality were cloaked or hidden from you – one of the rules of the game.

Separation from Love, from Source, from God, is completely impossible because, if that were to occur, the one who became separated would become non-existent, and the possibility of that happening is utterly unrealizable because you are eternal beings, living in a state of constant joy, just as you were created.  And the reason for this is that Love, Source, God, wills only perfect, infinite, and eternal joy for all that is created.  The divine Will is the only will, and is always in a state of becoming, without change or interruption.

Nothing that Source creates can ever cease to exist, for Source creates in endless joy, which is the only purpose for existence.  The illusory world of form, that appears to be so utterly real while it is being experienced, will be gone when the choice to experience it is completely released. Its existence has been but momentary, even though it appears to have been in existence for eons.  But because all sentient life forms have free will, then so as long as even one chooses to remain within it to continue the experience, it will seem to exist.

Because you were created for eternal joy, always present in the divine Presence, there is nothing to fear, EVER!  Fear is an aspect of being in form, solely to remind and encourage you to take care of your physical form which is easily damaged if not properly and lovingly cared for.  Frequently humans take great care of others who are sick or injured, while neglecting their own bodies. In order to take care of others you need to be in good health yourselves – physically, mentally, and emotionally – but it is common practice for caregivers to expend all their energy looking after others, only to become burned out themselves and with a diminished immune system.

You need to care of yourselves at least as comprehensively as you take care of small children or of the elderly and infirm.  When you do this your ability to care for others is far more effective.  Of course, as there always seems to be a shortage of caregivers, most are overworked, making it even more important to take care of self first.  This is not self-centered or egotistical behavior, it’s practical common sense, but many feel that they cannot afford to take the time to care for themselves.  This is an attitude that needs urgent change.  As it changes, and it will because it is part of your awakening process, the percentage of people suffering with ill-health, sickness, or physical injury will decrease dramatically.

Truly, by caring properly for yourselves, you improve the health of all with whom you interact in any way at all.  And as you are all presently incarnate to heal yourselves and others, because it is an essential part of the awakening process, all your health issues – whether physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual – are presenting themselves in your conscious awareness for recognition, healing, and release.  Do not hold onto them as though they were an essential aspect of who you are – my poor health – just recognize them, thank them for bringing to your attention “stuff” that you need to release, and then, with loving-kindness, invite them to leave because they have served their purpose most beautifully.  With a loving invitation like that from your heart center, they will dissolve, and, because they were in fact unreal, you will then very likely find yourselves more at peace with yourselves than you have ever been.

As so many wise ones, saints, mystics, and those in the spiritual realms who have been sending you a plethora of messages through myriad channels over the years, have frequently told you, the divine Will for all sentient beings, whether they are experiencing themselves as physical or non-physical, is that they live in joy.  However, the game in which you engaged, by choosing to incarnate as humans, offers you myriad forms of suffering, and your news channels are constantly offering you the “dramatic news” of other people’s pain and suffering, furthering your sense of fear and lack of safety.  This is unreal and unnecessary because, by setting the intent daily to be only loving whatever arises, and renewing it throughout the day whenever it occurs to you to do so, you can and will establish within yourselves a place of peace and joy that will most beautifully alter your perception of your life in human form.  When you do this others will be drawn to you by the intense light and love that empowers your energy fields, and which is extended out to all with whom you interact, even for the briefest of moments.

This is why you incarnated at this moment in humanity’s spiritual evolution, at this moment in humanity’s awakening process.  You were divinely guided to incarnate at this time to assist in the process by extending love to all in form, and the path that each one of you is following as a human in form is absolutely perfect for this divine task.  Your loving intentions affect the whole of humanity, because all those seemingly individual energy fields in which each of you are enfolded as humans are One with Source, as are each of you.  And the divine Will is for you all to awaken into the Reality from which you have never been separated, even for an instant, the divine Reality of eternal Joy which the veils or cloaks, that are major aspects of the illusion have, most intentionally because they are the rules of the game, hidden from you for so long.

You are all aware that enormous changes are occurring right now on Planet Earth, because the authoritarian lock-down that the powers that be have imposed worldwide on the global population are giving you a much needed time-out in which to come to know yourselves once more as you truly are – divine beings, eternally beloved children of Mother/Father/God.  And this knowing is an ENORMOUS change.  This knowing is always present within you, and it is now rising into your conscious awareness so that you can recognize and delight in the totally unconditional loving acceptance in which you are embraced by God in every eternal moment of now.

With so very much love, Saul.

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Saul Audio Blog for Saturday May 2nd

To start with, a metaphor: humanity is out surfing, an enormous wave is approaching, therefore . . .relax, but be ready and allow this magnificent wave to carry you along for an exhilarating ride into the new era which you have all been working so assiduously to bring into being for a very long time.  You will not fail to rise up on it, because you have great expertise and you have been practising with powerfully focused intent to be ready for this precise moment, and you are ready, and you will rise to the occasion.  You will be filled you with joy and wonder as you finally come to know yourselves, the true You, at One with all of God’s divine Creation.  Your awakening is to be spectacular, way beyond anything you could possibly imagine, in fact way beyond anything that even someone who has had the most uplifting and inspiring Near Death Experience could possibly imagine.  Your divine inheritance – infinite Joy – awaits your awakening.

To awaken is your only purpose, but within the game, within the illusion myriad distractions are constantly dragging your attention away, as, in moments of lucidity, you attempt to remember that purpose.  You know that there is a much greater meaning to life than the materialistic and competitive cultures – in which you find yourselves experiencing life as a human – would have you believe.  At some stage in their human lives absolutely everyone wonders if life has a higher purpose, but the vast majority believe that they cannot afford to waste time thinking about it because they have work to do, bills to pay, and families to take care of.  They may be members of religious or spiritual organizations, and they may spend a few moments each week, or even daily, saying a brief prayer in order not to offend the divine being that the organization tells them they should honor.  They may even pray strenuously and desperately for help if some catastrophe befalls them, but mostly they just focus on daily living, while seeking moments of pleasure by engaging with some of the distractions available solely for that purpose.  Living like that does not provide satisfaction, even for those who are without any financial burdens, because you each have a deeply buried knowing that you do have a purpose, and that knowing will continue to nudge you towards wakefulness throughout your lives, unless you totally refuse to pay it any attention by choosing to block it out of your conscious awareness.  Whatever you do you cannot totally remove it or separate yourselves from it, because it is an essential aspect of who you are — a divine being having a temporary experience in form.

Now the nudges that all are constantly receiving are intensifying and can no longer be ignored or denied, because it is apparent to all that something untoward is going on, is occurring right now that demands your urgent attention.  And it is, of course, humanity’s collective awakening process.  This process has been ongoing for eons, and it has been, and is, leading to a precise moment in time when your awakening will occur whether or not you are ready for it.  Humanity’s collective awakening is inevitable!  It cannot be delayed, and it will not be delayed, and so the nudges for your attention are becoming ever more insistent in their demands for your attention, for your undivided attention.

The major nudges that all are receiving and experiencing are the realization, the growing awareness of the need for major changes in the way that humans interact with each other and with the Earth, Gaia, whose ongoing support is absolutely essential for your survival in human form.  It is the growing awareness that attitudes and behaviors that are not in alignment with Love are, in truth, and without doubt, completely insane.  To awaken is to come to full awareness that there is only the ONE, Mother/Father/God, Source from which there is no separation.  All sentient beings are, by their nature, divine and One with Source.  And even in their experience of individuality there is still no separation.  What one individual thinks, says, or does affects all the countless others . . . instantly.  How could that not be the case when all are One?

To realize this divine truth, and to know it is to awaken.  Many millions are aware of this truth intellectually, and this is a major step forward on the path to awakening.  Knowing it is so, and feeling the truth of it in one’s heart without any doubt whatsoever is to be awakened.  Some have arrived at this state, and, in so doing they are powerfully– even though they are not consciously aware of this – assisting others to join them in that magnificent state, a state of Grace, leaving conflict and disagreement behind in the illusion, the unreal environment that seems so real to those who have not yet awoken.

To think with the Mind of God and have individual thoughts and ideas that are never in disagreement with the thoughts and ideas of others, but that only add to them, making them greater and more beautiful, is a wondrous state to experience.  It is to be fully awake, fully conscious, fully aware, and fully alive!  That is LOVE, It encompasses ALL, because It is All.  There is nothing else, in fact there is NO nothing!

If you are having difficulty believing in the truth of this, in believing that Reality is a state of being in which there are no needs, no disappointments, no suffering, and no catastrophes, it means that you are listening to and believing in the unreal but fear-filled ideas that your egos offer to you as you take note of the intense pain and suffering that many are experiencing because they believe the illusion is real.  But pain and suffering, although it often seems interminable while it is being experienced, is temporary and does pass.  Reality, on the other hand, is eternal!

To relieve and dissolve your doubts, anxieties, and fears, go within at least once daily and surrender to Love by opening your hearts.  Yes, the pain and suffering will still be there because you are still choosing to experience the illusory state of separation from Source, but the Love within you will comfort and reassure you, reminding you that you are divine beings who are awakening into the magnificence of Reality, into awareness of your eternal state at One with Source.  Eternal joy awaits your awakening, and the wonder of it will fill you with delight.

With so very much love, Saul.

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If you have not seen this documentary it would probably be well worth taking the time to do so, click the link saying ‘homepage’:



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Saul Audio Blog for Saturday April 25th

At this time, as most people are focused on or distracted by the ongoing and constantly updated news of the worldwide pandemic, many are very concerned and unsettled as their governments require them to stay home, or stay isolated, while the Coronavirus flows across the world bringing sickness and further anxiety to many.  It will pass, as epidemics and pandemics always do, but while it is present you do need to take extra care of yourselves, being aware of any message with which your bodies present you, and then tuning in to uncover their meaning.  Your bodies are well able to tune into the non-physical realms to access information that you are unable to access purely through your rational intellectual thought processes.  So taking quiet time alone to meditate, or just gently relax at least once each day is essential to your well-being, and by doing so you will be able to gain access to that place of peace and calm within, your holy inner sanctuaries, where Love resides.  It is always there, waiting to reveal Itself to you by way of a warm embrace that you can feel, whenever you release or quieten your fearful “what if?” thought processes and open your hearts to receive It.

Love is your nature, so during this time of general confinement make full and frequent use of the unusual amount of free time you have available to connect with It.  Doing just this is a most effective inactivity!  Inactivity of this kind allows your awareness of your Oneness with God and with every sentient being to intensify, and, as millions of humans set the intent to do this the collective sense of inseparable interconnectedness becomes increasingly conscious.  People, who had never before been able to feel the presence of loved ones, family, or friends who were not physically present with them, are now beginning to do so.  Initially this can be rather shocking or unsettling, because the vast majority of people believe that this ability is a special gift available only to a few who are psychics and/or mediums.  This is most definitely not the case.  Every sentient being has this ability, but only a few humans have allowed it to grow and develop within them.  Many who did experience it in childhood, before the age of about seven years, and talked about it to their parents or older siblings were told that they were imagining things, that it was an illusion, and so, needing approval from others instead of ridicule, they closed themselves off from it.

But of course the illusion is what most humans experience all day every day in the material physical world of form in which you live out your daily lives as humans.  This is not Reality!  Reality is Love, is Oneness, is Mother/Father/God, and is what all seek when they become disillusioned and disappointed with life in form, and with the almost constant stress and strain that life in form entails.

Life in form has always been difficult, because form limits your creative abilities very severely, while at the same time leading you to believe that you have just one life in form, and that that is the only life available to you.  Life, like Reality,is eternal, but life in form is temporary, and if you believe, as so many people do, that it truly is the only life available to you, then that too contributes enormously to stress and anxiety.  So much so that it leads many to an intense and endless need to take care solely of their own self, the separate self that they believe themselves to be, regardless of the consequences that the resulting attitudes and behaviors may have on others or on the planet.  Humanity’s history is rife with demonstrations of the consequences of this belief, as men have preyed on one another throughout recorded history, causing vast numbers of people to endure enormous amounts of totally unnecessary suffering.  Over the eons many wise ones have tried to persuade people to honor and respect all others, but have generally failed to do so simply because fear has enthusiastically encouraged people to dismiss, disdain, and frequently physically attack those who have different political views, color, culture, or, most especially until very recently indeed, because of their different religious beliefs or persuasions.

However, in recent years, the insanity of this way of living has become unavoidably apparent to nearly everyone, and yet it seems that there is no possible way to create or establish a collective will that will recognize, respect, and honor your collective interdependence.  Yes, many groups have formed and many think tanks have arisen to discuss and consider ways to move beyond this present insanity, but the different ideas on how to move forward tend themselves to be very divisive.  This is because so often people are polarized because of the ‘either or’ method of rational thinking that is ingrained within nearly all of your cultures.  The intense need to be right and to make others wrong is a very common human egotistical phenomenon, and, as you who are reading or listening to this are very well aware, this unloving and extremely divisive phenomenon is especially noticeable in those who seek political office of any kind, and in those who are the major authority figures in large organizations from governments to industrial/business ones, and also educational and religious ones.  No organizations anywhere are without their share of egotistically driven individuals who are absolutely convinced that they are always right!

The major changes that will occur during the next few months, as people have more time available to look at and truly observe their own ingrained self-centered attitudes and self-governing beliefs – attitudes and beliefs that they can and easily do see and identify in others, but which they are either unaware of or unwilling to acknowledge in themselves – are the essential changes that will lead to a widespread experience that Christianity has, on numerous occasions sought for, but never found, and which it has called “Heaven on Earth!”

God is Love, and you – every human and every sentient being – are One with God.  There is no separation.  Separation from Source is impossible, because Source, Mother/Father/God, the Supreme Intelligence, the Divine Wisdom, the infinitely loving, compassionate, and unconditional Acceptance of All that exists is All That Exists, living in a state of perfect harmony with Itself.  That is Heaven!  There is nowhere else.

But for eons, because of the collective choice to experience separation, a choice that Source has honored – because all that is created is created completely and utterly free to be as it chooses to be – you have experienced yourselves as separated from Heaven.  Nevertheless, you are in Heaven in every moment of your eternal existence, but, because of that choice, it seems that you are not, and the environment in which you appear to be living totally supports that choice.

Therefore, this is a time to CELEBRATE, because, collectively, humanity has finally changed its mind and reversed its choice to experience being separate from Source, Love, Mother/Father/God.  Therefore you are about to remember and know that indeed you are in a state of “Heaven on Earth,” as peace and harmony are embraced by each and every one of you, and the apparent need for conflict and competitive division, which the state of separation has seemingly demanded for eons, just falls away, allowing each individual to recognize in every other the infinite Love that is All That Exists.

With so very much love, Saul.

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