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As the daily news continues to report on fresh major corruption issues and conflicts worldwide, remind yourselves that all of these are in fact problems that have been ongoing for a very long time.  Their disclosure is intensifying now so that they can be clearly seen and released, thus inviting and allowing Love to flow fully and freely throughout humanity, awakening all to the need for major changes in humanity’s attitudes and behaviors.  These changes are occurring, and are most effectively dissolving age old fears, angers, hatreds, and resentments to which many have been clinging, and thus hiding from themselves the personal awareness that Love is their true and eternal nature.  To awaken is to know that only Love is real, and to understand that anything that is contrary to It is utterly unreal, a figment of severely damaged and traumatized human psyches, blocking or hiding awareness from people of their own unchanging true nature.

As your collective awakening process comes rapidly to its moment of completion, focus your attention within, to your heart centers where you can and will most definitely feel the Love that you are residing there.  You will also be aware of the pain and suffering that is seemingly enveloping vast swathes of humanity, so do reset your most powerful intentions – I cannot sufficiently stress the importance of this – to be only loving whatever arises, at least once daily, and also whenever a situation arises in your own day to day living that stirs up emotions of fear or anger within you.  You are presently incarnate to do just this, to bring to completion the changes in your own attitudes and behaviors that are not yet fully in alignment with love, because doing this is your main purpose as a human in form, and doing so is extremely powerful.  Many of you have been doing this for decades, and the evidence of its effectiveness can be seen all across the world in the kindness and generosity that so many of you are demonstrating on a daily basis.

Do not be distracted and disillusioned by the constant drama with which social and mainstream media are incessantly presenting you.  That constant presentation of endless drama is a major aspect of the collective awakening process, because it most clearly demonstrates to all the intense need for major transformation in the ways that disagreements, altercations, and controversies are handled worldwide.  Everyone desires to be treated with honor and respect, and not to be harshly judged as wrong without being fully heard.  Everyone most certainly does deserve to be honored, respected, and heard – that is what Love does, always!

Everyone of you without exception is an eternally beloved child of God.  You are brothers and sisters in an eternal and unbreakable relationship with one another – even though this may not be apparent, and even though the thought of this may horrify some of you.  You therefore need to offer one another loving support in every interaction – never disdain or contempt – even when you disagree with them, or when they disagree with you.  Conflict resolves NOTHING!  To awaken is to move beyond conflict into unconditional loving acceptance of one another, which is a state in which even the idea of conflict can never arise.

One of the main areas of human disagreement is the belief, held by many, that if push comes to shove, and agreement cannot be reached peaceably, then conflict will most certainly bring it to a satisfactory conclusion for those whoknow that they“are in the right!”  Far too many still adhere to this totally unrealistic presumption, especially if they believe that they themselves will be far removed from any actual physical conflict that may occur.  As you are well aware, those who have the power and authority to instigate conflicts hardly ever actually allow either themselves or their families to become personally enmeshed in them.  In fact conflicts are often driven solely by the rhetoric of those who claim authority over others, and by those who will inevitably benefit from them whatever the outcome.

The fact that many “others” will be severely injured, maimed, or killed does not in the least concern them – this has always been the case – despite rhetoric to the contrary.  As the vast majority of humanity is definitely now fully aware: “Conflict is long past its sell by date!”  It is now time, finally, to ensure that those in authority never again have the prerogative to initiate war, regardless of whatever reasons they may present as justification for doing so.  Those in authority are there only to serve all humanity, and never to use you for their own nefarious purposes.

Those of you reading or listening to this message, and, indeed, others like it, know that your purpose and your nature is Love.  By setting the daily intent to be only loving you massively intensify the loving field of energy that you share and extend around you, thus greatly assisting others to become aware that they too are powerful and SovereignBeings of Love.  Love is the infinitely vast energy field in which all that exists is eternally present – NOW!  It is Mother/Father/God expressing Herself abundantly so that every need is instantly satisfied – completely and comprehensively satisfied before it is even recognized – so that every sentient being, every magnificent reflection of the Mother Herself, is in every moment embraced by Her and enveloped within Her.  There is nowhere else.

Therefore, as you make your regular visits into the depths of your being, to your own individual holy inner sanctuaries to pay respects to yourselves and to your divine Mother, make a point of reminding yourselves that: “There Is Nowhere Else apart from the loving Source that is your Mother Who created you for eternal joy-filled living.”  You are One with Her in every moment, so dismiss any and every doubt to which you may still be clinging about your worthiness to be in Her Presence, because it is only your own deeply ingrained self doubts that block your awareness to knowing the wonder and worthiness of who you are.

With so very much love, Saul.

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As your collective awakening draws ever closer – yes, I know you are getting tired of hearing me talk so frequently of its imminence! – continue to hold, share, and extend the Love that each of you are just by being.  There is no need to do anything, although if any of you are intuitively guided – NOT egotistically driven – to be activists for peace, then do bring the love that you are to meetings of that nature, and set the intent to spread it freely and indiscriminately to all who are present.  Doing that is extremely powerful and effective, as many of you have already realized.  You are LOVE, and you are sharing and extending it by being vulnerable, by just being yourselves.  You incarnated with the intent to BE; loving all of humanity and greatly assisting in the awakening process, and that is what you are doing most successfully.

The waiting game – which commenced when the collective decision to experience separation was implemented, in your time, eons ago – is rapidly coming to an end.  Humanity is sick and tired of living the illusory life that being in form entails, along with the limits it seems to impose on their individual sovereign God-given creative abilities, plus the endemic suffering and pain that is pervasive all over the world.  That is why the collective decision to awaken was finally taken and implemented.  It is proceeding apace and cannot be slowed down, let alone stopped or reversed.  You ARE awakening, and if you pay attention, you can see the signs of it in even seemingly the most unlikely of places.  Truly there is nowhere anywhere on Earth in which the awakening is unlikely to occur, because the choice and decision to awaken was a collective decision involving all of humanity, regardless of ethnicity, nationality, or religious or political conviction.  To awaken is your destiny and your destination, it is God’s Will for you, and all presently incarnate made the generous and loving choice to be incarnate now to mightily assist in the process that is bringing this massive and most wondrous event to fulfillment.

Therefore, release any doubts to which you may be clinging – fear of looking silly in the eyes of others, or of being overcome with anguish yourselves if nothing wonderful occurs – because your awakening is God’s Will, therefore nothing can or will go wrong.  The divine plan for humanity, for those playing the game of separation, is flowing perfectly towards its most beautiful and inevitable fruition.  The joy that awaits you is utterly beyond your ability to conceive of, because your imaginations are guided only by what you can materialistically envisage to be happy and peaceful states of existence as beings limited by form, whereas the actual possibilities for peace and joy that the children of God can choose to experience are infinite and without limit of any kind.  It is a state of infinite and endless freedom to create with total spontaneity and without any restraint, because Love, your natural and eternal state, continuously and enthusiastically encourages you each to express yourselves again and again most brilliantly as the individual and varied manifestations of Mother/Father/God that you each are.  The joy that you will each bring to Mother/Father/God and to all of your sisters and brothers as you choose to express yourselves fully, as you truly and eternally are, will never cease to amaze and delight you.  You were created in Love, from Love, as infinitely creative expressions to bring incessant jubilation to all, and that is what you are about to find yourselves doing.

You were created in joy for the joy of all.  That state in which you were created is forever unchanging, because it is your true state, the state into which you were created for infinite joy.  As humans in form, it seems impossible that this could be the case, because, were it true, how could an infinitely loving Mother/Father/God ever allow you to experience and suffer the pain that being human entails.  To your extremely limited human minds it makes no sense at all.

So you spend lifetimes seeking the real meaning of life, refusing to accept the seeming inevitability and meaninglessness of a temporary existence terminating in annihilation, obliteration, and, finally, extermination.  And of course that meaningless purpose that presents itself to so many is not and never could be life’s purpose.  Life is an eternal gift from God, to be utterly and completely enjoyed forever.  When the realization dawns on a soul that death is not a terminal event, but is instead a most wondrous transformational event, a great sense of peace replaces the almost constant state of fear and anxiety to which vast numbers have become accustomed.

That realization is presently starting to emerge into the conscious awareness of all who are drowning in doubt and fear – doubt and fear that they have ignored, denied, and then buried beneath their level of normal human consciousness – and it is bringing to them an unaccustomed sense of joy for which their seems to be no reason.  It feels good, but why?  It is because they are awakening into their natural state, a state of being that they have never previously been able to access.

So, do not overlook and thus omit your daily quiet time, it is an essential part of your awakening process.  With all the distractions with which others with whom you interact regularly, and the social and MSM present you, it is all too easy to forget or be distracted from going within.  You know it makes sense, because when you do spend that quiet time alone, inviting Mother/Father/God to fill your hearts, and allowing Her to do so, your whole day always flows far more smoothly.  Honor yourselves, take time out regardless of any other commitments your day is imposing upon you, and in so doing ensure that your day flows in alignment with Love, instead of loading your day with stress and anxiety.

With so very much love, Saul.

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You are all on Earth and incarnate at this moment because you all chose to assist in the great awakening which is imminent.  No one is here by mistake, so even those you might think are delaying or preventing the awakening are in fact purposefully following their paths towards the awakening, their own and that of humanity.  As you can see, from what is being reported in many places, there is much pain and suffering being excessively experienced by many worldwide.  What is happening is that ancient fears, angers, resentments, and hatreds that people have denied and refused to acknowledge for eons, are now arising into the awareness of many – who may not even have been involved in what happened a long time ago – so that they can be honored . . . Yes, honored! . . . thanked for the lessons they have offered, and be released.  If you are not yourselves involved do not unduly focus your empathic attention on those places or people.  Be aware, send them love, but do not spend time imagining how horrific it must be for them, because doing that drains your energy, and reduces the effect of your loving intent to assist mightily in the awakening.  Those lessons all had a purpose which was to show people the insanity of conflict.  This was not acknowledged at the time, and so it is now coming to light to be forgiven and released, so that no impediments or obstacles remain to hinder the free flow of Love on Earth.

Love, as you all know and therefore cannot reasonably doubt, is the only Reality!  You are Love.  That is because Mother/Father/God, Source, Supreme Wisdom – or whatever word or phrase you use to label our divine Creator – is Love, and you were created from Love.  Love is your Source and so you are always One with It, you are as identical to It as a drop of water is to the ocean.  There is no other possibility.

However, you chose to use your free will to construct what appears to you to be a different or alternate reality, although it is, of course, quite unreal.Since doing so you have convinced yourselves that it – the material universe which is enormous in relation to your individual size as humans in form – is the only reality, and by doing so have hidden from yourselves the true Reality, the absolute infinite vastness of LOVE in which you have your eternal existence, by using it as veil or shield behind which you have chosen to place yourselves, blinkered and unseeing.  To awaken, as humanity is the process of doing, is to remove and dissolve this ephemeral screen which is presently preventing you from knowing yourselves as you truly are, God’s divine progeny forever residing in His infinitely loving Presence.

To awaken is to know yourselves, and, as humans in form, many of you have spent lifetimes searching for Love . . . for yourselves!  Now, finally, the human collective has united as one in relationship with itself – most of you remain unaware of of this essential, brilliant, and very recent coalescence – in order to spectacularly complete the awakening process for all.  This is truly an amazing and exhilarating time to be on Earth as a human in form.  As I have told you frequently: not even one of you, not even one human among the billions of you is here by chance, or by accident.  You all chose to be here now to take part in and massively assist in the process, and you are succeeding magnificently in bringing it to actualization.

Remind yourselves frequently – each and every one of you – that you are indeed divine beings permanently and most joyfully in the Presence of Mother/Father/God.  You and God are One, and are therefore utterly and completely inseparable from Her for even the briefest of instants.  Knowing this, as deep within yourselves you do, embrace and honor yourselves, and release any sense or belief to which you may be clinging that would have you believe that you are unworthy sinners, or in any way too disgraceful, too disreputable, or too shameful to even think of associating with your divine and heavenly Father.  He created you, and as your father His love for you is unceasing.  His Will is for you to fully accept yourselves, just as He does, and be completely and joyfully at peace in His Presence, which is your eternal Home.  Any sense of shame or unworthiness to which any of you are perhaps inadvertently clinging is as unreal as the illusory environment in which you find yourselves as humans in form.

You are incarnate now because you each individually chose to undergo the trauma that you knew it would cause you, in order to so lovingly assist in the awakening of humanity and of yourselves.  You did not have to be here, you could have assisted most beautifully from the non-physical realms, but you most courageously and lovingly chose to experience life in form yet again because of the power of Love that you each are.  As you are well aware, Love is forever sharing and extending Itself limitlessly and unconditionally to all sentient life.  The fact that you are present on Earth as humans at this time demonstrates very clearly indeed the Love that you each are, even if, again because of the limits that a life in form imposes upon you, you do not get a true sense of the magnificent beings that you all assuredly are.

Make sure to spend time daily deep within yourselves at your holy inner sanctuaries, and while there allow yourselves toreconfirm to yourselves that you are indeed most beautiful and holy divine beings superlatively assisting in the collective awakening that you are also participating in.  You are all eternally and most dearly loved by your divine Mother Who is showering you with Blessings as you so beautifully fulfill the tasks you chose to undertake before you incarnated.  You are coming Home!

With so very much love, Saul.

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As you wait expectantly and enthusiastically for your awakening, Know that you are all most highly honored and loved by us here in the non-physical realms for just being who you are, and also for the essential part you are each Being in the collective awakening process.  It is happening right now, as I keep telling you, and your joy when you reach the actual and experiential moment of your own individual awakening is way beyond your ability to imagine.  Just know, as you truly do, that it is happening, that it is inevitable, and that it is irreversible.

Time is a major aspect of the illusory environment that you all experience and though unreal, as only eternity exists, while you are living within it and through it it can be be an extremely unsettling and disturbing experience, especially when you find yourselves either waiting for events to unfold that you fear are not for the best, or when you await with great expectations and anticipation for events that you know will bring you joy.  As many of you have felt from time to time: ‘waiting sucks!’

Well, the time of waiting for your collective awakening is drawing to a close.  God’s Will is that you awaken, and Her Will always comes to fruition.  Be patient, and ask us for help in maintaining that intent when you spend your daily quiet time relaxing at your holy inner sanctuaries inviting Love to fill your hearts.  Your quiet time daily is essential, don’t allow yourselves to forget to spend at least a few moments there each day.  It strengthens your intent to be only loving, and ensures that you do honor that intent, and continue to most powerfully assist in the collective awakening.

You are all Love being expressed in human form – every single human without any exceptions – but it often does appear that this cannot be true as you look around and see so much unnecessary pain and suffering being willingly inflicted on others, from individual care givers, family members, and friends, to those in authority all across the world.  Please let go of all judgment – negative or positive – and accept what is, whatever arises.  The environment that you are seemingly reliant upon as beings in form delivers to you only what you have chosen to receive!  You all chose to be incarnate – everyone ever incarnate made a free choice to do so – to learn lessons that with divine guidance you desired and intended to learn, and also to massively assist in humanity’s collective awakening.  You are all on the paths you planned and selected prior to incarnating, wherever they may be.  No one is incarnate by error, all are precisely where they have chosen to be to participate in the grand awakening.

Love is continuing to flood Planet Earth in a stupendous tsunami of irresistible power whose magnitude has never before been established anywhere for more than the briefest of moments.  This enormously powerful and very precisely focused energy field is a necessary and essential aspect of the awakening process, because eons of deeply ingrained fear, anger, bitterness, hatred and resentment, that must be released before awakening can occur, are now arising into humanity’s conscious awareness so that the insanity of this long standing wretchedness can be recognized and completely discarded and dissolved into the nothingness or emptiness from which you brought it forth.  As you all know, only Love is Real.

For your awakening from the illusion to come into full bloom of the utmost and amazing magnificence, it is necessary and essential that you each totally dissociate from all within you that is not in alignment with the fullness and infinite completeness of Love – that you totally separate from your unreal sense of or belief in even the possibility of separation from Source.  You are eternally and uninterruptedly One with God.  However, your state of utter and complete freedom, bestowed upon you at the moment of your creation, allows you to construct for yourselves, moment by moment, a convincing masquerade of unreality in which what cannot be, and which is not in alignment with Love, can exist and cause mayhem, havoc, and intense confusion for all involved – humanity.

Your true nature – Love – is being revealed to you right now.  For you to come to awareness of this you have to allow yourselves to look beyond your human sense of right and wrong, and by doing so you are able to come to accept whatever arises moment to moment, without being seemingly automatically drawn to engage with and judge – by egoic direction or guidance – whatever it may be.  Instead you can pause for a moment while Love offers you the most appropriate response in that moment – to offer only Love, and never judgment.  Patience, not haste, is an important attitude by which to live now, as the dream dissolves and you become more aware that whatever is arising for you and within you is what you have chosen for yourselves in order to come a full realization of who you truly are, and what your purpose in form is as each moment unfolds before you.

You are in form on purpose, and that purpose is to awaken and to assist others to do so with you – All are One!  Therefore, relax . . . be yourselves, do not attempt to be the images you believe are necessary if you are to find acceptance and love among those with whom you live and intermingle.  To be you is essential, it always has been, yet many have avoided doing so in order to maintain themselves in a safe separated state from others who, if they did not, would likely see them as unworthy, incompetent, dull, or whatever other negative self-judgment they have ingrained within themselves, and which they attempt to hide in order to ‘fit in.’  It does not work, you all know that because you are very aware of clearly seeing the fraudulent masks that others assume.

Each one of you can only be you because that is who God created, and because not only is it who you are, but it is also exactly who you want to be, who you have chosen to be!  Your choice and God’s are always perfectly aligned because there is no separation, there never could be separation – what you experience so intently as separation is completely unreal – you and He are One in eternal divine Union with All that He, in infinite loving Wisdom, has created.  God is All, there is no one and no where else, so do permit yourselves to know this.  Deep within yourselves, even while you are experiencing the unreality of life in form, you really do know it, so allow yourselves to access that knowing, it is God’s Will that you so honor yourselves Consequently, there is never anything to fear because you are forever enveloped in the Unity of His divine and all encompassing Embrace.  You are in LOVE!

With so very much love, Saul.

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Back in 2016 I was interviewed by Caroline Chang on “Awake 2 Oneness Radio” about how I became a channeler, and I just “by chance” found it again the other day. It occurred to me that some of you may not have listened to it and would enjoy it. Below is the link.

Blessings, John.

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Doubt and uncertainty are part of being in form as humans, part of the unreal experience of separation from your Source, from Mother/Father/God.  Yes, it is an unreal experience, even though while you are undergoing it, it does seem totally real.  And this is a very good reason for you to awaken, because living in a state of unreality is quite distressing for most people.  Yes, at a deep level, you do know that what you are experiencing is unreal, but that deep knowing is not available to you while you are apparently in a fully awake state as you go about your daily human lives.  Living your daily human lives seems intensely real because you are choosing to identify completely with your human bodies and the physical senses that they use to engage with the world around them in every moment.  Even if you are in a relaxed meditative state, a loud noise, a smell, or something touching you will immediately return you to your physically aware state of normality.

Living life as a human in form is not easy, in fact it is often very difficult, and for some it can be more than extremely difficult.  Nevertheless, hard as it is for many to accept, every single human who has ever incarnated, and of course, including those incarnate now in 2023, made a personal divinely guided choice to do so.  Everyone incarnate as a human has a deep spiritual purpose, and has chosen to be incarnate in order to come to a full and complete understanding of that purpose.

And that purpose?  That purpose is to come to full conscious awareness that your true and unchanging nature is Love.  Mother/Father/God is Love, and so are each one of you.  A major aspect of incarnating is the loss of your memory that you are eternally One with God.  The reason for this is to assist you in coming to the realization that the state of separation from your Source, that you are experiencing as a human in form, makes absolutely no sense at all!

Once you begin to to look around you at the world in which you live, and at the way it appears to operate, with conflicts arising in practically every relationship, from intimate one on one personal ones right up to the ones between nations and continents, you are unable not to question the purpose of your human lives, as you observe the insanity almost continuously unfolding in the world around you.  Modern means of communication have made it practically impossible for anyone to remain unaware of the total failure of the systems that are supposed to ensure that you can all live together in peace and cooperative harmony on your most beautiful planet.

Divisiveness is encouraged from infancy onwards, as the little ones are exposed – even from the moment of conception – to ever increasing amounts of competition in order for them to learn how to be seen, heard, and listened to as humans in form.  They learn that the only way to succeed in this is to shout louder than anyone else, and the result of that training, to which you have all been exposed, is that no one is ever truly seen, heard, or listened to.  To be unseen, unheard, and unacknowledged is to be separated from Reality, from your state of Oneness with Mother/Father/God.  Fortunately this has never happened, and can never happen because there is only ONE.  You are all, without any exceptions whatsoever, One with our Source, in every moment of your eternal existence.  There is never even the briefest of moments when your divine connection is interrupted, let alone broken or severed.

You are One with God from the moment of your creation and forever after, in every moment of your eternal existence.  It is as simple as that.And you know that, until you incarnate, whereupon your memory of your true nature is lost, forgotten, as a state of amnesia envelops your human forms in order for you to experience the unreal state of separation from God that being human entails.

Many of you wonder why you would or ever could have chosen to experience that state when you were already and forever present in your true and natural state of infinite and eternal joy and bliss.  Well, eons ago – the briefest of micro moments ago – the insane choice was made to see what it would be like to experience separation from your Creator.  Having been given all the power and ability of God at the moment of your creation, you were able to construct a totally unreal state of limitation, an illusory state of existence in which to do this.  At that same instant your infinitely loving Father, totally understanding the pain and suffering into which it would lead you, provided you with the way to leave it, and to return Home.

However, the state in which you found yourselves seemed totally and inescapably real, the only state of existence possible, and so you settled yourselves in to deal with it, and with all the terror that it induced within you.  Quickly you developed an alternate self, an ego, to whom you then chose to turn for protection and guidance.  But being itself unreal, a mere figment of your imaginations, the guidance and protection you sought from it was not only unreal and invalid, but it set you against one another by introducing a state of fear and mistrust, a state that you still experience as conflicts continue to arise between you today.

The way out, the exit from this painful experience, is to embrace your natural state – LOVE – and allow It to guide you at all times.  Your egos, of course, attempt to intensify the level of fear that you are experiencing when it seems to them that you are about to make the choice to do so, and you find yourselves seemingly between a rock and a hard place.  You do want to live lovingly with all others, but to attempt to do so seems insane, because the world around you appears to be filled with innumerable dangers, and with large numbers of people who will be only too happy to take advantage of your credulous naivety.  And of course, every day the MSM and social media keeps on bombarding you with warnings about the innumerable online scams that could ensnare you and cause you untold damage.  The collective ego does an excellent job of intensifying your worst fears, and of encouraging you to take ever more precautions against the dangers “out there!”

To embrace your true nature does not mean that you throw precaution to the winds.  It means that you allow and invite the Love that you are – Mother/Father/God – to fill your hearts.  When you do, She will, and your personal energy fields of love will strengthen enormously as you align yourselves with Her.  When you do this others will feel the love that you are expressing and will be drawn to you.  Those who are still avoiding or disowning love, by regularly engaging dishonestly with others, will elude or evade you because the love flowing through you and from you will feel extremely uncomfortable to them, and they will most certainly not wish to be in your proximity.

Love truly is the only way to engage with life because It is Life, It is the Real You.  When you engage fearfully or doubtfully with life, you are effectively wearing masks, playing parts in an imaginary drama, and avoiding fulfilling your life purposes.  When you choose to live in this manner you will feel discontented and anxious, because at the deepest part of your beings you know that the identities or personas that you are presenting to others are unreal.  Everyone wants to be Real, to be themselves, but their egos make great efforts to discourage them from doing so by constantly drawing to their attention their strongly felt but completely invalid feelings of unworthiness, incompetence, and unlovableness.

So, go deep within yourselves daily, to your holy inner sanctuaries – everyone does have their own holy inner sanctuary – and make a point of inviting God into your hearts.  She is always there, awaiting your invitation, and will respond instantly and with the utmost joy.  She loves you way beyond your ability to understand, and She wants to hold you in her loving embrace.  Be courageous, disregard any feelings or beliefs that you may have suggesting that you are unworthy, that you are a sinner, and powerfully – you are all very powerful beings – make the free will choice to invite Her to take you into Her arms, and then delight in the peace and safety you experience.

With so very much love, Saul.

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God’s plan for humanity’s collective awakening is unfolding PERFECTLY!  It was created at the precise moment that you chose to experience separation and independence from Him, because He knew that once you experienced such a state you would immediately seek to return home to be once more and forever in His divine and infinitely loving Presence.

The thought to separate from Him was insane, because He is All, there is only God, and there is no place, space, or possible alternate environment beyond or outside of Him.  You knew that, and yet you chose to build an unreal and illusory state of existence as an exercise in using your free will, just to prove that you could.  It was a little (only a little) like the teenage rebellion that most human children express as they believe themselves to becoming adult NOW!  You of course have infinitely greater power than human teenagers, because God gave you All that He has and Is at the moment of your creation.

By attempting to construct an environment that was completely separate from your Source – the infinite energy field of Love that IS Mother/Father/God – you basically used your free will to distance yourself from God.  But there is no such thing, place, or space that is at a distance from.  There is only God. However, you were able, using the complete freedom that is an aspect of your true nature – Love – because that nature is completely and unconditionally free, to construct the unreal environment of distrust, fear, and hatred that you have all experienced while in human form.  You ARE God’s eternally beloved children, there are NO conditions attached, you are eternally enveloped in and embraced by the All, your ever-loving Father, from Whom separation is totally impossible, and in Whom there is no shaming, judgment, or punishment, ever.  But you were able to convince yourself that you had separated yourself, that therefore you deserved punishment – another unreal aspect of the illusion – for doing so, and that state of separation in which you seemed to have found yourself was accordingly absolutely TERRIFYING!

God is All.  You are eternally One with God, and always have been since the moment when He created you.  Being One with God provides all your needs.  In His Presence you need nothing, because the warmth, the comfort, the joy, the Love that being One established is an eternal and unending state of complete acceptance and joyfulness by the Father of His beloved Son.

When you seemingly moved into that separated state, all that was yours in the divine Presence was gone, so of course you were terrified.  Just for a moment imagine being a baby suckling at its mothers breast, and then being swiftly and suddenly removed from that totally safe and warm place.  Well, the terror you experienced when you chose to experience separation from God was infinitely greater.  In terror you split off a tiny part of yourself and made it your ego.  It was a bit like the frightened inner child that so many of you have as humans, and which you hide, deny, or ignore because you need to present a being of maturity and competence to others who are themselves doing the same thing.  The need to pretend that you are strong powerful beings is the defense mechanism that your egos established as a shield against the terrors of the world around you that can at any moment damage or destroy your physical bodies.  As humans you do have an underlying and constantly present sense of insecurity, and over the eons you have built organizations which you can join in order to protect yourselves from these endless dangers – tribal societies, nations, armies, authoritative religious organizations, political parties, business organizations, insurance companies, professional sports teams, etc., etc.

Finally, and very noticeably during the last few decades, more and more of you have become aware of the insanity of this way of living, and so the collective intent to awaken was taken deep within each one of you, often, in fact mostly, below the level of your conscious human awareness.  Therefore you are now seeing signs of this wondrous process in action all across the world.  You do have to look for it, because it is not something to which the MSM or social media and other news or information institutions have even noticed.  They live on conflict and drama.  But when you do look you will see confirmatory evidence of the collective awakening in an enormous number of locations across Planet Earth.

HUMANITY IS AWAKENING, and this awakening is unstoppable.  It is a massive and powerful process with which God provided you at the precise moment that you entered the illusory state of separation – but a moment ago – and it is approaching its most glorious and wondrous instant of fruition, of actualization.  Many of you, who have recently been experiencing sharp and often extremely unpleasant emotional mood swings and sensations of extreme anxiety and fear, are now finding that these are easing, and are even being replaced by moments of euphoria.  Allow yourselves to accept and honor these most gratifying signs that you are awakening.  God is Love, God is Joy, and deep within yourselves you have always known this.  Now allow yourselves to become consciously aware of this divine Truth and embrace it, instead of listening to your egos and acquiescing to their persuasive insistence that things are constantly getting worse and that some worldwide disaster or catastrophe is about to unfold.

Your daily moments, quietly alone, inviting and allowing Love to fill your hearts, remain absolutely essential aspects of your daily lives.  Do make sure to set aside time for this regular reconnection with Mother/Father/God, because it intensifies and re-empowers your ongoing intent to be only loving whatever arises today, and every day.  Just being, as I have told you many times already, is massively and powerfully effective in assisting in humanity’s awakening process.  You all signed on for this, and your presence and intent is indispensable, so be here now, knowing, as you do, that you are inordinately supported by all of us here in the non-physical realms.  You ARE awakening, and you ARE bringing the human collective along with you.  Do not underestimate the importance of your presence on Earth in human form right now, you are all crucial and irreplaceable elements of the divine plan for humanity’s awakening as it unfolds, right now.

With so very much love, Saul.

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As your collective awakening unfolds before your very eyes – CELEBRATE!

Yes, it is unfolding right now, in the only moment there is, the eternal moment of now.  You do of course know this, because when you allow yourselves to be aware you are aware that everything you think, say, or do is happening now, the only ‘time’ in which it could happen.  It’s just that NOW keeps on continuously renewing itself without ever a break, that is what now is – NOW!  Within the illusory state of material form, of which time is a major component, it flows constantly, whereas in Reality it is eternally stationary.  That is a concept that is very difficult for you to imagine or to accept, and yet modern physics at the highest levels of research has found that this actually is the case.  It is quite shocking to realize this because it is totally at odds with your human experience of life in form.

In fact your human lives are very much time directed, as your calendars and daily planners make very clear, and you are constantly checking to see if you are “on time,” and to make sure that tomorrow’s time schedule is clearly defined.  And yes, living as humans you do need a schedule so that you can be present with those you love for as much time as possible.  However, many become obsessed with time and its ‘demands’ upon them.  But time is unreal and makes no demands!  The demands that people experience are always self-imposed, even though they might think that it’s their boss, or their job, or their spouse that makes the demands, in essence each individual responds to time in their own individual manner, and it is their own choice whether or not to be governed by their job schedule, and their bosses or their spouse’s bidding.  How you choose to use time to earn your living or to enjoy yourselves is always your own individual option or preference.  Yes, others do make demands upon you, but it is always your choice, your decision, and only yours as to how you will respond.

As your awareness of the unreality of time increases you will find yourselves far less driven, far more at peace.  You were created as eternal beings at One with Source, NOW, and that has never changed, it is unchangeable.  You effectively always have all the time you need, but because of the way in which you choose to engage with it, it frequently seems to be ‘in short supply.’  Time can serve you very well if you can relax and allow it to flow, instead of attempting to ‘beat the clock,’ which is, of course, impossible.

You have all heard of professional sportsmen and women talking about ‘being in the zone,’ when every move that they make is perfect in that moment, and they achieve what seem to be the most amazing results.  Well everyone of you can be in the zone in a similar fashion that is just right for you.  You do it by relaxing into whatever it is you are doing, and letting go of thinking about what you are going to do in the next moment.  When you watch small children playing you will notice that they are often so totally wrapped up in what they are doing, undistracted by anything outside such as parents calling them in for dinner, they just don’t hear the call because they are so absorbed in just being there in that moment.

It’s really about mindfulness, being constantly aware of what you are thinking, saying, or doing in each moment.  When you get up from the table to take the dishes to the sink, be aware of how you are picking each one up, and then of each step you take to reach the sink.  Initially it can be quite difficult, because it’s an activity that you could do in your sleep, and so you normally do not pay attention because your mind is off somewhere else – I have to go and meet the school bus, I had better go the store as I’m right out of bread, etc.  And when you do succeed you get an uplifting sense of achievement, and without all the roof-brain-chatter which so many of you have come to accept as normal, you find yourselves far quieter and more peaceful within yourselves.

It is rather like being in a continuous meditative state, and as you become more aware, more mindful, when you do sit to meditate, to just be present you will find yourselves settling in much more quickly and easily into that state.  AND, as I have often been reminding you of late, your main purpose during your present incarnation is to just be!

Just being allows the Love that you are to flow freely out to join with the flow from millions of others, most powerfully – far more powerfully than you can appreciate – assisting in humanity’s collective awakening.  When you allow yourselves to become consciously aware, by being mindful of the Reality of your true nature – Love – your individual energy fields expand and intensify. This strengthens your own sense of peace, and envelops and embraces everyone with whom you interact – physically, the cashier in the supermarket, for instance – all your electronic interactions, and also, of course, the loved ones of whom you find yourselves thinking at odd moments throughout the day.

Make a point of Just Being as frequently as you can during the day – waiting in line, waiting at the traffic lights, traveling on the train or subway – any moment, even if it’s only very brief, when you do not have to focus attentively, any free and unoccupied moment.  Truly doing this IS extremely powerful, and it IS a very important and intrinsic constituent of the life paths you planned for yourselves before incarnating.

You are incarnate now to greatly assist in humanity’s collective awakening, which is ongoing right now as you read or listen to this loving message.  Your purpose, apart from awakening yourselves, is to gently assist others with whom you interact – no interaction is ever a ‘chance’ occurrence, it is always one to which all involved have been lightly lead – in the direction of their and your own awakening.  You do not do it by proselytization or persuasion, you do it just by allowing yourselves to be the loving presences that each and every one of you are.

Love is your nature, in every moment.  Therefore release yourselves from the costumes and masks you might normally present as yourselves to the outside world, and allow the love that you all are to flow freely and spontaneously to greet all with whom you interact throughout the day.  When you do you will very frequently find yourselves most lovingly received and accepted by those with whom you ‘chance’ to interact.  It will make your day!

With so very much love, Saul.

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As you have been told so often, and increasingly frequently over the last few months, humanity’s collective awakening is proceeding precisely on schedule, as divinely intended, and is indeed now very, very close.  To be prepared to embrace this wondrous event make sure you do not forget to take quiet time out at least once daily to just be, while holding the intent to be a channel or conduit through which God’s love can flow most abundantly out through you to embrace every human presently incarnate.  Each of you incarnated to do this at this moment in the awakening process simply because you generously chose to assist in adding massively to the energy of Love enveloping the planet.  You are now bringing it to maximum effect as Love continues to nudge or even shake people out of the dream state, the illusory sense of separation from your infinitely loving Source.

As you all know, separation is unreal, it’s a “game,” and the game has become very bitter and twisted as the fear that all the players are experiencing as they engage with it has become completely unbearable.  All the rules have been broken as individuals, teams, squads of people, and disenchanted factions within governments and large organizations – everyone of whom has been most severely traumatized during their human infancy and childhood – have attempted to “win” by using any subterfuge that they imagine will be undetectable and thereby give them some enormous winning advantage.  This has been tried again and again over the eons during which the game has been ongoing, always unsuccessfully, and now the rule breakers are being revealed and indicted.  The game is in the process of being abandoned, prior to total termination as people worldwide choose to awaken to the realization that only Love is real, and then engage fully with It, their own True nature, and in so doing find their way home, to an inner place or state of awareness where they once again know themselves as One with Mother/Father/God. It truly is game over!

Many of you have been hearing for quite a number of years that humanity’s collective awakening is very close, even imminent, and are beginning to have serious doubts about the validity of these uplifting messages.  That is quite understandable as you are constantly being bombarded by your media with horrific reports of catastrophes and disasters all over the world.  So I would again remind you that the only real time is now.  Attempting to address the reality of the now moment with the illusory flow of time, the waiting for time to pass before an expected event – the end of the working day, the end of college, the completion of a building – that is a major aspect of life in the material world, is very difficult.  Nevertheless, it is very important to accept that time is illusory, and that God’s divine Homecoming plan for humanity is precisely on schedule, and that the moment of its most glorious fruition is almost upon you.

Signs of this awakening in your world of form are appearing with increasing frequency, as large numbers of massive untruths that have been told to you are unravelling, and are being reported on in so many places.  Because so many of them have been accepted as truth for so long, many people are having great difficulty believing that they can possibly have been so deceived by those whom they were taught to trust and honor.  Strongly held, or ingrained beliefs are very difficult for people to doubt and then repudiate, because to do so will make them feel ashamed or stupid as they acknowledge that they have allowed themselves to be so completely fooled.  Nevertheless, it is most definitely happening on a wide scale.  The truth cannot be hidden indefinitely – it is always hidden out of fear – it will always be revealed, and when it is people often experience a great and unexpected sense of relief, because your real nature is to be truthful, and truth is always in alignment with love.

To awaken is humanity’s unalterable destiny, and has been since the moment the choice was made to manifest and engage with the illusion of separation from Mother/Father/God.  Your awakening has been ongoing since the collective choice was made to experience separation, and in fact it happened almost immediately, as quite a large number of you instantly became aware that attempting to be separate was not a good idea.  These ones, who have remained with you while you have been playing the game, are the driving force behind the awakening, because their love for you all is intense, and they have been working with you throughout the eons to show you the way home.  Now their wok is approaching its conclusion as vast numbers are coming to realize that only Love is real, and are therefore choosing to engage only lovingly with others.

Signs of this most wondrous realization can be seen in many areas, for instance as those with illness and disabilities are finding themselves most beautifully supported as they undergo the physical suffering and discouragement for life with which these personal issues are constantly presenting them.  Love in action is being massively demonstrated all across Planet Earth, powerfully intensifying the desire and the intent that so many now hold to awaken into Reality.

Right now your awakening is happening promptly and expeditiously, and is completely unstoppable and irreversible.  You have chosen, and I cannot emphasize that word strongly enough – CHOSEN – to awaken now and without further ado, because your ongoing experience of separation, although unreal, can no longer be tolerated, you have most definitely had ENOUGH!

Prepare, therefore, for unrestrained revelry and festivity as you return to Oneness, and recognize with unimaginable delight the wonder of who you truly are.  The welcome from the myriads of us who are enthusiastically anticipating this moment of your awakening will astound and delight you all.

With so very much love, Saul.

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