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All are One, and you all know that.  Yet, because of “the rules of the game”– being a human in form – you have allowed yourselves to forget this eternal and unchanging Truth.  The awakening process, in which the human collective recently collectively agreed to participate, is now moving forward very rapidly.  You are seeing wonderful signs of this in many locations and circumstances – and yet you doubt!  Let go of those doubts, for, like the illusion/dream, they are unreal.  To have doubts and dwell on them is a choice many of you keep making – choose not to do so any longer, and when any do arise into your conscious awareness dismiss them immediately, do not dwell on them.

Yes, many on Earth are experiencing major suffering, and “by being in the world, but not of it” you can be fully aware of this without entering into that experience.  Every time this awareness comes to mind due to yet another disturbing news item, or because someone you know and love, or even you yourself are suffering, remind yourselves that there is only Love.  Then send Love/Healing to whichever suffering one(s) you have become aware of, but without being drawn into that suffering and thus allowing your energy to be drained by any sense of guilt or shame you may feel in the awareness of knowing that all are one, and perhaps then feeling or believing that maybe you too are in some way responsible.  You need all your energy – and you have a limitless abundance of it in every moment – to be able to send the fullness of Love/Healing to those in need.

You have all experienced the powerful and uplifting energy of love and acceptance when in the presence of a very loving person.  Well, you all have that power, and when you choose to be at peace within yourselves, no matter what is happening around you, then it is fully available for you to direct to wherever you are intuitively guided to direct it.  You are, as we have discussed before, presently on Earth, precisely where you are now, because you made the wise, generous, and most beautiful decision before incarnating to assist as fully as you possibly could in humanity’s awakening process.  You are doing that now, so do not allow any ego-driven doubts of incompetence, guilt, shame, or unworthiness that may arise to distract you from your divine and holy purpose – Being You Now!

You are Love, you know this at the depths of your being, and yet your egos keep whittling away at your totally legitimate right to believe in and trust yourselves, your intuition, your inner knowing.  Their one aim is to distract you from your real purpose, which you so frequently doubt, by filling your minds with a flood of thoughts that serve absolutely no useful purpose.  You are here to Be, and to demonstrate the Love that you Are.  That is what being yourselves truly means.  Do not allow yourselves to get drawn either into thoughts or discussions about the immense harm that so many are causing, or about what others are able to do so much more lovingly and effectively than you.  You ARE where you are meant to be.  You CHOSE to be right where you are now because it is the most effective place for you to be right now, in this moment.  In another moment you may well be somewhere else, but right now you are here, you are meant to be here, so BE here.

In this present moment you are always exactly where you are meant to be, and this is true in every moment.  Yes, you may at times wish you were somewhere else, especially if you are undergoing any kind of suffering – physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual – but understand that any personal suffering is a wake-up call to assist you in learning the lessons that you chose to place on your human life path, and to which, whatever the reason may be, you are not paying close enough attention.  Your ego-driven ‘roof-brain-chatter’ will attempt to distract you with thoughts such as “I don’t need this; this is not fair; I am really doing my best so why is this happening?”

Remind yourselves frequently that you are where you are by your own free will choice.  Obviously this often appears not to be the case, and your egos love to try, sometimes quite successfully, to convince you that something ‘has gone wrong.’  You may even succeed in convincing yourselves that this is true!  Dissatisfaction with the way your lives appear to be unfolding often occurs, especially when it involves intense suffering of any kind.  Remember, you are where you have chosen to be, so what are you doing or failing to do in this now moment may well be an experience to help you grow in wisdom and self-acceptance.  What you experience that upsets or disturbs is nearly always due to your own perception or judgment of an issue, not the issue itself.  It all comes back to trusting your intuition, your inner guidance, and then dealing with whatever arises with Love, instead of with fear-driven anger which is often a default mode for those in form and playing ‘the game.’

Whatever you are aware of experiencing as a human in form – peace, love happiness, pain suffering, or resentment – do take a time-out to remind yourselves that your true nature is Love, that you are always inseparably at One with Source, and you are in the situation that is delivering these experiences in order, by your loving presence, to assist others who are also undergoing various assorted difficulties.  This is not a case of attempting to be ‘spiritually significant’ in the eyes of others, because if you do come from your hearts, offering only love, you will be doing enormously successful spiritual work – and it’s hardly work!  Just being what you are – Love – is your purpose, as your presence gently nudges others towards their own awakening.

All are awakening now!  However, because the illusion is massively invested in time, the idea of all being on a path to awaken together is extremely hard for you to get a handle on.  Remind yourselves that the material world, form and substance, are unreal.  Only Mother/Father/God, Source, Love is Real.  You know this deep within yourselves, and as you choose to become increasingly aware of this, the worldly problems that all encounter will be less and less unsettling for you.  Trust in God, in Love, and in yourselves, because doing so is surrendering to the divine Will and thus allowing Love to empower and guide you in every moment of your human existence.  Yes, problems or issues will still arise, but you will find yourselves able to deal with them by addressing them lovingly, and then any egoic need to be in control will fall away, and you will find yourselves basically at peace and very much better able to assist others.  Then you will become increasingly aware of the peace and contentment that others find in your presence.

With so very much love, Saul.

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Dear Friends, Readers and Donors,

In less than 24 hours you have donated the cost of replacing my home heating boiler!!!!

I am OVERWHELMED by your Love, and filled with gratitude for your ENORMOUS generosity.





Dear friends and readers,

Your loving responses are blowing my mind!

I WILL respond to each of you individually, but it will take a while.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You,

Blessings and Love,


Dear friends and readers,

Over the years many of you have been very generous with your donations, and I truly appreciate that, and I thank you.

Now I need to ask if some of you could make a further donation within the next few days to help me with an unexpected expense.

My home heating boiler has failed, and here in New Hampshire it is, as usual at this time of year, very cold, and I need to have it replaced at a cost of $15,200.00

I can access about $10,000.00 of this expense directly, but I am struggling to find the remainder.

If any of you could help me out here I would be most grateful, and I apologize for coming to you with this importunate request. However, if any of you choose to assist me then please use the Donate button on the right of the blog post, just below the picture.

Many Thanks and Blessings,


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2021 was a year of “stuff” arising for most people on Planet Earth, and 2022 will be the year in which it all falls away.  The human collective, every human presently incarnate on Earth, made enormous progress during the year that has just ended in acknowledging, thanking, and releasing old karmic ‘stuff’ that has been weighing them down for a long time.  Now, as they begin to feel much lighter and far more positive about life, they will find themselves uncovering reasons for joy every day in their daily lives.  Doing just this – finding a little bit of joy each day – raises your own energy levels and increases the intensity of the Love flow across the planet, the life force that vitalizes every living form.

Love is the energy, the power, the potential that enlivens the world of form and matter, and there is never any lack because It is always abundantly present.  To be depressed – a state that many experience at times, or seemingly constantly – is to partially close yourselves off from It, whereas to be enthusiastic about life is to open yourselves to It.  You do have a choice in this, so if it seems to you that you do not, then go within to your holy inner sanctuary and visit with your support team in the spiritual realms – you all have a spiritual support team permanently alert and waiting for you to choose to connect with them – and ask them for help.  THEN LISTEN!  Your egos always have expectations which are seldom helpful.  Listening patiently and quietly without egoic expectations is the key, then trust!  You will receive an answer, a message, or an an intuitive knowing that is totally appropriate, although it may not be what you expected to receive, so do not rush to dismiss it, just let it settle gently within you, and come back to review it later.

Whenever you go within to your own holy inner space – and you do need to do this at least once daily – make a point of bringing to mind something for which you are grateful. Everyone without exception has something (most probably many things!) for which to be grateful, and do not allow yourselves to focus your attention on aspects of your life or of the world outside that displease you.  Many of you experience an almost constant stream of thoughts about what you dislike or what you believe prevents you from being happy and content.Dismiss those thoughts or choose not to focus on them, and instead remind yourselves: “Here I am, an immortal being, a child of God, who is eternally and infinitely loved by Her, no matter what feelings of guilt, shame or unworthiness I may be clinging to, and which I need to release!”  Just reminding yourselves of this divine Truth about yourselves should raise your spirits, and facilitate your ability to remember an aspect of yourselves in which you truly are of loving service in the world.

Everyone presently in human form on Earth chose to be here because they wished to serve humanity during the collective awakening process.  Everyone of you is in service to the collective just by being and by intending to be a loving presence in every moment of your earthly existence.  It may seem to you that you are not doing anything of value with your life, but I assure you that your presence on Earth right now is essential!  You may well be getting no sense of this, no positive feedback of any kind at all, nevertheless, I repeat, your presence here now is essential! Trust that you planned your present life, mightily assisted by your spiritual support team, with great love and wisdom because you knew that what you had to offer to humanity’s awakening process was indispensable and could only be offered by you.

Each day set the intent to be only loving, to demonstrate love in action just by being present and aware wherever you are – in the supermarket check-out line, interacting with your employees or business subordinates, filling the car with gas, walking down the street – and loving all those with whom you interact in even the smallest way during those wonderful opportunities that arise daily to allow you to share and extend love.  That is why you are precisely where you are right now.  Your presence on Earth at this moment is not a chance accident or occurrence, it is the divine Will unfolding perfectly, and it is also your will unfolding — the intentional plan you designed and put into effect by incarnating.  If you cannot see any spiritual purpose in how your life is unfolding, then, as I suggested above, go within and ask for guidance.  You will always be answered promptly and lovingly because you are always heard.

The life that you have been experiencing up to this moment, and which you are now continuing to live is the one you planned before incarnating.  It can very likely seem to you to have no clear spiritual manifestation because it seems to you to be “just more of the same old stuff,” so just remind yourselves that releasing that ‘stuff’ is a major aspect of your pre-incarnational life plan.  At the very moment that you were born you were immediately placed upon your perfectly designed life path.  However, you were initially in a state of forgetfulness to allow you to grow from infancy into mature adulthood, and you had planned that at some point during that process you would start to become aware that your human life does have a spiritual purpose.  You are most definitely now following that path which is absolutely perfect for you.  It just may be that once you started to become aware of the possibility of this being the case you were hoping and expecting it to be rather more interesting, important, or dramatic than what you are actually experiencing right now.  That is your ego attempting to distract you, by persuading you that you have something far more important to do – perhaps by drawing your attention to other ‘wise and deeply spiritual gurus’ – and that you should continue to seek it out, thus demonstrating to others how seriously spiritual you are!  It can be a very effective distraction as it encourages you to seek publicity through your words and actions, when in fact just by being yourselves – without adding any bells or whistles – and allowing Love to flow freely through you, you are living your essential and most holy purpose quite perfectly.

Be You!  There is no one else you can be, and give thanks for your magnificent and divine purpose as a human on Earth now, brilliantly and beautifully assisting in the collective awakening process.  That is why you are precisely where you are, so do not accept any of the utterly invalid arguments or negative self-judgments with which your egos may present you, as they urgently seek for you the distractions and drama with which they imagine spiritual significance will provide.  You are way beyond the nonsense of being spiritually significant, you are an absolutely perfect divine being eternally at One with Source.  When you awaken into full awareness of this sacrosanct truth, as you will, you will once more recognize and delight in the wonder of who you truly are as all doubts and negative self-judgments just dissolve.

With so very much love, Saul.

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As you well know, although you very frequently forget it as you live your daily human lives, we are all One, there is No separation because separation from the One is impossible, the One is All.  And humanity is now awakening from the age of forgetfulness into awareness – awareness of the Oneness and indivisibility of All.  That growing awareness can be very unsettling because what you had assumed was normal daily life no longer seems to be working, things keep going wrong, and an intense sense of uncertainty – an uncertainty that has always been there, but hidden or denied – leads to anxiety and fear.  As I have remarked many times already lots of “STUFF” is arising that needs to be acknowledged, thanked, and released, and this list of ‘stuff’ perhaps appears to be endless.  This is because it has been increasing, despite its being hidden or denied for so long, and now it is being allowed – due to your collective choice to awaken – into your awareness and you are having to address it.  It is not enjoyable, but it does need to be dealt with so that there is room in your hearts for love to move in as the ‘stuff,’ – the blocks to Love – fear, anger resentment, hatred, and antipathy dissipate.

Most of humanity has for eons felt alone, abandoned, separate, and this has resulted in a great need to socialize, to be part of a tribe, a group, a religious organization etc., to ease that sense of separation which is unnatural.  You collectively made the choice to experience separation, and in fact came to believe that you were separate, and this has caused you enormous pain and suffering over the eons.  Joining groups or forming families to relieve or remove that belief could not and did not work, because you knew that death would always arrive to terminate those relationships.  And yet, at the core of your being, you had a sense that life could not terminate in death, that it had to have a far deeper meaning than your daily lives suggested.  Many poured scorn on those who believed in God and an afterlife, claiming that those who held such beliefs were just too fearful to accept the reality that death was terminal, but those scornful ones were in fact just burying their own fears way below the level of their conscious awareness, fears that would have created an inner turmoil that they could not have avoided addressing.

Now all, every sentient life form, are having to address these long buried or denied issues that made the experience of separation possible.  The sense of separation will dissolve as these issues are dealt with and lovingly released.  There is only Love, as you well know, but you can hide It from yourselves by engaging with the experience of separation in which it appears that each one of you is a mortal being under almost constant threat of death.  That threat guides and directs you much of the time as you live your daily lives, earning a living to pay for essentials for yourselves and for your loved ones, and more so today than ever before.  That threat keeps you close to fear, which results either in anger or a sense of hopelessness.  That anger or hopelessness is now arising into the awareness of each human as they seek love and meaning in their lives, whereas before they had to a large extent been denied and overlaid with a mask that hid each one’s inner turmoil.  This is no longer possible because each one now has to face and deal with their own personal issues – anger, resentment, hatred, unworthiness, guilt, and shame – which prevent or disallow Love from entering their hearts.  It is an extremely painful and unsettling time, but you are moving through it very rapidly because you have collectively chosen Love over the unreality of the illusion or dream in which you have been immersed for so long.

As your collective awakening process intensifies and accelerates the need or requirement for you to spend time within daily at your holy inner sanctuary – meditating, praying relaxing, or just being – also intensifies.  Many of you will find yourselves preciously guarding that unaccompanied time that you have, maybe for years already, reserved for your personal growth and fulfillment, but which, for various reasons, you have not always been able to engage with on a daily basis.  Now you do need to honor yourselves and claim that private time every day, because it is a major aspect of your personal awakening process, and you did plan it as a major part of your human life path prior to your present incarnation.

Remember that when you take time out for the above mentioned reasons you are enormously powerful, and by so doing you are assisting all of humanity to awaken.  You each incarnated knowing that the full intent of your presence on Earth now, today, and every day of your present life time, was to assist in the awakening process.  Numerous other dear souls, who have yet to remember that they are divine beings, are relying on your presence and on the loving energy you express and share with all of humanity solely by being incarnate now.  If you have any doubts about your worthiness or your competence for this divine task, go within and ask me, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, or any of those in the spiritual realms from whom you regularly seek guidance, to help you dissolve those doubts which are utterly and completely invalid.

You, each and every human in form, is a divinely created child of God, perfect in every way, you have just momentarily forgotten this absolute Truth about your pure and sinless identity.  Every sentient life is divinely created to give joy to God, and not even one of them can fail to do so.  You are One with the One in a permanent and eternal Holy Relationship that can never be broken or damaged.  Delight in this knowing, trust this knowing, It is who you truly are!  God loves and accepts you completely and utterly in every moment of your unending existence, and deep within yourselves you can and will find the divinely placed certitude and assurance of this holy and undeniable Truth.  Just go within and allow Love, Mother/Father/God, Source, the All, that is also You, to embrace and enfold you in the loving arms of REALITY!  What a wonderful Epiphany for you as you enter the new year.

With so very much love, Saul.

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There is only the One.  You all know this, but, as humans living a life in form, most of you have forgotten it, and you have therefore lost your awareness of your divine nature at One with Source.  You believe that there is a Being of infinite Love and Wisdom, that there are spiritual realms beyond the physical, and you pray to and honor those in those vast realms whom you mostly believe are way more spiritually advanced than you are yourselves.  But how can this be?  You are all perfect divine beings created in infinite Love and Wisdom by Source and therefore you are ALL perfect, exactly as you were created.  This has never changed, it cannot change because what God creates is eternally perfect and utterly unchangeable.

Now is the moment to release ALL self-doubts and negative self-judgments, and to accept yourselves fully and completely just as does Source.  Your own lack of self-acceptance is the veil or cloak that is keeping your true nature hidden from you, removed from your field of conscious awareness.  Let it go in this now moment, as you read or listen to this loving message concerning your refusal to honor and love yourselves as fully and completely as does God.  This refusal to accept, honor, and love yourselves – and it is an individual and completely personal choice that you each have made – serves neither you nor Mother/Father/God.  It would dishonor Both if your dream was real, but it is not.  To dishonor or to insult is of the dream, is unreal/illusory, and is therefore impossible.  So relax into Love and begin to know yourselves as Source does – brilliant Beings eternally radiating the Light that is All.

Why are you on Earth now, as humans in these tumultuous times of chaos and confusion, if you are divine Beings radiating the infinite Light of Source?  Why are you not radiating that Love with infinite energy and power from the spiritual realms?  It is because, with infinite Love and Wisdom you all chose to incarnate and massively assist in humanity’s collective awakening process by just being your loving selves and sharing and extending the Love that you are to all with whom you interact – one or millions – in any manner at all.  By doing just that – and in truth doing just that is a miracle of unimaginable proportions – being yourselves, unmasked and fully open, you are bringing people to an awareness of what Love is, that It is All that exists.  To become aware of this, to know this, is to awaken.

You chose to incarnate now because of your intense love for humanity, even though you also knew that you would hide from yourselves, through the forgetfulness and unawareness that are major aspects of the dream that you were entering into, the knowledge of who you truly were.  You knew that it would cause you suffering, possibly unthinkable suffering, and yet you incarnated!  That is Love, that is Who You are!  Therefore, accept and honor yourselves.  To do so is your duty and your human purpose, because, by doing so, you accept and honor all others, showing them who they really are and mightily nudging them into awareness.  What you incarnated to do can be done by no one else, and your presence on Earth at this moment in the collective awakening process is absolutely essential.

Yes, you all have doubts about your worthiness, your holiness, and your brilliant radiance because your egos almost continuously draw to your attention your human failings.  A major aspect of the unreal environment of form is to place within you a sense of inadequacy and insignificance in comparison to the seeming vastness of the Universe in which you are living.  They do this because their purpose is to mislead and confuse you by keeping you in fear, thus maintaining or even strengthening their hold on you by confirming for you, through your doubts and negative self-judgments, the reality of this unreality in which your lives appears to be temporary, short-lived, and in constant danger of being terminated.  And of course they are short-lived because you will awaken very soon to the joy of Reality.  And your egos fear that intensely.

This is why you need to make time daily to go within, deep within and beyond the unreal realm of your egos, to your holy inner sanctuaries, where Love resides permanently, waiting for you to invite It into your hearts to embrace, comfort, and reassure you of your true and unchangeable nature at One with Source.  Receiving this most loving reassurance gives you the strength you need as physical beings to accept, share, and extend the Love that you are to all with whom you interact, without being confused and disoriented by your egos’ attempts to undermine your knowing of who you truly are.

With so very much love, Saul.

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You were created free, free beings whose true and only nature is Love.  That has never changed, and never can change, because what is created is perfect and eternal.  That does not appear to be so for the vast majority of humans, because the dream or unreal environment you constructed collectively in which to experience separation is, by its very nature, imperfect and decays over time.  Time is simply an unreal characteristic of the physical environment in which you live your human lives, causing you fear of the seemingly final point – termination and death.

You are not physical beings, you are spiritual beings having a very temporary exposure to limitation, and the feeling of not being free.  You sense that love is not within you and needs to be given to you by another.  But because your true nature is love, to sense or believe that it is outside you, making you dependent on others to give it or withhold it from you is terrifying, and that is why you spend so much of your lives seeking it.  You need Love, and you are Love – without It you would not exist.  Love is the life force that flows through you in every moment of your eternal existence, but, as limited beings in human in form, you are mostly, because of the apparent reality of your very unreal human nature, unaware of this unchanging and eternal Truth.  You may believe it, but you do not feel it, so you have doubts.

To awaken is to return to knowing yourselves as perfect divine beings created in Love from Love, and therefore to know and experience yourselves eternally at peace and living in joy at One with Mother/Father/God.  To awaken – to find Love – is your one true desire as humans.  But because of the nature of the unreality of life in form separated from Source – often tending towards egotistical narcissism – you feel alone, lost, and abandoned, and so you experience an intense and ongoing need to be seen, heard, fully accepted, and loved by others, others who are undergoing that very same sense of being alone, lost, and abandoned.

All the wise ones throughout the ages have advised and encouraged you to go within, to your holy inner sanctuaries, and allow the deep inner knowing of your true nature that resides there permanently to arise into your conscious awareness.  Very few manage to do this for more than a few moments before their egos flood them with distractions.  This happens because your egos do not want you to find that deep inner peace.  If you can find and maintain that peace, then you no longer have any need of your egos, and therefore your egos will fight you desperately to remove or destroy any sense of peace that may arise within you.  It is a case of Peace/Love or your egos!  There is no room for both, and your egos know that if you find that inner space where Love resides, you will remain there shutting them out.  Therefore do it and find within yourselves the Love and Peace that is your True nature.

As I said above, and as so many wise ones have told you repeatedly, your nature – the Life force within you – is Love, and nothing else,so offer It freely to all.  It/You is utterly accepting of all, and there are no exceptions to this, this is your human purpose.  However, when you look out on the world around you, you do see deceit, corruption, the maltreatment of others, and it is extremely difficult for you not to judge very negatively what you see and those apparently causing it, thus damming or obstructing the natural flow of Love through you and out to all of humanity.  It is essential, therefore, that you release your attachment to judgment.  It will arise within you, so be mindful, be aware that it arises as a reflection of your own unacknowledged but hidden negative self-judgments, then forgive yourselves for whatever you feel or believe is unworthy or unacceptable in yourselves – it is all unreal – thus allowing Love to flow through you and mightily assist in humanity’s awakening.

You are here on Earth as humans right now in order to participate and assist magnificently in the collective awakening process, and, of course, you are, each human presently in form, an individual and, at the same time, an inseparable part of the collective because there is no such state as separation.  For you to awaken, all must awaken, and you were fully aware of that when you so lovingly chose to be incarnate at this moment, completely and enthusiastically participating in bringing this miraculous event to its inevitable and most beautiful consummation.

Go within daily and remind yourselves of the divine task that you set yourselves before this incarnation, and then renew your intent to bring it to fulfillment, and rejoice in the knowing that that is what is happening, NOW!

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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Humanity is awakening!  There are signs of this all across the world as awareness grows that the old ways in which people have become accustomed to interacting with each other are now totally inadequate in the modern world of high technology.  Technology can be used for healing and evolution, or for destruction.  It has, for far too long, been mainly used for the destruction of enemies, whether of a personal, local, national or international nature, and with disastrous consequences.  The realization is finally dawning on masses of people that giving your power away to those who enjoy and seek authority over others nearly always leads to conflicts that cause great suffering for many, conflicts in which the vast majority most certainly do not wish to take part.  Consequently the motivation for enormous change in the ways that individuals, through to nations, deal and interact with one another has become very strong, and worldwide many people are now engaging in discussion groups to create ways in which to achieve this outcome.

Be of good cheer because a massive release of “STUFF” is happening now!  It is an absolutely essential aspect of your awakening process, because as you each allow this release to occur, both individually and collectively, you are clearing and opening your hearts to Love, and to knowing yourselves as divine beings who are awakening from an insane dream.The dream has been ongoing for far too long, and your dissatisfaction with it has reached the point where you are no longer willing to engage with it, either individually or collectively.

Yes, some of you have had moments – even lifetimes – of happiness as humans, but mostly it has been a nightmare rather than an enjoyable dream.  To experience true separation from God would terminate your existence permanently, but this could never happen because it would mean that God would also cease to exist, had in fact never existed, a total impossibility!  Nevertheless, as humans you have apparently been separated, and apart from the terror of believing yourselves separated from your ever-loving Source, imagining it, which is what the dream is all about, has caused you all immense suffering.

An enormous amount of that ancient suffering is arising now as karmic ‘stuff,’ seemingly very real and painful but in truth totally unreal, for you to release collectively so that you can once again know yourselves as the divine beings that you always are in every moment of your eternal existence . . . right NOW! It is arising for people as feelings of intense, but non-specific, fear, anger, anxiety, resentment, depression, unworthiness, unlovableness, and causing them extreme discomfort and suffering, which can lead to them behaving in ways that are either self-destructive, or very damaging to others.  Have enormous compassion for those who are undergoing these very traumatic and painful experiences, because they are mightily assisting in the collective awakening process by those very behaviors – even if it appears to you that their behavior is utterly intolerable.  Only people who are in great pain – emotional, physical, or psychological – attack others, it is an egotistical reaction to the world around them, the world that is treating them so unfairly and causing them to suffer that intense pain.  It seems totally real to them, despite its unreality, because they identify completely with their physical bodies which, because of their physical nature, can suffer inordinately.

Always make a point of remembering that the real You is Love, and so is everyone else.  When you do that you can truly feel love for those anguished ones, allowing it to flow through you freely and abundantly as you engage with the task for which you incarnated, enormously assisting in the collective awakening process as it nears completion, by being and showing your true selves – Love – to all with whom you engage.  The Love that is You, and which you allow and enthusiastically encourage to flow through you is a very powerful healing energy that comforts and embraces not only those with whom you interact in any manner at all, but also, of course, you yourselves.

You incarnated to do this, and this is the now moment of allowing and awakening that you are on Earth to participate in extremely effectively.  No one can replace you!  Only you can do what you took on human form to do, and it is essential that you participate fully and enthusiastically by engaging joyfully with life, that God-given gift that is the eternal joy-filled You.

You are Love, and, as you know, there is nothing else.  You incarnated to show others that the same is true for them.  Do not concern yourselves with thoughts about how to change the world or about what is occurring upon it, that is just egotistical distraction from your real task – Being!  You are the perfect divine creations of your infinitely loving Father, so just being is a far more effective way to assist others to awaken than you can possibly conceive of as humans in form.

Trust your inner guidance, your intuition, listen for it and to it as you spend quiet time alone each day marveling at the miracle that is your life.  Life is the miracle that you have all been seeking, but you have allowed your egos to distract you from living it as you believe the stories they tell you of your unworthiness and inadequacy as they compare you very negatively to others who seem to be far more valuable beings than you could ever be.

You are Love, and you are on Earth at this point in time to be who you are.  It is a very simple mission that you chose, with divine guidance, to undertake because, just like God, you are Love, and your only desire is to assist all to awaken into Reality, your eternal Home.  However, once you found yourselves in form, the task you had chosen to undertake no longer seemed simple, in fact at times you have been overwhelmed by the seeming enormity of what you had agreed to undertake.  I just want to remind you that your support team in the spiritual realms is constantly watching over you, ready to assist you instantly when you call on them.  They cannot assist you unless you call on them – free will – but as soon as you call they are instantly there with you.  Do not use your human mental abilities to resolve complex relational issues rationally, because that is just your ego trying to prove you right and others wrong, and it never works.  Ask your team: “What would Love do?”  And then wait quietly listening for their guidance.  It may take a few days, or even longer, so be patient.  You will resolve any issues perfectly with their help and guidance, or they will just miraculously dissolve.  Miracles are always available, let go of expectations, and just allow them to manifest, and they will.  Sometimes you will not realize that one has occurred until some time has passed, and then amazement and joy will fill your hearts.

So, be yourselves, allow miracles to happen, and then rejoice!

With so very much love, Saul.

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The Council of Love

The Council of Love,

Virtual Global Gathering,

November 20 – 21 2021.

Beyond the Horizon.

20 Fabulous Teachers will present 14 Different Workshop Sessions.

Dear Friends,

I am sure many of you know of The Council of Love. Linda Dillon has been its earthly representative for more than twenty five years and has over the last few years been teaching and training a group of twenty beautiful souls who have now qualified as Council of Love Teachers.

One of those twenty teachers is my beloved partner and very dear friend Genoveva, and she will be one of those presenting a great on-line Workshop, the above named event, and I felt that many of you might like to attend to be spiritually inspired and uplifted by by this Virtual Global Gathering. Therefore I am bringing it to your attention, and for further details please check out the link below.

Blessings to you, John.


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Here in the spiritual realms we are enthusiastically cheering you on as you race forward toward the moment of your collective awakening.  You have been told for a number of years now, even a couple of decades, that you are very, very close to your awakening, and that is and always has been the case.  However, the time aspect of the illusory or dreamlike environment in which you find yourselves, as humans in form, is extremely unstable, and it appears to move forward very slowly when you are waiting expectantly for something wonderful to occur, or when you are suffering, thus intensifying the seeming reality of the unreal environment in which appear to be living.

You are not your bodies, as you well know, and the conscious awareness that is the real you is now and always at One with Source, fully awake in perfect peace and joy.  Nevertheless, having chosen to incarnate and be present in form at this point in the collective human awakening process to greatly and powerfully assist in bringing it to fruition, you are experiencing the unreal as real through your five senses, and it is very beguiling and distracting for you, as it can bring up strong and unsettling doubts such as “is this human experience perhaps the only reality after all, terminating finally in death?”  Everyone experiences doubts, because it is the ego’s playground, and it loves it, whether engaging with it as a suffering victim or as a self righteous braggart and self-seeker.

Your egos know only the illusion, the unreal, and because it seems to be a once and only experience they want to prolong it as long as possible.  Once you become aware and accept the truth that you are not your bodies, the ego’s life is almost over.  It relies on fear to motivate you into accepting and following its guidance, and so when you move into peace and full self-acceptance, as many of you are now doing, it feels mightily threatened and intensifies its efforts to arouse fears and doubts in you individually and collectively, hence the noisy distractions of the MSM as they point to “others” who threaten your safety, even your existence.  This is happening on a large scale at present as the collective karmic ‘stuff,’ that is coming up for acknowledgment, thanks, and release, seems to be increasing humanity’s suffering all across the world.  And, yes, this ‘stuff’ does appear to be increasing and magnifying humanity’s suffering all across the world, in all cultures, creeds, nations, and political and business organizations.  Competition is increasing as egotistical would-be leaders shout out their beliefs and dogmas ever more vociferously on the multitude of media channels to any who will listen, but it is competition that can only fail.  Instead of uniting groups against groups, cultures against cultures, and religious or political persuasions against other similar organizations, it is demonstrating to the people who have supported them for so long the deep levels of corruption and lack of honesty or integrity within the upper levels of nearly all of those hierarchical groups or organizations.

People are waking up!

They are no longer allowing themselves to be persuaded to divide and form opposing groups seeking conflict with those who disagree with them.  People are instead coming together, pretty well everywhere on the planet, to discuss and expose the long and still ongoing series of fables and falsehoods –‘News Stories’ – that those who control the media have been publishing in newspapers, magazines, and on broadcast and social media channels in order to persuade people everywhere that authoritarian rules imposed by governments, governmental agencies, and very large international business organizations are for the general good of humanity and are necessary for people’s safety and survival.

You are all, without exception, very powerful beings who, if you will go within and listen to your holy God-given inner guidance – from God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus, and many others in the spiritual realms on whom you call, and who are always and most patiently waiting for your call – and trust it you will find inner peace, instead of giving away your power and trust to your own seriously misguided and ill-informed egos or to the egos of others.  You all have within you personal and individual access to the spiritual realms, and you will never be led astray or misinformed by those loving beings who are with you in every moment to support you and help you to let go of your doubts.  They will hep you to see through the ingrained and invalid beliefs imposed upon you by others in your infancy and childhood, that may well have served a useful purpose then, but that no longer serve you now.

Those individual beliefs are deeply ingrained as a result of experiences in infancy and childhood, and they need to be reexamined with guidance from those on your spiritual support teams, then they – like a belief in Father Christmas or tooth fairies which you discarded long ago, along with others which are clearly not true – need to be discarded, let go of so that you can open your minds to Love, the only Truth,in whatever way It shows Itself to you.

Love is One, is unchanging, but can be experienced in numerous ways in your human lives – offered to you by loved ones, offered by you to loved ones, offered to others when you see and hear them, and when you are amazed by the beauty of natural scenery or a sunset – when you choose to open yourselves to It.  Opening yourselves to Love is the main task that you set yourselves to fulfill before you incarnated, and it is why you spend so much of your lives looking for It.  And, of course, It is with you constantly, It is the energy field that enlivens your bodies, and if you will open yourselves to It and invite It to embrace you, It will do so immediately, and you will feel Its Presence.

The choice to be human was the choice to experience separation from Love, Source, Mother/Father/God.  But actual separation is impossible, because there is only the One within which all are eternally present.  However, you do have free will, and that is always honored, thus your choice to experience the unreal state of separation is honored until you choose to end it.  As One you make choices with infinite Wisdom that do not change, but as humans in form you are constantly making and changing your individual choices dependent on your feelings and mood swings, which is why it is so hard for you to permanently discard beliefs that no longer serve you.  To be successful in doing so you need to keep resetting the intent to do so, and then keep practicing that until you no longer engage in life with those invalid beliefs.

To experience the warm and uplifting embrace of Love you have to invite It in and you have to release anything within you that is not in alignment with It – fear, anger, resentment, judgment, etc. – because Love is always unconditional and without judgment of any kind, It never discriminatesbecause that would be utterly contrary to Its eternal and unchanging nature.  While you hold within yourselves anything other than Love that is what you will experience.  You cannot love one person while judging or hating another because attempting to do that is to discriminate, so what you experience as love of someone under those conditions is really a very limited sense of affection that excludes the other, and that may well change as your life circumstances change.

Therefore it is essential for your awakening that you go within at least once daily to set and practice the intent to be only loving whatever arises, and, as situations or issues arise during the day, reset your intent, especially if someone says or does something that arouses within you feelings of anger, resentment, unfairness, or any other sense of upset.  By doing this you come to an awareness that you do in fact choose what feelings you wish to experience, and that consequently you can change your choices and choose to feel peace instead of fear or anger.  It truly is within your power to do so because you are extremely powerful beings.

BE the Peace you wish to see in the world!

With so very much love, Saul.

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As humanity waits expectantly for the collective awakening to happen – for each individual in their daily lives – be aware that it is happening right NOW!  Look around you, observe the large numbers of people behaving far more peacefully and lovingly than you are accustomed to seeing.  This is happening because all of you keep setting and maintaining the intent to be only loving whatever arises in your own daily lives.  Each of you are personally, individually, and collectively delivering the awakening to all of humanity, even though you are probably not receiving any positive personal feedback to allay your continuing doubts, about whether humanity really is in the process of awakening – doubts that are constantly being activated or intensified by your ceaseless and growing awareness of the enormous amount of suffering that so many are undergoing worldwide, and that is constantly being reported on the MSM.

The old ways are finished, the suffering that you cannot help but be aware of is coming to an end because all the old karmic ‘stuff,’ that has been arising for some considerable time, has nearly all been acknowledged, thanked, and released.  Your natural and eternal state of being – LOVE – is embracing you and flowing far more freely through you now than at any time in humanity’s long history of earthly existence.  The knowing of your Oneness, in which all sentient life is contained and embraced, is breaking into the awareness of increasing numbers of people worldwide every day as they come to realize and understand that all are inseparably and eternally connected to each other. It is truly a mind-blowing realization!  It is a new awareness of the truth that everything anyone thinks, says, or does affects all sentient life; and all life is sentient.  There is only energy – God, Source, Love, All, One – and when it is experienced as physicality know that even rocks or dust are not devoid of energy, nothing is dead, there is no dead matter.  Remember, the game in which you are engaged – dream or nightmare if you prefer – is unreal, despite its seeming reality while you are experiencing life in form, experiencing life apparently separated from Source.

The experience of life separated from Source is but a momentary adventure or ordeal, even though it appears to have been ongoing for eons, with time as an essential aspect of this unreal state of existence.  When you awaken, as you inevitably will when you make your free will choice to do so, it will be as though separation – physicality – had never existed, and, of course, it has not.  That is something that is very difficult for you to grasp because, by choosing to experience separation, you chose to be unaware of your true nature at One with and eternally in the Presence of the One.  The joy that you will experience when you awaken is totally beyond the ability of words or language to describe, or of your imaginations to conceive, because to be awake is to be at One, Complete, knowing yourselves as you truly are – Love, One with Mother/Father/God, always – and without even the tiniest possibility of a moment of unawareness of this, because there is absolutely nothing else.

Therefore, relax, because all is eternally well, and because it is God’s Will for you to do so, to be eternally in a state of absolute peace, undistracted from the knowing awareness of your Union with Source.  Your unawareness of God’s Will is a major aspect of the dream of separation with which you each chose to engage, and you are awakening from it.  The signs of this massive collective awakening can be seen everywhere if you will but let go of your doubts, of the distractions with which your egos are almost constantly presenting you.  Your egos are the wellsprings through which your fears and doubts arise, and the vast majority of them are “what if” scenarios that never occur.  So do not focus your attention on them, just let them go, knowing, as you do if you will allow yourselves to be mindful of your thoughts arising, that they are just distractions that are totally unworthy of your attention, just like the constant stream of advertisements with which the MSM is constantly interrupting any programs you may be watching or listening to on the media.

To be maintaining the dream of unreality in your awareness as essential for your safety and survival, as most of humanity has been doing for eons, is what keeps you from awakening.  It is a little bit like choosing to sit and watch all the episodes of a television series one after the other, without a break.  You become totally involved with and part of the unfolding drama.  When it finally comes to completion you find yourselves totally drained, exhausted, and wondering why on earth you allowed yourselves to spend all that time in a state of mindless distraction, and you may find yourselves experiencing a sense of guilt and shame for wasting so much time.

I can assure you that when you awaken from the illusion there will be absolutely no sense of guilt, shame, or of wasted time, because, as you have so often been informed, there is no guilt, no shame, and no time!  There is only NOW, REALITY, a state of eternal joy in which you are constantly present and mindful of your eternal Oneness with Source.  You will feel complete, whole, fulfilled, perfect, because that is Who You are, and there will be no doubts or uncertainties to distract You from full awareness of this wondrous and brilliant state of being, because It is All that Is.

With so very much love, Saul.

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