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Saul audio blog for Saturday October 17th

Humanity’s awakening process is advancing rapidly now, as each day increasing numbers of the population worldwide become aware of the essential need now for major changes in the manner in which people think of each other – friend, untrustworthy other, or foe – and understand that all, without any exception are, like themselves, the beloved children of God.  Realizing that, and knowing it, they are then able to let go of judgment, dislike, and dismissal of others as different and wrong, and instead listen to them and discuss with them issues that need to be resolved.  There are many issues that humanity can most successfully resolve if they choose to listen to and hear the opinions and beliefs of others in order to engage in meaningful discussion.  Remember, you have limitless loving assistance and guidance available to you from your support teams in the spiritual realms if you will call on them and allow yourselves to hear them – your intuition – without believing the instant egoic disparaging thought arising: “That will never work!”

All are in Relationship with the One.  There is only relationship because all are One.  The experience of separation that you undergo as humans in form is unreal, although you experience it as very real, and that was the intent with which it was designed.  When you feel that you are a separate and tiny individual being in a vast universe filled with uncountable numbers of ‘others,’ that are not you, it causes you to feel fearful, alone, unsafe, threatened by the vastness of which you appear to be such a small and insignificant speck or particle.  And yet, in truth, you are that vastness, because you are in relationship with it.  It and you are One.

At present, as your awakening approaches and as so much is moving from the unseen – the unconscious part of the collective mind in form – into your individual conscious minds that is extremely unsettling if not, in some cases, terrifying, it is not surprising that many are feeling the extremes of uncertainty and confusion.  Over many incarnations, due to the nature of the game of separation in which humanity is engaged, much negative karma has been built up by the human collective over the eons which is now arising into each soul’s individual awareness for forgiveness and release.   It may well seem totally alien to the person experiencing it because, not being from the individual’s present life time, it is unrecognizable.

You all chose to incarnate at this moment in the awakening process to assist one another with this mighty task.  You all knew that it would be difficult and painful, but you also knew that you would be totally supported by God and by your spiritual support teams, and that your success was inevitable.  Nothing has changed!  However, because of the amnesia involved in taking on human form, that knowing, that certainty is hidden from you, and at times the lives you are leading and the suffering that you are undergoing seems unfair, unwarranted, very real, and something that a loving god would never allow to occur.  You need to keep on reminding yourselves of the unreality of the game of separation from God, in which you are engaged, and in which all are playing their parts precisely as planned to bring about your awakening, even though, when you observe the divisive and chaotic situations in so many areas of the world, it is frequently difficult for you to remain convinced that your collective awakening is imminent.

Although it is good to be aware of the pain and suffering that so many are experiencing, so that you can keep sending them love and healing – a very powerful and effective thought form – do not allow yourselves to be constantly distracted by the angry content and reports of intense suffering on which the mainstream and social media channels focus so much attention.  When you do, as you must have noticed, your energy fields weaken leading to depression and a sense of helplessness, even hopelessness.

You are very powerful beings!  And you are precisely where you are meant to be to assist most effectively and lovingly in humanity’s awakening process.  When you focus on what is not loving in the world you are permitting your egos to distract you from the work you incarnated to do.  That ‘work’ is to be loving whatever arises, letting go of judgment and condemnation of others who are behaving in unconscionable ways, and sending Love to all to help them to become aware and awaken to their true nature which is identical to your own . . . It is Love!

Go within at least once daily, and preferably much more frequently – it need only be for a few moments as you set the intent to be only loving – because when you do the loving energy that is flowing through you, and out to all of humanity (you really do affect All of humanity), intensifies enormously, raising your frequency and also the frequency of countless others of whom you are unaware.  That is the ‘work’ you incarnated to do, and when you remind yourselves of this you realize that it is not really work at all, it is, instead, a most enjoyable occupation that fills you with peace and contentment, because you are doing the divine Will, and you know it.

With so very much love, Saul.

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Saul Audio Blog for Friday October 9th

As new information concerning corruption in high places is released into the public domain on a daily basis, people are opening much more readily to the idea that they have been basically asleep and dreaming and that the “shadow side” of the human collective has for eons been working hard to set people against each other by intensifying their sense of the differences between themselves and others, and by persuading them that these differences are bad and can harm them.  Many of you, with numbers increasing daily, are realizing that this divisive way of thinking needs to change, and are becoming aware of the enormous creative possibilities available to you if you will listen carefully and lovingly to one another without preconceived ideas or negative judgments.  An integration of your light and shadow sides needs to occur, individually and within nations, and you are beginning to see this and, by setting the intent to be only loving whatever arises, you are making this happen.  This is a perfect reason to Celebrate!

You may well believe that celebrating in these confusing and very unsettling times is totally inappropriate, but I would like to remind you that by celebrating you strengthen your life force and your energy field, and you intensify the flow of Love into and through your hearts, enabling you to engage far more easily with the joy and peace within yourselves – always present, but often ignored or avoided as you focus your attention, and your resultant anxiety, on the distractions of the news cycle and social media.  With so much attention being focused by so many on the negative “What if possibilities?” that the current news cycles encourage, the general level of your energy fields is weakened, leading to fear, anger, depression, and ill health.  To celebrate is essential because it uplifts and inspires all who participate, and doing so helps you to find your way through the maze of confusion that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused.

You are all the beloved children of God – whom He wills to live in peace and joy – presently immersed in a dream or nightmare from which you need to awaken.  You are awakening, and in this moment many are experiencing that unsettling and frequently disturbing state that often occurs in the moments before awakening, in which you appear to be in a strange and unwelcoming place from which there seems to be no exit.  In fact this state is the exit, it is the moment prior to awakening into Reality.  While you are experiencing it it can seem interminable, and then, like morning mist, it will dissipate allowing the sun (LOVE!) to shine through.

You are not lost and abandoned waifs in a strange land, you are the divine children of God having a dream from which you cannot avoid awakening.  Most of the time the dream – or nightmare – can and does seduce you into believing it is real.  It is not!  Reality, where you have your eternal existence, is a state in which you experience infinite peace and joy in every moment – NOW – the only moment, the eternal moment in which all existence occurs continuously and without interruption.

Therefore, Celebrate!  Go within daily, to that holy inner sanctuary that is present within each of you, and allow Love, your true nature, which is always present within you, to embrace you.  It only waits for your permission, and your permission just means to surrender any and all negative self judgment about your value, self-worth, or any belief that you are an undeserving sinner, and any other sense that might convince you of your unworthiness to be in the Presence of God.

You are always in God’s Presence, because there is nowhere else! Just acknowledge that divine truth and joyfully accept the divine embrace, instead of fearfully warding It off as you attempt to convince yourself of your unworthiness.  How could any creation of God be unworthy of His Love?  That is an impossible condition, so CELEBRATE in the divine assurance that you are fully worthy of every gift He would bestow upon you.

The many of you who are parents know that you could never withhold love from your children, so it is insane to even imagine God withholding His Love from you. Open to His Love and allow yourselves to awaken!

With so very much love, Saul.

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I am not into politics, BUT I do try to keep properly informed.

Both Jesus and Saul, and many other from the non-physical realms, keep on assuring us that humanity IS awakening.

Below is an email with an important link that I have sent to relatives and friends because, IMHO, it shows very clearly that this is true. It’s shocking (if you have not been paying attention or dismiss “Conspiracy Theorists” as insane) but, at the same time inspiring.

Blessings, John.

This is an absolutely BRILLIANT conversation between Sacha Stone, Ted Kuntz, and Rocco Galati,  that is not only relevant to Canadians, and to which we all NEED to LISTEN, NOW, so PLEASE DO!



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This morning (Tuesday 9/15/20) I (John) was looking through some notes I had made for myself, and came across this one from April 2016, and with so much uncertainty and anger arising in so many areas of the worlds it really caught my attention. I then thought that some of you might also find it of interest, so here it is with blessings and love, 😊💖, John.


The essential need to honor oneself.

As I was meditating this morning the thought “honor yourself” flowed into my mind. And I suddenly realized (finally!) that that is the only rule we need to observe!

If I do not honor myself how can I possibly honor anyone else? The vast majority of humans, regardless of race, color, or creed, were, as children, told and shown that they were not good enough. It was (is?) believed that they had to be taught to behave well and honor others, BUT they themselves were not so honored! After all, they were only children!

We are all teachers, as ACIM makes very clear, and we teach what we believe even if we are unaware of it. So, as children, many of us are dishonored, unacknowledged, discounted, and that is what we learnt and then teach, purely by how we conduct ourselves, how we live our lives for all to see.

Our upbringing makes us feel inadequate at best, and at worst worthless! Our “elders and betters” think this is good for us because it was how they were brought up – children need to be disciplined – and that it is the correct way, otherwise they will become uncontrollable! Then in our teens, sometimes much earlier, we rebel against this unfair and unjust treatment, and are again harshly judged by those “elders and betters!” And we do become uncontrollable.

So, as teenagers and young adults, as we throw off the shaming and blaming we experienced growing up, we construct fronts or masks – of confidence, strength, intellectual ability, whatever – behind which we hide in almost constant fear of being discovered, of being seen as who we truly are. But of course who we truly are – divine beings, the beloved children of God – has also been hidden.

I think to awaken is to become aware that who we are is all that we can ever be – we can’t be anyone else however much we may admire someone else, or the mask behind which that someone else is also hiding – and we need help from those a little further along the path of spiritual growth (we are all without exception, even if we don’t see or acknowledge it, on a spiritual path) to see the person that we truly are. Just who we are, is always perfectly OK – “I’m OK, You’re OK” – because we are far, far more than we can possibly imagine, in fact we are all perfect divine beings who have temporarily forgotten that truth.

Once a person realizes this and starts the essential process of total self-acceptance they do begin to honor themselves, and when that happens it becomes impossible not to honor all others, even though one may not like them or agree with them.

In other words, until we learn to honor ourselves we cannot honor others – although we can pretend to – and once we do start honoring ourselves we cannot not honor others.

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  Saul Audio Blog for Monday August 31st


As your moment of awakening draws ever closer, there is a palpable air of excitement worldwide, in spite of all the “bad” news that the mainstream media is focusing on so constantly and vociferously.  Truly, there is much pain and suffering as age-old hatreds and resentments rise into people’s consciousness to be acknowledged, forgiven, and released.  Awareness of the insanity of many of the old patterns of human behavior – one on one, in families, in social, political and religious organizations, and between nations and groups of nations – is spreading, and people are making it clear that change of enormous magnitude and on a global scale is essential NOW!

It is becoming apparent to all that for peace and harmony to prevail the oneness and interconnectedness of all to all must be honored in harmonious loving acceptance of one another, regardless of any and all apparent differences that you observe between each other.  Humanity is a vast family, with many diverse interests and creative abilities, and it is now time to recognize this and honor all your brothers and sisters, instead of dividing yourselves into opposing groups that judge and condemn the appearances, beliefs, and creative endeavors, etc., of other groups.  You have been aware for a very long time that that does not work, nevertheless, the immature and egoic need to be right, to which so many cling, has made it practically impossible for you to truly honor even one other because of your own lack of self acceptance.

That sense of non acceptability is the result of trauma of varying intensity inflicted or imposed upon you during infancy and childhood.  None among you grew to adulthood unscathed by the trauma of childhood unacceptability, trauma so painful that you had to disown it or bury it deep within you – out of sight, out of mind – to enable you to face and engage with others, even though there still remained within your conscious awareness a sense of not being good enough.  What you had buried so deeply within yourselves as totally unacceptable was constantly being reflected back to you by others who were similarly traumatized, whom you then judged and condemned, just as you had been judged and condemned as little ones.  Growing from human infancy to mature adulthood is not easy, and many were so traumatized that they have never succeeded in maturing emotionally or psychologically.  Many of those then used their physical or intellectual capabilities to defend themselves against what seemed to be an an almost constant and aggressive onslaught from others, and often sought positions of power and authority over others in order to find some kind of personal self-acceptance, which has frequently brought disastrous consequences raining down on humanity.

What you have come to accept as normal behavior is behavior that has been conditioned by your childhood experiences of trauma, now mostly concealed below the level of your conscious minds, and is basically a defensive mode of existence in which you are on the alert for any sign of confrontation arising which might threaten you emotionally, psychologically, intellectually, or physically.  To live in such a state of alertness is, of course, very stressful and energetically draining.  But, because it has for so long been the apparently essential way of life, it has become normal for most humans, and so stress is expected and dealt with on a daily basis unless it becomes totally debilitating, in which case many who experience that state seek medical assistance.

It is not the way you would choose to live, which is why you so often watch infants, before they have become too traumatized, playing and engaging with life in delightful spontaneity and wonder why you cannot find the same joy in life, even if only momentarily.  It is this wondering that has, over the last few decades, encouraged people to look for more rewarding and enjoyable ways to live, and has therefore brought into their awareness the insanity of modern express-paced living in which there is no time to just be.  And even when people do realize this, and try to relax for a short period of time doing nothing, or engaging in meditation or contemplation, the almost constant and insistent urge to do something – anything! – sends them rushing to find some kind of distraction.  And there are countless opportunities for distraction available in your modern lives, that often appear to you to require your instant attention, but which obviously do not, except in your intensely felt need for some distraction, Please!

Now, as is clearly apparent, people are ready for change, are demanding change, and those in positions of authority, who are generally rather egotistically driven, either cannot see this, refuse to see it, or are so driven by their desire to maintain their sense of power, that they try to retain their hold on it by passing new and unacceptable rules and regulations to maintain the status quo – authoritarian control – and demanding that the police and other “security” forces then impose them.  This approach always seemed to work in the past.

But, the Past is Over!  Change, inevitable and absolutely essential change is occurring, and will continue to occur until the old order just disintegrates due to a complete lack of popular support.  A new environment, in which peace, love, acceptance, understanding, and cooperation unite all, is being established, and signs of this are becoming visible in many places.  People everywhere are reclaiming their individual sovereignty, the sovereignty with which they were created, for and in eternal joy, to live in freedom, being what their loving and amazingly sensitive hearts guide them to be – Themselves – unhindered by even the slightest feelings of guilt, shame or unacceptability, because such feelings or negative self-judgments are, and always have been, utterly invalid!

You are all divine beings having a temporary experience in form as humans.  As humans your task was to evolve spiritually, and you have been doing this for eons, and the fruits of this evolutionary progress are beginning to ripen beautifully as they start to become a most magnificent harvest for all to enjoy.  Therefore, prepare to CELEBRATE.

With so very much love, Saul.

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Hi Y’all,

In yesterday’s message Saul again referred to “enormous changes” occurring worldwide, well below is the link to a Google Whistleblower being interviewed by Del Bigtree on his channel TheHighwire which is an amazing indication of this.




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  Saul Audio Blog for Tuesday August 25th

Dear John, you will be pleased to hear me confirm for you once again that the Divine Plan is unfolding precisely as God wills.  It could not unfold in any other way.  Do not let the vociferous noise of the mainstream media and the social meeting channels drown out your inner knowing that all is well.  To doubt is a necessary aspect of being human, its purpose being to encourage you to go within and listen to your inner guidance, your intuition, and make sure that you respond with love to whatever is causing you to doubt.  By doing that you can come to a place of peace from which you can view whatever is causing your doubt with wisdom and without expectation.  Doubt often arises when you have a choice to make, and your doubt addresses the difficulty inherent in the choice before you, for instance: “Are we really awakening, or am I using my hope that we are to silence my fears that maybe we are not?”

I know many of you are facing doubts of this nature, and I want to assure you that they truly are completely unwarranted.  By going within, to your holy inner sanctuary, and then asking for guidance from someone on your spiritual support team, although you may well not “hear” a response, if you sit quietly without expectation – and that can indeed be very difficult for some of you – you will find an inner place where the doubt that is causing you some anxiety eases.  Then you will feel able to live with it in the knowing that, even though what you see happening in the outside world would have you believe otherwise, humanity’s awakening is occurring as divinely promised and intended.

Many are presently experiencing intense emotional turmoil as the worldwide uncertainty that has arisen as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic makes it very difficult for people to make any meaningful plans even for tomorrow, let alone beyond that, becausethe rules and the available data keep changing as new information is released into the public realm on a daily basis.  Confusion appears to be endemic as various “authority figures” offer conflicting advice, guidance, and instructions to follow, which other “authority figures” tell you to disregard and dismiss.  So what are you to think?  Well, it is quite apparent that the “authorities” are themselves extremely confused, and this is because their “secure” communications systems are in disarray, and they are receiving conflicting instructions from those who rule and direct them.  The old order of direct, command, and control has broken down irreparably.  Now, a new and far less centralized system, that honors people and not rules, is arising to replace it, and signs of this are becoming visible in many places as groups of people start to establish a multitude of on-line communities to share information, ideas, and resources as part of the grand awakening.

Enormous changes are occurring because so many people everywhere are claiming their divine sovereignty and are engaging lovingly with life from their heart centers.  When you do that life becomes far more meaningful and enjoyable.  Everyone is called to serve in some form, and when you enter life from your heart centers, instead of from your ego-directed minds, you will find yourself drawn to assist the collective awakening process in ways that are totally appropriate for you, instead of seeing what others are doing and feeling that you should emulate them.  You each have your own individual path that may well involve cooperation with a few others or many others, or it may lead you to do something on your own that only you can do.  Whatever you find yourself intuitively drawn to is the right direction for you, even if others may try to persuade you otherwise, so learn to trust yourself.  Sometimes it can be helpful to recall instances when you did not follow your intuition but allowed others to persuade you to do something different, and you then regretted it, realizing that your intuition had been right.

During your daily self-time, when you relax quietly, undisturbed by others or by your phone and social media, and as you reset your intent to be only loving whatever may arise, also ask for help to differentiate between your ego’s intent and your divine intent.  The ego’s intents or desires are often grounded in fear or anxiety, whereas your divine intent will be peaceful and loving, even as your ego attempts to persuade you that this is not the case.

All presently incarnate in human form are on Earth to assist in the collective awakening, and that of course includes self-awakening!  Self-awakening may occur quite spontaneously and gently during quiet time alone, being out in nature, listening to someone who needs to talk to you about their confusion or anxieties, or in a sudden moment of clarity as you deliberate with yourself about an action you think you need to take or about a relationship that is causing you concern.  The thing is to be open at all times for an unexpected insight, for instance something with which an unwanted distraction presents you.  In other words make a point of returning to mindfulness whenever the thought occurs to you that you are not in a state of mindfulness, or when you become aware that your mind is wandering.  As you are well aware your minds often wander, particularly when you are doing something that is normally very undemanding such as driving to work or doing the dishes – normal routine everyday tasks – and those are excellent opportunities to practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a very open state of awareness in which you are fully conscious of how every part of your body feels, and at the same time you are fully aware of the environment surrounding or enveloping you in the moment.  In that state it is very easy for those on your support team in the spiritual realms to communicate with you – your attention is suddenly and for no apparent reason drawn in a certain direction – or offer guidance by way of your intuition or inner knowing which you can access best when you are relaxed and at peace.

There is spiritual guidance and intuitive insight pouring into the collective human energy field at present to assist in your awakening, everyone is receiving information about their awakening in every moment if they will allow themselves to be open to it.  Old fixed beliefs and opinions need to be released to make room for this influx of new knowledge, knowledge that has always been available, but which you have been unable to access because of the distractions with which your everyday lives present you, and which seem to demand your immediate attention.  Truly, in your daily lives there is very little that absolutely needs your immediate attention, so make a point of slowing down, mentally and physically, so that your inner knowing can offer you more effective ways to deal with whatever arises by responding thoughtfully and wisely instead of with an instant reaction that may later prove to to have been less than totally appropriate.

Now is the time to be more and do less, as you adjust more fully to the new uplifting and inspiring energies that are displacing or dissolving the egotistical ones to which you have been accustomed.  This new sense of peace – that all is well – takes some getting used to, and so your daily quiet times, when you choose to be alone and undisturbed, are essential to your individual awakening processes.  You each feel and experience them differently because you are each different expressions of the One as It expresses Itself in myriad ways through each of you for the wonder and glory of All.  Take the time to relax, feel, and enjoy the process for which you have been hoping and praying for eons.  The moment of awakening is upon you, so do not fall back into the unawareness from which you are all arising, instead, be alert and open to the joy that this process is offering you as you step up through the veil of limitation into the brilliance of Reality.

With so very much love, Saul.

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Here’s the link to what I found to be a very inspiring conversation, runs just over an hour. Enjoy.



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Saul Audio Blog for Sunday August 9th

All are indeed One.  However, most people are finding that the present worldwide restrictions on your freedoms are becoming increasingly divisive and extremely unsettling.  The task for those who are consciously following a spiritual path is to intensify their intention to be only loving, and to send love and healing to all of humanity.  Doing this is extremely effective, and will greatly assist in alleviating and then dissolving the unloving divisive energies that fear is stirring up in so many.

In the meantime the collective awakening of humanity is proceeding just as divinely planned, so, despite appearances, there is nothing to fear.  Your awakening will not be delayed.  Keep setting your intent to be loving whatever arises, and do not engage in conflict, instead engage in peaceful discussion that listens carefully and without judgment as each one involved expresses themselves.  It is good to have a moderator who sets the agenda for the discussion to which all can agree, and then everyone can be open to hearing the wisdom of others without needing to drive the discussion toward an outcome that suits a particular individual, because that is frequently a rather divisive tactic that can lead to hostility as opposed to harmony.  Remember, much new information is arising that can lead to more appropriate solutions to many issues worldwide that have been causing problems, information that has, until very recently, been unavailable or hidden.  Therefore it is essential to listen very carefully as the new information may well arise in unforeseen or totally unexpected places.

The knowledge and information necessary to make essential changes is in fact rather easily accessible if you can willingly allow yourselves to open to ideas and concepts that can appear to be in contradiction to your previously conceived notions of how humanity needs to move forward.  Many have become so accustomed to competitive contests and challenges as a means to establish the next appropriate, necessary, and progressive steps, that to engage in harmonious discussion instead of in hostile provocation seems to be quite counter-intuitive.  Remember, there is only Love, all else is unreal and, therefore, uncreative.  New creative ideas to resolve old issues are available, but to find them and develop them a new sense of perspective, a loving perspective is necessary.  Splitting into teams to accelerate the positive effects of brainstorming can be very helpful, so long as when the teams reassemble they openly share their results so that they can be further developed, rather than competitively trying to dismiss the ideas that other teams are offering as unworkable or inadequate.  Love always cooperates, and true cooperation always finds truly creative solutions.

You are all beings of Love, and you are therefore very creative, however, when you are in a state of anxiety or fear your creative abilities become suppressed.  Therefore, when you set your daily intent to be only loving, don’t forget yourselves!  If you do not treat yourselves with love and respect you will not be able to treat others lovingly – you may try, but the other (and of course you) will know that you are not expressing your true feelings, and will feel your discomfort in the moment.  Therefore how you treat yourselves is vitally important.  Most people grow from infancy to adulthood – regardless of nationality, ethnicity, culture, or religious persuasion – in an environment that regularly demonstrates to them that they are inadequate or not good enough, or even worthless.  Therefore, a very negative self-judgmental sense, that is completely invalid, becomes deeply ingrained within them, and they then operate from this utterly incorrect view of themselves.

To release yourselves from this negative sense of self remind yourselves that you are perfect beings because you were created by Mother/Father/God, Source, Supreme Intelligence – LOVE – Who creates only perfection!

Yes, as humans, this does not seem to be the case, but that is largely because of the judgmental environment in which you grew up from infancy to adulthood.  That upbringing has anchored fear, anxiety, and anger within you, because it was plainly extremely unfair and unjustifiable.  Now you are becoming aware of the invalidity of those feelings within you, and so you can work at releasing them by reminding yourselves very firmly Who created you, thus confirming that your natural state – who you truly are – can be nothing other than Love.  With that awareness intensifying within you make a point of treating yourselves with the love and respect that is your sovereign right as a child of God.  As you do that you will find yourselves also loving, honoring, and respecting all others, even when you are not necessarily in agreement with their views on many topics.  It then becomes possible to discuss issues and view them from many view points, thus allowing a wider field of investigation to disclose new helpful perspectives which lead you to an understanding of what is important to those others and why.  This understanding, as you have all experienced, is an essential aspect of meaningful discussion if it is to lead to positive and comprehensive solutions to the issues in question.

Today, everyday, NOW, is the time to address issues that trouble you in any way.  Waiting for the right moment is frequently just an egoic delaying tactic.  Address whatever is troubling you NOW!  Then, if you get a further intuitive sense that this truly is not the moment, set the intent to receive a new intuitive nudge before too long.  Frequently that first sense that “this is not the moment” arises because of the emotional stress caused by your need to address the issue(s).  Take a break, relax, have a cup of tea or coffee, and then, when you are at peace with yourselves, a new idea will occur to you to guide you forward.

Unaddressed issues are coming to the surface of many people’s conscious awareness at this time, because they do need to be addressed and resolved so that Love may flow into your hearts, dissolving all guilt, shame, unworthiness, judgment, resentment, bitterness, or hatred.  None of those thoughts, feelings, or emotions are compatible with Love, and when you choose to allow Love to dissolve them, It will.  Love is God, Source, Supreme Wisdom, the real YOU, and when you can accept that divine Truth into your hearts, all that is not in alignment with It will dissolve into the nothingness from which it arose – your split and confused ego minds – bringing you to a state of deep inner peace.  So start now, in this moment, by setting the intent to release all that no longer serves you, all that makes you miserable or unhappy, all the stories about people or circumstances that for so long have appeared to distract you from the joy of life.  And as it happens you will be amazed at the change that has occurred within you, bringing to your attention so many aspects that you will want to celebrate, including, of course, life itself.

With so very much love, Saul.

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I have just watched this absolutely brilliant LOVING conversation between Russell Brand and Gabor Mate discussing trauma and its effect on ALL of us. I highly recommend it (runs 1hr 32 mins):



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