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Saul Audio Blog for Wednesday June 5th

Changes of enormous significance are occurring worldwide as humanity moves increasingly positively toward awakening.  Some, political or geophysical, are being reported in the mainstream media, while others, of a far more positive nature, are being reported in less public spaces, and then shared person to person through the vast network of social media channels.  People worldwide are choosing to communicate person to person on spiritual matters arising for them personally, matters that they have found their faith-based or religious organizations do not or cannot address.

Humanity is evolving spiritually very rapidly indeed, and many of the old religious organizations are either unwilling or unable to assist their members in this amazing awakening process.  All the old systems – social, political, business, educational, and religious – will either evolve spiritually or become totally obsolete.

The new age, which has been arising over the last five or six decades, is the age of LOVE.  Love is the natural state of sentient life forms, but for eons this was forgotten.  Now awareness is growing rapidly that Love is All.  Anything not in alignment with Love is unreal, illusory, and as the shadows or veils that were hiding or disguising Love dissolve and disintegrate, the awareness of the Reality of Love as the life force, the field of consciousness in which all that has been created has its eternal and never ending existence, is increasingly being recognized and honored.  The dream or, for far too many, the nightmare that life in form has become is to change beyond all recognition, as increasing numbers of people engage fully with their natural state – LOVE – by living it and demonstrating it constantly.

The chaos and confusion that is mightily apparent in politics, business, religion, and most horrendously in military conflicts all across the world that are causing mass migration, are now realized to be insane and, most fortunately, unsustainable.  New groups are forming, as those who now recognize that Love is the answer, the only answer to all the issues and problems facing humanity and the planet, and these new groups are most positively setting the immutable intent to engage only with Love as they take part in discussions that are having a major effect in all areas of human life and activity.

This is an exciting and inspiring time to be incarnate as a human on Planet Earth because, as the collective awakening process gathers momentum, more and more people are becoming aware that there is far more meaning to life as a human than is found in the basic struggle for survival in which so many are engaged full time.  As Love flows into and fills myriad hearts across the world, the values that people honor and respect are becoming increasingly spiritually oriented, leading to an intense desire to to alleviate and then totally eradicate poverty worldwide, and by doing so all the suffering to which it leads.

Suffering basically arises from a person’s sense that they are unimportant, of very little value, unheard and unseen, which everyone who incarnates as a human experiences to a lesser or greater extent during their growth from physical infancy to physical adulthood.  This sense of lacking value is devastating!  As divine beings, beloved children of God, all were created in a state of perfect loving acceptance, knowing that they were each an inseparable and essential aspect of God, permanently at one with Him.  In that state there is only joy.

To then incarnate into human form and be seemingly separated from that divine form is absolutely terrifying.  Initially, developing within the mother’s womb, assuming the mother is happy to be with child, all physical needs are provided instantly, and the environment in which this growth occurs is warm, welcoming, and safe.  However, because of the intimacy and immediacy of the connection between mother and infant, all the chemicals – food, drink, medications, etc. – and the emotions that the mother ingests and experiences are almost immediately shared with the infant.  Therefore the womb can be experienced as a very as warm, comforting, and safe, or as a dangerously toxic environment physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  For most it is somewhere between those extremes, never perfect, and never totally unsafe.

Consequently, as children grow and develop, they learn to adapt automatically to the environments in which they find themselves in order to survive.  Everyone who chooses to incarnate as a human in form knows that they will undergo difficulties, but, because of the intense and brilliant planning that precedes incarnation, they know that they can deal most successfully with whatever arises during their human lives.  Nevertheless, because of the amnesia that is an unavoidable aspect of incarnation, they very quickly forget that they are divine beings, and get almost totally brain-washed by the culture into which they incarnate.  They then rebel against the pain and suffering that arises, to a greater or lesser extent, and then either bury or deny the suffering that they experienced in their early years, because the pain is far too intense to live with.  This leads to intense anger and projection, and their intense sense of unhappiness is blamed on others, the world, or God.

Spiritual evolution, which is a major aspect of the developing human, should occur gradually, as the infant’s intelligence develops, allowing and encouraging curiosity and investigation of the meaning of life, and of the environment in which it finds itself.  Frequently this is prevented as the child is either gently introduced to the cultural norms of the society in which it is growing up, or is force-fed the beliefs that the culture espouses.  This misalignment between the culture and the child’s curiosity and desire to learn can be devastating, and for the sake of peace, or even just in order to survive, the child buys into the cultural beliefs, and its spiritual evolution basically comes to a halt.

This has been the experience of the vast majority of humans for eons.  Now this is changing rapidly and dramatically, and the worldwide-web has been a great benefit in encouraging and stimulating the sharing of new ideas that enormously widen the points of view available for discussion and further development.  Restricted, narrow, and limiting belief systems are no longer accepted unquestioningly.  This opening up to new ideas really started to gain momentum after World War II, and then as further wars arose in a society that had fought two horrific wars to bring an end to war, the insanity of the attitudes that inevitably led to wars began to be seriously questioned and rejected.

That questioning and rejecting continues today, because although for many it is very plain that the old methods do not and cannot work, cannot bring world peace, their remains in place an old authoritarian system in which teams, tribes, or people with differing views still refuse to acknowledge that their attitudes are a major part of this ongoing problem.

This is now changing very rapidly as young people, who have had previous lives of intense suffering in war zones, now move forward into positions of influence where the wisdom they have accumulated over many life times can be shared and then built upon to bring about the essential changes in attitudes and behaviors that will enable the collective awakening of humanity to blossom.  The divine intent is for life to be joy-filled, and every being that God has created knows that deep within themselves.  Now, finally, that knowing is arising into the conscious awareness of ever increasing numbers of humans, regardless of their ethnicity, race, culture, or political or religious persuasion.

The tipping point is past!  Humanity is moving rapidly, and just in time, toward the essential awakening that will lead to acceptance that all are divine beings, created in Love, and that therefore all are seeking a return to Love.  Love is the energy field, the field in which consciousness arises, It is the life force that flows within every sentient being, and as awareness and acceptance of that divine and unalterable Truth continues to fill the hearts of increasing numbers of the human family, awakening will be seen to be happening on a vast and global scale.  Truly, celebration is the most appropriate way to honor the inevitability of your awakening each and every day.  When there is celebration conflict is impossible!  And when there is celebration Love shines forth.

With so very much love, Saul.

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Saul Audio Blog for Sunday May 19th

We all – Father/Mother/God, supreme Intelligence, divine Wisdom, all of creation that is not in form (an unimaginably vast number!) – are watching with delighted and enthusiastic excitement as your moment of awakening draws ever closer.  And yes, I hear you as you again express your doubts and your irritation because we have been telling you for a seemingly very long time that your awakening is about to happen.  And to many of you it appears that nothing is going on.  Your doubts and irritation, even intense anger, increase.  This is completely understandable because, as humans in form, it is extremely difficult for you to access the divine field of information where announcements and bulletins relating to this most magnificent event are posted regularly.  You, therefore, are reliant on the channeled messages received and shared by those tuned in to receive them, and naturally you find that less than totally satisfactory.  Your trust is being divinely tested, as you knew it would be, and you all agreed to this because you absolutely knew that all would be well, and you will not be disappointed.

Here in the non physical realms we do understand your impatience, and your disillusionment, and your awakening is all about this latter experience – disillusioning you! i.e releasing you from the illusion.  You are, each and every one of you, divine beings having an experience in form as humans.  You all chose to do this, knowing full well how deeply hidden your memories of Reality would be as you underwent life as a human, and although you had chosen to incarnate at this point in human history to participate in this most marvelous awakening event, it is, nevertheless, very unsettling for you, as it is for all of humanity, to observe and even be involved in the chaos, conflicts, and confusion presently arising worldwide.

However, deep within you all, your faith remains firm and unshaken in spite of your doubts.  It is this incredible faith that persuaded you to incarnate at this point in the awakening process – it has been ongoing for a long time in human terms – to mightily assist those who seemingly have absolutely no idea of what is going on, nor any idea of the unutterable joy that awaits you all.

Your faith and your strength, and the love that fills your hearts, and which you so willingly share, is essential to the awakening, and supports so very many, of whom you remain totally unaware, in ways that would astonish you.  Truly, you are enormously honored and respected here in Reality, the state or place from which none of you has ever departed.  You are unaware that you are constantly and lovingly enveloped by Reality because of the limitations being human imposes upon you.

However, by holding firmly to your own most powerful intent to awaken – a most powerful intent that all hold but are mostly unaware of or cannot access – even if you do not verbally communicate that intent to anyone else, I assure you that it is getting communicated and shared on very deep levels, which is why so much unsettling “stuff” is arising for so many right now.  And many of you, I know, feel very alone because it seems that there is no one, or that there is practically no one, with whom you can share even a small part of your vision of the awakening.

The expression “the end times” has been much quoted as people become increasingly concerned and anxious about the state of the world and the direction in which it appears to be heading.  But it would be far more appropriate to refer to “the darkness before the glorious light of dawn.”  The awakening is a “dawning,” a knowing arriving in people’s conscious awareness that there is only Love, followed by the joyful recognition of this divine truth.  The power of Love to melt or dissolve anything that is not in perfect alignment with It will amaze you, as the dawn breaks and the most brilliant light pours into your awareness leaving nowhere for darkness to abide, and showing you what beautiful divine beings you all are.

Bitterness, hatred, judgment, blame, and the intense egoic need to see punishment ordered and delivered, which unfailingly lead to endless conflict, will just fall away and disintegrate as people open their hearts to the immense power of Love.  You have never been separated from Love, but Love does not impose, it does not force, it does not direct, it does not control, It just is, and when It is no longer refused or shut out, rejected because you feel unworthy of Its Presence within you, and instead is openly welcomed into all your hearts, then It will fill you with a sense of awe and wonder that you cannot possibly imagine.  The joy of unconditional acceptance that Love offers to everyone – both saints and sinners alike, for you are all both saints and sinners – will absolutely blow your minds.

I ask you therefore to OPEN your hearts FULLY – they have for eons been closed in fear and have shrunk due to lack of sustenance – and allow them to expand limitlessly and endlessly as Love fills them once more with all of creation.  Within each one of you is All, you have just temporarily forgotten and lost sight of this fact, and of Reality.  There is only ONE, You are One, and in the Presence of the One there is only infinite joy.  So, celebrate the inevitability of your awakening, release your doubts and anxieties, and know, as you do deep within yourselves, that all is well, that all is always well, and that you just have not been paying enough attention.

With so very much love, Saul.

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  Saul Audio Blog for Sunday May 5th

As all are very well aware enormous changes are occurring all across the world in politics, in business, and in religious, social, and charitable organizations, as aspects of their affairs, about which they have for so long been very secretive, are now being widely disclosed by myriad whistle blowers for all to see.  And while these disclosures are long overdue, many people have been amazed to hear how much has been going on that is almost beyond the bounds of belief.  People in positions of trust and authority, placed in those positions because of their apparent honesty and integrity,and who have been seduced by the sense of power that their positions have bestowed upon them, and who have then totally misled those to whom they are supposed to be answerable, are finally being compelled to answer important questions about processes that they were charged with overseeing, and which have not been carried forward with the honesty and integrity for which they were instigated.

It is utterly apparent that it is now absolutely essential to replace these corrupt and self-serving organizations, along with those who have been using them and running them to deliver their own self-serving agendas, with ones that act with honesty and integrity for the benefit of all humanity.  Vast multi-national organizations clearly do not operate in the best interests of humanity or of Planet Earth, and as they start to collapse or fall apart, due to their moral and actual financial bankruptcy, there are already in existence many smaller organizations being run competently and honestly that are well-placed to provide the necessary services, services on which these mega-conglomerates have for so long had a virtual monopoly, far more efficiently and economically.

Truly life for all on Planet Earth is about to become far more harmonious, as new ideas that address the needs of all are put into effect by new leaders all over the world, leaderswho will be operating with far more honesty and integrity than has ever before been seen on your beautiful planet.  Many of them are, as yet, unaware of the new roles that they will be taking on, but, as they are guided to step forward, they will be joined by other like minded individuals who have long been preparing themselves, often unknowingly, for these new and most important roles.

The ways in which humans relate to one another, either one to one or nation to nation, are about to enter into a period of massive transformation, because the realization has finally dawned that attempting to resolve the issues and problems facing humanity through bitter competition, and the resultant conflicts to which this path leads, not only do not work, but are, in fact, quite insane.

Be of good cheer, because you are all awakening to the realization that you are all one, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, skin color, and political or religious persuasion.  And you are therefore also One with your living planet, whose vitality and good health directly affects you.  Needless vituperative arguments about whether or not climate change is true or false need to cease.  Your beautiful planet has always been in an ongoing state of evolution, and there have always been climactic changes in progress.  However, humanity has only become aware of this in the last few decades, as many scientists, with the best will in the world, have offered scientific facts and scientific evidence, to prove that what has been observed and recorded over the last two hundred years or so indicates very clearly that human activities are almost solely responsible for the enormous climactic changesthat are apparently presently occurring.

Without a doubt much damage has been done to the planetary ecosystem by unwise and foolish industrial activities over the last two or three hundred years, activities that have vastly escalated in magnitude, since the end of the second World War, as the need for energy escalated exponentially.  However, you now have the knowledge and the scientific competence to provide all the energy required for your modern ways of living without further despoliation of your living environment, Planet Earth.

The large industrial conglomerates, because of the insensitive and egotistical agendas of those who control and run them, and who have an insane sense that they need to be in control of the necessities that humans need for their daily lives, have, over the last hundred years or so, done their utmost to suppress new technologies that can, and will, provide Free Clean Energy in limitless abundance for all.

The technology IS available NOW to provide all the energy humanity could ever need, and those with the skills and competence to start repairing the frightful industrial damage that has been inflicted, often totally unthinkingly, on the planet are also available.  The technology is also on hand to clean up and recycle all the waste that is polluting the earth, the air, and the water on which human and animal survival depend.

There is an increasing awareness that you cannot continue to live on earth as you have been doing for the past two or three hundred years, with a small minority living in extreme luxury (better here to say extreme insanity!), while the rest are effectively enslaved to provide for that minority.  Planet Earth is a planet of abundance!  There is absolutely no need whatsoever for billions to live in gut-wrenching poverty while the so-called elite enjoy standards of living that are, in comparison, totally unconscionable.

This is all in the process of changing right now, as we speak!  Because, finally, there are enough adequately educated humans incarnate on Earth, who have evolved far enough spiritually, and who are sufficiently passionately motivated, to put into effect the changes necessary to ensure that all, without exception, will have the opportunity to live lives in which all that they need to live in comfortable abundance, without anyone else being deprived, will be readily available.

The times for untold enforced suffering and unconscionable poverty are coming to an end, being terminated, as an awakening human society comes to fully understand the message that the saints and mystics have been promulgating for thousands of years, namely that there is no separation!  That all are one, and always have been, and that what any single human thinks, says, or does affects not only all of humanity, but all of God’s divine creation.  There is growing recognition that Love is the unchangeable nature of every sentient being, and that happiness and joy arise when this is recognized, and when all live constantly holding that most powerful intent: “Whatever arises, I will respond lovingly, and only lovingly, because Love is my eternal nature.”  Be who you are, and exult in the results.

With so very much love, Saul.

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Fear is unreal!

Saul Audio Blog for Thursday April 25th

You, humanity, is finally opening to Love, and thus arriving on the same page where we in the non-physical realms spend a lot of our time.  This is making it far easier for us to bridge the seemingly vast gap between form and non-form so that we can commune with you all far more easily and spontaneously.  Awareness of your true nature, the Self that is using the body as a vehicle to experience form, is rising into the consciousness of increasing numbers of you, as the felt Presence of the Tsunami of Love, which is pouring down on Planet Earth, continues to intensify.  Everyone incarnate on Earth now is feeling It, although the vast majority do not, as yet, have any understanding of what is happening, what it is that they are feeling, they just feel slightly to extremely uncomfortable, and all their denied or hidden non-specific-fears are adding to that discomfort.

What is happening is an essential aspect of the awakening process.  To awaken is to open fully to Love, but fear blocks your access to It, and yet fear is, in truth, unreal.  What people need to do is to look at it and see it for what it is, an unreasonable and illogical fear about some unknowable and unforeseeable, but seemingly possible future occurrence.  Humans have for eons lived fearfully, believing that some horrendous catastrophe may arrive unexpectedly at any moment.  That very seldom happens, but with instant worldwide news constantly available nowadays, and because catastrophes do happen, humanity’s fears have intensified.  And fear is cumulative, thus strengthening the beliefs in the logicality of being fearful.  Further, of course, the media – news, social, personal, political, religious, and institutional of all kinds – fans the flames, even throwing gasoline on them, because those in positions of authority over others are always keen to strengthen their positions, and building and encouraging fear is a most effective way to do this.

When people are alone in their homes, or are meeting in small friendly groups, the fear level is low because they each feel supported by the safety of their home environment or by the group.  However, when large crowds gather, it is very easy for fear to arise – often without reason – and then spread rapidly, causing panic as people rush for the exits, trampling on each other intheir urgency to escape.  Those who refuse to be overcome by fear can stand aside and remain quite safe, as the crowd rushes past, while they assess the situation to decide if there is anything to fear.

Your rational and logical minds know that living with a constant sense of fear is very stressful, and that it leads to psychological disorders that further compound the situation.  Nevertheless, your egos thrive on fear!  How many times have you felt offended by something someone has said to you, fear has then arisen, and as a result you have responded angrily to put that other person down, in their place.  In the moment, if you think that you “have won” the argument or disagreement, you feel temporarily uplifted, powerful, strong.  Then the other responds equally powerfully, undermining your momentary sense of victory.  And of course that is how nations interact with each other, also multi-national corporations, and even religious organizations.  So much of human interaction for so long has been confrontational – who will blink first!

Now, as the energy flow of Love increases and intensifies, many are becoming aware, very aware, that major change in attitudes and behaviors is essential if you – humanity – is to avoid Mutually Assured Destruction.  You have the technology to achieve that insane result, and your governments keep on adding to their arsenals, as if more is better and safer.  In the meantime, masses of people are living lives of desperation as they attempt to feed, shelter, and clothe their families.  They want change.  Enormous change in the way that their governments operate, so that those in need are cared for, and that those in despair and addiction can be lovingly attended to and brought back from their despair and addictions into lives that are uplifting and inspiring.

Everyone on Earth wants to be loved, happy, and at peace.  And of course this is possible, it is your natural state.  However, fear has hidden the reality of that from you, and in fear defenses are constructed, and borders and walls are built to separate “the haves from the have-nots!”  Is it possible to to conceive of a state in which to live that is more insane than that?  And differing political and religious beliefs and persuasions intensify these rifts between peoples due to race, color, ethnicity, culture, and intellectual ability, as those in positions of authority play on the fears of the masses to strengthen their own untenable positions, positions to which they were elected or appointed in order to honor, respect, and guide the people who place their trust in them.

All across the world it is now very apparent that people have seen through this deception, they are angry, and they will no longer tolerate the dishonesty, corruption, and indifference of those who are supposed to be governing and guiding the societies over which they have seemingly limitless power, and which they are seen to be using to pursue their own self-gratifying agendas.

As you have been told so often, ENORMOUS changes are occurring.  They are not being reported by the elite owned mass media, but the freedom of information, now easily available across the world due to modern technical innovations, makes it impossible for this eons old deceit and corruption to be kept hidden.

The old order is crumbling.  It is not up to the task of transforming the traditional attitudes and behaviors that have been based on an “us vs them” mentality, and encouraging, creating, and establishing a system that works fairly, honestly, respectfully for every human.

A transformative system is arising as people everywhere come to realize that there is no separation, and that everyone’s thoughts, words, and actions affects absolutely everyone else on the planet.  A massive spiritual evolution of humanity is in process right now, and the rate of transformation, which is already very rapid, is accelerating.

You are all divinely loved, from the most spiritually advanced mystics to the simplest of individuals who seemingly have absolutely no awareness of their spiritual heritage.  God does not differentiate between you, He does not judge you, He does not punish you, He Adores every single one of you without exception, and His Will is for you to do likewise.  That is what your awakening is all about.  And the Tsunami of Love is flowing powerfully into all your hearts wherever there is the slightest crack in the fearful defenses you built eons ago to keep It out.  You will awaken into the complete and full knowingness that you are all One, and that awakening will bring you untold joy.  Your awakening is divinely willed and therefore it is absolutely inevitable.

Therefore, Rejoice, Celebrate, and LOVE one another as God does!   Truly you are beings of LOVE, and anything that you are presently experiencing that is not in alignment with Love is unreal and is crumbling, disintegrating, dissolving.  And because it was unreal, when you awaken you will have no memory of it.  There is only JOY.

With so very much love, Saul.

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Seattle is Dying


The above is very disturbing and saddening, it’s not new, and it’s certainly not just in Seattle, it’s worldwide. Billions and billions spent on military weapons systems to ensure that MAD (mutually assured destruction, in case you had forgotten, but who could?) is possible, when we need to be looking after people in dire straits properly. And, of course, NO ONE knows how to do that. Loads of people feeling so unloved, so worthless, so useless that they just give up.

There are lots of very good people out there doing their best to help, like ex Police Officer Todd Wiebke, but the problem appears to be insurmountable, and so they burn out and move on  . . . and I’m sure you are all well aware of this, so maybe I should not be sharing it as you each probably have more than enough to be concerned about already in your own lives without adding this.

But I truly believe that if we strongly intend to hold a loving thought that those in such abject poverty receive what they desperately need — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually — when we are in our quiet spaces meditating, and direct it in the right direction — to those who are suffering, or to those who are out there helping them — then it helps to start bringing about the essential changes worldwide that are necessary to deal compassionately, courageously, and effectively with this heart breaking problem. After all, look what Mahatma Gandhi achieved.

And I think that Easter is a very appropriate time to reflect on the intense suffering that so many are undergoing, as we continue to hold the intent to be loving whatever arises, and by doing so play our absolutely essential and individual parts in humanity’s awakening process.


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Saul Audio Blog for Thursday April 18th

Once humanity has awakened the multitudinous issues and problem facing you at present will be easily and rapidly resolved.  You are all beings of enormous power and you have the creative abilities to bring forward new ideas from within your collective awareness that will enable you put into effect the programs necessary initially to alleviate all forms of poverty – hunger, homelessness, loneliness, shame, guilt, apathy, disempowerment, hopelessness – worldwide, and then start to create loving communities in uplifting and inspiring environments to replace the shanty towns, favelas, and slums in which so many of God’s beloved children live in a state of permanent impoverishment.

As you are being reminded repeatedly, All are One, and that therefore what any one thinks, says, or does affects everyone.  As more and more become aware that the only way forward for humanity is for all – whatever their race, ethnicity, culture, color, creed, gender, and political persuasion – to engage lovingly with everyone else in friendly, willing, and meaningful discussions in order to resolve the issues and problems that face humanity, and set the intent daily to be only loving no matter what may arise, it is becoming undeniably apparent that marvelous changes are already under way.  Humanity is well established on the path to awakening.

For so long, due to the sense of separation that all feel and experience, people have often thought to themselves: “What can I do to help change the world and resolve the problems facing humanity and the planet:” and then sink into apathy because they believe that due to their apparent insignificance in the overall scheme of things that there is nothing that they can do of themselves that will be in any way helpful, let alone be seen and acknowledged.  This is a false belief!  Your continually reset intent to be loving whatever arises is extremely powerful, because you are powerful and your beliefs are powerful.  Therefore, believing there is nothing you can do – apathy – is also very powerful, creating blocks, mostly unintentional, that seriously impede progress.

You need to trust and believe in yourselves and in your abilities to be agents for positive change in the world, because you can, and many are establishing that belief within themselves, knowing that it is very effective and powerful.  Nearly all of you have ingrained beliefs, often established in childhood, that lie below the surface of your conscious awareness, and through which you engage with life.  You all know people who are mostly upbeat and cheerful, and others who are the opposite, and you often wonder why this is.  Well, it is due to their beliefs, and the more strongly they follow them or trust in them, the more effective they are, either positively or negatively.

And, as powerful divine beings, children of God, you can change your beliefs!  First you need to go within and spend time thinking about how you live your lives and what you believe about yourselves.  Then you need to make the intent to encourage what you see to be positive beliefs, and to discard what you see as negative ones.  It will not happen instantly, although you may well have numerous “aha” moments as beliefs you were unaware you held slip into your conscious awareness.  You then need to choose to set the intent daily to change or discard the ones that obviously do not serve you – I can’t, I don’t want to, I don’t need to, what will people say?, it wouldn’t be me, I’ve always been like this and don’t know how I could change, etc.  These new intentions need to be reset daily when you first wake up, whenever you think about them during the day, and before you settle down to sleep at night.  It will only take a moment or two, and after a week or so, maybe less, you will begin to notice that you are feeling differently about yourselves – more at peace, more accepting of yourselves and others, and more energized.

Ingrained beliefs will not dissolve instantly, after all they took many years to become established, so do not be discouraged if you do not see positive results as quickly as you had hoped or expected.  Intend to be aware of all the judgments you make mentally during the day, most people make a large number, and ask yourself if they really serve you, or if they just depress you as they confirm for you any beliefs you have that people generally, or you yourself are bad, thoughtless, inconsiderate, crazy, mean, unkind, etc.  If you can acknowledge the judgments and then forgive those whom you have judged negatively, realizing that, like you, they have problems and issues in their lives that are disturbing their peace and causing them fear or anxiety.  Then intend to send them love and compassion.

When you make it your regular practice when negative judgments arise to send love and compassion to the ones you judge, you will find that your own negative self-judgments arise less frequently, and that you are becoming far more self-accepting.  Self-acceptance is essential, because you are never going to be anyone other than who you already are, and once you start fully accepting yourselves as spiritual beings having a human experience during which suffering always arises, you will be able to stand back from yourselves (your egos) a little way and ask: “What is the lesson here for me?”  Initially nothing may occur to you, but with increasing practice insights will come to you, for example: “When I am angry other people are often angry or get angry too.”  You could then try to release the anger instead of expressing it.  At first this will be difficult, because anger is a powerful emotion, but if you can stand a little way back from it you will discover that you do have a choice as to whether to express it or not.  When you first choose not to express it you may feel de-energized or depressed because of the possible ensuing thought: “I could/should have told him just what I think of him!”  But as you practice not expressing your anger you will grow into an awareness that your felt need to do so will weaken until you realize that letting go of your anger will help you feel more peaceful.  And if you do express it, and later regret it, then, if possible, apologize to the person concerned, but most of all forgive yourselves instead of berating yourselves for losing your self-control.

As noted above, you are spiritual beings having a human experience, therefore you have to deal with the issues with which being human presents you, so remind yourselves that they are all lessons on your path of spiritual evolution.  The more you can come to accept and forgive yourselves the more easily you will find yourselves able to forgive and accept others.  Truly, although it often does not appear to be so, everyone, and there are no exceptions, is doing their best.  You do not and cannot know what others have been through – well, you may know, but you will not have experienced it precisely as they did – and so you need to cut them some slack.  (I am not talking here about people who are so extremely damaged that they hurt and abuse others, and who most definitely need some kind of containment to protect others, while also receiving deeply compassionate help.)  After all, most of you have experienced someone cutting you some slack when you have behaved in a way that was less than totally appropriate, and you were probably most appreciative when they did so.

All are one, and therefore it makes complete sense to honor, respect, and assist others, who are merely individual reflections or aspects of yourselves.  What you offer to to others you are offering to yourselves.  You have all experienced engaging kindly or lovingly with someone, even in almost unnoticeable ways, and then been met with a similar response, and the same with anger.  What you offer or present is always returned.  Offering love brings or enables peace, whereas offering judgment or anger leads almost invariably to conflict.

The awakening process involves honoring and respecting all others.  God honors, respects, and loves you all without exception, and knows that in every moment you are doing your best.  Does that mean you should not look within yourselves at your beliefs and motivations to see if they can be improved on?  No, of course not, as humans on Earth you are being presented with lessons that you have chosen to learn and, in the process, you are evolving spiritually.  But, while this is an ongoing and often demanding task, please do love and accept yourselves, because when you do you feel upbeat and encouraged, and this leads to an ease with life in which dealing with issues and problems becomes less demanding or stressful.  And when you live like this it is extremely beneficial to those with whom you interact in any way at all.  You all chose to be incarnate at this moment to assist in humanity’s awakening process, and when you live at ease and at peace with yourselves others feel it and are themselves helped along on their path to awakening.  Treating yourselves lovingly and compassionately is of great help to all in humanity’s awakening process.

With so very much love, Saul.

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Saul Audio Blog for Saturday April 6th

We are watching from the spiritual realms with joy, as humanity moves forward very rapidly indeed along its collective path to awakening.  That awakening is absolutely inevitable because collectively the Oneness of Spirit that is the life within humanity, in all its many cultures, races, ethnicities, and religious and political persuasions and none, has chosen to cease playing the game of separation.  Separation was a choice to experience a totally unreal state, a state in which you, each individual sentient being, was in competition with every other one for the resources to ensure your survival.  Initially food, shelter, and clothing for your bodies, then power over others as the individual felt that that was the only practical way to ensure its survival.

But you are all One, with each other, and of course with God/Source/Wisdom, the Creator of all that exists.  What Source creates is everlasting, eternal, without end or termination, it just is, and nothing can change or alter that.  Therefore competition with and power over others is pointless and meaningless.  How can you possibly beat yourself in competition or have power over yourself?  What you can do as a human is to evolve, by allowing the knowing that you are a spiritual being at one with Source and with each other into your conscious awareness.  That is what it means to awaken.  As modern science has conclusively shown within the last two or three decades, absolutely everything is entangled with and permanently connected to everything else.  That there is One vast, immense, infinite energy field of consciousness in which myriad forms, in an infinite variety, form and disperse continuously, and where nothing is lost or destroyed.  All that happens is that the forms keep on changing as the One creates in utter joy for Its own endless delight, and that, of course, also means for your endless delight.

What has happened is that you – humanity – have become so enraptured with your own forms that you find it incredibly difficult to open to the awareness that you are, always have been, and always will be infinitely more than the forms in which you clothe yourselves and that enrapture you.  You are all inseparably one with the infinite divine field of energy – LOVE.  However, you also exist as individual expressions of the Essence that is the One as you each expand and share the Love that you each are.

While in form, using your human brains and intellects, this seems like an incomprehensible paradox, but it is only incomprehensible because of the limitations in which form encloses consciousness, hiding from it its eternal and infinite knowing, and apparently separating it from Itself.  To reaffirm, there is only ONE, in which All That Is has Its permanent and eternal existence.  Modern science has shown you that nothing material can be destroyed, or entirely removed from existence, it just changes from form back into energy.  Matter – rocks, rivers, earth, metals, plants, animals (which includes humans) – is energy that has taken form.  Form has a lifespan that varies depending on the fabric from which it is made, whereas energy is eternal, it is never destroyed, spent, or terminated.

You are, therefore, beings of infinite energy temporarily confined in a very limiting form.  That form has no power over you.  You control and direct it by the power of your beliefs, beliefs of which you are frequently, in fact mostly, almost entirely unconscious.  Instead you have accepted the beliefs that were ingrained in you by others as you grew to adulthood, and which are reconfirmed daily by your family, society, culture, religion, politics, and environment.  You can change your beliefs, and you need to change your beliefs to bring them into alignment with Love, with Reality.  You are Love incarnate, and Love is infinite perfection.  It has no issues – emotional, psychological, intellectual, or physical – or problems to solve or heal, but, because of your ingrained and invalid beliefs, encouraged and fiercely defended by your fear-driven egos, you do.

Taking time out daily to go within, to that holy inner sanctuary that lies at peace within each one of you, is the way to shed your invalid beliefs and heal yourselves.  No one else can do it for you, although others may be able to offer loving guidance that can help you to access the infinite power you each have within yourselves.  You can, and if you set and reset the intent, you will heal yourselves.  It may not be possible to heal serious damage or illness to your bodies, but you can and will heal your minds and hearts, relieving yourselves of suffering and coming to a place of deep peace and self-acceptance.

You are all incarnate as humans in the perfect bodies and in the perfect environments for the lessons with which you chose to present yourselves during this lifetime.  You are precisely where you are meant to be, where you intended to be, and you have limitless resources in the spiritual realms on which you can call for support and guidance 24/7.  Take advantage of this power which is available to you, because, in fact, it is yours, and it will enable you to let go of beliefs that limit and repress you, beliefs that do not serve you.  Attempting to use your intellects to analyze, understand, and remove your issues will not work, because all that happens is that they run continuously through your mind on what seems like and endless and circular track, repeating and repeating, and thus draining your energy and leaving you feeling helpless to do anything about them.  Then you cruise the fridge, or check your phone, or turn on the TV – if it happens that it is turned off!

To start the healing process, just sit quietly in a meditative, contemplative, or deeply relaxed state and focus on the wall in front of you, or your breath, or a candle, or a plant, or whatever works for you to help you quieten your mind and slow your thoughts.  Then accept whatever arises, without judgment or anger, and ask it if it has a message for you.  You all have pain from way back that needs to be seen, thanked, and released.  Often you will be amazed at what arises from the depths for your attention – maybe a shaming from when you were an infant, or an unfair punishment – and the pain from it has remained.  Look at it, accept its message and comfort it lovingly, thus offering it what should have been offered way back when.  When it is seen, accepted without judgment of any kind – either of self or of the perpetrator – and lovingly comforted it will start to dissolve.  This may happen almost instantaneously, or it may take longer, so again accept, do not insist on instant relief because that is, of course, a negative judgment.  That inner child is hurt, and the way forward is via acceptance and comforting.  Do not accept your ego’s suggestions that this is unnecessary, that you are an adult now, and that this pandering to your suffering is childish.  The ego suggests this because it does not want you to release the pain, because it uses pain and suffering to control and direct you.  When that happens you sometimes say or do something that you later very much regret.

By loving and comforting your inner child for the pain and suffering that it has endured you are effectively healing and integrating your ego, making you whole-hearted.  Those of you who have worked with small children and infants know that their emotions can take them over very easily, and you know that patient loving of them when they are upset is the best way to calm them and help them to come back to a place of peace, knowing that they are loved and accepted.  So, give yourselves the love that you would offer to a small child in need, and do not judge doing this as childish, unnecessary, or stupid!  To love yourselves is absolutely essential.  It is also absolutely essential to forgive yourselves whole-heartedly for any failings or errors that you believe you have made throughout your lives.  Accept that where you are physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually is precisely where you are meant to be, and in doing so, know that you are infinitely and eternally loved by God, and that that state will never change.  Doing this is an essential part of your awakening process.

With so very much love, Saul.

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